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Volume 604 - Cowardly Drunk
 September 26, 2001

 VCR Alert - Tonight there is Lost and The Amazing Race (is anybody watching those?) plus another
  installment of Boat Load O' Whores on Fox, and Wolf Lake is coming back for Round Two.  I've heard of
  Dances with Wolves but sex with wolves?  How weird has this country become? NBC is running the best
  West Wing from year one and the premier of The Angie Harmon Show without Angie (sniff).
  Oh, well, Lenny will be good, and there's always a chance the new ADA will be hot.
  ...and don't forget the new Star Trek franchise Enterprise is tonight.

 I think Bill Maher should stay on the air - don't you?


 I can't help but remember that lady comic he had on a month ago, the one who said,
 "I'll say 'I like Chinks' to get out of jury duty," and how Bill Maher sat there and
 let her fend for herself when they called her "racist," which was a very cowardly thing to do.

 Now, Bill finds himself in a similar position, but he shouldn't lose his show
 just because he wasn't very brave a month ago.

Subject: Found in Trade Center wreckage?

Jesus Christ, is this a hoax?
I kinda hope that it is, but think about it, it's entirely possible for it to be genuine!
Ack!  How horrifying!

It's a fake.
I have some expertise with fakes.

From: Caseymac@aol.com

2 Leaders Tell of Plot to Kill Bush in Genoa

 Click  Here

"The White House, in line with longstanding policy not to
   discuss threats on the president, declined to comment today." *

* In other words, since the WH can't take advantage of the PR boost
   this would give Smirk's "crusade" right now, Hughes and Rove asked
   the president of Egypt and the deputy prime minister of Italy to release
   this statement again.  I believe we were told about this threat against
   his life months ago during the G8 Summit.

 Nice Letter from an Old Friend

  Click  Here

From: jbhigdon@townsend.com

Subject: LBJ and Kearns

Rumors have it that Kearns was one of the "fillies."

Jim H.

She denied that last night, in a very self-serving way.
Doris didn't win life's lottery like some women, so she spun that into a suggestion
that she was one of the few women who could keep up with LJB intellectually.

She also said he took her to Lake LBJ one day, with wine and cheese and
a romantic, red-checked table cloth (Those always work for me!) and she got
nervous that he'd try something but instead he said, "You remind me of my mother,"
another self-serving story from a dead man who can't defend himself, cause we
all know how Texas boys never love any woman as much as their Mama.

...but I predict, just like Coulter and Olson, Goodwin will never discuss sex
without using the Clinton fables as a yardstick by which to measure others.


"Clinton is a president who thirsted and longed for a meaningful legacy
  more than any other president I've known of ...and it wasn't meant to be.
  And along comes George W Bush, who you feel has never thought a day
  in his life about that sort of thing, and he's given this remarkable opportunity.
  And it's an opportunity that comes to very, very few presidents."
   -- Presidential historian and certified moron Stephen Hess in 9/18 USA Today - P13A

 I can't speak for Clinton, but I'm sure he would not have welcomed the "opportunity"
 for this atrocity to have happened on his watch.

 Poor Clinton - he'll never be seen as one of the greats because all he ever gave us
 was eight years of blissful peace and incredible prosperity.     What a loser!

 But now we have a winner with Smirk the Skirt, running like a scared little girl
 while New York, the economy and the Constitution collapse in ruin.    What a winner!

 It's all part of the game to demonize Clinton and to beatify the dull witted Bush boy.

Points to ponder about the attacks.
   by   William Cooper

 Click  Here

We have our own little WTC right here in K-Drag.
It's called the Williams Tower - 50 stories or so.
It was designed by the same guy who did the WTC.

...and then I read this:

Sydney Morning Herald, 24 Sep 01

Towers collapsed 'because of cheap, poor construction' says Mr Seidler
... "It was all a question of costs, of course."

New York's World Trade Centre towers collapsed because they were cheap
and poorly constructed, the Sydney architect Mr Harry Seidler says.
Other buildings, such as the Empire State Building, would have survived the impact,
an Austrian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, quotes him as saying.

The construction of the World Trade Centre was so poor it would not have been
approved in most other countries, Mr Seidler said.

However, the New York Port Authority, which owned the site, was also
responsible for granting the building approval, he said.
Seidler inspected the site shortly before the World Trade Centre was completed.

"I was extremely surprised at the time that the construction was so delicate.
 It was the lightest I have ever seen."

Other concrete buildings would not have collapsed, he said. The World Trade Centre
had been built as if it was made from cardboard. Its steel girders were only sprayed
with asbestos and melted "like spaghetti" in the heat.

The elevator shafts and staircases were clad with plaster, which explained the dust on survivors.
And the floors were made of metal plates with only a thin layer of concrete, Mr Seidler said.
The Empire State Building, a steel design, would have withstood the impact because it was clad with concrete, he said.

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and Sears Tower in Chicago, two of the highest buildings in the world,
also would have survived, Mr Seidler said.

"All of this would not have happened with a concrete construction. Impossible."

...which begs this question:

Why didn't the architects scream for people to be evacuated immediately at any cost?

We've got the big "IF" here, and no matter how large I make that word
and no matter how hot the color red it flashes, people will miss it
so I'm not even going to try it anymore, but "IF" Seidler's charges are true,
why wasn't a frantic alarm sounded right away?

Survivors tell of getting instructions to remain in the building.

From: jonbastian@earthlink.net

Subject: Ann Coulter on "Politically Incorrect"

Welp, saw her on the show tonight -- my first direct exposure to Ms.Clown Blower and, well...
<taking a deep breath, counting to ten>
what a shrill, arrogant, shallow, stupid, whiny, hateful, spiteful bitch she is.

She's made one stupid statement after another. I can't possibly keep up with them all, but she
demonstrated her ignorance of world history during the dark ages (when Islam was the keeper
of civilization and Christianity was an oppressive, anti-rational shite-hole), she seems to think that
it's all right to bash anyone who isn't an American right now, and she's just annoying to boot.

Other than going down for french fries, who or what did she do to get famous again?


Far as I know, blowing Ronald McDonald for free french fries is her claim to fame...

From: JLavery922@aol.com

Subject: Liddy Dole leaves Bob

You wrote:

> The alternative - that Dole was just a lying whore, telling cheap and bald-faced lies
> to try to trick the electorate into some misguded sympathy vote - is unacceptable>>

wouldn't that entail Bob KNOWING  that his wife would be running for the Senate five years later??

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.
The minute he lost to Clinton, Dole moved to Florida.
Then he became a lobbyist to represent OTHER COUNTRIES against the United States.

He was always lying about Russell, Kansas - always.
He never had any intention of moving there.

He was lying, from Day One of his failed campaign.
He was lying his ass off.

Russell, Kansas was a political prop - like Smirk the Skirt's just-bought ranch in Texas.
That's to pretend he's sooooooooo Texa-fied.

...and the whore press eats it with a giant spoon.

Arianna defends Maher

 Click  Here

From: wgm@compuwise.net

Subject: compared Chinaco Anejo, Kabo Wabo Resposado, Patron Anejo

Dear Bartcop,

This is William, author of the end of bartcop "Elephant Man" Story.  Brother bought Kabo Wabo,
Cousin bought Patron (they blame me on this interest of tequila, which I turn around and blame on you),
but what fun!"  I like the Chinaco the best, but the others are pretty good.  Tequila tasting parties are fun.

I like the speed your page loads without all of the graphics.  You still have the links, so nothing is lost,
but the fast load is great.  My brother had complained in the past about how long it took to load your page,
but even then, I told him it was worth the wait.

You are doing good.  Keep it up,  I read every issue, and try to get you new readers every chance I get.
This week I got another one.  Just to let you know.


William, good to hear from you.
I almost bought some Cabo Wabo the other day, but it's $10 more than the Chinaco
and it's also a reposado, which isn't as good as an anejo.

But I can't blame Sammy for that.
Maybe he didn't want to wait 4-6 years to get in the business.

The Patron Anejo's not bad, but it's sold out here - it's gone.
If your cousin likes it, tell him to stock up.

When my Chinaco Anejo runs out (heavy sobbing)
I think I'll just get back to some Grey Goose or cheap Canadian whiskey.


 "I knew Lyndon Johnson extremely well,
   and he did  have a minor-league Bill Clinton problem with the ladies."
   -- Doris Kearns Goodman to Dave last night.

 Somebody is lying.
 I read this myself, 35-40 years ago, and no, I can't produce it for you so don't even ask.
 It was probably in LIFE Magazine or LOOK Magazine.

 But Lyndon Johnson took a bunch of reporters for a tour of his ranch and
 his house, and when he got to the bedroom he pointed to his bed and said,
 "I've had many a filly in that bed, but nobody ever bucked as hard as Lady Bird."

 Pardon my blind-loyalty and ass-kissing of Bill Clinton,
 but that hardly sounds like a "minor-league" Clinton problem.

 But, as long as Bill Clinton is known as the first man who ever cheated on a woman,
 liars can say, "Well, ...he has a small Bill Clinton problem."

 So, was LBJ bragging about conquests that never happened?
 Or is Doris trying to protect her favorite politician ever?

From: pamgreen@cac.net

Subject: Flying the flag

I somehow am on several joke subscription lists.
One of them included the following note this morning:

"I've heard a lot of really depressing stuff about maniacs stealing flags off
  of porches and out of back yards. What kind of patriot flys a U.S. flag that he stole?
  Fortunately, most of us have a little more pride than that."

Uhhhhhh.......the kind that lives in the White House?

ha ha

 There he goes again...

 Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, (R-Pissquik) is trying to attach a rider to
 a defense appropriations bill to build the "Oklahoma Defense Shield."


 Get this - he wants the Oklahoma towns of Broken Bow and Broken Arrow to repair their broken
 weapons and "get them in tip-top shape" to fend off an attack on the Heartland of America!

 Inhofe says God wants this to happen, and he's threatening to block all spending bills
 unless Congress gives him $90 million to fix our broken bows and arrows.

 Koresh, he's such an ambarrassment.
 With Helms leaving, Pissquik is certainly the biggest asshole in the senate.

Evil, degenerate, unAmerican, valueless Hollywood liberals
raise $150 Million for the victims in New York and Washington.

What about Bush and his $150 million campaign war chest.
I still can't figure out what he needs all those millions for.
Since we're all so united now, behind his "leadership."

I wonder if Arnold or Bruce Willis or Chuck Heston or Drew Carey or
the vulgar Pigboy or Doc Harpy or Bill Bennett or Paul Harvey or Falwell/Robertson
and those other "morally superior" types have any plans to contribute?

I'm sure the "morally superior" crowd will be making hueueueuge contributions, right?
Hell, the vulgar Pigboy just signed a $280 million deal and he made every dime of that
my tearing America apart, the son of a bitch.  Paul Harvey (R- horse molester) just signed
some bogus 10-year contract for waaaay too much money - will he contribute?

Meanwhile, Jay Leno auctions off one of his prize Harleys.
Springsteen, Hanks, Paul Simon, Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey and a dozen bands come thru
to raise $150 million, but what have the blowhard "moralists" done, besides blame the gays?

 Oh, you gotta go here

 Click  Here

 Please add your comments...


"I love my country, and I take pride in serving her. But I cannot say that I love her
 more or as well as Mark Bingham did, or the other heroes on United Flight 93 who
 gave their lives to prevent our enemies from inflicting an even greater injury on our country.
 It has been my fate to witness great courage and sacrifice for America's sake, but none
 greater than the selfless sacrifice of Mark Bingham and those good men who grasped the
 gravity of the moment, understood the threat, and decided to fight back at the cost of their lives."
    -- John McCain at Mark Bingham's funeral.

 Toward the president Patriotic tolerance
       by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 With the smoke still rising from the World Trade Center on Sept. 18, an editorial urged Bush
  to force through such comparative trivialities as Arctic oil drilling, getting right-wing judges
  confirmed and securing a capital gains tax cut. There's no national crisis so profound that the
  Wall Street Journal thinks can't best be addressed by throwing money at millionaires.

From:  (withheld)

Subject: Clinton's efforts against Bin Laden...Great Article:

If you read the American news media, you might be under the impression that Bill Clinton
sat on his hands with respect to Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden for the past few years.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

You might also be under the impression that it is Bush and Colin Powell who are, for the first time,
putting together an international coalition against terrorism. Again, you would be mistaken.
Clinton was doing this since before the cole bombing last year.
But, you would never know  any  of that based on the limited reports in the U.S. Media.
They have been monica and conditized.

Thankfully, we can get the facts from foreign media sources. Especially ones which actually know
more about what's going on in the region than any of the "experts" [I call them "usual suspects"]
paraded in front of our TV screens to discuss this whole mess.

I urge you to post this link.
It's vitally important that you do so, to INFORM the American public about the truth.


Click  Here

Can't Happen Here?
   by  Isaac Peterson

 Click  Here

 Usama found


 From:  noorvik@nycap.rr.com

 We've decided to pull the plug on chadsux.com permanently.
 With the War hysteria going on it is not cool to be lambasting Smirk
 .... and who knows how long this will go on or how much worse it may get.

The site wasn't making a dime, and it was costing $30 per month and a LOT of time to maintain.
I will continue to issue occasional graphics of a topical nature to the graphics sub list who post and use them.

I'd be interested in knowing your take on the war and support of the Bushistas through this mess.
We are being supportive of the WTC relief by cranking out 100's of buttons that are being sold in
local stores as a fundraiser for the Fireman's Relief Fund.
Our position at this point is support the effort, and keep quiet about Smirk.

I managed to piss off a few of the ultra lefty pacifists on my sub list with my recent graphics .... :->
They think we should invite Bin Laden to tea and chit chat so he can tell
the Great Satan how to mend our ways instead of bombing him ....right.

Got blitzed with hate mail from them about it
.... it's amazing how abusive and nasty the peace lovers can be ......

(Gee, I had no idea...)

Screw 'Em ...... not worried about it. They are so blinded by their hatred of Bush and anything 'corporate'
that they are willing to overlook terrorism while they indulge themselves with ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Well, we are certainly living in interesting times .....
Be well & safe,


Art, sorry to see your site go down, Buddy.
Al least you'll be sending the occsasional graphic, so that's cool.

Reminder:Support your favorite web sites so they can keep running.

 Lots of stuff at  http://www.presidentmoron.com



 Click  Here

From: Ragua@aol.com

Subject: The Cowardly Drunk?

Hi Bart,

There's one explanation for Weak and Stupid's behavior on September 11 that no one has mentioned yet.
I suspect that, after hearing of the attack, Smirk wigged out and went straight for the bottleor some other
mind-altering substance.  The reason he wasn't seen or heard from all day long is that his handlers were
drying him out and sobering him up.

Of course, it's difficult to tell from the four minute "address" he gave to the nation more than 12 hours
after the catastrophe.  We'll never know if his inability to articulate properly was just his normal stupidity
or the  after-affect of a binge.


Nikki, excellent observation.

Now that you mention it, I think we should have a round of applause for America's friends
who have bitten their tongues and not publically ridiculed Weak & Stupid for his cowardice.

It must be scary to lead a smaller nation and watch Smirk the Skirt run and hide like a little girl.
Thanks to our friends and allies for keeping their disgust to themselves.

 WTC Suspects

 Click  Here

 I wish this didn't make so much sense.

  Click  Here



 Click  Here

From: kasper@collegetrack.com

Subject: Bush sucks even more now

Hi Bartcop,

If it all weren't so utterly horrific, it would be easier to believe that this was another Karl Rove political trick.
I mean could ANYTHING have helped out the wunderkind more than the tragedies of September 11?

Recession and stock market drops will no longer be his fault.  Rally around the president sentiments drive
his approval numbers from 50% to 90% in a matter of days.  They keep telling us this is going to take a long time;
in other words, you'll have to be patient even past November 2004 when things are still in the shitcan.

I heard a radio ad the other day by one of those fake GOP PACs that sound all patriotic.
Guess what it was advocating?  Capital gains tax cut, passing of the Cheney energy plan, missile defense.

And this was supposedly a "concerned small business" group.
Since when do small businesses give a crap about capital gains taxes and drilling in Alaska?
I own a small business and that is the least of my priorities.

Colin Powell is the only one I even remotely trust, but the regime is already back to its old ways of backpedaling
on the production of evidence, their goal with the Taliban, etc.  It's bad enough we lost our sense of security and
safety in one day, now we have to deal with three more years of unchallenged disinformation and dangerous policy.


 There is a large group of people who think ABC is going to pull
 Bill Maher off the air for his "we fight wars cowardly" comment.

 I haven't seen anything official.
 Is this a rumor?

 Has ABC said something?



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 How many people died September 11th?

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