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Volume 722 - ...the End of the Rope

Tuesday     Feb. 19, 2002               Send Me an Angel                 Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart


 Lisa Simpson:  "But, Principal Skinner, you're just stealing!"

 Principle Skinner:  "Welcome to Dick Cheney's America"

From: jbedell5@attbi.com

Subject: Charleton Heston etc.

BC, is it true about Charlatan Heston?  Please say yes!

Yes, it might be.
I got that from a gossip page.
The writer is gay and thinks everyone in Hollywood is gay, even John Wayne
and Clint Eastwood. He says most Hollywood marriages are for the public's benefit,
but all the women are with women and all the men are with other men.

But - having said that - much of the stuff on his pageI KNOW is true, too.
That's why they call it gossip, I guess.

Now on to other matters.
Does anyone know why the right-wing talking heads keep saying Ken Lay stayed in the Clinton Whitehouse?
He didn't did he?  I know he, ( Ken Lay), and Daddy Bush had a little slumber party during Bush 41
but he never stayed at the Clinton Whitehouse did he?


JB, it's my guess that he did.
Either that, or the Dems are doing their usual triple-bad job of refuting GOP lies.

EVERY president rewards friends and contributors with a Lincoln stay.
But they only talk about Clinton doing it.
Remember Rush bragging that he got to stay there?
It was payback for his non-stop Clinton lies for eight years.

Did you know Hillary invited Richard Mellon Scaife to the WH for dinner to thank him
for a donation that bought new china and silverware for the White House?

Crazy stuff, eh?

One last thing: When Bush invited his Enron buddies to play with his submarine,
a lot of people died and nobody mentions Bush selling sub rides for campaign cash.
It's only illegal when Clinton does it, no matter how many die on Bush's watch.

 Sorry about yesterday's issue

 It was short because I had to type it with one hand.

 We were getting ready to go shopping, and I was being a goof trying to
 whip my coat on the way President Bartlet does and I dislocated my shoulder.

 mediawhoresonline.com  is full of great stuff

 Check it out.

 Tomb Raiders
    by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 SCI, based in Houston, is one of a handful of international corporations that have gobbled up
 the funeral industry in recent years, squeezing out independent operators in hardball takeovers.
 It's been a sweet deal for the Texas boys: the only business in the world with a guaranteed,
 never-ending supply of "customers."

 If it's a monopoly with heavy price-fixing,
 you know the Bush Family Evil Empire gets a cut.

 That's why they got with Enron - to gouge California families.
 That's why they got with SCI, to gouge the weeping and the vulnerable.
 That's why they're in cahoots with Big Oil - to gouge the western hemisphere.
 That's why they got with Barrick Mining - to control world gold prices.
 That's why Enron bought the frsh water rights to california - because if you
   don't like the Bush-Enron price of fresh water, you can just f-ng do without.

 That's why they stole the White House - so nobody could stop them

From: gladshot@franklymills.com

Subject: The Pelican Brief

Hey Bartcop,
Have you been watching TNT lately?
Their playing the Pelican Brief with Denzel and Julia almost non-stop!
It's great - there's the stupid president who hangs out and plays with his dogs all day
- there's the chief of staff who REALLY runs the show - there's a supreme court scandal
and has justices murdered to get his way on environmental policy - there's a lawyer who works
for the oil company mysteriously mugged and killed "by street punks" - there's references to a
Frontline piece on another lawyer's death ruled a suicide that no one thinks is a suicide
-  there's a president who will do ANYTHING to make sure the truth doesn't come out.....shit,
the actor who plays the president even LOOKS like Bush The First.

TNT has it on almost every night! Go Ted!!!

Best - Mike B.

Note: Mike has a band - Gladshot

            Click to order

 Peru gives American 20-year sentence for "terrorism"

  Click  Here

 The Peruvian Supreme Court ruling exhausts all avenues of appeal in Peru
 for Berenson, arrested in 1995 and jailed for life by a hooded military judge
 as a  leader of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA)

 Secret military judges?
 That just like what America has become under President Monkey in a Man Suit.
 Bush's hand-picked secret judges will dole out justice like their boss wants it.

 Tell me - what would happen to a career officer who votes "not guilty"
 on some guy hand-picked by Smirk for trial and execution?

 We've become a banana republic under President Chimp.

 That's why we have a Constitution - so shit like that can't happen!
 But Bush decided he knew better than the founding fathers,
 and the gelding Democrats alllllll agreed with him.

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Tulsa, OK 74155

Donation not required.

Leave it to BartCop

When it was clear that Bush and his Enron-GOP Congress were totaly incapable of preventing
this Bush-caused recession, I came forward with the Bartcop Tax Plan, which would have possiblty
stopped the recession dead in its tracks by giving real money to real people, not the super-rich.

It's clear the Congress will not be capable of passing a meaningful Campaign Finance Reform Bill
that will get by the crooked Scalia 5. Once again, I can solve the problem.

Remember a thing called "The Fairness Doctrine?"  It was created to guarantee equal coverage by media.
Republican's opposed fairness, because they can't win without a stacked deck because as St. Reagan
reminded us, "They own the microphone".

But, when applied to Campaign Finance Reform it provides us with an obvious and simple answer.
When one individual, party or lobbying group runs an advertisement with a reference to any other
individual, party or lobbying group, the named individual, party or lobbying group gets the final third
at the end of the ad for rebuttal.

This works perfectly and let me tell you how:

There is no restriction of Free Speech, you can buy all the ads you want.
But you won't be able to bury your opponent with negative ads.

If the NRA or Big Cancer wants to scream "bloody murder" at Democrats - fine.
But every time they do, the Democrats get the last third of the message to say "horseshit"
and then give the truth and the facts to counter the GOP spin.

That way, if the NRA or Big Oil wants to spend a hundred million helping Smirk,
they're actually giving 33 million to the Democrats, so both sides are heppy.

Remember in the summer of 2000, Bush was doing badly in New York until the Wylye
Brothers gave him $2 million to call McCain "pro-breast cancer" and "pro-pollution?"
Under my plan, McCain would've gotten $666,000 in free advertising to tell the truth.
Knowing the opponent will get a say at the end, it would force politicians to campaign cleaner.

The way it works now, the guy who promises the most to the biggest polluters can wage
the biuggest campaign because he's backed by crooked and dishonest brokers.
(President Greedy - call your office.)

Candidates will not need a great war chest to defend themselves.
Candidates will be able to refuse soft money and still win.
The bigger the ad buy, the more rebuttal time the little guy gets.
Those that use huge amounts of soft money might even have to explain themselves.

The worst that could happen is we'd have fewer bullshit ads, and maybe people would
have to watch the televised debates to see where each candidate stood.

This concept works for all types of advertising including corporate issue ads.
Media outlets can be the arbiters for who replies with their licenses at risk.
They don't even have to give free time.  Just charge the originator for the full time.

It's so simple, only I could think of it.

Consumer Consumption


  Asa and me
  I've wondered for years:
 What does Hutchinson know about Arkansas's biggest drug smuggler?
  And when did he know it?
    by Mara Leveritt

  Click  Here

 "...some strange things happened in Hutchinson's district while he was federal prosecutor
  that he doesn't mention in his speeches. Specifically, a man identified by federal agents as
 "a documented, major narcotics trafficker" was using facilities at an airport in Hutchinson's
 district for "storage, maintenance, and modification" of his drug-running aircraft, throughout
 most of Hutchinson's tenure.

 The man was Barry Seal.

How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

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 Curling?  Curling?  What the hell is curling?


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 She's a lot like you and me - if she gets a nice e-mail, she answers it.
 And she might even call you because she has some pre-paid phone cards,
 but she can't call if you don't leave a number, right?

 The idiots at AOL have shut her off - with no warning.
 I called to give them my credit card and they said it's not that simple.
 There's a three-day sign up period where they need my day number,
 my night number, and we have to exchange faxes to see if I qualify.

 Apparently, cash is not a qualifier at AOL.

 The ignorant fools can't take my credit card and flip a switch - nooooooooooo.
 A monsterously-hueueueuge comglomerate like AOL can't get shit done.

 So Julie will be off-line for a while.

Has Julie Hiatt Steele called you?

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 ...and if you hear from her,  me.


 I heard one of the heavyweights, probably Begala, saying he thought "spin" was worse than lying.
 This sounds crazy, but I don't think he knows the correct meaning of the word "spin."

 Allow me to explain:
 I don't sell cars, but I'm semi-in the car business.

 If a customer looks at a Geo Metro, the spin is "That's a great vehicle because it gets great gas mileage."
 You DON'T remind the customer that it goes from 0 to 60 in just under 4 minutes.

 If a customer looks at a big-ass SUV, the spin is "That's a great vehicle that will pull anything."
 You DON'T remind the customer that it gets six miles per gallon.

 Spinning isn't lying.
 You can call lying spinning and call spinning lying, but they aren't the same.
 Spinning is pointing out the good news and the bad news.

 Sure, you can spin-lie if you want (see Tim Russert and Fox News)
 but I think it's a mistake to say "spinning is bad."


 Good stuff today from R.B. Ham

 This Just In...
 President Post-Turtle is extra stupid - who knew?

 Click  Here

 New York Times reporter Frank Bruni, who was assigned to cover Bush during
 the 2000 presidential campaign and the first eight months of Bush's presidency,
 describes the 43rd President as affable and good-natured,  but shallow and
 largely clueless about many aspects of the culture of the nation he heads.

Check today's 


 No more Mr Scrupulous Guy
  How one of the two brains behind the Iran-Contra scandal
  this week became one of America's most powerful men

   Click  Here

 His excuse for his behaviour was brazen:
"I made a very deliberate decision not to tell the president so that I could insulate him
 from the decision and provide some future deniability for the president if it ever leaked out."

 In other words, he gave himself the right to run America's foreign policy behind the back
 of the commander in chief. Who the hell voted for John M Poindexter?

TV Sweep weeks are underway
 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

 We're supported by impoverished Democrats.
 I'm so poor, I can't pay attention.
 That's how I developed ADD.

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From: allyn@nwlink.com

Subject: Yesterday's Quotes

"If you lose the game 73 to 27, that is not a tie."
    -- James Carville on MTP, who's just about the only guy fighting back.

Okay, here is a little something for you:  Why does it matter who got the bigger piece?
The fact that they got a piece at all is the issue.  I would wonder about the price of each individual involved.
Were the Democrats in the Congress cheaper?
This sounds a lot like two kids complaining about who got the bigger piece of candy.

If both the Republicans and the Democrats went into a 7-11 and started shoplifting.
The Republicans stole 73 pieces of candy and the Democrats stole only 27...do we excuse
the Democrats just because they can't steal as well as the Republicans?

I would like to remind you that when the money was being handed out, Enron was
still seen as a good company.  Money was money and the cost of election is great.

Enron is just the tip of the iceberg.  Both parties have been deep into the pockets of
large corporations for years. (surprise!)  Ken Lay even slept in the Lincoln Motel Room
in the White House during the Clinton Administration.

James Carville is adept at telling only half of the story and ignores those pesky little facts that hurt his argument.
That is what makes him one of the greatest spin doctors around.

I disagree.
First, in my opinion, the ONLY reason the Dems got a fraction was so the Enron-paid pundits
could constantly say, "Both sides got money."  Enron knew the fix was in.
The GOP is the party of monopolized gouging - not Democrats.

You equate taking money from Enron with stealing - I don't.
When you take money, it's only bad when you change your principles or lie for more money.
Or, in Smirk's case, he signed legislation to deregulate energy companies so bastards like Lay
could hide billions in off-shore accounts, away from the eyes of state auditors.

It's just like paying a cop to NOT be on the corner of 5th and main at Noon.
That way you can rob the bank without any shots being fired.

Lastly, you attacked Carville for telling half the story.
Why didn't you take this opportunity to explain the "pesky little facts" he ignored?

 Happy Birthday to...

    Kathleen Beller is 46         Margaux Hemingway (1955)

  Also born today: Copernicus (1473) Benicio Del Toro (1967) Lee 'Lady, I don't have the time' Marvin (1924)
  Smokey Robinson (1940) Karen murdered-by-the-GOP Silkwood (1946) Sabbath's Tony Iommi (1948)

 True or False?

 Dole, Bob.
 Reportedly a good person.
 Divorced once, had affairs while separated,
 and helped pay for his girlfriend's abortion.

 ...hmmmm, paying for a girlfriend's abortion seems to be a GOP staple,
 Good thing for Smirk the press is in his pocket and won't write Robin's story.

I'm on the lookout for evil crop dusters.
Unka Johnny says, "If you find a person that
you've never seen before getting in a crop-duster
that doesn't belong to you, report it."

Remember to look both ways, Dinky.
Those evil-doers usually attack from the left.
That BartCop Hex has you all screwed up.

Hey, how did you get out of your room?
He's out of his room again!


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