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Volume 720 - It's All For You

Sunday     Feb. 17, 2002                 Send Me an Angel                  Recent old stuff               Shopping w/ Bart


"The Bush administration is re-writing the Geneva Convention  to suit its preferences.
  This continued flouting of the cornerstone of the rules of war not only threatens to violate
  the detainees' rights, it endangers American service members who might be captured in combat."
   --  Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, and possible  bartcop.com  reader

 Burton threatens Bush with contempt charge

  Click  Here

 Dan Burton (R-Seedless) is threatening to hold President Usurperboy in contempt of Congress
 unless he releases subpoenaed Justice Department documents to his committee.

"Should I get about 30 Republicans and all of the House Democrats and vote to hold the president
 in contempt of Congress?" Burton, R-Ind., asked during testimony before the committee.
"That's exactly what we're going to do if you don't give us those documents."

 Afghanistan, the Taliban and the Bush Oil Team

  Click  Here

 The obvious, and woefully underreported, interfaces between the Bush administration,
 UNOCAL, the CIA, the Taliban, Enron, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, the groundwork for
 which was laid when the Bush Oil team was on the sidelines during the Clinton administration,
 is making the Republicans worried. Joseph Lieberman is in the ironic position of being the senator
 who will chair the Senate Government Affairs Committee hearings on the collapse of Enron.

 The roads from Enron also lead to Afghanistan and murky Bush oil politics.

 Has Chris the Screamer lost his marbles?
   by Russ Smith, NY Press

  Click  Here

 But Matthews has a problem, one that most often crops up in print.
 Increasingly, he’s a political chameleon, writing or saying one thing
 on a given day and then contradicting that position within a week.
 Do you know what Matthews really thinks? I don’t.

 Tally Briggs says:   The mirrors work GREAT!





Thanks to EVERYONE who came to my (and other's like me) rescue!

  Is the Bush family involved in this one, too?
 Corpses Found Outside Ga. Crematory
  Is there a link to the Florida-Bush cemetary scandal?
  And if there is, how many unburied-corpse scandals can this president survive?

  Click  Here

  "...dozens of decomposing corpses that were stacked
   in storage sheds and scattered in woods outside a crematory,

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 Politics, Las Vegas Style
   by Patricia A. Scotto

  Click  Here

 As is the very definition of "politics as usual", we (Nevadans) were lied to by the Bush Administration
 (even before they became the Bush Administration). Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn (R) was Bush's
 campaign manager for campaign 2000, promising to deliver all FOUR of our electoral votes to the former
 Texas Governor. Bush indicated that he would go against Yucca Mountain in return for these votes.
 Note that he apparently did not say this outright, but all indications were that he would oppose it.

 Imagine that.
 We were lied to by Bush.

James Carville was killer on Meet the Whore with Tim Russert.

Maybe Russert was hungover from last night's ga-ga Bush-groveling,
but he let Carville go off on a couple of rants that had real hammer power.

I wish I could transcribe the best parts near the end,
but I guess I can wait for NBC's transcript - remind me, would you?

Patricia in Las Vegas will faint when she sees how hard Carville fought for Nevada.
This is how Democrats are SUPPOSED to act.  Where the hell is everybody? Carville said
Bush lied when he sent Cheney to Las Vegas to say, "We won't store that crap here."

"Then," Carville said, "after four members of the nuclear lobby met with Cheney,
they made the political decision to side with the power brokers instead of the people
and if we just subpeona those records we'll see exactly what happened in those meetings."

I forget the poor GOP bastard (not Russert) who's job it was to reply, but he said,
"I'd fall outta my chair if Carville ever brought up a topic that mattered."

and Carville said, "It matters to the people of Nevada - having that nuclear waste sent there."


If this was being scored on points Carville would've won right there, unless the judges were French
or from the whore supreme court.  But isn't it sad that less than a handful of Democrats can be counted on
to show some outrage? Democrats are willing to let the Bush Family Evil Empire back their tanker up to the
treasury of the United States and then just stand their looking dumb while they pump all those billions into their tank.

...Sigh,   if only my past weren't so sordid, I'd run myself.

Late Monday, a Meet the Whore transcript should be available - remind me, OK?

 Enron explained in one cartoon
      by Tom Tomorrow

  Click  Here

 Put the word "Priest" in Yahoo's "News" search right now and you'll find...

 Madawaska, Maine - a priest confesses he "acted out sexually" with a 16-year old boy.
 St. Agatha, Maine - another confesses "physical encounters" with a 15-year-old.
 New Hampshire - 14 priests molested children over a 25-year period.
 New Jersey - Christopher McKelvey was sexually harassed so often by priests that he
                        was forced to abandon his dream of joining the priesthood.
 Tucson - The Church knew in 1976 that one of its priests was sexually abusing boys
                 yet allowed him to rape and sodomize for the next 16 years. Meanwhile the bishop lied
                 in writing about what he knew. "I did not lie, I did not cover up," he lied again from the pulpit.
                 The Church secretly paid a settlement last month with 10 men who were abused by 4 other priests.
 Portland, OR - 25 men filed a $115 million civil lawsuit against the Church,
                           alleging 14 years of abuse at the hands of Rev. Maurice Grammond.
 Dallas - 8 former altar boys in Dallas awarded a $119 million judgment in 1997 in a
               lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and former priest Rudolph Kos.
 Madrid - A priest in rural Spain was arrested when police broke up an online child porn ring.
 Cocoa Beach, FL - A Cocoa Beach priest suffered severe head trauma after a man walked into his church
                                 on Feb. 1 and beat the priest.  Why would anyone want to beat up a priest?
 Boston - Eight priests accused of sexually molesting children. The Church has named 80
                 other priests suspected of similar crimes going back 40 years.

 It's happening in every city in the United States, or probably, the world..
 Religion is the problem - it's always the problem.


 Where is Bill Bennett, the self-appointed "conscience of the nation?"
 Where is Laura Schlessinger, the self-appointed "protector of children?"
 Where is Andrew Sullivan, the Bareback Crusader? 
 Where is Ann Coulter and her fabricated outrage?
 Where is Cokie Roberts, the stupidest whore in all of Washington?
 Where is John Fund?      Well, sorry, I know where John Fund is.
 Where is the vulgar Pigboy and Hannity and O'Reilly?
 Where is the "Where's the outrage" crowd from 1998?
 I'll tell you where they are - they're out spending the millions they were paid
 to feign outrage and fabricate evidence against Bill Clinton in that faux impeachment charade.
 But 88 priests in Boston systematically raping little boys is OK with them?

 The truth is, nobody will pay for a sex scandal that involves a priest.
 The whores on that list only get paid when they accuse a Democrat.
 Impeachment was never about morality.
 Impeachment was never about following the law.
 Impeachment was never about right and wrong.
 Impeachment was always about getting the man who whipped the GOP at the polls.


 I spoke to Julie last (Saturday) night.
 She was extremely grateful for the e-mails and PayPal's you've sent her.
 I'm not privy to any dollar amounts or anything, but she seemed to have an extra spark
 as though the weight on her shoulders was lighter because of your generosity.

 I also got the impression she wasn't being bombarded with phone numbers.
 Maybe you think this is some "you could win" lottery thing, but it's not.
 She's a lot like you and me - if she gets a nice e-mail, she answers it.
 And she might even call you because she has some pre-paid phone cards,
 but she can't call if you don't leave a number, right?

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You might go here  http://www.island.net/~lbnews/9_11/AFD1.html and see what it's all about.
Seems critical of Smirk and the illegal takeover.


 Maybe RB has seen it...

 Remember my complaint with spinsanity.org?
  Their editor and co-founder Ken replied,  ...and we got into it:

  Click  Here

  Jamie Sale awarded gold
  for breaking men's hearts.

Did you hear the vulgar Pigboy Friday?
He said something really stupid - can you believe that?
Wake the kids, this is one for the vault!

Discussing the Canadians and their "appointed" victory,
Rush said this was "the worst thing that could ever happen to them."

"They should've kept the silver, and then the rest of their lives,
 people would've come up to them and said, 'You got robbed.'
 But instead, ...instead, they were awarded the gold medal by the judges,
 so now, the rest of their lives, people will say, 'You didn't really
 win that medal on the ice. They gave it to you for political reasons."

 What do you mean, Bart?
 I don't get it.

Check today's

 Al B. Gone
  by Jack Germond

  Click  Here

 Gore cannot be a serious contender because he committed the one
 unpardonable sin in politics:  He lost an election that he should have won - easily.
 He was a de facto incumbent running on a strong record of eight years against
 an awkward and inarticulate Republican with thin credentials at best.
 It should have been a boat ride.

 Damn right.
 Had Al chosen to fight, he would've won by 10-15 points.
 Instead, Al paid a woman $10,000 a month to dress him.
 Of course, that story might be false, but I never heard it disputed,
 which is another reason I say Gore laid down and refused to fight.

 Gore didn't want to have the third Clinton administration.
 He wanted to be his own man, remember?
 Now he's his own man, playing with his grandchildren,
 while President Moron robs the treasury and suspends the Constitution.
 Thanks, Al.

 Hometown News

 Here are the headlines from one day's Tulsa World Business Section

 Tulsa Gas company NOT like Enron
 Dow Falls on IBM accounting concerns
 Buffet pulls out of CitiGroup, First Data
 Sprint Closing 5 centers, lays off 6,000
 WorldCom reveals shady sales commissions
 Mexico in first recession since 1995
 Navistar loses $56M to slowing demand

 The next threee years will be more of the same.
 War and recession - it's a guaranteed with a Republican president.

 If somebody would quote me during a campaign,
 maybe people would add it up and think, "Y'know, that's true!"

 Of course, right after the 2004 elections, (if our votes are counted) Wall Street
 will rebound, consumer confidence will soar, and the economy will turn around
 because a Democrat will have legitimately won the White House

 I'll tell you right now - print this out - when the democrat takes over
 and everything starts to move again, the lying GOP spinners will claim,
"It was Bush's economic genius that created this miraculous recovery."

 We were all living in paradise when the son of a bitch illegally claimed the White House.

 ...meanwhile, the Bush Family Evil Empire will have stolen trillions.


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 What are they, Senate Democrats?

 We're supported by impoverished Democrats.
 We're so poor, my modem is two Dixie cups and a string.

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 Consumer Consumption


 “What it takes to live”

 Happy Birthday to...

 Drew Barrymore is 29              Denise Richards is 31              Kate Hudson's hubby is 29

 Also born today:  Cleveland's Jim Brown (1936) Star Trek/Homicide alumni Michelle Forbes (1967)
 Hal "Mark Twain" Holbrook (1925) Lou Diamond Phillips (1962) His Total Airness (1963)


"There are two ways to slice easily through life;
  to believe everything or to doubt everything.
  Both ways save us from thinking.''
   - Alfred Korzybski

 True or False?

 Gibson, Mel
 Strident and clueless Catholic. Compulsively cheats on his wife; refuses to let her use birth control.
 Homophobe and sexist. Alcoholic. Has a taste for Thai hookers; has them flown in while he's on set.
 Is also a shoe fetishist.

I spy ...an evil-doer!
Guards! Guards!

No, George.
I'm Unka Donnie, Defense sekky, remember?
That BartCop Hex has you all screwed up.
Hell, how did you get out of your room?

He's out of his room again!


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