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Thurs-Friday July 18-19, 2013    Vol 3094 - Three Hops

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Snowden, Tapped by the US
Lynn Cheney, Carpetbagger
License plate cam tracks millions
Arrow Health Costs Set to Fall 50%
Arrow Zimmerman vs Fiction
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow The Transformers' Megan Fox


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"Rush Limbaugh said he was impressed I knew the word 'tyranny.' He's a racist piece of shit."
     --  Law and Order SVU's Ice-T,   Link 

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Snowden, Tapped by the US in Moscow
   by Dave Lindorf


If they were really so worried about exposure of the global spying activities of the NSA and CIA,
the government would be cutting a deal with Snowden: Come home, return the data, and we'll have
that national discussion on surveillance.  All is forgiven. The public, 55% of whom think Snowden
did the right thing in blowing the whistle, would be happy, the spooks would be safe to go about
their nefarious business abroad, and we could all figure out in an open democratic way, how much
privacy and civil liberty we really want to surrender in order to wage the "War" on terror.

The fact that the government is not doing this, but is instead driving Snowden into the arms of
Russian intelligence tells me that this is really all about continuing apace the development of the
totalitarian national security state in the US.

That's the story that the US wants Snowden to be silenced on. And toward that end, since they
can't off him without triggering his "insurance" backup plan, trapping him in Russia makes much
more sense than having him exiled in Venezuela or Bolivia or Cuba.

So why didn't Snowden use his head and plan a little before he went on his crime spree?
Why not fly to Venezuela in the first place and spill America's secrets there?

Remember, Snowden has a sweet life before he picked up the hobby of overturning apple carts.
Now there are 1,000 apples in the street and Dave Lindorf is crying "Poor Edward!"

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 Subject: Dennis in DC/Trayvon


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Lynn Cheney, Carpetbagger
  by Sean Sullivan at WaHoPo


This much we know about the Wyoming Senate race: Liz Cheney will be accused of being a carpetbagger. Probably often.

What we don’t know is whether or not it will sink her bid to unseat Sen. Mike Enzi in the Republican primary,
or fade into the background. But it’s already become a big part of her narrative, and one she'll have to overcome to win.

The Wyoming media has taken notice. One paper offered a harsh assessment of the Cheney candidacy.

“Hey, Liz Cheney: If you want to run for U.S. Senate, try it from Virginia or some other state,” the Gillette News Record
wrote in an editorial published Sunday. “We already have a U.S. senator — one who has spent his life in Wyoming,
one who took on the unenviable job of leading Gillette through the boom in the ’70s and ’80s.”

And Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R) told reporters this on Tuesday: “It is a unique strategy to live your entire life elsewhere
and then come to a state a year before you’re going to announce you’re going to run for that state’s highest office.”



 Subject: Martin vs Zimmerman

You are becoming what Mediawhoresonline fought.  
 Mike C.

So, not only do I need to root for the Traitor who's theatened "to bring America to her knees,"
I need to support the gun-toting vigilante racist who murdered the unarmed Black teenager?

BTW, YOU speaking for MWO makes as much sense
as a Teabagger telling us what Martin Luther King stood for.

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License plate cam track millions
  by Craig Nimblebait


The spread of cheap, powerful cameras capable of reading license plates has allowed police to
build databases on the movements of millions of Americans over months or even years,
according to a new ACLU report.

The license-plate readers, which police typically mount along major roadways or on their cruisers,
can identify vehicles almost instantly and compare them against “hot lists” of cars that have been
stolen or involved in crimes.

But the systems collect records on every license plate they encounter — whether or not they
are on hot lists — meaning time and location data are gathered in databases that can be searched
by police. Some departments purge information after a few weeks, some after a few months and
some never, said the report, which warns that such data could be abused by authorities, and chill
freedom of speech and association.

“Using them to develop vast troves of information on where Americans travel is not an appropriate use,”
said Catherine Crump, a staff attorney at the ACLU and one of the authors of the report, “You are Being
Tracked: How License Plate Readers Are Being Used to Record Americans’ Movements.”

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 Subject: Liz Cheney

I think all Cheneys suck but it's Mary who is the lesbian
and she never has been the butthole her dad and sister are...

Actually, Liz Cheney is the elder daughter, and straight. 
It's second daughter Mary Cheney who's the open lesbian. 
Nevertheless, she's still a loyal Republican, albeit not quite as odious as her sister.
Put another way, they both suck.
 Mike C

 Thanks for getting that straight.

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Health Costs Set to Fall 50%
Rethugs need to kill this story right now


Individuals buying health insurance on their own will see their premiums tumble next year in New York State
as changes under the federal health care law take effect, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Wednesday.
State insurance regulators say they have approved rates for 2014 that are at least 50 percent lower on average
than those currently available in New York. Beginning in October, individuals in New York City who now pay
$1,000 a month or more for coverage will be able to shop for health insurance for as little as $308 monthly.
With federal subsidies, the cost will be even lower.

Supporters of the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act, credited the drop in rates to the online
purchasing exchanges the law created, which they say are spurring competition among insurers that are
anticipating an influx of new customers. The law requires that an exchange be started in every state.

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 Subject: Food stamps

Bart I can't understand how these Republicans can go home every day and sit with their families,
have a big meal and not discuss the fact that they denied food for others that live in thier districts?
 Ole Vet

If the Democrats had an ounce of courage (Why do I torture myself this way?) they would pass
a law that every member of congress - and their families - had to live on nothing but food stamps

for one week every year to remind them that food isn't a given for millions of American families.

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 Subject: How to respond to a Republican loudmouth

Thought I would share how I respond to Republicans who whine about Obama.

"Heck, your best candidate couldn't even beat a black, Muslim, socialist, born in Kenya."

It does tend to shut people up.
Thanks for the good work,

Soon we'll be able to say,
"Your best candidate couldn't even beat a girl."

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Zimmerman vs Fiction
Oscar winner says nobody would buy this script
by Barry Levinson


If this trial's story points were to be adapted into a piece of fiction, it would cause problems in credibility
in the writers' room. A discussion between a head writer and the episodic writer who had the idea for a
show based on the Zimmerman case might play out something like this....

HEAD WRITER: I looked over the script. The story is a little too nuts for me. I don't buy it.

WRITER: It's based on a real case. This is what went down back then.

The Head Writer looks over his notes.

HEAD WRITER: A man stalks a young kid. Is warned by a 911 operator not to follow the kid. He goes ahead
and follows him anyway. The kid is on a cellphone and says to his friend that he's being followed by some stranger.
The friend hears the kid say, "Get off, get off!" A struggle happens, and the kid is killed. And you write this like
it's a self defense case??

WRITER: Exactly.

HEAD WRITER: But the man was pursuing the kid. How could it be a self defense case? You gotta create doubt.
An audience watching this is not going to believe it. We're going to lose our viewers before the commercial break!

WRITER: Don't you see? The guy was struggling for his life. The kid pushed him to the ground. He had to
pull out a gun and shoot the kid.

HEAD WRITER: But you have the guy attending Mixed Martial Arts classes. Three times a week he goes to his gym.
Two hours a session. For an entire year. And the kid gets him on the ground just like that?

WRITER: Our guy was a bad student.

HEAD WRITER: Bad student? How bad can he be?

WRITER: They say he was not very athletic.

HEAD WRITER: Six hours a week of martial arts training for one year and he can't even push a kid away?
And the kid weighs almost 50 pounds less than this guy? Impossible. You have to change that. No one will believe it.


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 Subject: "FITS"

Yesterday's Monkey Mailer is suffering the effects of "Fox Induced Toxic Stupidity".

Been following you while living and woirking in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Alaska and now
while living in Denver but assigned to a project in very "white" Beaumont, Texas.

Wouldn't believe the crap I tolerate when amongst my co-workers!
Donation on Friday, at last!
 Rob in Centennial, Colorado

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Subject: you are jealous of Edward Snowden


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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Who's the Mystery Sticker Holder?


Subject: yesterday's Mystery Sticker holder    Link

Greetings My Dear Bartcop:
The mystery sticker holder sure looks like Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian legislator.
  Stan in Durant, OK

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Nobody got WKRP star Loni Anderson.

She was once married to Burt Reynolds.


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's Hong Kong.
  Bruce the subscriber

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a Falcon F7.
  Paul in VA 

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Hi Bart,
That is the premeire of the space shuttle named  “Enterprise” as a tribute to Star Trek. 
Those four bad boys are (left to right): Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, DeForrest Kelley
and James Doohan aka Spock, Sulu, Dr. McCoy and Montgomery Scott (Scotty) from
the original TV show and first 5 movies, if memory serves.
  David W. H.

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