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Volume 494 - Enough Already

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 Smirk - Call off Your Crazies

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 K-Drag Radio goes Dornan over McVeigh's Execution

 Every other minute is a promo to "catch all the details" of Tim's vaccination.
 They're sending their "news director" to Terre Haute and "reporters" to OKC
 so they can have "team coverage" of this non-event.

 I mean, he's going to be given a shot and go to sleep.

 How much coverage does a shot need?

 You know they're going to stick a mic in the face of a widower and ask
 "How do you feel knowing the man who killed your wife is going to die?"

 I'd love for that guy to say, "How the fuck do you think I feel, you moron?"

Alone in court.
Dad was playing Nintendo,
Mom was baking cookies for the NRA.
No wonder they turned out bad.

Absentee parents is a terrible thing.


Subject: I stole this from you

The following letter was published in the Arizona Tribune, a very conservative newspaper
here in the Phoenix area.  They printed it almost verbatim.  Thanks for letting me plagiarize you.
The readers of this paper are  mostly older or Mormon, that ought to tell you how upset some will be....
This letter is in response to Bob Ederer letter 06/07/01.
Mr Ederer letter sound like he has been listening to continuous vicious and defamatory rhetoric
coming from the so called "liberal media."  The "liberal media" is no more than a myth perpetuated
by the list of following.  If this incident by Jenna Bush would have happened to Chelsea Clinton
the following would have happened.
Rush Limbaugh would spend weeks pontificating that the family values were at fault.
The alleged doctor Schlessinger would at every opportunity point out that family values were at fault.
Bill O'Reilly would be pointing out the lack of family values the Clintons' must have.
Eva Von Zahn, Brit Hume and Tony Snow , John McLaughlin, Juan Williams and Mara Liason,
Chris Matthews, G. Gordon Liddy, Juan Williams, Michael Medved, Ollie North, John Stossell,
Robert Novak, Sam and Cokie and the list goes on ad nausea... I can name at least fifteen others,
including locals,  that would point out he hypocrisy in the family values system the Clintons have.
All spending there allotted time vilifying and slandering.
I hear nothing but apologizing and excuse making coming from the so called "liberal media" pundits.
Mr Ederer must have forgot the Republican agenda stating family values are taught at home.
I guess the lies and drunkenness Bush had as a youth was taught to his daughters, and it doesn't count.
Unless of course it was a liberal...
Alan Bennett

Alan, good stuff.

Black on Black
 by  Isaac Peterson

 Click  Here


Subject: Did you see Bill and Hillary at the Belmont?

Hey Bart!

Well I am not into horse about a good place to meet a lot of  Republicans, but guess WHO was there?
Bill looked GOOD.  You know, if I had my way I'd take every St. Reagan monument and sign down
and replace it with something for Bill.

Point Given started to look like Secretariat there toward the end of the race (and that's about the closest
we will ever get in awhile) , but the most interesting scene I know YOU would have liked was when owner
Prince Ahmed bin Salman gave Point Given a big kiss right in front of the camera--because I bet if Paul Harvey
was watching, he would have gotten a big hard on.

Regards (and keep the hammer down!)


Owner of Point Given Ahmed bin Salman, holds the Belmont Stakes trophy
presented to him by Senator Clinton and her husband, the last elected president.
Point Given won the Belmont Stakes by 12 lengths.


Subject: Tax Rebate


About sending tax rebates to the dems.
I wholeheartedly agree with you that we ought not to send any rewards to these assholes.

Even though my 98 IQ is higher than yours, I'm don't think I'm quite as smart as you, so I'm asking your
opinion about what I think may be a great idea of what to do with the rebates -- that is, for true democrats.

Would there be any way we could return our rebates to Washington with instructions to apply them to the national debt?  Could this be done?
I think it would be fuckin great!

It'd possibly thwart the right wing's plan to destroy Social Security, and show the dumb ass congress
what the American people really want -- the Democrats, that is.

-- just a thought,

Bill from Boston

Bill, not a bad idea, but tequila in Vegas is better!

 Who is Deep Throat?

 I say "is," because he or she is still alive, right?

 The way I remember it, Woodward & Bernstein promised never
 to reveal Deep Throat's identity as long as he/she was alive.

 But it's been 28 years.

 That means Deep Throat is a very, very old person OR was pretty young back in 1973.

 That's a pretty big clue.
 How many major players are still alive?

 Did you know it was our very own Tennessee Tuxedo, Fred Thompson, that asked
 Alex Butterfield, "Is there any kind of recording device in the Oval Office?"
 that brought down the third biggest crooked president in recent history?

 Are there any Watergate experts out there?
 Maybe someone did a thing on "Who is Deep Throat?" 25 years ago.
 Lots and lots of people are no longer with us, and that's a huge clue.

 Anyone care to compile a list of the Ten Most Likely Suspects?
 (Don't write and say it was Hal Holbrook.)

 Surely a third to a half of the suspects are gone,
 and assuming Woodward and Bernstein are telling the truth
 (and that's an assumption bigger than Laura Schlessinger's ego)
 about speaking up once Deep Throat is gone, DT is still here.

 Who's left?

 Hint: I think we can rule out Liddy.

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: enough already


 Please stop writing about Jenna Bush, Casey Martin, Chicano, U2, Las Vegas,
 TV and movie crap, your stupid New York trip that nobody cared about,
 Catholics, rock and roll, the China spy plane and all that other crap.
 Nobody cares.


 PS. I love I read it every day.

 Why pay taxes?

 They say they need tax relief, to jump-start Smirk's bad economy.
 Wouldn't it be cheaper to hire good accountants?

 Click  Here

 Seven top US firms actually paid  less than zero  in federal income taxes in 1998 (because of rebates).
 These include:  Texaco, Chevron, Pepsi, Enron, Worldcom, and General Motors.

 So why are they screaming for tax relief?


Subject: Open Secrets

...probably have the wrong address for this type of thing, but...I wish BC
would take a quick glimpse of this page:

It, as you guys probably already are aware, lists campaign contributions.
The upper left hand corner has a story on $ and the energy industry
which BC might find quite enlightening....and usefull.


 A Memo to the Bush Brats
   by Jules Witcover

 Click  Here

 Just as your old man is trying to get over the loss of Jim Jeffords,
 you had to add to his grief. Thanks to you, his own earlier confessions
 of excessive drinking and a DWI arrest are being resurrected,
 along with his refusal to say whether he ever used drugs.

 ha ha

DubYa's Tax Fiasco
  by Molly Ivins

 Click  Here

 This was supposed to be a huge tax break for the rich, a simple albeit awful idea.
 The biggest break for the rich was to be the repeal of the estate tax:
 Quinn says of its final form, "Laughter is the right response."
 The whole bill is loaded with phase-ins, phase-outs and then, poof, suddenly everything disappears.
 If you are real rich, you need to die before 2011.


Subject: Paul Harvey?

I heard the rumor before and figured you'd be the man to ask.

Where did "Paul Harvey" the horse molester rumor come from and is it true?

A few months back while Harvey was on vacation, a local talk show host
reported that Harvey was off the air because of an accident involving a
lawn mower severing his right hand, he then reported Paul's hand being
replaced with a horses hoof donated from his closest friend, a horse.
Paul was doing fine but the horse died and Paul was in mourning.

When I heard this I almost pissed myself laughing!


Don, yes, it's all true.
Paul Harvey forces stallions into stanchions and has sex with them.
You think I'm kidding?
I have a witness.

Mr. Ed, did I exxaggerate any about Paul Harvey?

          "Please make Paul Harvey stop!"

For the whole sick and sordid story  Click  Here


Subject: BONO SUCKS!

Hi BC,

American Rock rules.  There is (really) no other kind of rock.
The only worthwhile form of music Britain can claim to have invented
is Heavy Metal (Birmingham Style), and that was only a handful of bands.
The U.S. perfected Heavy Metal (Motley Crue, Metallica, etc.).

I hate Lame Rock (Dave Matthews) and I REALLY hate Pretentious Asshole Rockers (Sting, Bono, etc.).

Please, BC, don't dissapoint me...


Toast, get used to it.
Music is like religion - I don't care what you're into.
If you like Tiny Tim, John Denver and Up With People - more power to you.

But American rockers?
I remember a bet I had with a smart ass Republican named Patrick Buckingham.
I said American groups sucked and he called me on it, so we played a game.
Every time I named a non-American supergroup, he'd name an American "supergroup."

30 seconds later, I was saying "Pink Floyd" and he was down to "Bob Seger," bless his black heart.

Usually, when I write about somebody I use the phrase "He's not my favorite,"
because you know me, there's no reason to inflame passions if it's not necessary.

You can call Bono a "pretentious asshole" if you want, but he's today's John Lennon.
Nobody puts his time, money and energy where his mouth is like Bono.

Christ, he made Jesse Helms cry - doesn't he get points for that?

But the best way to prove my point is to say "compared to who?"
Motley Crue is a band of heroin addicted wife-beaters and Metallica threatened
to jail their fans under the RICO statutes for "illegal" listening to their music.

...but Bono is the jerk?

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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