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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

  BCR Show 168 is up

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 Weekend-Monday  March 19-21, 2011     Vol 2665 - Damage done

Quote of the Day

 "What can I say about Gingrich that
   his ex-wives have not already said?''
        --  Pat Griffin,    Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Nader: Nuclear Nightmare
Arrow Still arguing no-fly-zones
Kristol: US Boots in Libya
Arrow Lyons: Obama leads parade
Arrow Inviting a nuke emergency
Arrow More tax cuts for super-rich
Arrow Nina Dobrev - over-achiever

"Liberals would rather lose honorably than be accused of acting unfairly. As a matter of fact,
  Liberals are more comfortable losing than they are winning. Conservatives will do whatever
  it takes to win, including painting their kids' teachers as the enemy.  There’s a war going on
  but only one side seems aware of it."
-- Will Durst, who sounds like he's been reading    Link


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Nuclear Nightmare - Disaster in Japan
 by Ralph Nader


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"I'm glad he's out playing golf.  I think presidents deserve down time. And believe me,
  he is in constant communication with what's going on... I mean, what do you want him
  to do, stay in his house and be on the phone with the ambassador to Japan all the time?"

      -- Dan Quayle, sounding less stupid than I remember,                    Link    

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Subject: No-fly zone  (written pre-attack)

Bart, I read your absolutely hilarious response to my posting.

If I'm not funny, I don't eat.

These ships that we have are not exactly just cruising around doing nothing.
They do have jobs to do, some of which is training, some are on other missions.

They're "keeping busy."
Why not get busy if it'll save lives?

Your comment that if a plane gets shot down, no problemo is, at best, very cavalier,
ask a pilot that actually HAS been shot down if it is "No problemo", I would imagine
you may get a very different response.

Bart throws a yellow penalty flag.

The question was, "Do we send troops onto Libyan soil to rescue a downed pilot?"
If our boys stay over the ocean, rescuing them (their SAMs can't reach our jets)  is
100 times easier than locating them in a Tripoli prison and staging a jailbreak rescue.

If I remember correctly, you were dead set against going into Iraq, as was I, but, now,
we should go into Libya? You talk as if there are no real problems with going into Libya,
we can fly higher that their AA guns, and their missles? First rule of war is that the plans
that are carefully laid out, and every contingency is planned for is to be thrown away
because absolutely NOTHING is going to go as planned.

Sometimes, you "Let's do nothing" liberals confuse me.
To quote the worst president ever, "Freedom's on the march" in the Middle East
and we can eiither support that uprising or tell freedom to go fuck itself.

What I heard on the network news Friday night was: Gates said 2 weeks ago,
"You'd have to be insane to get into a land war in Africa or Asia."
  (don't write, that's close)
But Hillary wants Gadaffy's head on a stick and Obama had a decision to make.

Gates announced his coming retirement a while back - month or two.
Last issue, Hillary announced her intention to retire soon and not run for anything else,
which I'm sure could only be overturned if the people demanded it...

Potential Scerario:

Hillary: We gotta take Gadhaffy out.

Obama: Now is not the time for a third major military adventure.

Hillary: You agree to take Gadhaffy out or I'll announce that I'm going
            to spend more time with my family.

Obama: You wouldn't dare.

Hillary: Have we met?  Ny name's Hillary Clinton and tomorrow I'm going to announce
           that I'm ouuta here after your first term and if you don't let me put the fuck on Gadaffy,
           If you continue to dither, I'll announce in further interviews that I had to leave because
           you don't have the cojones it takes to be America's Commander in Chief.  I'll have every
           disappointed-in-Obama Democrat and half the Republicans for pointing out how weak
           you appear and how strong America would appear with someone like me in charge. 

Of course, I'm not Naomi Judd or Robert Parry, so no Nancy Grace Guarantee
that it went down that may, but it could've...

But, ...  I hope they don't go too far.

Remember, I'm for a limited, off-shore, fly-over-the-ocean only "presence."
MY plan calls for a no-presence, presence.

If a pilot gets shot down over Libya, don't wag your finger at me.
If I was president, (shudder) we would NEVER put troops on the ground.

We own the f-ing skies, we own the f-ing seas,
so WTF are we doing fighting teenagers on land?

You ask what I would do if some punk was slapping his wife around in a Pizza Hut, 
what does that have to do with going into another countr? The argument is bogus,
simply because it is two different scenarios. You then ask what if it were my wife
being slapped around, would I wait for help? I did not realize this country was in
any way, shape, or form married to Libya.

There you go again, pretending that there's no such thing as a metaphor.
Are we still in grade school?

A bully using brute force to impose his will on weaker people
can't be applied to a wife-beater and a probably-insane African dictator?

This is you.

So, in essence you are saying that we should just open up the treasury doors and
spend more money that we dont have, to do something for a group of people that
will not appreciate what we have done for them.

You are a crazy man.
The Arab league asked us to stop the slaughter of innocents.
What do you have against stopping the slaughter of innocents?
I am all for doing this, but, NOT if we have to do it alone. You come up with all
these glorious arguments, but, you forget one small fact, it is our men and women
of the military that you want to send into harms way. Having benn there, done that,
and got the souvenier t-shirts (so to speak) I am really getting tired of people that
expect our military to just go in and do things, especially when the rest of the world
sits on their ass, complains that we didnt do it right, or didnt do enough, etc.
 John A

I'm not for sending anybody into harm's way - unless you think our aircraft carriers
can't defend themselves, which is a pretty stupid argument to make. Our sailors can
use joysticks to pull bad guy planes out of the sky - why not do that if we can?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Kid Rock

Hey you..
Love your radio show and I'm a long time subscriber ...but we need to talk.
First off; I'm a huge Kid Rock fan. I saw him twice last year and brother, it's a show...
You bitched about Dylan so I thought you'd appreciate somebody that gives you a show for your money.

I've read all the interviews. Pretty much all I could find after you started this....I come up with
Even the PI neverie Morgan thing was pretty innocuous.....So I'm throwing the "bullshit" flag on ol' Bart....

Prove it man...... Give me the facts 'cause  I never thought I'd be a monkey that needs straightening out.......
Your Friend,
 Paul in H-Town    

PS..... It's 2:13 and the Cowboys still suck

Dude, thanks for that - but I'm not sure what you want me to prove.

Is it the charge that Kid Rock is racist?
The Dixie flag doesn't provide enough clues?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: They turned him?

Bart, you wrote:

> Obama fell in with a bad crowd and they turned him.
bart, he was already there and a looooong time ago ...and you know it.

I think you are trying to make admitting it all easier for the 08 O-bots, the ones
who would scream if one pointed out Obama said he like Reagan.... or asked if
they even knew his record? ...and it's very kind of you to help them out.
We haven't seen nothing yet..wait till he's reinstalled by the Bush-loving press,
and the lying-down-for-him-again GOP.
Spring has sprung!
Hope so in your neck of the woods!

Obama said he liked Reagan to curry favor with independents AND he had
to suggest Clinton was bad because he was running against the Clintons at the time.

Maybe his second term we'll get what we voted for in 2008?

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Kristol: US boots in Libya

Subject: like your rant

Bart, I liked your rant about the lying government and the super rich in respect to
the power plant disasters in Japan.  During the second world war Japan tried to bomb us
with paper balloons by using the jet stream. Some made it to the west coast, thankfully
only starting some forest fires.  Think about it, if paper ballons can make it across the
Pacific what's to stop radioactive dust? 

Send e-mail to Bart


"Yesterday, I associated military action against Libya with testosterone. The pressure for action
  came from Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and the NSC human rights expert Samantha
  Power -- with the macho boys over at the Pentagon opposed. This may be a first in American history,
  a welcome one I might add -- although I remain extremely skeptical about military action and heartened
  that the President seems intent on letting other countries take the lead."
-- Joe Klein
,       Link

 Did you see Hillary's press conference Saturday?
 She sounded very presidential and she sounded like somebody you wouldn't want to fuck with.

 If Gadaffy doesn't watch his ass, Hillary will slip into Tripoli
personally put two in the back of his damn head.
 That's her signature.

Send e-mail to Bart

Obama should lead that parade
  by Gene Lyons


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Subject: BCR 168


Show 168 was great. At certain points, I recalled Hitchens's take on the Eliot Spitzer scandal:

"You wouldn't be doing any of this if one of the objectives was not to increase
  the amount of women that was available to you. That is what you do."

Who cares about Sheen's sex life, except the envious?
 Wes in Jakarta

I think that's why the whore media piled on.
A man with two girlfriends must be destroyed.

"Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!" 

   -- Ronald Reagan, Labor Day 1980,    Link

  Of course, democrats are too polite to bring that up...

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Inviting a nuke emergency
  by Eugene Robinson


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"I know how hard it is to be a conservative media guy. I mean,
  I'm working a business that is dominated by people that don't like me."

       -- the vulgar Pigboy, catching on that he's hated by everybody

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Bob Kincaid and Mike Malloy at the anti-war rally in DC last weekend.

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Subject: Letterman's guns vs women Top Ten

Well that was insulting and very OLD-man humor.

Can't anything be funny without insulting somebody?

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More tax cuts for super-rich
by Eric E Dolan


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Subject: what ever happened to...  i cant believe she just disappeared, never to be heard from again!

That remains a mystery.
One rumor had her working for Opie and Anthony.

Maybe she got tired of Internet pay :)

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American Idol Recap


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Subject: You don't know how right you are

Hey Bart, as the title of my message reads, sometimes you don't know just how right you are on an issue.
I am sick of hearing the ultra-right complain about raising taxes.
When the government raises taxes and then spends the corresponding funds, it benefits the private sector. 
For example, building highways.  Directly, the spending helps the private sector because raw materials are
purchased from the private sector, additional construction vehicles and equipment are leased or bought
from the private sector, and the private sector engineering firms are hired to design the roadwork and
private sector subcontractors are also often employed for the actual labor.  Indirectly, the improved
roadways allow for easier and more efficient transportation and commerce.
But for some reason, too many of the middle class in this country that find themselves scraping by
keep believing that raising taxes on the super rich somehow will hurt the economy.
Good luck Bart.
 Orzo in Baltimore

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is  Charlotte, NC.

Unfortunately, over here in NC (I live in Durham), the Republicans have taken over
the state legislature after campaigning on jobs jobs jobs.

So naturally, one of their first acts was to get some handjob from Charlotte to introduce
a State Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

From the article : "Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James, a longtime supporter of the ban,
said the amendment would make a moral statement. "The purpose is not just to prevent Massachusetts
people coming down," he said. "It's also to put a big letter of shame on the behavior. We don't want
them here. We don't want them marrying. If you're going to do it in San Francisco, it's your own business."

Like you always say, they're for smaller government
unless it involves getting between two men touching each other.

 Disgusted in K-drag east. 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Nobody got last issue's History Mystery?
I'll bet you heard his name 10 times during the last Superbowl.

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Bart, I would like to renew; ya got me.
  Roy the hoghead Kansas City MO or Coffeyville KS 

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Nina Dobrev is an over-achiever
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