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Volume 721 - Hammering in my Head

Monday     Feb. 18, 2002               Send Me an Angel                Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart


 "We'll never raise as much money as Bush is going to raise and his corporate lobbyists,
    I can promise you, because he has paid them back in spades."
     -- James Carville on MTP, who's just about the only guy fighting back.

From: Teese02@aol.com

Subject: no respect

Hey Bart,

I no longer have any respect for your opinion.

Teresa, thanks, it's nice to meet you, too.

I admire Clinton more than you can imagine but Clinton screwed up big time.
Though my support for him never wavered he did indeed saddle Gore with a 200 pound
election burden called Monica.  There is no way that Gore's election should have been easy.
He had the national media both right and left (thanks to the Nader idiots) against him.

True, Clinton screwed up, but when he left office his approval rating was higher than Reagan's
Gore made a hueueuege error when he decided to distance himself from "Mr. Popular."

Neither side ever gave the guy a break. It was one lie after another about him.
Do you think they are going to treat the next democratic candidate any differently?

No, but I expect the next candidate to fight, instead of rolling over and playing dead.
What Germond meant was Gore lost to the stupidest man in the history of politics.

Gore has proven he can win against them and next time (if we are lucky enough to get a next time with Al)
he will get more votes again and this time we will be prepared for the illegal impulses of the Bush Coup delegation.
Gore fought, where were you?

Where was I?
I was right here, fighting my heart out for a guy who didn't want it that bad.

I mean before the election...not after when you were right there capitalizing on the election fraud?
Where was the Gore mob, where were the Democratic governors, where were the senators?

You're making my point for me.
Our team went to sleep, they didn't want it as much as Team Smirk did.
You go back and read the issues around the election and the Florida rape.
I published great advice every day that Team Gore chose to ignore.

They were all busy making deals for sharing committee chairmanships.
So Bartcop, leave politics for those who understand them and/or stop believing the media spin.

ha ha
Yeah, I'm a victim of the media spin.
I have eyes, woman, and I didn't see any fight in Al Gore.

The people who vote will decided who is our candidate, not the media and not a few "party big wigs."
I for one am very interested in what Al Gore has to say and so are thousands of other politically active people.
I can guarantee that we will roll over political dilettantes like yourself if you continue to try and tell us how we feel.

I didn't tell Gore how to feel, I told him how to fight, but he wanted to be his own man, remember?
You may be wrong, but at least you have some fight in you.
Too bad Gore didn't have as much.

You're going to appear mighty silly while Gore is taking the oath of office, having slandered him
before he even decides to run.   "Begone witch, you have no power here."


It's true - I have almost no power at all,
and the hammer is growing at an alarmingly slow rate.


 "No, sir. Let me tell you exactly this: President Bush got 68 percent more money than
  every Democrat in the Congress combined. And this ludicrous idea, "Oh, they both got it,"
  no, it was 73 to 27. If you lose the game 73 to 27, that is not a tie."
    -- James Carville on MTP, who's just about the only guy fighting back.

From: jkensinger@qwest.net

Subject: This Yucca Mountain shit...


It just so happened that Mrs. Jerry and I were in Vegas during the Great Wrecked Election of 2000.
After that horrible evening of constantly flip flopping Florida, I had trouble sleeping, knowing that Bush
was going to steal the presidency.

Around five in the morning I headed down to the bar at the MGM Grand to get a cup of coffee.
It was just me and the bartender at that hour and we talked about the spoiled election and how
Bush would undoubtedly screw up the country.

I was just sick about the whole mess and I asked this fine bartender to mix me up a Bloody Mary.
As he did, he began telling me how he knew that Bush would turn 180 and screw Nevada on the
Yucca Mountain deal.  He continued, telling me how he'd pleaded with everyone he knew not to
believe the lying SOB Bush, to no avail.

As he slid me the drink, he said "You know, it's weird.  Clinton or Gore can tell the truth and everyone
assumes it's a lie.  But this son of a bitch Cheney comes out her a couple of weeks ago saying that
they'll kill Yucca and all these people got suckered by it!".

It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen.
This poor fellow knew from day one that if Bush got in, Nevada was going to get fucked.
And the real crime here is that the whore press will give Weak and Stupid yet another pass!


 The mirrors






MR. RUSSERT: Daschle also went further than that, and this is what he said.
He equated the budget situation to Enron. He said,  "I don't ant to Enron the American people.
I don't want to see them holding the bag at the end of the day just like Enron employees have held the bag."
President Bush's budget equated to Enron.
MR. CARVILLE: No, it's not really. It's way more serious than Enron. Enron was only $90 million.
The president is raiding the Social Security trust fund to the tune of $2 trillion,
so Senator Daschle was actually quite moderate in his remarks.

That's how it's done.
You take the other guy's half-baked accusation, cook it, and feed in back to him in spades.

Get your BartCop Stickers while they last.

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK 74155

Donation not required.

From: (withheld)

Subject: What is wrong with you?

Yo Bartcop!
I'm sick of seeing crap like this on your page.
What sort of private hell do you think this poor woman is in at this moment?
Please stop it.
You have the privilege to display/say whatever you wish and of course can reply
I shouldn't read Bartcop if I don't like what I see.  But consider:  Unlike mouthpieces
and puppets of the Corporate Party (notably Limba.ugh) who frequently dissemble,
twist, and rupture the truth in order to inoculate our country from the perils of democracy,
you appear to be independent and to believe what you say.  From this and your essentially
empathetic nature I sense you usually want to do the right thing when you can.

Years ago, Limbaugh joked on his show that Chelsea Clinton resembled the family dog and
got a negative reaction from his crowd.  Do you know if he ever mentioned her negatively again?
I don't think he ever repeated that mistake.
Best regards, your friend,

Zorba, we disagree.

Noelle is an adult.
Noelle was committing crimes.
Noelle's crimes are being covered up by the Florida State police
because her father and uncle are politically powerful. She was driving
while drugged up, but the cops let her go, endangering lives of innocent people.

Chelsea was 13 or 14 at the time.
Chelsea didn't commit any crimes.


...look, it's $2 trillion - and it ain't just Reagan÷$2 trillion. And this tax cut
is the reason÷is the primary reason that we're going into a deficit. And, Mr. Russert,
you can look÷it's right in the Bush budget.  If you look at table S-16 on page 415 of
the Bush budget, and they readily admit that their tax cut is the principal reason that
the country shot its wad on the surplus. And $2 trillion gone right out of Social Security.
And Mr. and Mrs. America, you have not seen nothing yet.
Wait till these numbers keep coming in,
    -- James Carville on MTP, who's just about the only guy fighting back.

 Entire transcript here



 "...that's exactly what happened in the '80s. They have this tax cut and the coffers were
   just overflowing. Didn't we run $3 trillion in debt that the Democrats had to come clean up?
  Using this war on terrorism as an excuse for these budget deficits I think is one of the most
  fraudulent things in American politics..."
    -- James Carville on MTP, who's just about the only guy fighting back.

 Julie is extremely grateful for the e-mails and PayPal's you've sent her.
 She's a lot like you and me - if she gets a nice e-mail, she answers it.
 And she might even call you because she has some pre-paid phone cards,
 but she can't call if you don't leave a number, right?

 The idiots at AOL have shut her off - with no warning.
 I called to give them my credit card and they said it's not that simple.
 There's a three-day sign up period where they need my day number,
 my night number, and we have to exchange faxes to see if I qualify.

 Apparently, cash is not a qualifier at AOL.

 The ignorant fools can't take my credit card and flip a switch - nooooooooooo.
 A monstrously-hueueueuge comglomerate like AOL can't get shit done.

 So Julie will be off-line for a while.

Has Julie Hiatt Steele called you?

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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 ...and if you hear from her,  me.


GOP STOOGE: I would fall out of my chair if I heard Jim Carville talk about an issue that matters
                           to the American people instead of talking about process.

MR. CARVILLE: You don't think this matters to the people in Nevada?
                               You tell somebody in Nevada that dumping this nuclear waste don't matter.


 Good stuff today from R.B. Ham

From: serenoa@totcon.com

Subject: Thank you, BartCop!

I was apparently hit number 1,826,994 to have visited your unbelievably important website.
Like so many times, this issue made me laugh.  It made me cry.  It made me angry (not at you).
It made me wonder where all the millionaire libs are who could easily support a radio station with
millions of megawatts to send progressive messages across this horribly besieged by Limbaugh
Ditto-headed monkeys-with Stepford audiences-nation of ours...to just tell the truth.
I guess I can keep on dreamin' and looking forward to reading BartCop every day.
Thank you for all you do.
It will be a glorious day if/when they take out the Bush Family Evil Empire...in shackles...from our White House!
Doug Keene

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 Happy Birthday to...

  Greta Scacchi (1960)         Cybill Shepherd (1950)           Vanna White (1957)

 Also born today:  Bill Cullen, who I always liked (1920)  Dennis the Styx Boy (1947)
 Billy De Wolfe, since I was Catholic, I didn't know (1907)  Dr. Dre (1965)
 George Kennedy (1925) Joanna Kerns (1953) Yoko Ono (1933)  Jack Palance (1919)

 ...and the legend, ...not yet mentioned on  bartcop.com ...Gahan Wilson (1930)

 True or False?

 Heston, Charlton.
 Right-wing gun kook.
 Reportedly likes young girls--and, if rumors are to be believed, young boys, too.
 Abuser of women. Alcoholic.

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That BartCop Hex has you all screwed up.
Hell, how did you get out of your room?

He's out of his room again!


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