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Volume 714 - bin Laden, Ken Lay Get Away
It's great being partners with the Bush Family Evil Empire

Sun-Mon     Feb. 10-11, 2002           Send Me an Angel               Recent old stuff            Shopping w/ Bart

 Todd Beamer wasn't the only hero on Flight 93

  Click  Here

 When the story of Flight 93 became public, everyone who knew Mark Bingham was sure
 he was one of the leaders. In the weeks and months since Sept. 11,  Bingham has become
 one of the most celebrated heroes of that day.  He has also become an icon among gays.

From: a stalker

Subject: Julie Steele

You've obviously been trying to score with Julie Steele.  You got her a free computer,
provided a forum for her to tell her story, and have gone above and beyond to please her.
That's the behavior of a guy who is trying to get into a woman's pants.
I suppose you figure that if she'll go down on Bill Clinton (who then dumps her)
that maybe you can get a little tail on the rebound.
Well, you're no Bill Clinton where ladies are concerned,
but I need to know if you've gotten xxxxxx from her.

When Julie tells her story, and starts dropping her daisy-cutter bombs, I expect national
media coverage for  bartcop.com  and that's why a computer was purchased for her.
It's called "doing business."     President Moron calls it "Making the pie higher."

Ms. Steele has never met President Clinton and I have never met Ms. Steele.
Maybe we'll meet when she next does her next Larry King Live.

...and thanks for asking.

I'm flattered that you spend time fantasizing about what's behind my zipper.

 Hogan's Heroes

 In yesterday's local TV magazine, someone asked about Hogan's Heroes.
 The TV dude said on the last episode, they were "rescued" and they all went home.

 I don't remember that - do you?
 I remember Gilligan's Island ending that way, only to have George W. Gilligan
 screw up and get them all stranded again - isn't that what happened?

 If anyone knows about that last Hogan's heroes - clue me in.

Rewriting history in Oval Office
   by Marianne Means

  Click  Here

 Asked why Bush and Cheney are adamant about denying a GAO request for the names of the panel's advisers,
 Fleischer tried to wrap their controversial decision in historical context. "The very document that protects our
 liberties more than anything else, the Constitution, was, of course, drafted in total secrecy. The founders ...
 recognized that in order to make careful decisions, they wanted to set forth a deliberative and thoughtful
 process and they concluded to do so quietly."

 Good grief! The administration's pro-industry energy policy is the substantive equivalent of the Constitution!
 The energy panel's sessions were a model of thoughtfulness and balance, not a special-interest picnic!
 The mind boggles.

 Putin Urges U.S.: Don't Attack Iraq

  Click  Here
 Vladimir Putin warned against U.S. military action against Iraq, saying that the situation there
 was different from Afghanistan and that only the U.N. Security Council could sanction any attack.

 I seems like President Happy Crack wants to run from one country to the next, bombing things,
 without ever bringing bin Laden to justice as he swore a dozen times he would.
 Hey, Smirk!
 Weren't you raised to finish job #1 before you start job #2?

From: NP

Subject: a new reader


You seem to have a pretty cool thing going--a voice in the current, insane political wilderness--and I'd like
to believe that much of what you say ain't so, but, alas, I also want to believe that maybe some of it is.

Specifically, I just find it hard to believe that The Idiot (not Dostoyevski's hero) has somehow managed to
steal $4 trillion and hide it in his family.  I only thought one became a trillionaire by being elected Pope
(wait, maybe he did).  So, yeah, the surplus has already shrunk by $4 trillion, but where did it go?
And what's the evidence to support that it has spread to the bank accounts ranging from
Grandfather Bush on  down to his little "brown grand babies"?

I've read your rants and find them humorous, biting, and possibly accurate--meaning, I've suspected these
Republican crooks since before Nixon and I certainly think GW is a fricken moron--but I haven't read
everything on your site and would like it if you offered more evidence along with your gut feelings,
rants, and (probably accurate) accusations.  Where should I look on your site?


NP, the money is gone, that's a fact, but I can't tell you where it went.
The surplus was $5.6 trillion and now it's $1.4 trillion.

Bush knows where the money went, but it's a secret.
If you and I knew where that money was, we'd be "helping terra."

 The Fall of Enron
 Enron Lobbyist Plotted Strategy Against Democrats
  Click  Here

While the Bush administration was drafting its national energy policy,
 a leading lobbyist for Enron was plotting strategy to turn the plan into a
 political weapon against Democrats, according to a newly obtained memo.

Chinese snake-handlers are more entertaining
than garden variety Oklahoma snake-handlers.


"None of us had any say in the color of our skin or whether we were born a boy or a girl.
  If diversity if OK with God, why can't it be OK with Republicans?"
   -- brace yourselves, ...Uncle OJ Watts Jr, the whitest man in the GOP

 Hey, Uncle OJ, did you have a cancer scare or something?
 Did your AIDS test come back inconclusive?
 Why are your showing signs of being human?

 As if tolerance is your goal, why'd you leave out God's gay children?
 If being gay is OK with God, (and it must be since He created them)
 why can't it be OK with neanderthal sellout Uncle Tom's like yourself?

 Flashback Quotes

 "A black man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."
   -- J.C.Watts Sr, Uncle OJ's daddy

 What a heartbreaking disappointment you were to your father, Uncle OJ.

 Russert Strikes Again

 I can only watch a few minuites.
 I can do root canal easier than I can handle the Russert-Bush Fellatio Hour.
 Sunday, Russert had on Shelby and Graham, the top two Intelligence Committee senators.

 Timmy had tough questions for them:

Should President Clinton have been more attentive to a terrorist strike?

Should Congress have been more attentive to a terrorist strike?

Should the FBI and CIA have been more attentive to a terrorist strike?

Should the press have been more attentive to a terrorist strike?

 Both Shelby and Graham agreed there was plenty of blame to go around.

 Hey, Butt Plug!

    "Yes, Bart?"

 Did you forget to mention anybody on your little list, Timmy?
 Can you think of anybody you may have forgotten to ask about?

 How about the dim-witted boy who was steering when we hit the iceberg?
 Any chance the DRIVER shares some responsibility, Tim?

 Why does the Unelected Boy King ALWAYS get a pass?

 Shouldn't you be asking why Bush failed to take measures to protect us
 if Clinton is so damn guilty of failing to take measures to protect us?
 Bush had eight months to do what needed to be done.
 But noooooooooooooooooo.

 Tim Russert is paid to protect the Boy King.

 Russert's not here to tell the truth.
 Russert's not here to protect the public's interest.
 Russert's here to generate revenue for his billionaire masters who need a tax break,
 and to do that, he's got to protect Mr. Taxcuts-so-help-me-God at all costs,
 even if that cost is measured in innocent American lives.

 Well, Tim, do you have an answer for me?


    ...I thought so.


 No kidding, just like Oprah, but without the crap.
 Real books for real people, as recommended by Nick Barlow,
 senior  bartcop.com  foreign correspondent

 Once a week, Nick will recommend a book
 No, not a book on how to raise your kids or how to locate your inner bonehead.
 We're talking about real books about real things.

 There's a feedback link if you want to recommend a real book,
 or if you want to take issue with Nick for a book he has recommended.

 Click on the logo and check out Nick's first book pick!

Thanks to Wizard of Whimsy

 Today's  bartcop.com  is so hueueueuege, we had to split it in sections.

  Click  Here

The stickers have arrived.
     PO Box 54466
   Tulsa, OK 74155

All the cool kids have one.

From: bbenson@jaydemail.com

Subject: Stupid Website

I read your website today and found it to be irrational, unpatriotic, delusional, idiotic and stupid.
I do not think you have an IQ as high as 64.

You could be right.
I was last checked by nuns in the sixties.

I have never seen so much hatred and hate-speech.
Don't you have anything good to say about anyone to the right of you?

Funny, I get pummeled by the left for being too far to the right.
The doves are convinced I work for President Bunnypants.

You sound like a communist like Stalin or a fascist like Mussolini.

Stalin is to my left, and Mussolini is to my right.
And you say I sound like both of them?

Shut down your vulgar website and do the American public AND the Democratic Party a favor.

ha ha
You didn't say "please," ...so no!

ha ha

You are one repulsive creep.
What in the world are you doing with Julie Hiatt Steele?
I hate to even think of it.

Bonnie Benson

Bonnie, are you one of those bad first-impression people?
You come off like Laura Schlessinger's evil stepmother on her period.
Generally when I see that much testosterone flying around
I'm dealing with someone who's swinging a pair.

Tell us the truth, ...what's really on your mind?

Did Nick leave you again?
Are you thinking that he's not coming back this time?

You don't think...

You don't think ...maybe Nick got tired of hearing the sound of your voice, do you?
I wondered what your rant would sound like when delivered with a smoker's throat.
an Eastern Mississippi nasal twang and a heavy dose of sing-song-y sarcasm from an old bat.
I'll bet you put one-too-many harrangs on Ol' Nick and he just said "fuck it."

How long did he hang around?

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 Twisted Tales of Tinseltown Terror
     by the Secret Hollywood Source

   Click  Here

 Cat of the Devil!
 Satan's after me!!
 Help me, help me!

 Somebody kill it, quick!
 Satan's come for me,
 Oh, Lord, save me Lord!!


Picture from Vol 712 - Emotional Landslide

> This is your boy, crying like a woman on The Today Show two days after the press
> asked why Bush was unable to show any human emotions about the 9/11 attacks.
> He's a cold-hearted, snot-nosed, spoiled and manipulative, unelected mega-thief, trying to appear legitimate.

For years, the money-grubbing bastards have said Clinton faked emotion at the funeral of Ron Brown,
a man he called his best friend before he died in that plane crash.

The unconscionable sons of bitches said Clinton had Ron Brown murdered, too.

The truth has always been obvious to any fair-minded person.
Bill Clinton, the most powerful and photographed person on Earth from 1992-current,
was at his old friend's funeral - laughing and reminiscing old times, when his glance
caught the camera and I think Bill thought, "Camera on you - straighten up."

Think about it.
Clinton was more photographed than Elvis, the Beatles, the Pope and Britney Spears COMBINED
when he suddenly realized he was caught on-camara laughing at the funeral of a close friend and
how some c*nts like the ones at Fox Whore News might spin that.


...he suddenly composed himself for appearances sake.

Isn't that what you or I would've done?
Or would we laugh away and feed the vulgar Pigboy murder theories?

"Did you see how happy and satisfied Clinton was after murdering Ron Brown?"

The vulgar Pigboy played that clip a hundred times.
If you weren't paying attention then - lissen up.

Rush the scumbag played that clip of Clinton's suddenly sober attitude a hundred times.
The fat bully bastard played that clip again and again on his TV hate show, every night.
The son of a stray neighborhood dog played it in slow motion.
The spawn of Satan's spilled seed played it f-ing backwards.
The unChristian slug of a slimeball played it upside-down.

This is talent on loan from God doing this, too.
And there's not a Christian in America with the balls to say, "He's such a pig!"

Some religious people are such frauds...

 Check today's
 Cutting edge Olympics commentary, The Worried Shrimp, Pick the Tyrant,
 The new Bush Biography in which, no doubt, he's even more heroic than ever,
 Big Dog Report, Carnivale in Rio, (the real Rio, not Vegas) Elle MacPherson,
 Hillary Watch, that snippy blonde on Ally McBeal, Beach Boys and more!!!

 ...in today's

 Happy Birthday to...
   Louise Nurding is 27     Jennifer Aniston is 33            Carey Lowell is 31

 Also born today: Lon Chaney, Jr. (1906)  Laura Dern (1967)  Roberta Flack (1939) (Who is her daughter?)
 Jimmy Durante (1893 - I'm so old, I saw him live on TV)  Clinton pal Greg Norman (1955)
 The Skipper (1892) That can't be right. The Skipper was 75 in 1967? No way.  Robert Wagner (1930)
 Judas Maximus is going to Hell (1961)  Jeb Bush -dittoes- (1953)  Sheryl Crow (1962)
 Leslie Nielsen (1926)  Burt Reynolds (1936) and Sweeeeet Gene Vincent (1935)

 To all who wrote about Lennon's birthday?
 If you go to http://birthdays.emagica.com  and punch in Feb 9, they list John Lennon.
 There was no intention to deceive and this isn't "further proof" that I'm all lies.

 If I ever get a staff, this kind of thing won't happen... ..as often.

   by Chris Holly

 Click  Here

 Excellent stuff, check this out.

...I'm not nervous, ...not at all.
You see, when I'm scared - my eye twitches.

Go ahead, ask Timmy Tim Russert if my eye twitches.
Timmy Tim will tell you it doesn't twitch - then ask Rush the Mic Man.

Rush the Mic Man tells the truth, and you can also ask Laura Legs.
Laura Legs can tell you - no twitching eye here...  ask anybody!

They'll all tell you I'm as solid as the Rock of Brawlter.

The BartCop Hex ain't noooooo problem for me.

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