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Volume 685 - Enron or End run?

 January 11, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 Have you heard the BIG story of the day?

 An unknown, unnamed jailhouse snitch is claiming that he's pretty sure
 he heard some "Middle-Eastern-looking guys" talking about a secret plot
 to kill Jeb Bush (little Brother of Saint George) so I think it'd be best if we
 ignored all this partisan wrangling about the poor Enron executives who really
 haven't done anything wrong because they're "good people."

 ..and Jeb, God bless his pure soul, has vowed to "stay the course," and not let
 the threat of certain death keep him from doing what's right for the people of Florida.

 A state official speaking on the condition of anonymity told Reuters that there are
 "serious questions" about the integrity of the informant, who has made many "off the wall''
 comments and failed numerous lie detector tests in connection with his story, but he's
 probably a godless Democrat who wants brave Jeb to get hurt - it's all politics.

The Quiet Man
   by Paul Krugman

 Click  Here

 Last month, for example, Karl Rove explained that the tax cut, although originally proposed
 amid an economic boom, was designed to cope with the current recession. "All the signs were
 there in the second, if not the second, the third quarter of 2000," Mr. Rove said.

 When a questioner gently pointed out that Mr. Bush had laid out his tax plan way back in 1999,
 Mr. Rove brushed him aside.

 And since Mr. Bush is infallible, why should he ever reconsider his decisions?

From: joeb@buckeyeinet.com

Subject: We will see who has the Guts

Morning Bart
Maybe the Dems. will show some guts this year, well I can hope, anyways.

Bart my Dad said that the thing about Enron is all the people who lost everything is going to screw Smirk up.
It`s kind of ironic that most of the little guys were Republicans that lost it all.
Most of em are cause they promote using oil and etc.`which is their bread and butter.


Joe, good point.
Why we haven't seen these families crying all over Fox News?

Remember when that cow who was renting from Gore had her sinks stopped up
from pouring bacon grease down the drain every day?
Fox News had her on constantly, crying and moaning about how badly Gore "hurt" her.

But now that Enron and the Bush Family Evil Empire have stolen a billion dollars
from thousands of families, the "fair and balanced" network doesn't have anything to say about it.

Gee, it's almost as if Fox News was controlled by partisan whores...

          Thanks to Robert Dobbs for the graphic.

From: Janet in Portland

Subject: trick played on protesters

Tonight I while I was cooking dinner I was listening to the radio and one of the local right wing
nut cases in the last few minutes of his show was telling how the protesters in Portland were fooled
by the announcement that bush had cancelled his appearance at the location where they were
protesting and after they had left, bush pulled up just 10 minutes later.

He was saying how he loved this , no mention that right wingers or bush people were responsible.
But you have to remember that this guy John Carlson ran for governor of washington on the republican
ticket and was later found to be among and connected with republican party officials  supporting and
financing a local green candidate so as to keep votes away from the democratic candidate.
He knows dirty tricks and probably was recognizing one there.

Please withhold my name, I have children

ha ha

I understand.
Notice when Clinton goes anywhere, he's mobbed by regular Americans.
But when the Failure in Thief goes somewhere, they have to divert the public so
Bush can stand in front of a hand-picked, bussed-in crowd to pretend he's respected.


 "I used to be the next president of the United States.
   Hey, you win some, you lose some, then there's that little-known third category.''
    -- Al Gore, making funny in a speech in San Francisco

 Your tar and feathers ready? Mine are.
    by Cragg Hines

  Click  Here

 Ari Fleischer, that simpering twit of a White House spokesman,
 urged that the Enron debacle not be turned into a partisan witch hunt.
 OK, Ari, let's make it a bipartisan witch hunt.

 You know what's going to piss me off?
 The Republicans are going to rally behind Bush and protect him.
 But the Democrats, at the first whiff of Clinton trouble, scurried like cockroaches when the lights were turned on.

 You have to admire that about the GOP.
 They have loyalty and they stand by their president.

 But the gelding, sniveling, scared bunny Democrats?
 They stabbed the man who taught them how to win in the back.

  Is the dam breaking?
  Is the "No stories on the Bush crime family" embargo over?

 Bush Family Value$ 
  The Bush clan's family business

  Click  Here  for a detailed report on the crimes of the three Bush boys

 Not much fun or sex in this report, but it shows how crooked and guilty
 the Bush Family Evil Empire has been for many, many years.

 Supposition: Since Rove is implicated in the Enron disaster,
 maybe reporters are no longer asking his permission on every article.

Headline: Ford to layoff 35,000 jobs.
Thanks for giving the super-rich a tax cut, George.

Enron auditor destroyed files
Top Bush aides talked with CEO about bankruptcy, its implications

 Click  Here

 The investigation into the collapse of Enron Corp. widened Thursday as the company's auditor,
 Arthur Andersen LLP, admitted destroying an untold number of documents relating to the Houston
 energy firm while the White House disclosed that Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay last fall contacted
 two Cabinet officers about the firm's pending bankruptcy.

 As the White House sought to contain election-year political damage from the company's extensive ties
 with the Bush administration, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft and the entire U.S. attorney's office in Houston
 recused themselves from a newly opened criminal investigation into Enron's failure.

 Tim the Whore - on the record
     by David Podvin as seen on   makethemaccountable.com

  Click  Here

 “I believe in everything I ever did. But I also know that I never would have become moderator on
 Meet The Press if my employers were uncomfortable with me. And, given the amount of money at stake,
 millions of dollars, I don’t blame them. This is business.”

 The executive agreed. “But are you concerned about losing yourself? You know, selling out?”

 Russert pounded the table. “Integrity is for paupers!”


 Russert's breakthrough performance occurred in 1990, when he oversaw the production of the
 prime time special, “A Day In The Life Of President Bush”. The show was so worshipful and fawning
 that one embarrassed production assistant referred to it as “Deep Throat: The Missing Footage”.

  ha ha

 Great article!
 It's about time somebody busted NBC's biggest whore.


 "Multi-culturalism is ruining America.
   It's so anti-western, this multi-culturalism thing.
   It's the liberals and their politically-correct nonsense."
     -- Laura the panty-dropper, protecting the children, I suppose

 So, if we have a St. Patrick's Day parade, we're tearing down western culture?
 If we have a shot of Chinaco on Cinco de Mayo, white European Americans will suffer?
 If we have a beer at Octoberfest, we're doing what - aiding the terrorists?

 The Enron debacle won't be President Bush's Whitewater
   It will be much worse.

    Click  Here

 Unlike the financial sideshow over a 20-year-old failed land deal that dogged the Clinton administration,
 the collapse of the nation's largest energy trader into the nation's largest bankruptcy last month is set to go
 straight to the heart of exposing what is wrong with the way the Bush administration is conducting itself these days.

From: marc@perkel.com

Subject: Ashcroft got $50,000 from Enron to defeat Perkel?

I just read something about Ashcroft getting $50k from Enron in his Senate campaign.
If he got it before August 8th 1998 then he got the money to defeat ME!

Marc Perkel

Note: Perkel ran for the US Senate as a Republican.
          If candidate Weak & Stupid had picked Ashcroft as his running mate,
          Perkel might've been Missouri's junior senator.

 I wonder...

 Is Dick Cheney still alive?

 All in all, a great year...
    by John Johnson

 Click  Here

 Imagine finding yourself flagging in opinion polls one day,
 then basking in the pain and suffering of others to reap
 90% approval ratings, scoring an apparent "...trifecta"!

From:  roblaw@hawksnet.net

Subject: Why Guantanamo?

We've sort of taken it "as read" that the al Qaeda fighters are going to
the U.S. facility at Guantanamo, Cuba.  Anybody wondering why?

Here's why:  the prisoners there (and they're prisoners, not "detainees," make no mistake) will have no recourse
of appeal to the federal judiciary so long as they do not set foot on genuine U.S. soil. Thus, our pResident can
have them quietly killed on nothing more substantial than a delerium tremens-induced whim, and no one, not even
a federal judge (if one could be found with the short-and-curlies to challenge him) can call him on it.

Sounds like the good ol' days in Texas, huh?
One wonders how the man can shave, looking in the mirror
and trying to grip a razor with those blood-covered hands.


 I got a nice note from David Ravandi of Casa Noble tequila.

 He thanked me for my support, Click  Here but somehow the e-mail cut off
 before he got to the part where he offered to send me a free bottle
 for saying nice things about Casa Noble Extra Aged Anejo.

 Funny, I've only mentioned Casa Noble a couple of times and he writes,
 yet Chinaco has been mentioned hundreds of times - and nothing.

 Maybe the Chinaco people are too busy picking wildflowers and pears
 and apples and mango to be surfing the internet for ego mentions :)



 "From what I have been seeing, the Democrats
   with balls look to be the ones born without them."
    -- William Sterner

Rush's favorite website

Click  Here

 Strange Story

 This story is 98 percent true.
 I've changed one word that doesn't matter, but the rest is true.

 Recently I sent out Claven thank you notes to those who have contributed.
 Christian got one and asked why I sent it.

 I assured her I didn't send her a thank you, even tho she has contributed financially
 which is crazy because of how many hours she contributes each week without pay.

 But since she had the letter in her hand, something weird must have happened.
 She read me the address, which I remembered because of a weird name in it.
 So I dug out the envelope the contribution came in and guess what I found?

 Wait - I'm skipping ahead too fast.

 One day last week, Christian was getting her mail and saw a letter that had a
 "Knuckledrag" return address written in the corner of the envelope.
 Naturally, she opened it and that started this story into motion.

 But the weird thing is, she lives in an building with just two apartments.
 Using reverse logic, we pieced together what happened:
 Her landlord sent that contribution, despite the fact that she and her
 landlord never had a conversation about  bartcop.com

 Isn't that boggling?

 I mean, there can be no other explanation.
 She knows how many people live at her address, and since she didn't send an envelope
 with a contribution signed "C G," it had to be her landlord, who is "C G."

 The oddest part of the equation is that only a few dozen people in America
 even knows what a BartCop is, yet two of them lived in the same two-unit apartment.

 So, "C G" at "61 Silver," if you read this, Christian didn't mean to steal your mail.

 Winona, J-Lo, Matt Perry getting Liz Hurley pregnant?
 West Wing, Survivor and Pink Floyd's David Gilmore?
 Bono, Howard Stern, Oprah and Grissom from C.S.I.?
 Ally McBeal, Kim Cattrall, The Tick and Michael Jordan?
 (Rumor has it Mike's wife might get MORE than half.)
  ...and that's just in the first half of today's 

Enron Auditor Says Documents Gone!!!!
  Operation Enduring Handjob continues...

  Click  Here

 The firm that audited the books of collapsed Enron Corp., Arthur Andersen LLP,
 disclosed Thursday that its employees had destroyed a "significant but undetermined"
 number of documents related to the company.

 Sometimes they pardon the guilty felons in advance to stop the truth from coming out,
 sometimes they hold back the release their presidential papers to hide their crimes,
 sometimes they destroy all the papers that would incriminate the Bush Family Evil Empire.


Keep going, Funnyboy.
You're starting to become a problem for us.
You should make your peace with God, Funnyboy.
You don't have much time left.

 BartCop the Catholic Basher

  Click  Here

 Happy Birthday to...
  Nobody of note was born today, so we borrow from tomorrow

              Rush Limbaugh is 51                           Howard Stern is 47              Joe Frazier is 57

 Enron Conservatives
   by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Since the Enron collapse, President Bush has been acting like Ken Lay was just some good ol' boy
 who also happened to hail from Texas. This new information proves otherwise: that Lay and his company's
 sizable political contributions had bought what Rep. Henry Waxman has termed "extensive access" to the
 epicenter of American political power. It's Teapot Dome, the Sequel.

 During his run for the White House, Bush fought long and hard to convince us that he was a new breed of
 conservative -- a Compassionate Conservative. But recent events make clear that he is actually the standard
 bearer of a far more coldhearted breed. Call them the Enron Conservatives.

Pro-Bart Catholic Rant
 Was Jesus Married?
  by Father Mushroom

 Click  Here

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner

 That means chocolate.  Chocolate for her.
 If she gets chocolate, you might get something in return. (cough)
 South's Finest Chocolate makes the finest chocolate I've ever tasted.
 Make your woman happy - get her the best chocolate in the world.
 It's the Chinaco of fine, luxury chocolates.

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 I don't even know what those are (I'm not their best salesman)
 but it could be white chocolate on fresh strawberries.
 Koresh - those look good!

 They're going fast,
 so get 'em while they last!

bartcop.com  reader Kevin Alexander had a few hundred of these printed up and sent them to me.

They have an adhesive back, so they'll stick on stuff.
If you'd like some, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
and I'll send you 5 or 10, whatever you need.

If you want to include a pittance to help grow the hammer higher - that's OK
but you can get stickers without a donation.  After all, this is not the Catholic Church.
There he goes again with another unfair attack on the Catholics...

If you attach the sticker to a fun place and send me a picture I'll run it, but be responsible.

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