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Volume 723 -  In the Hysterical Realm

Wednesday     Feb. 20, 2002            Send Me an Angel              Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart


"A number of you have asked me if I had any interest in running
  for the most powerful office in the land. But I want to make it clear
  - I have no interest at all in being secretary of state of Florida."
          --John Kerry, testing the waters

  An Updated Timeline Surrounding 9-11
 If the CIA and our government
 weren't involved, what were they doing?

  Click  Here

 Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away

 Expert: Anthrax suspect ID'd

  Click  Here

 An advocate for the control of biological weapons who has been gathering information
 about last autumn's anthrax attacks said yesterday the FBI has a strong hunch about
 who mailed the deadly letters.

 But the FBI might be "dragging its feet" in pressing charges because the suspect is a
 former government scientist familiar with "secret activities that the government would
 not like to see disclosed," said Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Federation
 of American Scientists' Chemical and Biological Weapons Program.

Did Gore fight hard enough?

 Click  Here

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: What you said about JHS

"She's a lot like you and me - if she gets a nice e-mail, she answers it."


 I send you nice E-mail all the time, and you never answer it.
 A lot like you and me indeed.

 Evk, a couple of things.

 In round numbers, I get  ...a bunch of e-mails each day.
 Probably half are "personal" the others are stories, toons and links.
 I answer maybe 100 a day, which means the rest remain unanswered.
 There just isn't enough time.
 If you have a trick to slow the passing of time, please tell me.

Ku Klux Coulter...

 Author and whore

  Click  Here

 Ann Coulter, another conservative philanthropy frankenstein. A spat on the Right reveals a lot.
 Ann Coulter is a leggy, sassy blonde telebimbo, (and constitutional lawyer) whose career as
 a TV talking head took off during the Clinton scandals Ė and, like Clinton, she never really went away.
 Her column...has been  a mainstay of the firebreathing Right...Ms. Coulter is now embroiled in one
 of those intramural spats on the Right that reveal more about the participants than anyone ever
 intended, a scrap which underscores the new era of ugliness that now seems to be dawning in wartime


 In yesterday's issue, I was asked,
 "Is it true Ken lay stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom during the Clinton years?"

 I replied,

"JB, it's my guess that he did.
  Either that, or the Dems are doing their usual triple-bad job of refuting GOP lies."

 It turns out I was right - about how incredibly inept the scared bunny donkeys are.
 Thank Koresh CNN got a list from the AP on who - exactly - stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom
 during the Clinton years and - surprise - Kenny Boy's not on the list.

 Click  Here
 Note that "BartCop" does not appear on that list.

 The Democrats are so totally and hopelessly clueless on how to fight.
 Where the hell was Terry McAuliffe?  Where the hell is everybody?

 The fascist dogs of the GOP have been spreading that rumor since Enron died,
 and the helpless and hopeless Democrats just lay there saying, "Please screw me again."

What's wrong with this party?

 Do I need to go to Washington and straighten them out?
 Is there no fight at all left in the Democrats?

 And don't give me, "We're all one since September 11th," crap.
 The GOP is fabricating lies and selling them wholesale, and the Washington press corpse
 is buying every lie and re-labeling it "the God's truth," because the Dems refuse to fight back.

 This party needs to borrow a cup of courage from Julie Hiatt Steele.

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Bush: The 5th Amendment Administration

The whole world knew everything about former President Clinton -- much more than
anyone wanted to know. Republicans wailed, "The American public has a right to know."

Ken Starr and right-wing religious groups, made sure that everything President Clinton
ever did or was accused of doing before and during his presidency was an open book.

Why can they not apply this candor to themselves? This president and his appointees
should be known to history as the "Fifth Amendment administration."

What are they hiding?

Jim in Rochester, MI

 Damn, when was the last time you visited  mediawhoresonline.com?

 Can you believe how big they're getting?
 It seems like every week, MWO is mentioned by a TV talk show,
 a nationally syndicated columnist or quoted in an article in Salon or The Nation.
 Wolf the Whore alluded to them just last night.

 I'm so jealous!

 Someone asked me today if some story they read on MWO was real.  I told them,
"Yes, they are honest and reliable at MWO!
   It's me who can't be trusted."

 Check it out.
 Mediawhoresonline.com  is one of the most important sites on the web.

Get your BartCop Stickers while they last.

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Tulsa, OK 74155

Donation not required.

Yet another incredibly silly "best President ever" poll
Lincoln Tops Presidential Poll

Lincoln has moved to the top of the list of greatest presidents in an ABC News poll
George W. Bush ease ahead of Ronald Reagan in the overall survey and among Republicans.
In the same ABC poll a year ago, Reagan was at the top.

Republicans are dumping the Reagan myth for the Weak & Stupid myth?

Does that mean in 2004, all the GOP candidates will be arguing
over which of them is the closest clone to the unelected fraud?

Why are they talking about new Reagan monuments if he's not even
considered the greatest living Republican by his own party?

  American democracy: R.I.P
  The emergence of the Fascist American Theocratic State
     by John Stanton and Wayne Madsen, Online Journal Contributing Writers

  Click  Here

 Three events accelerated the demise of American Democracy.
 The Election of 2000 (the American version of a coup), the 911
 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon primarily by
 terrorists from Saudi Arabia (a vaunted but corrupt U.S. "ally"
 that funded both the terrorist Al Qaeda network and the Taliban)
 and the US response to it, and the spate of corporate bankruptcies,
 most notably Enron, which provided clear evidenceóto those who
 dared look at itóthat the American democratic process was a sham.

 The Bush administration, composed of a number of former Enron
 officials in its upper ranks, could only describe the worst financial
 collapse in the world's history as a "tragedy" as if it were akin to a
 hurricane or earthquake and not man-made.

From: tommymack@sbcglobal.net

Subject: An American in London...

Hey, Bart.
Just went to London and you know what?
Liberals AND conservatives over there hate Bush.
So in a way, he is a uniter and not a divider.

Enjoy the pic!

Tommy Mack

ha ha

That's so cool!
Great idea, too!

Hey, all you non-stateside  bartcop.com  readers -

Send in your "Bush is a complete idiot - bartcop.com" picture by a famous landmark and
get your picture in to the most exciting political internet liberal treehouse published in Oklahoma.

From: catzies@dock.net

Subject: Could (should) this be "Funeralgate II?"
See Tomb Raiders

Bartcop and Dear Bartcop Readers,

I know you agree that any story with "...and they were all filled with human remains,"
is too too terrible to even contemplate.  But it's true again, and how very sad.
Why is it that these happen in "we put the -mental in fundamental" Christian states,
where the 2nd Amendment reigns over all, and Southern to boot?
And they're all Republicans...oops, which goes without saying.

I don't have to remind you the BFEE has a trail of these in their wake.
To get to the bottom of this is an important job for someone who can play
Has the BFEE been tampering with the Death Industry again?

I hope by asking, all of you Brilliant Readers and Writers, someone can prove
something like this being a result of deregulation.  Or something.  Probably bad.

This awful sort of thing never happens, but somehow it follows Bush around
like a tail wagging a dog?  Mere coincidence?  Bartcop readers need to know.

No one else will do it, or at least they won't get a fair airing in the
MegaMedia outlets that are all whores looking the other way.

But someone here knows the way.  Please tell us when you find out.


 Look, it's Granny C in 1955

              She's a hottie!

 Some of the graphics seen on this page come from


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From: sascha@futurefunk.net

Subject: You're a legend in your own lunchbreak

I've yet to see you debate me without resorting to personal attacks and name-calling.

What a sweet way to begin a conversation.
It's always nice to hear from Sacha.
(Have we spoken before?)

But that can wait, what I'd really like to see is an unreserved admission that the doves
were right all along and you were so easily suckered into being a ra-ra nationalist by
the GOP and the hegemonic structure that we call American "democracy".

I'll admit this:
On September 11th, I wanted revenge and it couldn't happen fast enough for me.
Only one man on the planet could order that, (well, actually everyone orders Smirk around)
and yes, I believed him when he said he was going to erase bin Laden and the bad guys.
About the only thing Bush ever did with any efficiency was send men to their graves.

As I recall, you were in the "Let's forgive them" camp.
I'm not naming names, but some of you doves act like you were up on bin Laden and the
proposed Afghan Pipeline on September 10th, and the second that first plane hit,
you knew Smirk's plan for world domination was now in motion.

But I don't see it, all I see is "you told us you would get the baddies, boo-hoo."
It's time you faced up to the fact that you are also responsible for what has happened
in the last 5 months. You are an "enabler of evil."

ha ha
No, I'm a wanter of revenge.

Are you getting any closer to not being a tool of the state?

ha ha
BartCop - apologist for the unelected, weak & stupid crook

The truth is, your position is so extreme, you see me in bed with Smirk.
To "A,"  it looks like "E" and "Z" and standing next to each other.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
   --Edmund Burke
(And it's even more likely when they have a website that says "we owe those bastards")

Hey, if Americans refused to fight for their country,
Burke would've said that in German,
and we'd be able to read it with no problem.

Do me a favor - write in 30 years and ask if I've changed my mind yet.


 Julie is back online
 Her friend Marshall waved some magic wand and she's back with us again.

 I was reading about Julie today in my The Hunting of the President book,
 written by my good friends Gene Lyons & Joe Conason.
 Two things jumped out.  This is Joe Conason writing:

 When Isikoff reached Steele's suburban home later that afternoon, he found
  a cordial, talkative divorcee in her early 50's with curly blonde hair and a six-year old.

 The other thing was this sentence:

 ...Willey had fallen into a state of mental and emotional breakdown...
 and Steele had been forced to place her friend in a hospital for care.

 ha ha
 I don't know why that sounds funny - Julie committing Willey to a mental hospital.
 There's a funny story behind that.
 I hope she puts it in her upcoming book.

 Meanwhile, here's what you could do:

 Click and order this great book, only $11.95 plus shipping.
 and when it arrives, read about Julie on pages 272, 278, 279, 303 and 354.

 Then write to Julie and say, "You go, girl!"
   ...and it wouldn't hurt to include your phone number.

 You might get a call from the woman who sacrificed her nice life, her health and her paid-for home
 to stop the fascist dogs from throwing away your vote in 1998 instead of 2000.

 Hey, I should ask her that:

 Julie, if you knew back in 1998 that we were going to lose the right to choose
 our president in just two years anyway, would you have still done the same thing?

 I'll be she says "yes..."

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  -> 

 ...and if you hear from her,  me.

 Quips and Comments
    by Barry Crimmins

   Click  Here

 In defending the Court-appointed Bush administration's scheme to
 route nuclear waste across the entire country to a planned Yucca
 Mountain repository in Nevada, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said,
 "Everyone travels to Nevada to gamble so what better destination for
 the riskiest cargo of all?"

 If Bush's Yucca Mountain nuke waste dump plan is implemented, the
 entire state of Nevada becomes a game of chance.

Check today's 


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 Happy Birthday to...

Cindy Crawford is 36      Kimberly Davis is 29      Patty Hearst is 48

 Kerri Hoskins is 32    Jennifer O'Neill is 54        Nancy Wilson is 71
                                                                             she looks great for her age

 Also born today:  Ansel Adams (1902) Charles Barkley (1963) Kurt Cobain (1967)
 John Daly (1914) (He can sure hit a golf ball for being 88)  the great J. Geils (1946)
 Sidney Poitier (1924) Bobby Unser (1934) Peter Strauss (1947)

 True or False?

 Del Toro, Benicio
 Regular guy. Macho.
 "Shockingly sweet...amazingly mellow."
 Linked with Heather Graham.
 Has no particular liking for oral sex.

 ha ha

 How bad could Heather Graham be at oral sex?

Waste Site Story: Bush Caves on Nukes
     by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"Let them know itís not true," said Mr. Cheney after his rivals warned that a Bush administration would promote
the transport of high-level radioactive waste to the controversial site, just 90 miles from Las Vegas. "We wonít
support it on either a temporary or permanent basis" unless "itís deemed safe by government scientists," he promised,
insisting that there was "no difference" between Mr. Bush and Democrat Al Gore on the issue.

Mr. Cheney had good reason to blur any distinctions between Democrats and Republicans regarding the unpopular
siting scheme, because the Clinton-Gore ticket had carried Nevada during the two previous national elections,
and late surveys showed that neither side could be confident of victory in 2000.

Mr. Cheney further vowed that the Bush administration would veto "any legislation Ö that is not based on sound
science and canít be done safely," and that he and Mr. Bush would "support the E.P.A. setting tough standards
for health and the environment before anybody does anything" at Yucca Mountain.

Poor Nevada, they fell for the Bush Family Evil Empire lies.

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