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 Volume 527 - What size noose does Gary take?

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 Why I Love Bill Clinton
  by Tamara Baker  at AMPOL, Thursday July 12, 2001

  Click  Here

 While surfing Bartcop's site today, I ran across this lovely little URL:,2763,519375,00.html

 Click on that URL, and it'll take you away to a story that no American broadcast or cable network will touch.
 In fact, I doubt that any of the self-alleged "major" newspapers will pick it up.
 Even the New York Daily News, the leading paper of the burg where Bill has his offices, probably will ignore it.


 Because it shows that President Clinton (as opposed to his fraudulent "successor" over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)
 has the enduring respect -- and in many cases, the enduring affection -- of his statesman-peers around the world.

 Britain's Finest Hour
 by Nick Barlow,
 Senior  foreign correspondent

 Click  Here

 Today, over sixty years after it ended, the Battle of Britain is still remembered throughout the UK and beyond as
 being Britain's 'finest hour'. Looking back on it from our vantage point of a safe and free Britain where the prospect
 of being invaded by anyone, let alone our EU partners in Germany, it can be hard to understand just what all the
 fuss is about. After all, the Allies won the war, so what's so special about one battle?

 Off Topic

 Still going thru that new music I got yesterday.
 That U2 outtake CD has some real music on it.

 They have the Got You Under My Skin duet with Bono and Frank Sinatra.
 It's kind of a fun novelty, but they didn't record it together.

 They do a wild cover of John Lennon's Happiness is a Warm Gun.
 Then they played the original Sunday, Bloody Sunday from Sarajevo in 1998.
 That means something, I don't remember exactly what.
 (Wish I had a music editor who followed these kinds of things...)

     Sarajevo's Olympic Stadium

 U2 stopped playing the song in 88, they said why but I can't remember, then played it
 for the first time in ten years in Sarajevo, I guess for obvious reasons.  Pretty moving stuff.

 A harder-rocking version of Jagger's Paint it Black, and then a shocker:: U2 doing Creedence.
 Fortunate Son, which has to remind everybody of President Weak & Stupid.

 Congrats to Team Bush for killing that revealing book, Fortunate Son about Smirky.
 And a pee on the leg of the lazy whore press for doiing what Karl Rove ordered, instead of looking
 into the charges made in the book - Fortunate Son.   It didn't matter if the charges were true,
 the messenger was flawed, so they gutless cowards buried the story at Mr. Rove's request
 because they're the whore press and they know their place - under Rove's boot.

 We ALL know Bush did community service for some crime he pled guilty to.
 Why doesn't the press care what that crime was?
 Was is possession of cocaine with intent to deliver?
 Rich boys don't buy their cocaine in $25 increments.

 They buy ounces or quarter pounds to minimize the risk with each transaction.
 Did Smirky get caught with an ounce - a felony?
 Did he get a community service slap on the wrist from a friendly judge?
 Why doesn't the press care what crimes Weak & Stuipid has pled guilty to?

 Koresh forbid Bill Clinton half-smoked a joint in another country - that's a crime.
 But the Boy King has unanswered crimes, probable felonies, and nobody cares?


 If only we lived in a country with free elections...


Subject:  Please clarify

Before I begin to invest any time with this web site, you strongly represent the Democratic point of view?

Hmmmm, ...I guess, sorta...

I strongly represent that I think, and the Democrats often agree with me,
but they're my party only by default. If it was up to me, I'd have a party of fighters,
not a party of scared sheep, too afraid to represent the majority of voters,
men and women willing to stand up and say "NO!" to Karl Rove and Uncle Dick.

Since we don't have a party like that, I side with the Democrats.

 Today in History

 In 1964: Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona was nominated for president
 by the Republican national convention in San Francisco.

 Barry Goldwater lost that election for many reasons, but chief among them
 was most people thought he was just waaaaaay too right-wing to be trusted.

 Thirty years later, this radical's party moved so many miles to his right,
 he was on Jay Leno saying, "Bill Clinton is MY president and I support him."
 He also said the GOP needed to give organized religion, "a kick in the ass."

 Barry Goldwater was so right-wing in 1964 he was radioactive.
 But compared to the wild baboons who've seized control of the GOP,
 Barry Goldwater was just another mealy-mouthed, good-for-nothing centrist.

 I wonder what Barry Goldwater would've said about Karl Rove, Uncle Dick and the
 Whore Court steamrolling Smirk into the White House over the wishes of the voters?


 "Michael is just too all-encompassing, too demanding. He is a full-time client
   who demands all of your time, and he is uncontrollable as an artist."
    -- some "insider" on why Michael Jackson has lost his manager, Louis Levin.
        Jackson is looking for his third manager in 4 months.

 Sopranos News

 THE fame that has come to cast members of The Sopranos juggernaut extends to their families,
 sometimes with unfortunate results. Take Vincent Pastore, whose "Big Pussy" character was a
 favorite on the hit HBO mob drama until Pussy ended up sleeping with the fishes at the end of
 the second season. Tomorrow night, Pastore appears on "NY Central," chatting with Michael
 Musto about how his teenage daughter won't walk on the street with him anymore.

 It seems she can't stand the shouts of "Yo! Pussy!" and "Hi, Pussy, we love you!"

ABC's messy role in Condit affair
The network now says one of its reporters -- the subject of tabloid rumors -- claims she never
met with Condit the day he claims they did, the day Chandra Levy most likely disappeared.

Their Version

Condit's office has provided Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police with a timeline of Condit's activities
on the crucial days surrounding Levy's disappearance. Learning of the existence of the timeline,
ABC News subsequently requested a copy, and received one from a source in Rep. Condit's office.

What soon became apparent to reporters and producers at ABC News, though, was that there were
two critical portions of the timeline that simply did not seem true. And the network struggled with this
information for nearly three weeks before fully detailing the nature of the discrepancies during the
Wednesday edition of "Nightline."

One of ABC's own off-air reporters had met with Condit about the California energy crisis on the day
after Levy's disappearance, May 2. But the timeline provided to ABC News appeared to say that this
meeting had occurred on May 1 -- the very day Levy went missing.

Below, you'll see Tim the Whore broke the story that Condit ordered Levy not to possess any ID
whenever she was meeting with him. Tim the Whore says that explains why her ID was found
with her luggage when police searched her apartment.

Tim the Whore says police also want to know about a Condit staffer's car,
and if Levy was in that staffer's car just prior to her disappearance.

Funny, Tim the Whore says he got this big scoop from The Hill, but when I checked
their site after Meet the Whore, there was nothing there. Isn't that strange?

As you know, Tim Russert went cock-crazy during impeachment.

 He was like this for 2 years

Maybe he just made this whole story up...

Luci the Bat Sucks

 IN light of Chandra Levy's disappearance, some believe that Lucianne Goldberg's advice saved
 Monica Lewinsky from a fate worse than infamy. Goldberg, who convinced Linda the Pigg to
 record her phone conversations with Lewinsky, tells PAGE SIX that since Levy vanished,
 "I've had two FBI agents tell me that I saved Monica's life."

 ha ha

 I guess two-shots-to-the-head Hillary was going to "disappear" Monica?

 ha ha

 Oh, well, the Freepers will buy it, and Rush will sell it to them.

   by Brian Lewis

  Click  Here

 Before the Mets host Toronto today at Shea, they will honor eight Negro League stars who
 outlived Jim Crow and outlasted segregation. When the Mets take the field, they will be wearing
 the uniforms of the New York Cubans, in homage of the 1947 Negro League World Series champions.

 Chances are most of the fans in Flushing today have never heard the names Armando Vasquez and James
 "Pee Wee" Jenkins, who played for those Cubans, or Robert Scott, who played for the Black Yankees.

Empowering terrorists.
Isn't that what the Bush Family Evil Empire is best known for?
Hitler, Saddam, Hezzbollah, China?


  Condit: "Don't have any ID on you when I pick you up, Chandra."

  This hot tip was from Tim Russert, on Meet the Whore.
  He says he got it from


"The Wilmer Leon Show" show airs from 2-3 EDT
 on WOL 1450 AM in Washington, DC and 1010 AM in Baltimore, MD.

The show can also be accessed via the internet by going to  and then click on the moving speaker.

This Sunday my guests will be Mr. Gregory Palast, Reporter and Columnist for The Observer of London,
Britain's premier Sunday newspaper and Mr. Tundu Lissu, Tanzanian Human Rights Attorney.
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is also scheduled to participate.

In retaliation for the investigative story about finances of the George W. Bush campaign, Barrick Gold Mining
of Canada has sued The Observer of London, for libel. Mr. Palast, Mr. Lissue and hopefully, Ms. McKinney
will join me to discuss the libel suite,vote fraud in Florida, connections between Barrick Gold Mining of Canada,
the Bush family and atrocities in Tanzania.

Please tune-in and call-in.
The toll-free call-in telephone number is (800) 450-7876.

This is about that geologist.
The Bush Family Evil Empire is mixed up with Barrick Gold Mining.
They've been selling stock in this "can't miss" gold mine.

But then the new geologist showed iup and said he didn't find any gold at that mineand darned
 if he didn't accidentally fall out of the helicopter when trying to report that news.

Palast wrote about that murder (plus other Bush crimes) so Bush is having Barrick sue him in the UK
where they have those screwy liable laws. Apparently, you get sued for telling the truth in England.

Please tune-in and call-in.
The toll-free call-in telephone number is (800) 450-7876.

 Get the Noose for Condit
   by Margaret Shemo

 Click  Here

 If pieces of Chandra Levy are found in some nut's freezer, the nut will claim that Condit put them there,
 or that Condit hired him to kill Levy, or that Condit asked him to get rid of Levy.  If Levy's body is found
 next to a bottle of pills, it will be alleged that Condit could have given her cash, which she might have used
 to buy the pills.  If Levy is never found, Bob Kerrey will remark, enviously, that Condit is "unusually good"
 at concealing female corpses.  Oh, yeah, Condit's finished.

 The Devil is in the Details
    by  Carol Schiffler

  Click  Here

 The fact that Boy George discovered the nukes in his toy chest about the same time he discovered
 foreign policy created a very blurred line between the “(p)Resident Bush Pisses Off Europe” pile and
 the “(p)Resident Bush Exhumes Star Wars” pile. And what of Karl Rove?  Did he belong in the folder
 labeled “Revenge of the Bush-men” or was he better fit for the folder entitled, “My First Book of Fascists”?

 El Pigbo the Sweaty, Polyester Disco DJ Redux

 Chick  Here

 Click on "Jeff Christy," it starts instantly.

 In the Kitchen with BartCop

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Subject: DCCC Special invitation


I recieved an invitation to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event
that is going to be held in L.A. on 7/22.  Included in the r.s.v.p. was a donation form.
I faxed it back with note that says:

You get NOTHING until you lose the tutus and re-grow your spines!!


Laurent, good one.
If they write again, tell them  ""

  by R.B. Ham

 Click  Here

 From: Tamara Baker

 Subject: White House Reverses Position Again

Oh, my.   The Bush White House is changing it's story about the Salvation Army scandal AGAIN!
Besides this, however, the best thing is that Ari Fleischer was pinned down about the story he fed
the press yesterday, and ended up losing significant face before the press corps.

(quote) Fleischer told reporters early Wednesday that "if people had checked deeper, they would have
seen that this did not even reach the senior staff level of the White House." Fleischer, asked yesterday
whether he knew of Rove's contact with the OMB when he made that statement, said:
"I did not know that at the time."(end quote)

So much fun to watch the Bush White House start to cannabalize itself. I wonder how pleased Ari
is with Rove now that Ari not only had to coverup for Rove, but got caught in it, too?

So Ari was placed in the position of either admitting he'd lied to the press before about Rove's involvement,
or telling the press he didn't know about it.  He chose the latter.

Let's see...Ari Fleischer, big-shot in the Bush White House, who is supposed to know everything,
didn't know the White House Chief of Staff was serving as point-man for a MAJOR supporter of
Bush's all-important  faith-based services scheme?

If Ari is that uninformed and out of the loop, perhaps they need a new press secretary.
One who knows what he is talking about?

And, despite the new White House story, it is clear that Rove is the point-man...according to the OMB,
Rove was the one who urged them to take a second hard look at okaying the program.

Be sure to check out McAuliffe's quote.  If you want to write him about it, his address is:

Terry McAuliffe
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capital Street, SE
Washington, D.C.   20003

What is also interesting is this: if this latest Bush White House version is true, that the WH knew
awhile back that the plan was unfeasible but did not communicate this to the Salvation Army...
but did not tell the Salvation Army this, and the SA continued to work diligently to support
Bush in the faith-based services scheme.

Kind of a little warning signal to all of the religious-righters thinking they are going to get their
quid pro quos paid in the manner they wish: when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
They should not expect anything but dishonesty and duplicity from the Bush White House,
and should be careful not to be used as Bush's stooges.


Subject: Tequila

Dear Bartcop,
I have had a bottle Chinaco Anejo for 3 weeks, but have just admired it in the bottle without breaking
the seal.  It cost me $48.99 bucks at a liquor store just inside the North Tarrant county line here in Texas.
Please let me know how the best way to enjoy it is.  I do not want to waste real good tequila for Margaritas,
so I need advice on like how to drink it: chilled, room temp, over the rocks, with the traditional shot, salt,
lime thing, or what.  Please let me know.

Daily Reader and Spreader of Your Site,
WGM - From Texas, the state that makes and supports Fraud Presidents

WG, good question.
I always have time for a tequila question.

When what you're drinking is as good as Chinaco Anejo, to get the maximum out of it,
you have to remember how precious every drop is. That way, a bottle will last you for months.

First, room temperature works best. Koresh forbid, don't chill it.
All that would do is numb your tongue and you don't weant any numb parts for $48.99.

Did you know when you buy a shake at McDonald's - that's not ice cream?
It's not really anything. It's just a cold and creamy confectionary mass.
If you eat some at room temp, it's tasteless.
It's tasteless at 40 degrees too, but it looks like ice cream, and it freezes your taste buds
like ice cream so your brain tells you that it tastes like ice cream and we pay for this crap
because McDonald's can make an extra $150 per store per day by selling crap instead
of actual ice cream.

So, we know chilling is bad for fine tequila, but what about warm tequila?
I've only had that one experience with it, a few weeks ago, when Mrs. BartCop had the oven on
 (don't ask why she had the oven on in June in Oklahoma) and the oven exhaust heated up my
Chinaco Anejo and I had a real good time with it.   Further experimentaion is called for.

And don't bother with that lime and salt crap.
You just spent $50 on a delicacy that features such a unique flavor combination,
you wouldn't want to get some Uncle Fred's Fresh Lime-Aid to mix with your $50 delicacy.
Those flavors just explode on your tongue - the mango, the papaya, the baked apple,
the chocolate, the oak and the fresh wildflowers.
Uncle Fred really has no place here.

Important: This isn't "chugging tequila."
(Koresh, it was hard for me to type those words...)

If it's somebody's batchelor party and you just have to get sick on tequila,
buy Cuervo brand near-tequila and be sure to mix it with something strong.

Your Chinaco Anejo is for sipping.
Get a small shot glass and make it last an hour.
Works great with food, too.
So far, I don't know of any food that isn't complimented with a little Chinaco.
Once  ...while on ...vacation, ...I tried a little Chinaco with breakfast.
Oh, sausage and bacon and eggs never tasted so damn good in all my life.

You eat a tiny, tiny bit of sausage, and you taste that spicy burn on your tongue...
Then you chase it was 5 ccs of Chinaco.

Then you eat a tiny, tiny bit of bacon, the smokey tang explodes in your mouth.
Then you chase it with 5 ccs of mango-chocolate-wildflowers.

ha ha


Chinaco is your friend in the kitchen.

"But  BartCop," some people say, "What about the high cost of Chinaco?
Chinaco is expensive, sort of...

You get maybe 20 flavor blasts our of  every shot which costs what, $2 or less?
That's less than a dime per flavor blast.

ha ha

I got me some dimes.

I might have to start a part-time job selling faux shakes at McDonalds,
but I'll always have a few dimes for this kind of excitement.

I hope you like your first bottle of Chinaco Anejo.
Remember, Christ's first miracle was to create some extra-tasty spirits.

His will be done.


 China is going to come to wish they hadn't ask to host the 2008 Olympics.

 First, if they even breathe wrong, Weak & Stupid could threaten that the next elected president
 might withhold American athletes and the accompanying tens billions of dollars in Madison Avenue revenue.
 I know Clinton would think of that angle, even if Rove and Uncle Dick forget.
 Besides, which nobody will watch without our people and equipment because China probably
 doesn't even have a Radio Shack where they can buy color cameras yet.

 Second, between now and the torch lighting?
 There will be 10,000 stories written about the butchering bastards of Tienneman, and rightfully so.
 What the hell is China going to do if my good friend Bob Simon takes off in a jeep and talks to
 people in small towns who don't have a Chinese government gang boss on their ass all day?

 What if the American press runs thousands of stories about Chinese civil rights violations?
 I won't try to fool ya, I don't know Smirk about China, but I do know they the last thing the Chinese
 government wants is thousands of free-to-write-anything reporters snooping around, asking questions.

  Click  Here  to find out

  Be sure and check back issue 7/2/2001

 Project 60

  Click  Here

 ...things are heating up, and Pearl Harbor is less than five months away.


 Eight years and two weeks ago - July 1, 1993.
 Bill Clinton was on Larry King, taking calls, answering questions and having a good time.
 The hour had gone by so quickly, Larry jokingly asked the president if he'd like to stay
 another half hour and talk some more. Clinton said, "Sure, I'd like that."

 Pleased and surprised, Larry smiled and said, "We'll be right back with another 30 minutes
 with President Bill Clinton," ...but it was not going to happen. When they went to the break,
 White House aides told Clinton that they'd just found out Vince Foster had killed himself.
 Shaken, Clinton told Larry King he was out of there and left the building.

 When Larry King came back on the air, he apologized to the viewers, (he didn't know)
 and said something about, "the president had to leave suddenly." The news came out
 the next day about Vince Foster taking his life in Fort Marcy Park.

 Why do I bring this up?

 Just a reminder that we used to have a president who wasn't afraid to answer questions.
 I doubt, in his entire administration, that Weak & Stupid ever does Larry King.

 He can't - because Larry might ask him a tricky question, like "How does a bill becoime law?"
 And what would Weak & Stupid do without Uncle Dick there to feed him answers?

 He can't - because he might get a phone call from, Oh, I dunno - Tulsa, Oklahoma saying,
 "How can you claim to be the president when you lost the popular vote and you
   only slipped thru because your daddy's crooked appointees on the whore court
   liked you better than the guy the people voted for, so they upheld Jeb's girlfriend's
   quick-count because they said a true count would cause you 'irreperable harm?'"
 - and Smirky would have no answer for a tricky question like that.

 No, we'll never hear candid answers to tough questions from President Fredo.

 The closest thing we're likely to see is Smirky going on Fox News, where they will secretly provide
 the White House with a list of written puff questions that Uncle Dick can run thru one by one for weeks
 in advance so Fredo can memorize the short, simplistic answers that they know will get no serious follow-up,
 because Fox wants this president to appear competent so Murdoch can get his tax cut and favorable rulings
 from the FCC so he can expand his electronic web of lies and deceit.

 That story that we printed Friday about Weak and Stupid having an IQ of 91?
 I think that story was a wild exxaggeration.

 That's scary.


Subject:  Project 60: A Day-by-Day Diary of W.W.II

Dear BC,

I love this page that you've made.
Several of the men in my family fought in W.W.II.
Thanks for making this Diary to honor them.

Dawn DeSelms
Longwood, FL

 Even in Russia, they have a press that's more free than ours
   I'm old enough to remember when the press was an adversary to authoritarian rule.

 Just a reminder...

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 As you know, we only have fund-raisers during sweep weeks, february, May and November.
 I'd like to thank all of you who acknowledge that we are not in a fund-raising month.

 No, that will come later, ...much later, ...many months from now November.

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