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Wednesday,  May 25, 2011     Vol 2696 - Countrypalooza

Quote of the Day

 "We’re deeply concerned about losing
  our rights. It’s about rights of what you
  can do in your own home on your own time.”
     -- Al D'Amato, the chairman of
         the Poker Player's Alliance     Link

   Why is Obama obsessed with killing poker?
    Why can't he mind his own f-ing business?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow When Bastards reach too far...
Arrow Why the Rich Love Joblessness
Rape is like a flat tire
Arrow Sally's Penultimate Idol Review
Arrow Medicare - Top issue of 2012?
Arrow The Hole in Joplin's Heart
Arrow Anna K to host 'Biggest Loser'


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"We don’t need to rewrite the Constitution -  we need to reread the Constitution
  and enforce the Constitution.  For the benefit of those that are not going to read it
  because they don’t want us to go by the Constitution, there’s a little section in
  there that talks about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
     -- Herman Cain (R-Extra Cheese) mixing up the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence   Link

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When the bastards reach too far...
They thought killing Medicare was a winner for them?


Little more than a month after they backed sweeping changes to Medicare, Republicans are
on the political defensive, losing a House seat long in their possession and exhibiting significant
internal strains for the first time since last fall's election gains.

"We've got to get beyond this," Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said recently after his budget cleared
on a party line vote. "And we've got to get onto a serious conversation about what it takes to fix
the fiscal problems in this country."

If you're serious about solving the debt crisis - TAX THE SUPER-RICH.

Guess what, you greedy sons of bitches?

The most dependable voting bloc in America is old people and you're trying to kill
Medicare and Social Security so the super-rich can have even more than they have now?


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Subject: Katrina-fied for life



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One Hundred and Fifty Million Zombies. Sixty Million Dogs. All of them hungry for warm human flesh.
The dead have risen, killing anyone they find. The living know what's caused it - a vicious contagion.
But it's too late to stop it.

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American Idol tonight
The finale is always a big affair with plenty of high-dollar guests performing.

If this show had the slightest bit of credibility... (should I bother finishing this sentence?)
they would have country stars only - since Idol has become Southern pre-teen Texter Idol.

But no, they'll have big-time rockers - Queen was on last year or the year before,
which makes no sense because it's a show for little kountry kids.

Hey Idol, make up your f-ing mind.

If you're going to rig the contest for kountry kids,
don't have hard rockers for the big finale.

I read they didn't invite last year's winner, Lee DeWise.
I guess they're hoping we forget how bad last year was...      

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"According to a University of Miami study, those historical rankings of American presidents
  that pop up every year or so are significantly weighted in favor of Democrats, thanks to the
  liberal leanings of academia. Political science professor Joseph E. Uscinski, one of the study’s
  authors, said the new analysis shows that the overwhelmingly liberal academic community
  consistently ranks Republican presidents about 10 spots lower than the public would."
     -- Horseshit from Davod Eldricge, a Republican,    Link

  Democrats believe in education and Republicans don't.
  Naturally, smarter people will vote for smarter presidents.
  Sorry that Saint Reagan isn't as popular as you'd like him to be.

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Why the Rich Love Joblessness
by Mark Provost

Christina Romer, former member of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, accuses the
administration of 'shamefully ignoring' the unemployed. Paul Krugman echoes her concerns,
observing that Washington has lost interest in 'the forgotten millions.' America's unemployed
have been ignored and forgotten, but they are far from superfluous. Over the last two years,
out-of-work Americans have played a critical role in helping the richest one percent recover
trillions in financial wealth."

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Who's sporting the Bartcop sticker?

Last issue's sticker mystery...

  Bart, that is Dr. Julius Youngner, who you celebrate
as having really created the polio vaccine.

There's not even a Wikipedia page
for the man who made Polio his bitch.

I think everyone in America who can walk
should send $10 to Dr Youngner.

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Rape is like a flat tire
Says KS Rep Pete DeGraaf


Apparently, DeGraaf feels that women should plan ahead for rape attacks. I'm not sure
how you are supposed to prepare for rape. Should all women be on birth control, just in case?

Should women cover themselves from head to toe, so as not to lead young men astray? No?
Women should just be forced to purchase a special insurance coverage because there is a chance
that she could get raped, become pregnant and may not want to carry her rapist's child for nine
months before giving it up for adoption. That is the idea that DeGraaf is purporting.

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"I am determined that we not repeat the mistakes of the past, where budget targets
  were met mostly by taking a percentage off the top.  That kind of salami-slicing approach
  preserves overhead and maintains force structure on paper, but results in a hollowing out
  of the force from a lack of proper training, maintenance and equipment - and manpower.”
     -- Outgoing Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates,        Link

 I don't get it - I thought Gates was in charge of the cutting...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Hiroshima


Were the bombs ready before Germany surrendered they would have been used on them
(remember Dresden?).  The race card is pure bullshit.  Hindsight is always 20-20 but I swear,
if the country was populated then with the kind of idiots it seems to be populated with now,
we would all be goose stepping and saying sieg heil or  bowing to the emperor.

Try telling the GIs who were on their way to the Pacific from the ETO that using
the bombs had racial overtones and be prepared to get a verbal ass kicking.
 Bob in Orlando, FL

Bob, you must mean something different from what you wrote.

When I was a kid, say 1965, the word "nigger" was everyday language,
but it was not used on the radio or TV.

Are you saying there was no racism towards Japan 20 years prior to 1965?

We have a severe race problem in America today.
To suggest there wasn't any racism 55 years ago is ...wrong.

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Der Monkey almost hit by foul ball - Video

He froze,
just like on 9-11,
leaving Pickles to protect herself.

"The best performance of the Idol finale was when past winner David Cook played
 "Don't You Forget About Me" while a screen behind him ran a highlight reel of all
  the more interesting and diverse contestants that didn't make it further on this show."
     -- Lyndsey Parker,   Link

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A ghostly world of sunken warships and their crews has existed Underneath for decades.
They've remained a complete mystery, virtually unknown - until 'Neathers
discover how they can return Topside for seven days of real life.
Fleet Week visits are raucous and carousing, full of good times for sailors
cursed with the loneliness of their own company for eternity.

David Redstone is a longtime Bartcop reader

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Sally's Penultimate Idol Review

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Subject: Two state solution is a mistake

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama are both wrong on the solution to the way
to peace in Israel. The idea of a two state solution is just plain wrong. We should not create countries
that are religious homelands. All nations, including Israel, should be secular.

The creation of Israel as a Jewish state was a mistake. Once you create a Jewish state then every
other religion on the planet is going to want their own country. If we now create a Palestinian state
then what? Do we start creating states for Buddhists, Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, Muslims,
Jehovah's Witnesses, or even Atheists? There is nothing special about the Jews that they should
get a nation and everyone else doesn't.

Here in America we have a secular nation where Jews and Palestinians live in peace along with
members of every other religion on the planet. Unlike what many Christians and Atheists think,
a secular nation is the ultimate in religious freedom. As a secular nation Americans can worship
or not worship anything that want because we are all equal and the government is mandated by
the Constitution to not pick sides. When you go to get your drivers license, passport, go to court,
or get a home loan, no one is asking what your religion is. And that is the way it should be.

Every modern first world advanced nation on this planet is secular and that's because secular works.
Nations, like Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, are dominated by religion and they are in a constant
state of war. In a secular nation you are expected to get along with people who are not like you.
It works here and it would work in Israel.

I think Israel should become secular and merge with the non Jews living in the region into a singular
secular nation where Jews, Christians, and Muslims all share Jerusalem the same way that they all
share San Francisco or New York here in America. If they became secular then they can tear down
the walls and the problem with where to put the borders goes away. The issue of dividing Jerusalem
goes away. And the entire Earth becomes the Jewish homeland.

When South Africa ended Apartheid the could have separated into two nations but they took the
high road and put their differences aside and became a single nation. Israel can do that too and
should because Israel will never see peace as long as they take the position the one group of people
should be a superior class over another group of people.
 Marc Perkel


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: your spam

OK, it's not quite spam but maybe every other time I hit your site another bart page pops up
with a panel of pictures and links. background is the same as your main page. many of the pictures
are borderline not safe for work, and its not what I clicked on, so frankly its annoying.

First thing -  I hear you.
You are the third person to bring this up - after maybe three weeks..

Here's the deal:
I'm trying to stay alive on the Inner Tubes.
There was a time when I didn't need advertisers - now I do.
Back ten years ago, we won almost all of those "Internet favorite" contests,
but that was back when there were only 50 website on the Tubes.

These days, it's about survival.
When I entered into that Popunder agreement, I was needy for revenue - still am.
The world is changing faster than most people realize.
If you have some innovative ideas about how some no-brain Lefticrat can make
some money on today's Inner Tubes, like Ross Perot said in 1992, "I'm all ears."

I'm going to stay on the Internet until the last f-ing minute.
I'm going to stay on the Internet until  Cox Cable cuts me off for lack of payment.
I'm going to fight Fascist Dog Repubicans until I drop.

I'm internet-savvy enough to know it's not me, it's your site,... anyways, you ain't
always right but I enjoy many of the cartoons and some of the headlines. 
the missus starts a new job soon so with her first paycheck I'll be sending you some green.
cheers and good beer!

E, thanks for that.
Honest feedback is always valuable.

The Popunder has maybe ten days left on its test.
If they send me a tiny check, it'll go away.

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What is this "Hollywood car?"

Several people wrote with guesses
but nobody sent proof so we're still in the dark

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Subject: yesterday's train vs tornado video

Bart, my nephew took that video when he decided to hitch a ride on a freight train from
Hyde Park to Albany New York a couple of years ago just to see what the ride would be like.

He didn't get hurt but it scared the shit out of him.
What a coincidence that you would have that same video.

Check out my web site I can use the hits!

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Eric Cantor to Joplin: Drop Dead


Tech Corner  -  Best Note Taking Android Apps
  by Mike the Tech

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The Hole in Joplin's Heart   Link
Dark, boiling clouds on a May evening don't make much of an impression in the Midwest. They wreak havoc
- but always down the road or in the next town or two counties away. Hollie Hounschell, 26, was getting ready
to go to a party on May 22 as the clouds approached. With one ear on the TV as she painted her nails, she noted
that big hail was falling in Webb City, some 8 miles distant.

The doorbell rang. Hounschell's ex Joe Winters was delivering their daughter Abigail, who is 4, after a visit with
her daddy. When Hollie opened the front door, she noticed lightning slash the sky far behind him.

Suddenly, the voice from the TV was shouting: "Take cover! Get to the basement!" Not everyone had a basement.
Bewildered neighbors appeared at the door begging for help. In all, five people hurried down the hall and huddled in
a tiny basement as wood splinters, shards of glass and needles of fiberglass insulation scoured the air.

The house exploded.
The neighborhood exploded.

Twenty-four hours later, as a chilly rain drenched the ruins of this southwestern Missouri town, Hounschell recalled
struggling from the debris after the storm passed, teetering in her black dress and high heels. Emerging from the basement,
she could see Joplin High School three blocks away, down the hill behind her house. That was new. Every manmade
structure, every leaf on every tree that had obscured the view minutes earlier, was gone.

The idea of cleaning up Joplin seemed unimaginable. Across 3 sq. mi. of wasteland - smashed and twisted cars,
ripped and crumpled siding, shattered brick, muddy furniture, bed linens flapping from stripped and dying trees,
gas-fed fires flickering - scattered people picked almost at random to fill boxes with soggy clothing, ruined
electronics and woeful fragments of children's toys.

Perhaps a third of this city of 50,000 residents, a city that took decades to build, was unbuilt in a matter of moments
by the killer tornado, which left at least 117 people dead and hundreds more injured. Clean up is a phrase that doesn't
compute. In the coming weeks and months, Joplin will have to scrape bare a blasted hole in its heart.

Many hundreds of houses are gone. Restaurants, strip malls, grocery stores, drugstores, big-box outlets - gone.
The high school is a wreck. St. John's Hospital is gutted. Power poles are snapped. Steel fence posts are bent flat
to the ground. Thousands of cars are crumpled like soda cans. A forest of big, beautiful trees is uprooted, denuded.

On May 23, people spoke in whispers and left sentences half finished. Jim Winters, 51 - Joe's dad - kept telling
the story of watching a stranger bleed to death after he and several other would-be rescuers lifted a wall that was
pinning the man's body.  "His skin just went white," he said. "I've watched a lot of horror movies, but ..."
Jim's voice trailed off with a quick shake of his head.

What is there to say?

A small dresser of clothes survived, askew in the rubble of what used to be a bedroom. Joe Winters hoisted it and
loaded it into a van. Hollie Hounschell regarded a cell-phone charger plucked from a mess of sodden plaster, then looked away.

May 24 dawned clear and sunny. Exhausted search teams trooped back into the ruins, hoping to complete their hunt
for buried bodies, living and dead, "house by house, car by car, block by block," as Missouri Governor Jay Nixon told NPR.
The governor expected the death toll to rise, and he hoped the grim business could be finished before evening,
when the clouds would boil up again.

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Subject: Torture

If you have a policy against torture, then your Jack Bauer 24 situation (highly unlikely)
would be against policy, and America remains the good guy.

This is a much better way than setting the policy around torture.  That way nobody needs
to say they care more about millions of New Yorkers than some terrorist's fingernails.

Obama's assassinations are definitely against current law, and I'm glad they are. 
The fact that he needs to break the law to perform (however necessary) deeds still leaves
targeted killing against the law.  I like that he did not have the Justice Department write a
memo legalizing it, and that nobody on the right has the stones to call him on it.
 Minnesota Matt

Matt, I agree with you.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Hiroshima


My grandfather told us a very similar tale as Jerry Cimino’s dad except my grandfather
was actually on a ship heading for Japan. His ship was headed for the Panama Canal
when the war in Japan  ended. The ship turned north and headed for the states.

I'm wasn't born yet, but bomb doubters should remind themselves that Americans
had been living with the fear that we could lose that World War for 3-plus years.

It's easy to call it "overkill" now but at the time it decided the fate of the whole world.

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Medicare - Top issue of 2012 Race?
The GOP hopes not - they're trying to kill it
so the super-rich can have even more tax cuts 


The 2012 election found its defining issue on Tuesday night, with an insurgent Democrat
upsetting a well-financed Republican in a deeply red district in New York state.

The GOP paved the way for the Democrat's victory by voting to kill Medicare and replace it
with a voucher for a "discount" on a $200.000 medical proceedure that nobody can afford.

The Republican in the race, Jane Corwin, fully endorsed the "screw the olf voter" plan
while the Democrat, Kathy Hochul, defended the social safety net.

This is good news, but once again, it proves the ONLY way
a Democrat can win is when the Rethuig shoots himself in the foot.

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How many more floods, tornadoes, blizzards
and hurricanes will it take
before Churchers
admit global warming is killing us?

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, J

Last issue's mystery city was Toronto
My proof would be that I should know because I was born here...
but I can't find my birth certificate.


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Today's History Mystery


Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Ava Lavinia Gardner one of the all-time great actresses.
She was married to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra;
and had long term relationships with Howard Hughes and a bullfighter
named Luis Miguel Dominguin.

She supposedly once swam naked in Ernest Hemmingway’s pool.
After watching her, he told his staff “The water is never to be emptied”.

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Anna Kournikova to host 'Biggest Loser'


  Link to Story

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