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Julie Hiatt Steele


Volume 715 - Like a Desert Tonight

Tuesday     Feb. 12, 2002              Send Me an Angel                Recent old stuff               Shopping w/ Bart

 Make my Day

 Something just happened that made my whole day brighter.
 I always have a good day, but this made it brighter.

 I was trying to verify the spelling of the name of that rat-bastard Michael Issikoff.
 Remember Spikey Mikey?   The guy who lied to JHS about their conversation being "off the record?"
 I figured the fastest way to get the spelling was to punch in his name and see what came up.

 Guess what?  The first thing up on Yahoo when you punch in Michael Issikoff
 is my story of the first time I had a conversation with Julie Hiatt Steele.

 The part I liked best was:

 That piece of shit, Judas Goat Michael Issikoff...
 That cocky goof-sucker uses "on the record" and "off the record" like I use salt & pepper.
 We don't do this often, but a simple "Fuck you" to Michael Issikoff of Newswhore Magazine.
 He's a backstabbing whore, and if he'd sue me for saying that, I'd pay his filing fee and wash his car.

 Hey, Spikey!
 If you write to me and say "saw your nasty note" I'll send $25 to any charity you name.

 ha ha

 Hey, Spikey!
 Keep watching this page, because I have a feeling your name may come up again.


 ha ha

 I don't know anyone who can serve revenge any colder than Ol' BartCop, Spikey.

 ..and I'd like to rerun that first conversation with Julie.
 Koresh knows it's not particularly intelligent writing,
 but you can tell how excited I was after talking to her.

 Click  Here

From: adrian-johansson@cfl.rr.com

Subject: Smirk's anti-drug speech

As I write this, Smirk is giving a speech touting the role of parents in preventing drug use
among their children. He is emphasizing the fact that to be an EFFECTIVE parent, this is
what they must do to instill personal responsibility in their children. By that line of reasoning,
the following people are BAD parents,

George H.W. and Barbara Bush
- Their son, W is a coke head and alcoholic

George W and Laura Bush
- both of their daughters abuse alcohol

Jeb and Columba Bush
-Their daughter, Noelle, is a Xanax freak.

So I guess that if only the above listed parents had fulfilled their responsibility and told their children
not to do drugs none of them would be drug abusers today? I guess we can hold them responsible,
as parents, for the wreck of a family that they have created.

Adrian Johansson

  Did Greta put the bag on ?

    Full Report

 "What I can tell you is that [Clinton] tripled the budget in terms of counter-terrorism between
  ‘95 and 2000, both the FBI and the CIA. Obviously interested. He signed orders to go out and
   get Bin Laden, to kill Bin Laden, and the fact that he didn’t kill Bin Laden, and we’ve had the
   entire United States military since September 11th and we haven’t been able to find him..."
    -- Greta, kicking the ass of that self-righteous, so-important bastard Dick Morris, who was earning his
        weekly check from the B.F.E.E. by claiming Clinton did nothing to stop terrorism while in office.

  Did Fox make a royal mistake hiring Greta?
  She's obviously the most honest person on the network of liars and whores.

  A week ago I printed Greta's words to Jon Stewart about having "full autonomy."
  Fox CAN'T fire Greta, because it'll look like they're firing the truth.
  Greta's their new star, and she's not reciting the scripts they're handing her.

  ha ha

 Eat it, Fox!

 ‘Let's roll’ trademark race underway

  Click  Here  (only with IE, for some reason)

 The foundation set up in the name Todd Beamer is racing to
 trademark his last known words -- "Let's roll" -- and ensure
 that any money made off the phrase goes to the victims' families.

 Remember now, I'm pro-Beamer and his widow, but she can't do that.

 When I was a little Catholic, I collected Superman comic books.
 There's a really, really old Superman story, from the forties, I think, where Lex Luthor
 somehow obtained a copyright on the English alphabet and his insistence on payment
 for everything written in English was the focus of the story.

 Well, this was around 1960 and I was about seven years old and I thought,
 "This is pure horseshit. You can't copyright the damn alphabet."

 Forty two years later, and the subject that was so easily and obviously dismissed
 by a seven year old, low-I.Q. Catholic with ADD comes up again?

 In know what you're thinking: BartCop has a keen analytical legal mind, but in truth,
 I have no law degree.  But it's my understanding that you can copyright a phrase for a purpose.

 Example:  McDonald's owns the copyright for "McDonald's" as it applies to hamburgers,
 but if I sold shocks for race cars, I could sell them as McDonald's Shocks.

 I wish nothing but the best for Mrs. Beamer, who was dealt a really bad hand by God,
 but I can't see any way she can copyright "Let's Roll" unless Tony Scalia decides once again
 that his personal feelings should override the laws of this country.

From: smanson@mypersonalemail.com

Subject: Please go away

Bartcop, you creep, leave me alone.
I don't want to have anything to do with you.

I have turned Republican.

Shirley Manson

And leave my name off your spooky website, please.

ha ha

I think Bill Clinton would turn Republican looong before Shirley...
Nice try, Lanny.

 Ask BartCop

 Dear Bart,

 Why didn't Bush look into Kenny Boy's eyes and look into his soul?
 Seems a dreadful waste of talent.


 Naesg1, good question.
 Maybe it's because Kenny Boy was his partner in crime.
 Smirk knew he had no soul in 1988 when Kenny handed him his first bag 'o cash.

From: jamoore@wcnet.org

Subject: The Shrub "hiding like a cockroach"

I love your site!  I don't have any great respect for what passes for leadership of our country,
not for at least the last 16 years - but I did feel I had to say this one thing.

It is ridiculous to fault "the shrub" for going into hiding immediately after the 9/11 attack!
Do you really think he made that decision himself?  I don't think you are that stupid.
Who ever the president is at such times, he doesn't have the freedom to go wherever he wants!

That's totally wrong.
To suggest that the Commander in Chief's hands are tied during wartime is insanity.
He can go any damn place he wants, any damn time he wants.

I for one don't want a president who will put himself in harms way during such a confusing,
potentially dangerous time.  Considering the amount of confusion at the time, including not even
knowing for sure how many planes were in the air, it is assinine to expect to see the president
digging in the rubble with the governor of New York!

Did I say I wanted Bush exposed to sniper fire?
Please point out where I said that and send your street address so I can deliver your new car.

Of course if he had been there, I'm sure fools like yourself would have been jumping up and down
screaming "why aren't we protecting the president?!!!"  Think about it - would you have preferred
to end up with Cheney in charge?  It could have happened if the president wasn't protected, we didn't
know what the enemy (whoever that REALLY is) was prepared to do if Bush had showed his face in public!
Get a grip.

Jamie Moore

Do you realize you went from "love your site" to "get a grip, you assinine fool" in three paragraphs?
That's a short relationship - even for the internet :)

Every time I mention Smirk's cowardice on Sept 11, the same guy sends me my words from 9/11
that said something like, "I hope Bush is being protected, we don't need an assassination now."

Whatever problems I have with Usurperboy, I've never wanted him dead like the GOP did Clinton.
You and I were unprepared for 9/11, but the Secret Service was not.

Here's my problem with Bush on 9/11: When the attacks occured, he was in Florida.
Bush owns the United States and his brother owns Florida.
Are you trying to tell me the president was not safe in Florida?

Why did he run to Barksdale, Lousiana?
Why did he then run to Nebraska?
Why did he TAPE a very, very short address to the nation, then disappear again?

He could've stayed in Florida and had 80 jets patrolling the skies over that base.
He could've talked LIVE to the nation early and often.
He could've been Churchillian, but we got the pretzel choker, instead.

Now, can you see any difference between acting like a man and running like scared bunny?
I'll bet you can.

 The BartCop Hammer?
 Never mind that...

 Here comes the BartCop chainsaw!

 Barum!! ...brum,...brum ...brum

 This Just In...

 God loses hearing in both ears
   ...just like the vulgar Pigboy

   Click  Here

 SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. - A federal judge has ordered
 school officials to let a 5-year old say grace out loud before eating lunch.

 You see, since God is now deaf, those prayers should be shouted, not silent.

 C'mon, ...let's take a good honest look at what we have here.
 This 5-year old has had her mind poisoned by her parents.
 This little kid doesn't have any strong convictions at her age.
 She'd trade God for a stick of gum - any kid would.
 She's doing what her religiously insane parents ordered her to do.

 The ONLY reason this kid is praying out loud is so the others can hear her.
 This isn't a prayer, this is a command performance.

 Somebody send me proof that spoken prayer works better than
 praying silently to yourself and I'll shut this page down for a year.

 Let's call this what it is.
 This is horseshit.
 The idiot parents want the world to know they're more Christian than YOU,
 like some demented Betty Bowers who's not kidding.

 That proves to me the parents are committing the sins of lust and greed.
 I forget which two sins those are, but is there any other explanation for why
 they'd want their ignorant and gullible kid to be the focus of a bogus court case?

 And who is this idiotic, Bush-voting, Bible-thumping judge who wants every damn
 kid in school to stand up at lunch and perform their little superstitious skits?

 I thought school was a place for acquiring knowledge, but noooooooooo..
 School is a place when a federal judge ORDERS this kid's classmates to endure
 her mentally unbalanced religious insanity and that's a crime against the Constitution.
 But then, we don't have a Constitution any more, do we?

 I blame, among others, Al Gore.
 His refusal to fight has brought this insanity to us.

 America, America...
 God shed his rage on thee.

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: What If We Had A Real War?

President Bush is putting up tremendous deficit numbers in his proposed budget,
which will also dip into Social Security. This is happening during a time of an imagined,
never ending, war on terrorism. What the hell would Bush do if we had a real war,
like the one FDR endured? Not only is Social Security in danger, but the U.S. Treasury as well.
I thought that Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility?

We are now back into an arms race, but this time it's against ourselves.
Defense contractors will get rich, while deficits and unemployment spirals out of control.
Did I hear someone whisper impeachment?

Jim in Rochester, MI

 AT&T  will lose a BILLION dollars this year

 I wonder if Carrot Top is the very best spokesperson
 for a multi-billion dollar, international conglomerate to have?

 Carrot Top almost makes Ari Fleisher look credible.

The stickers have arrived.
     PO Box 54466
   Tulsa, OK 74155

Don't be the last one on your block to own one.

 Follow Up

 There was no special 'final episode' of Hogan's Heroes...

 Click  Here

 btw- have you ever wondered what the pitch meeting
 for 'Hogan's Heroes' must have been like?


 ha ha
 Think about that - WWII ended in 1945 and about 20 years later,
 they're pitching the idea of funny Nazis running a concentration camp.

TV Sweep weeks are underway
 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

 We're supported by impoverished Democrats.

 If we were right-wingers, supported by the GOP Hate machine,
 we'd be writing from a condo in Aspen next to Jack Nicholson's house.
 But no, we're in a Koresh-forsaken dust bowl, trying to survive.

 This country needs to resist the illegal occupation forces.
 We need to remember we once had a Constitution.

 Join us.

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 Whenever you see the wolf, click on it.
 It's a new article from Bob Somerby at the Daily Howler.

 Twisted Tales of Tinseltown Terror
     by the Secret Hollywood Source

   Click  Here

His master's voice
This just in: President Bush dishes out overblown
 al-Qaida threats -- and the press laps them up.

 Click  Here

 Bush's State of the Union address contained chilling warnings about "thousands of dangerous killers"
 who have spread throughout the world "like ticking time bombs set to go off without warning."

 Later, White House communications director Karen Hughes told reporters 100,000 men
 had been trained in al-Qaida camps and were now scattered in 60 countries.

 Great picture, but the press is more whore than lapdog.

 Check today's
 Michael Dare, The Razzies, pissed-off supermodels, Madonna fined for bad language,
 Lauren Bush - nasty teen model, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier & Alicia Keys and more!

 ...in today's

 Happy Birthday to...

  Chynna Phillips is 34        Brenda Schad is 28

 Also born today: Omar Bradley (1893) Joe Garagiola (1926) Ben Cartright (1915)
 Arsenio Hall (1955) Abraham Lincoln,  the last good Republican*, (1809)  Charles Darwin (1809) 

 *Honorable mention to Barry "Clinton is my president" Goldwater

 Teri, the official  bartcop.com  ghost chaser now has a web page

 Click  Here

 Remember how President Weak & Stupid got his name?
 He bungled that China spy plane incident.

 After he groveled and begged the Chinese for forgiveness,
 after he said he was sorry,
 after he said he was very sorry,
 after he said he was very, very sorry,
 the Chinese agreed to release the hostages that they shot out of the sky.

 When the Spy Plane 24 finally made it back to American shores,
 the White House spin was that Bush didn't need to meet the military "heroes" because,
 "He's not the kind of guy who needs to be in the spotlight every minute."

 Of course, we all kow the real reason Bush didn't meet those airmen.
 It's because one of them might've said,
"Hey, Moron, why'd you grovel and beg?  We're SOLDIERS!  We FIGHT! It's what we do!"

 To prevent that from happening, they invented the horseshit claim, "Bush didn't want to hog the spotlight."

 If that's true, why's he in Utah saying "Let's roll" to the ath-a-leets?  If he couldn't face the
 military men under his command, why is he trying so hard to hog the spotlight in Utah?

 True or False?

 Limbaugh, Rush. Conceited, morally bankrupt fascist. Divorced several times.
 Draft dodger. Long record of not voting, despite his political views.

...I'm not lying to you.
You know how you can tell?
Pickles says my right eye has a tick when I'm lying.

The BartCop Hex ain't noooooo problem for me.

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