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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Tuesday  March 22, 2011     Vol 2666 - Copper thieves

Quote of the Day

 "The wedge has lost its edge."
        --  GOP stategist Mark McKinnon, after a poll
            shows a majority now supports gay marriage    Link

            Will Obama have the courage
             to agree with the majority?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Does Obama know what he's doing? 
Arrow Japan's wind farms save its ass
What's so scary about NPR?
Arrow How dumb are we?
Arrow Radiation is good for you
Arrow More tax cuts for super-rich
Arrow Mackenzie Rosman returns

"I think the president is too unwilling to make the kind of fights that don't necessarily win.”
-- Barney Frank, not making much sense,    Link


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Does Obama know what he's doing?
Yes, but he's meek, timid and polite - he's a Democrat


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"It would appear on its face to be an impeachable offense,"
      -- Dennis Kucinich, wanting to impeach Obama for saving lives,        Link    

  I'm so tired of being in the suicide party...

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Subject: Hillary & Testosterone (Joe Klein)

Bart -

I'd just like to point something out that most of male-oriented western civilization seems to have missed.

When people say, "sack up", "grow a pair", "get some cajones", etc.... they're referring to the male scrotum.
The weakest part of any genitalia in our species. An organ that attempts to crawl back into a man's body at
the slightest breeze or drop in temperature, and can render a man totally incapacitated with a bump.

On the other hand, the female vagina can stretch to 15x it's normal size to accommodate the birth of
a human, then shrink back to normal retaining it's elasticity. Females are also biologically designed with
a far higher tolerance of pain. We have to be.

So for Hillary and the girls having the VAGINA to make hard decisions comes as no surprise to most females.
Most of us do that on a daily basis raising children, running a family, and putting up with men. We just don't
feel the need to run around flexing our estrogen.

I think the proper term should be VAG UP and GROW A VAGINA.

Pussies are a hell of a lot stronger than a ball sack.
Just sayin...


I'm reminded of what James Carville said in 2008:
"If Hillary gave Obama a testicle, they'd each have two."

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"I don’t want to use the word ‘screwed,’ but I screwed Gadaffy.”

    -- Trump, on his qualifications to be president,

  Hey Trump, your sex life is your business - nobody cares.
  BTW, do you know why there are no slot machines in Trumps Vegas hotel?


  He can't get a Nevada gaming license since he has a history of filing bankruptcy.
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Subject: I want what you are smoking...

Bart, you wrote:

> Maybe in his second term, we'll get what we voted for in 2008?

You are the guy who taught me waiting for someone to change like that is crazy,

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Japan's wind farms save its ass
while their nuclear plants flounder

Subject: No-fly zones


This was from last week - the file was never uploaded :)

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"It’s worse than we thought, isn’t it?
  He really seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. “
-- Rudy, criticizing Obama without saying why

"America’s ready for leadership that’s plain-spoken, common sense truth telling.
  They’re sick of happy talk. We need to step up to the plate and solve problems.
  The Obama administration’s policies are causing problems.”
-- Haley Barbour,
criticizing Obama without saying why,

"Obama is treating the situation in Libya as if it were an inconvenience or a nuisance.
  I’m very worried that we’re taking a back seat rather than a leadership role.”
-- Lindsey Graham (R-Fabulous)
criticizing Obama without saying why,        Link

 You lunkheads have every right to criticize Obama,
 but why not fucking SAY SOMETHING when you do?

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What's so scary about NPR?
  by Joe Conason


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Subject: our asinine country

In a time of increasingf debt our 'leaders' decided to continue with tax cuts for the wealthy.

What an asinine country I live in.  We have an exploding National debt yet it was decided to
continue tax cuts for those who need it the least.  That's right continue concentrating wealth
in the few and continue making the pie smaller for the vast majority and see where that gets ya. 

If you want a healthy economy then distribute the money to those who will, no need to spend it. 
Giving more and more to a tiny percentage of the population buys you nothing.
 George M

Worse, the only thing the super-rich spend money on is food.
They already have everything else they need.

What was Obama thinking - besides re-election?

"I wasn't at the top of the ticket, remember?" 

   -- Palin, saying McCain lost the race for them,    Link

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How dumb are we?  
38 percent flunk US Citizenship test

  by Andrew Romano


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"Scranton cops say 27-year-old Karin Mackaliunas was detained last weekend following a crash.
  Police say they found three bags of heroin in her jacket and after being taken to the police station
  she told investigators she had more hidden in her vagina. A doctor searched and recovered 54 bags
  of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, prescription pills and $51.22.”

       -- the Whore AP,     Link

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Subject: they turned him?

Obama fell in with an older crowd and not a "bad crowd". They are just in the old energy.
Take Mitch the Bitch for example, he is old as dirt. Then there is the "Boner", he is also of
the old school of thinking. All of the inner circle of Obama are old school. In order to get
the change we want, we will have to get a younger crowd of advisors around him. Hopefully,
the next term will have more younger than older advisors and then change can come about.
However, I warn this nation, that if Obama does not fulfill his destiny of two terms, then a
woman will be elected  and she will be worse than Bush the W. But, and a huge BUT, if Obama
does fulfill his destiny and finishes two terms, then the next president after him will  be a woman
who is far superior to any previous president we  have had. In either event, we will get a woman
as the next president.
Put this some where and pull it out when events warrant it.
For I am nearing 80 and may not be around to witness these events in person.
Thanks for all you do Bart.
David T

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Does the world see Obama as a wimp?

Subject: I want to survive

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Dithering Quotes
"Certainly there would have been more decisiveness...less dithering, more decisiveness.
   -- Palin,     Link

That may be true, but every politician would've dithered less than Obama.

"If I would have told you a year ago that France would be the one that says, ‘I’m tired of
  waiting around. We’ll send our planes, and we’ll bomb.’ And America would say, [crying noise].
  Would you have believed that a year ago?” 

   -- Glenn Beck, saying Obama has taken the Surrender Monkey crown from the French    Link

"God help us all if it all boils over in India."
   -- Glenn Beck, saying Obama should not have saved those Libyan lives    Link

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Last night, Charlie Sheen surprised Jimmy Kimmel

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Miss Hewitt sold separately

"We should stop funding organizations (NPR) that can stand on their own feet.”
       -- Colorado Teabagger Rep. Doug Lamborn    Link

 So why are you in favor of funding billionaires?

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Subject: update from Lonnie in Tokyo


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Radiation is good for you
by Ann Coulter, the insane skeleton


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Subject: A war is just what the sheep ordered

Oh god Bart, why do you still favor nuclear energy?

Sanja Gupta says we should not fear nuclear power and we all go to sleep tonight.

U.S. Spy Drone Confirms Fuel Rods Exposed

Russell, you're not that sock-burning guy from CBS's Survivor, are you?
If you are, we f-ing hate you, ...but could I get an autograph?

Russell, you are a monkey in that you claim I've said I favored nuclear energy.
It's possible I wrote "I haven't seen the case against it" which is hardly an endorsement.
But hey,

 ...I'm a tequilier in Oklahoma - what do I know about nuclear energy?

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Wildlife Picture of the Day


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CNN calls FOX News liars


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Subject: Hillary

Bart, you wrote:

> Obama: You wouldn't dare.

 >Hillary: Have we met?

That is Godfatherian.

Hillary rules and all men are her puppets!
 Alvin in Arlington

Well, let's hope that's not entirely true...

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city is Hong Kong, China, Mr Bart.
 Jim B


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Bart, that's August Anheuser Busch.
  Harold J.   Home at last in California!

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 Philip in Salem, CT


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Mackenzie Rosman returns to TV
 Link to Story

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Marty always has good stuff.

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I saw Dr. Drew Pinsky beat up a confused drunk
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