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Volume 743 - Perkel Arrested 


 Tuesday     March 12, 2002          Send Me an Angel      Recent old stuff     Shopping w/ Bart
Julie Hiatt Steele's "Final Report" rebuttal
Listen to Julie on Mike Malloy  Thursday at 5 PM EST
If you can't hear Julie at 5 PM EST, the taped re-broadcast is at 11 PM EST

 Special Issue - we hope to have a regular issue up later today.

Mike Malloy to discuss Marc Perkel arrest at 5 PM EST today
             Taped re-broadcast at 11 PM EST or 7 PM in Intelligencia

              Click  Here  to listen, then click "IAmerica" when you get there

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 Update on Perkel

 It looks like this is a non-Ashcroft matter, but the damn cops won't tell Marc
 why he was arrested and they haven't arraigned him, but he can make phone calls.

 It seems they're going to keep him shackled and extradite him to Missouri.
 One report says this is over a $2500 matter, but they won't let him use his credit card
 and send the $2500 - partly because the complaintant has yet to be identified.

 I talked to the attorney he asked to be contacted.
 She's not a criminal attorney, so she's hesitant to offer advice.
 It seems that Perkel needs a criminal attorney in Springfield, Mo.

 The cops in Springfield have verified that he's wanted there, but they won't say for what crime.
 They say that information can only be divulged to his attorney.

 That's crap.

 They're intentionally playing Tommy Dimwit.  Again - the main reason he left Springfield
 is because the cops are crooked and the judges do what they're told.

 From his website: http://www.perkel.com/pbl/city/index.htm

Do the People of Springfield Missouri have Civil Rights?

On 09-08-98 at 10:30pm I, Marc Perkel was arrested at my home at night by two cops from the Springfield
Missouri Police Department. This is an ongoing sort of police abuse and what they do to get away with it.
This happens all the time in many cities. I'm going to document this incident on the Internet so that the public
can read the details of what happens here in Springfield Missouri and hopefully take whatever steps necessary
to prevent this from happening in your community.

         Springfield Missouri is a Police State -
         This city does not care about civil rights or law and order.

On December 14th 1998 I, Marc Perkel, filed a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against the City of Springfield
and 17 other defendants for my false arrest and false imprisonment. The issue is, can the Springfield Police
arrest you in your home without a warrant? Can they throw you in jail and refuse to let you call a lawyer
or make bond? Those are some of the issues in this lawsuit.

Also from the same page:

Judge Wright joins the coverup.

All the arguments have been submitted on the summary judgement issues. I submitted my Final Arguments
summarizing all the undisputed facts and the Case Law on Home Arrests. The City of Springfield's lawyers
argued that when I got up out of my chair and answered the door, that it became a public arrest rather than
a home arrest. To me, the fact that the city was even making that argument was scary.

But what's even scarier is that the judge bought it!

On July 22nd 1999 Judge Scott Wright ruled that if the cops knock on your door
and you answer it, that constitutes a public arrest.

The facts in this case are not in dispute. I was sitting in my home watching television at 10:30pm on the night of
September 8th 1998 when two Springfield Police Officers came to my door without any kind of warrant at all to arrest
me on a city ordinance violation of trespassing that supposedly occurred three days prior. The officers knocked at the
door and I opened the door to answered it. The police officers immediately arrested me. Warrantless home arrests are
generally illegal pursuant toposing himself to the public and the arrest is a public arrest rather than a home arrest.

         The City of Springfield is using our tax dollars to pay lawyers to argue in
          federal court against our constitutional rights in order to conceal police misconduct.

Now, how safe do YOU think Perkel will be in the Springfield jail?

Crooked cops and crooked judges.

Meanwhile, just like the national press,  the newspapers in Springfield close their eyes.
They're probably doing an important story on what color the fire hydrants might be painted next.
The newspapers don't have the balls to call crooked cops on their illegal conduct.

I'm going to try to contact a Springfield lawyer.
Maybe he can meet the shackled "felon" at the airport and stay with him until bail is posted.

You know how "clumsy" Perkel is.
He's likely to "trip" and "hurt his head" while "falling down some stairs."

...more when we know something.

 We got trouble:
 First thing - copy and paste this:


 That will be the place to go if  bartcop.com suddenly goes dark.

 You have to write it down now, because if we suddenly go dark,
 you can't look it up, you know what I mean?

 Marc Perkel, producer of  bartcop.com  has been arrested.
 Perkel was in Australia for three weeks, and he was arrested as he returned to LA.
 He was going thru customs, and his name appeared on a list as "wanted."

 Perkel is not stupid.
 There's no way he would travel abroad if he'd known he was wanted.
 Details are sketchy, we should know more in a couple of hours.
 The LA cops claim he's wanted in Springfield, Missouri, his old home town.

 Why would they arrest Marc Perkel?
 He's been a thorn in the side of the cops.
 He told some women who were arrested for prostititution how to
 beat the rap and the cops got pissed and illegally arrested him.

 He was home one Saturday night, watching TV and drinking beer.
 The cops knocked on his door.
 When he opened the door to see what they wanted,
 they arrested him for "public" drunkenness.

 That's illegal, so he fought back.

 He left Springfield because the cops were threatening him.
 I warned him they could easily throw a bag of cocaine in his car
 and send him away for tewnty years.

 Marc explains everything:   http://www.perkel.com/pbl/city/index.htm

 He also has a web page entitled:  http://www.overthrowthegovernment.org

 That may make him a "terrorist" in the eyes of the illegal, unelected regime
 that wrestled control from the voters in the 2000 election.

 The good news: He works for a team of lawyers.
 In 14 minutes, I will attempt to contact them for advice.

 So, write this down.

 It will be the only way we can communicate if they seize Perkel's server.

 Also, if anyone knows how to do this, is it possible to copy every back issue
 of  bartcop.com  and put it on a CDR?

 That may not be necessary, but we can't assume anything until Perkel is freed.

 Important:  We might need an LA attorney.

 If we need one, we'll spend the money.

 If I was arrested, I'd want him and you to do the same.

 His arrest information:  http://pajis.lasd.org/details.cfm?BNA_BOOKING_NO=7210124

"I may be overreacting, but I am in jail,
  and I don't want to stay here."
     -- Marc, last night

 We should have an update in minutes.


   We got your boy.
 You're next, Funnyboy.

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