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Volume 686 - It's Good to be Crazy

 January 12, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "People still swear I'm crazy.  No one has ever fucked with me all these years in Youngstown.
   No one ever came up to me in a bar and tried to pick a fight.  No one ever took a punch at me.
   No one ever pulled a gun on me.  It's good to be crazy. . . . "

"Give me $800"

U.S. Alters Estimate Of Threats;
Non-Missile Attacks Likelier, CIA Says

  Click  Here

 The National Intelligence Estimate says for the first time that "U.S. territory is more likely
 to be attacked" with weapons of mass destruction by countries or terrorist groups using
 "ships, trucks, airplanes or other means."

 Are you sure?
 You mean it's easier for a terrorist to steal a boat than to
  launch a nuclear ballistic missle from another hemisphere?

 Are you guys sure about that?
 You mean you actually learned something from September 11th?

 Oh, Weak & Stupid must be steaming that this report got out.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire can't make any money on stolen boats.
 They have to convince congress that we need Reagan's trillion-dollar Star Wars missle shield.

 Then they could make their billions - this is terrible news...

From: NekedBob@aol.com

Subject: vote.com asks, "Blame Clinton for 9-11?"

Blame Clinton for 9-11?

And while your at it can you get the car dealership to pay my traffic fines?
After all, they're the ones I stole the car from!!

ha ha

Neked Bob - good stuff - keep sending!

 Did you see my girl Niki Taylor at the American Music Awards?

 She's just so damn glad to be alive.
 She's going to live the rest of her life with a "gift" most of us can't understand.
 Can you get any closer to death than when the doctors tell the family to prepare for the worst?
 Right now, she's happy just to be able to walk around without an IV in her arm.

 A quick message from Niki

 ...I wonder if Niki intentionally got into this car wreck,
 just to avoid serving her country in Vitenam, just like cowardly BartCop did?

White House Was a Home For Enron
    by Robert Reno

   Click  Here

 President George W. Bush says he's had "no contact with Enron officials in the last six weeks."
 That's a relief. It shows he has sense enough to know when a corporation has turned radioactive
 and is best approached at the end of a 10-foot pole. Still, this leaves almost an entire year in which
 Enron officials waltzed in and out of the White House enjoying an unusual degree of access.

 Fuel Cells: How Bush's Oil Buddies Can Cash In
     by the Angry Liberal

  Click  Here

 Nobody is going to purchase a hydrogen-powered vehicle until there are a reasonable
 number of filling stations around that sell hydrogen. And, of course, no filling stations are
 going to sell hydrogen until there are a reasonable number of hydrogen-powered vehicles
 on the road to purchase it.   This "chicken-and-egg" scenario could easily stall the transition
 for an additional decade, allowing oil companies to blame "market forces" for their feet-dragging
 on hydrogen and at the same time continue to sell gas to vehicles that remain inefficient thanks
 to Bush's cancellation of PNGV.

  Iran Contra still haunts the Bush Family Evil Empire
 In Lawsuit Against Iran, Former Hostages Fight U.S.

   Click  Here

 "It never occurred to me when I was getting the crap beat out of me in a Tehran jail cell
  that I would have to one day fight the same government that I was defending.
  It's just so demoralizing. So discouraging."
    --  David Roeder,  the U.S. Air Force attache at the Tehran embassy in 1979

 Bush can't afford to have anything related to Iran get near a courtroom.
 If people start asking questions, Saint Reagan's legacy would be ruined, Poppy Bush would have to explain
 why those hostages were held until after Saint Reagan ascended his royal throne and Weak & Stupid would
 then be seen as the son of a traitor.

 Bottom line: The Bush Administration will fight this with all they've got.
                       The truth must remain buried if Usurperboy Bush is to be seen as legitimate.

 News on Nicole Kidman, James Bond and Halle Berry, 
 Jodie Foster to appear on Law & Order,
 Jennifer Hewitt has an old boyfriend,
 Taratino is shooting a movie starring Jason Biggs,
 News on Muhammed Ali and Paul McCartney,
 Read how the Olsen Twins put the bag on ABC,
 plus a list of the 102 sexiest women in the world as compiled by Stuff Magazine,
 and there's a picture of a Chinese acrobat doing tricks every broad should know,

  ...and that's just in the first half of today's 

US Adults Favor Doctor-Assisted Suicide: Survey
   Commentary by Dave

  Click  Here

 Why does Jack Welch's sex toy follow Karl Rove's orders?

 "Bush is great, Clinton
   is the Great Satan"

Now you're messing with national security, Funnyboy.
Are you a member of al Qaeda?
You ever been to Cuba, Funnyboy?

Report from the UK on the media
  by David Knopfler

 Click  Here

Consumer Consuption
   by Cliff Downing

  Click  Here

 Happy Birthday to...

          Vendela is 34                               Farrah Forke is 34

 Also born today - Kreskin, Oliver Platt, Jack London and Herman Goerring and Rush Limbaugh.
 Hmmm.... Rush and Goerring share more than a birthday, don't they?

 You gotta go here:     Click  Here


 From: withheld

 Subject: South's Finest Chocolate

 BC, question for you from a pair of chocoholics.
 I seem to remember in some of your descriptions of their chocolates a reference to
 an extra special "break it up" chocolate or some such? Is there such a thing and if so what is it?

 I can't find it on their website.
 V-day is coming and she deserves the very best, so if you could clue me in I'd appreciate it.


 Ken, you are correct.
 The "break up" chocolate is their plain old milk chocolate.
 The boss told me they don't sell much of it.
 Everybody wants the nuggat/coconut/pecan cluster things.
 Not me - I'm a plain chocolate man.

 Here's a picture of it.

 It's called "break up" because it comes in this weird shape
 and you "break off" pieces and eat it.

 The cool part?
 When you try the first piece, as you chew, you'll think,
 "this isn't anything special," but as it's "finishing,"
 that's when you'll say, "DAMN, that's some fine chocolate!"

 Be sure & write me after you try it.

 The World This Week: Where's Osama?
  For that matter, where's Dick Cheney?
  And why do Americans ask the wrong questions?

  Click  Here

 More importantly, will the American people finally realize this isn't some penny ante condo deal
 or a blowjob by an intern -- two things that House Republicans used as a pretext to paralyze the
 last Democratic administration FOR THREE YEARS, meanwhile diverting attention from national
 security matters that, in hindsight, would have been better spent being addressed -- that it's a massive
 case of fraud with possible lengthy jail sentences in the offing?

 They're going fast,
 ...get 'em while they last!

They have an adhesive back, so they'll stick on stuff.
If you'd like some, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
and I'll send you 5 or 10, whatever you need.

This sure-to-be valuable  bartcop.com  collectable can be yours.

If you want to include a pittance to help grow the hammer higher - that's OK
but you can get stickers without a donation.  After all, this is not the Catholic Church.
There he goes again with another unfair attack on the Catholics...

If you attach the sticker to a fun place and send me a picture I'll run it, but be responsible.

Thanks to Kevin Alexander

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