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Volume 684 - It's Now Illegal to Speak?

 January 10, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 "The American people are tired of partisan witch hunts and endless investigations."
   --  Ari Fleischer, warning Democrats against investigations into Bush and Enron.

 No, Ari, they're tired of the GOP's nine year Jihad against Bill Clinton,
 constantly screaming about this being a "constitutional crisis" and how "the flag is falling"
 and then coming up with nothing but a little consensual tongue.

 but, ...that's probably all it will take to make the gelding Democrats shake in their boots.

 Rank and Yank at Enron
   Or, the fine art of bankruptcy
         by John Powers

  Click  Here

 "Naturally, many politicians buried their snouts in Enron’s trough, some of them Democrats,
  but none so deeply as the Bush family and their associates. It started with Papa Bush,
  whose secretary of state, secretary of commerce and director of operations for the
  Joint Chiefs of Staff all eventually joined the Enron payroll."

 Bleeth gets two years probation for drug charge


   Click  Here
 What a crock of miscarried justice this was.
 I saw the sentencing on ET.
 The lady judge remarked how beautiful and talented the bloated star was,
 and how she could have probation if she stayed away from known felons.
 "But Judge, my fiance is a three-time cocaine loser," she whined.

 "Well, Honey, I won't stand in the way of love," the judge said.

 As Vance put it, "She's lucky that she's not a poor black kid from Detroit,
 and that mandatory sentencing under drug laws doesn't apply to celebrities."
 How true.

David has another new edition of Project 60 up

If you didn't fight in WWII, you should read about the brave men and women who did.

 9-ll: Ho-Hum, Nothing Urgent
          by George Szamuely

  Click  Here

 "He [the President] got out of his hotel suite this morning, was about to leave, reporters saw the White
  House chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. The reporter said to the president,
  'Do you know what's going on in New York?' He said he did, and he said he will have something about it later."

 And then he went to an elementary school in Sarasota to read to children for half an hour.


 "You know, I've been trying to think of something more lowdown,
  more revelatory of an obsessed, shriveled soul the size of a dried pea,
  than attacking another man upon the occasion of his dog's death.
  ...I can't."

    -- Gene Lyons in an email reprinted in the Arkansas Times,
        about the conservative"Christians" going after Clinton.

        Yeah, that's exactly what Jesus would've done.

From: gullyfoyle@email.msn.com

Subject: Bart's 6-x / year in Vegas / CHINACO TESTIMONIAL

Man, I can't sponsor anyone to a bash like this, but man, if you ever need someone to go with--let me know.
I'll pay my own way (wife included), and just hang with the Bartman.
Oh, FYI--I broke my own rule(s) of sobriety and had a drink while I was in So.CA. over New Year's.
I ate at a Mexican place that served Chinaco, so I paid a (much needed) fiver and had a shot.
You are truly a veritable bearer of wondrous tonic and Ambrosia from Olympus.
Bacchus himself poured that shot my friend, and I have made a New Year's resolution:
If I ever go back to drinking, I will drink only Chinaco,
because drinking Chinaco Anejo is not anything like drinking.
More as it happens.
(back, wiser and less employed than before
 --know anybody that needs a college prof with a decent vitae to teach?)

That's what we need - BartCop classifieds!
Thanks, TW.


 Is this treason?

 You're damn right it is, Funnyboy


''At one moment during the negotiations, the U.S. representatives told the Taliban,
 'either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs'.''
      -- Jean-Charles Brisard, author of Bin Laden, the Forbidden Truth

 If the report is correct, Bush gave bin Laden his motive to attack us on September 11th.
 Will Congress hold hearings to see if this extremely serious crime happened?
 Remember when they investigated Clinton's sex life constantly?
 They said they did it "to see if a pattern exists."

 ...and that was about sex.

 This is about the Bush Family Evil Empire using American military muscle to force the Taliban to agree
 to an oil deal that went bad and possibly killed 3000 New Yorkers as a result - so will they investigate?

 And where is the media?

 Why don't they want this biggest of all stories?
 Granted, it's not as "sexy" as a Clinton story, but it's about a president, a crooked president
 who used taxpayer money to force a bad deal and got thousands of Americans killed for it.
 Why do they continue to protect the oil-crazy madman?

"Oil-crazy madman?"
That's what bin Laden calls the President.
We don't like to be criticized, Funnyboy.
Your time is rapidly drawing to an end.
Remember, there ain't no tequila in Hell, Funnyboy.

 Traficant got kickbacks, U.S. says

  "Give me $800"

  Click  Here

 The documents also said Henry DiBlasio, the former administrative
 assistant to the congressman, also returned some of his pay each month
 to Traficant. He earned more than $85,000 a year before he retired.

 DiBlasio denies that. When authorities questioned him about the large
 amounts of cash he took out of his check each month, DiBlasio said that
 he spent as much $800 a month on lottery tickets,

 We deserve this loser.
 We didn't have the brains to force him out of the Democratic party, same with Condit.
 Both of them vote against us more than with us, but we looooooove them and forgive them, anyway.

 We don't want to win any elections.
 We want to lose every race - we're begging to lose each race.
 We're Democrats - in other words, we're losers

 And when we win, we don't have the spine to take our victory.
 We tell ourselves it's not worth fighting for and lay down.

 How did I get in a party of spineless losers?

From: IamBulletTooth@aol.com

Subject: Partisan Bickering?

Dear Bartcop:

Monday night, as I was channel-surfing, I had the misfortune to land on C-SPAN, which was
presenting that day's pronouncements from Smirk.  He was complaining about how tired he was
of all the "partisan bickering" in Congress.

What partisan bickering?
The Democrats seem more eager to please His Highness, than the Republicans.
Maybe he is displeased that not all of the Congressional Democrats have learned how to
properly kowtow, when he holds out his hand and says:  "Kneel before Dubya".
Good grief, where is Superman when we need him?


I'd settle for a mealy-mouthed Democrat with half a testicle.

 Getting Osama, Part II
    by  Gene Lyons       January 9, 2002

  Click  Here

 The president hit his apex a few weeks back when Meet the Press's Tim Russert and Rudy Giuliani
 actually urged Laura Bush to affirm that  her husband had been chosen by God to save the United States.
 The transcript of this ludicrous exchange, which has to be seen to be believed, can be found on the
 mediawhoresonline.com website.  Fortunately the first lady had the good sense to gently remind the
 overheated pundit that God doesn't choose presidents. She was so gracious, I'll restrain myself from
 snide remarks about who did choose him.

From: (withheld so Lanny the Lonely Stalker doesn't pester him)

Subject: Enron Field

You asked "I wonder if they'll change the name of Enron Field, where the Astros play? "

The two best suggestions that I've seen for a new name for the ballpark are:

Lost My Ass-trodome
Debits Field


ha ha

That's funny, but probably not to the thousands of families
that Bush/Enron screwed out of their life savings.

The Bush Family Evil Empire - they always get theirs first,
then the little people scramble for whatever crumbs are left.

 Hell to Pay
   by William Rivers Pitt

   Click  Here

 There are some thirty one Bush administration officials who had a line item for Enron in their stock portfolio,
 including Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It is fair to say that the woebegone corporation held, and
 continues to hold, enormous influence over the day-to-day machinations of Federal government policy.
 One wonders if Bush's recent gutting of the Clean Air Act, a decision designed to improve the fortunes
 of companies like Enron, was the brainchild of people with deep connections to the energy industry.

 Happy Birthday to...

      Pat Benatar is 48                     Janet Gretsky is 40

 Also, George Foreman and Linda Lovelace (G-rated picture not available) both turn 53 today

From: (withheld)

Subject: PETA/Animals flying internationally

Hello -

MOST countries require the animals to go through a quarentine period.
For the UK, I believe it's six months. I think even Hawaii requires one.
I'm sure Mexico does.


You're just a dog hater - like Clinton - making excuses!


Have you bought any books lately?
Could any of them be considered critical of any policies of the Bush administration?

You need to be aware of the anti-terrorism law our president signed in late October.
Among other things, it gives the federal government the power to search bookstore records,
including book titles purchased by individual customers.

Just try to pull something on us - just try...

If that is not bad enough, this same law prevents your bookstore owner or her lawyer from objecting
in court or publicly in any way, since this new law contains a gag order making it illegal for any
bookstore owner to disclose to anyone that he received an order from the government to produce any documents.

It's now illegal  for a bookstore owner to speak to his customers?
Bush and Ashcroft have made it illegal to speak?

What's wrong with us?
Why aren't we fighting this?
Are we just going to take this?

It's now illegal to speak?
This is horseshit!

I knew when we lost our right to vote that things were bad, but I had no idea...
These monsters have deprived us of Freedom of Speech, too?
I didn't see an expiration date on this insanity, either.

If the Democrats had any brains courage, patriotism or self-respect, they'd spotlight this atrocity
for the 2002 elections and take back the House and repeal this Hitlerian horseshit.

Watch it, boy.
Anybody who gets out of line will see a military tribunal.
What do you think this is, a free country?

...Hey! I'm talking to you, Funnyboy.
LOOK AT ME when I talk to you!!!

Go to Hell, Ashcroft.
You're insane and I don't like you throwing our Constitution away.

...and Wall Street hated Clinton's guts.

 bartcop.com  unfit?

 Christian Livemore tells me while she was without her computer for 10 days,
 she went to the local library to use their computer to answer e-mail and keep in touch.

 But she was unable to access the  bartcop.com  web page because the library blocked it out.
 Meanwhile, Dr. Laura is railing against the American Librarians Association (or whatever it's called)
 because children (according to Laura the panty dropper) are accessing bestiality sites at the library.

 Now, I realize  bartcop.com  speaks frankly and uses the language that most Americans use,
 but I'm Mother Teresa compared to those bestiality sites.  (BTW, why isn't that word spelled beastiality?
 I had to look up the spelling and I'm a very busy man.)

 So, if we look at the anecdotal facts presented, either bartcop.com  is worse than a bestaility site
 or Laura the panty dropper is lying to make herself more money.

 Gee, that's a tough one...

 Media's Patriotism Provides a Shield for Bush
    by  Joan Konner

  Click  Here

 Three media-related factors are converging to produce the gap-toothed smile of
 self-satisfaction we now see on the screen. First, the ratings climb of Fox News,
 a blatantly biased, conservative news service that is challenging the long-time
 supremacy of the more balanced news networks. Fox News is gaining viewers
 and, consequently, ground in the all-important revenue race.

 Question: When Fox announces (every commercial) that they are the ONLY news
 source that's fair and balanced, why do the other networks take that like Democrats?
 Fox News, like Joan Konner just said, is so amazingly blatant in their right-wing slant,
 they should be laughed off the dial by everyone in the news business - but nooooooo.

 The other networks just lay back and enjoy being tarred with being biased for Clinton.
 As Al Franken said in one of the best lines in years, "I guess CNN is biased for Clinton,
 because they only ran stories about Monica Lewinsky 23 hours a day."

 Is George W. Bush God’s President?
  Do tax cuts for the wealthy represent the will of God?
       by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The implications of all this are obviously profound. If the President is indeed guided
 by Providence in lavishing additional billions upon those who already enjoy so much
 material abundance—even while the numbers of unemployed, uninsured and homeless
 soar—then his ascension may represent a millennial reversal of heavenly policy.

 Go, Joe!
 Way to fight the appointed frauds!

 Maybe you and I can get adjoining cells while we await our secret execution.

Special thanks to Mark Taggart

Mark Taggart got a new computer for Christmas so he packed his
current computer in a box and shipped it to Christian's home - for free.

A second shot of Chinaco Anejo for Mark Taggart.

Wait a minute... Taggart, Taggart...

Wasn't he in Blazing Saddles?

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner

 That means chocolate.
 Chocolate for her.
 Chocolate means South's Finest Chocolate
 Make your woman happy - get her the best chocolate in the world.

           click to order

 It's the Chinaco of fine, luxury chocolates.

 While they last!

bartcop.com  reader Kevin Alexander had a few hundred of these printed up and sent them to me.

They have an adhesive back, so they'll stick on stuff.
If you'd like some, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
and I'll send you 5 or 10, whatever you need.

If you want to include a pittance to help grow the hammer higher - that's OK
but you can get stickers without a donation.  After all, this is not the Catholic Church.

If you attach the sticker to a fun place and send me a picture I'll run it, but be responsible.

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