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Volume 683 - Harbinger of Doom

 January 9, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


"President Bush declared Saturday taxes will be raised over his dead body.
  So far, every President Bush has a recession, a Mideast war,
  a vow never to raise taxes and a Clinton waiting to take his place.
      -- Argus Hamilton - the first funny he's had in 25 years

 Charlie Sheen engaged to Denise Richards

 I found out from 

 Do you think she's had him tested for stuff?

 Also, longtime contributor/pillar Granny C's grandson has inked
 a lucrative deal with Chrysler - pictures on BartCop E!

 Predictions of Cheney's Demise
     by Geneva Clark,    bartcop.com astrologer

   Click  Here


 "Have you heard the news from Argentina? They have had five presidents in two weeks.
   Why don't they do it how we have elections here - count the votes and the guy that loses wins."
       --Craig Kilborn

 Explosive New Book Published in France 
 Alleges that U.S. (read: President Weak & Stupid)
 Was in Negotiations to Do a Deal with Taliban

  Full  Story

 The most explosive charge is that the Bush administration -- the present one,
 just shortly after assuming office slowed down FBI investigations of al Qaeda
 and terrorism in Afghanistan in order to do a deal with the Taliban on oil
  -- an oil pipeline across Afghanistan.

 Excuse me?
 We ran this story months ago.
 Hell, we told that story November 16 in Volume 642 - Just Like a Penguin in Bondage

 Then we ran the Russian's take on it in Volume 645 - Heaven Tonight
 We scooped them all, but our hammer is too small to be heard.

 I guess the news value of this "new" CNN report is that they're finally catching up to  bartcop.com

 Flight 587 Witnesses Blast Feds
  From the New York Post

  Click  Here

 January 7, 2002 -- New Yorkers who believe they saw American Airlines Flight 587 explode in flames
 before its tail sheared off have accused crash investigators of ignoring their eyewitness accounts and
 prematurely ruling out a terrorist attack.

 Six witnesses, including a recently retired police lieutenant, an FDNY deputy chief and a former firefighter,
 have written to the National Transportation Safety Board, demanding they be called to testify at a public hearing.

 What's going on here?
 This is an old story, too. We had this a looooong time ago, and we ran it twice, too.

 Why is the New York Post just now finding this story?
 This is old, old news.
 Doesn't anybody read  bartcop.com?

 This is yesterday's news today.

From: rlockhart@gabrian.com

Subject: Great Site


You probably won't read this, but I've recently bookmarked your site
because it's awfully goddamn refreshing to read honest political content.

 Since the last election, I've been in a funk with regards to mass delusion
and total lack of media accountability with the actions of the idiots who
control the so-called Republican Party.  Your site, along with MWO, DU and
a few others, appear to be the only places where one can find objective
analysis of current events.  Too bad you wont get rich or become the latest
media darling with your honest assessments.  Oh well, guess you'll have to
live with a clean conscience as your only reward.

Anyway, I don't really have much in the way of money that I can send you.
However, I do have a part ownership in a bar that my company has in Zhongshan, China (PRC).....
Check out our pics at www.gabrian.com, there's a link to our bar there.  We have brought good old
American drinking values to a Karyoke saturated society.  If you happen to get a chance to visit
(Zhongshan is 45 minutes inside Mainland China from Hong Kong), I will see to it that we set you up
with a free night's worth of reasonable good Tiger beer and many games of Lying Dice..
...hope you can take me up on it.

Thanks and keep the good fight going.


Bob, amazingly, I'll be in Zhongshan next week!

Just kidding, thanks for the note,

  The Daily Brew's best article ever?
 Who Killed John O'Neill? 

  Click  Here for the superior today version

  Click  Here  for the lesser, forever version - it's too important to lose

 Just two weeks, TWO WEEKS, prior to the attack, O'Neill had left his job with the FBI.
 O'Neill had quit because he believed that the Bush administration had stymied the intelligence
 agency's investigations on terrorism. O'Neill charged that it had done so even as it bargained
 with the Taliban on handing over of Osama bin Laden in exchange for political recognition and
 economic aid. In the ultimate irony, O'Neill had gone public with these charges at the same time
 that he was leaving the FBI to become the head of security at the World Trade Center.

 Don't miss this one...


Thousands of Jobs Expected to Be Cut at G.M. and Ford
 Chrysler expected to lose $5B, Ford $2B, GM could possibly break even.

Remember, Bush promised to take America in a different direction than where Bill Clinton had taken us.

Republican Presidents mean a guaranteed recession.
Bush - recession,
Bush - recession,
Reagan - recession,
Ford - recession,
Nixon - recession,
Eisenhower - recession,
Hoover - depression.

It's the same result every time.

Let's say you and I go bowling.
I roll the ball, hit the head pin and get a strike.
You roll the ball, hit the head pin and get a 7-10 split.
That doesn't make me a better bowler than you, right?
It just means I got lucky, right?

But what if I roll seven strikes in a row, and you roll seven splits in a row?
After how many frames is it no longer a coincidence?


 "Mayor Bloomberg has announced that he thinks the city should cut the pay
   of the fire fighters and police department. This guy is a public relations genius!"
       --David Letterman

From: Brendan with a damn important-sounding gov address.

Subject: Stop!

Stop screwing up people's birthdays! Last week it was Victoria Principal being 42
when she's actually 57, this week it's Elvis being 66 when he would've been 67.
2002 - 1935 = 67. You sure yer IQ isn't more like in the upper-40's?

However, you are correct that Larry Storch is without a doubt, the greatest actor of his generation.
He kicks Bob Denver and Jerry Van Dyke's ass anyday!


Brendan, I'm a liberal - I have an excuse.

I get the birthdays from celebrity birthday sites.
You didn't think I was scouring thousands of movie star bios
to see if any had a birthday today, did you?

Yes, they should all do better jobs, I'm with you on that.
If anyone knows of a more accurate celeb birthday site,
please forward their URL so I can do a better job.

But tell me more about this milkyway NASA job, would you?

 Ex-newsman's case full of holes
   by Tom Shales

  Click  Here

 Disgruntled has-beens everywhere have a new hero and role model: Bernard Goldberg,
 the one-time CBS News correspondent and full-time addlepated windbag who is trying to make
 a second career out of trashing his former employer. Goldberg has picked this moment in time
 to haul out the old canard about the media being "liberal" and the news being slanted leftward.

 Obviously hoping to follow in the footsteps of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, two intellectual
 giants by comparison, Goldberg has fashioned his rantings into a book succinctly titled "Bias," which,
 appropriately enough, won the dubious honor of a commendatory editorial from The Wall Street Journal.
 And we all know how unbiased those Journal editorials are.
 Gosh it is soooo hard to figure out where they're coming from.

 Shales is a great writer, and considered the best TV writer in the business,
 although I think Matt Roush is more in-line with my tastes.

From: jasons@esidesignbuild.com

Subject: Nice Job

Excellent piece on Karen Mulder.
Nice to see a little diversification of the liberal portfolio.  Helluva job.
You may have just had a positive affect on somebody's life.

Longtime Reader

Jason Sherry


"I'm like an expensive menu.
  You can look - but you can't afford it."
   -- Anna Kournikova

  She's back!
 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Collateral Damage

  Click  Here

 We are now living in Propaganda Hell.  Our press/media, once the envy of the world for being the
 voice of truth, when The Fairness Doctrine was law, and insured all sides of an issue would be heard,
 is now nothing more than a laughable, politically motivated, corporate finance-generating tool.
 What makes it even more obscene is that they have become complicit in the theft of our democracy.
 We should no longer be known as the United States of America, but the Corporate Controlled
 Republic of North America. Freedom of The Press is nothing more than an historical footnote.

 From: stich01@earthlink.net

 Subject: Fuck you PETA

  The PETA assertion that the Clinton's didn't care for their pets is the truth and nothing but.

  Now go ahead and tell me to fuck off, since that's your classic response
  to anyone who differs with your opinions.

  Click  Here  for my gentlemanly rebuttal

 Happy Birthday to...

             Jimmy Page is 57 today

 Also, Gilligan (the other one) is 66 today,
 Richard Nixon (R-Crook) would've been 88, but he has hell to pay.

From: edward@muffeletta.com

Subject:  Priests who bugger children...

oh, BC, don't get me started on this one...in the mid-90s, the Archdiocese of New Orleans had a
"development drive" whose goal was to raise at least $20 million...shortly after the drive began, a local
TV station broke the story that the church was facing $20+ million in lawsuits to settle up for all the
pedo priests around here.

Now, here's the rich part of the story:  two years ago, St. Louis Cathedral, one of the oldest catlick churches
in the country, was found to have termites...so we had to have *another* fund-raising drive to pony up *another*
$2.5 million to fix what is a french quarter landmark...(if you ever see a postcard of new orleans where andrew
jackson's statue is in the foreground and there's a church in the background...that's st. louis cathedral).

Hmmmm...maybe we could have afforded to *protect* the building from termites if we weren't shelling out
because of punitive settlements stemming from priests that like children?

And what do they do with the retiring archbishop who allowed these priests
to bugger children and looked the other way?

They named a high school after him...


This is an excerpt from an article Ed wrote a few years back

Click  Here

Those poor kids have nobody looking after them.
Their parents trust the priests, even after reading dozens of these horror stories.

Reading that excerpt, I thought of that whore Laura Schlessinger.
Her schtick is that she wants to "protect the children."

Have you ever heard her rant away at child-raping priests?

No, because you can't make much money saving children from being raped by priests,
and Laura, Rush, Fox News, Hannity, O'Reilly, Chris the Screamer et al are only
interested in one thing and that's making MONEY selling lies to red meat Republicans..

This morning, laura the panty-dropper spent the first hour on why military tribunals
are so terribly necessary to Weak & Stupid's quest for oil in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, in some big American city, a priest is raping a child.

It's not about children - it's about making money.

From: jabbick2@swbell.net



Since I believe in the first amendment, I will not ask you to remove the "Catholic Sex Abuse" link
from the top of your page.  It is your right to hold and express any opinion you want.
And it is, after all, your site.

I would appreciate it, however, if you would remove my name from your list of  "Phase Four" contributors.
My name is right at the top of that list so even you should have no trouble finding it.

Thank you.

John F. Abbick

John, you're taking the coward's way out.
You know every word I wrote is true. There's nothing to dispute.
The only possible argument you could have was with the last sentence - "Religion is the problem."

You seem to think putting your head in the sand will stop these repeated, aggravated child rapes.
These priests are raping in God's name - that doesn't make you angry?

Those little boys are being told, "This is our secret, you, me and God,"
and then that zipper drops and that child grows up to be a church arsonist.

...and you think I'm the problem?
You think it'd be better if nobody talked about this?

When did the truth become a problem, John?

Send me your address, I'll send your money back.

  Is that water I see trickling from the dam?
 Cheney Discloses Enron Meetings
  Cheney denies knowing of financial problems at collapsed energy giant.

  Click  Here

 Under pressure from Capitol Hill, Dick Cheney for the first time has acknowledged
 he and his aides had a series of meetings with executives of Enron Corp., including
 CEO Kenneth Lay, a major backer of the Bush campaign

 Bush's most prominent economic adviser, Larry Lindsey, and his point man on trade issues,
 Robert Zoellick, have both served as Enron advisers.  Lindsay received $50,000 from Enron
 for his services, while Bush's chief political strategist, Karl Rove, owned Enron stock while the
 energy task force was conducting its work. Rove sold his shares for $68,000 last June.

 Remember - Enron's collapse is 1,000 times bigger than Whitewater,
 yet the press is willing to give Mr.Unelected every benefit of the doubt.

 GOP, Enron in bed but press snoozes

  Click  Here

 A few journalists - admittedly, very few - are asking why their colleagues are
 giving George W. Bush a "free ride" on the Enron Corp. scandal.

 If this were Bill Clinton, after all, there would be front-page stories, nasty editorials,
 ranting columnists and a congressional investigation or two. There'd even be a couple
 of "outraged" congressmen suggesting impeachment's not far off.

 I wonder if they'll change the name of Enron Field, where the Astros play?

Special thanks to Mark Taggart

A while back, I mentioned that Christian, my Chief of Staff, was losing her computer
with her move to Gingrichtown, GA and asked if anyone could help out.

We were hoping someone would offer a discount on an IMac or Apple whatever,
(I don't know the names of those funny machines) but what happened?

Mark Taggart apparently got a new computer for Christmas so he packed his
current computer in a box and shipped it to Christian's home - for free.

Can you believe that?
He didn't even charge her shipping.
She said he said, "What the hell - it's Christmas," and just made it happen.

Mark, that was a damn nice thing to do.
We at  bartcop.com  owe you a favor.
You let us know what it is.

A shot of Chinaco Anejo for Mark Taggart

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner

 That means chocolate.
 Chocolate means South's Finest Chocolate

           click to order

 It's the Chinaco of fine, luxury chocolates.

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but you can get stickers without a donation.   After all, this is not the Catholic Church.

If you attach the sticker to a fun place and send me a picture I'll run it, but be responsible.

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