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Volume 742 -  There's No Going Back 


 Monday     March 11, 2002            Send Me an Angel           Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart
Julie Hiatt Steele's "Final Report" rebuttal
  VCR Alert - John Belushi Special tonight, third hour, NBC


"Congress has encroached on the executive branch for 30 years
  in what amounts to a weakening of the presidency, and the
  president and I are bound and determined not to let that happen."
    -- the Vice Oil President, to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show

 Yeah, Dick, and we know how sincere you are about that because of all those times
  you came forward to defend Bill Clinton so forcefully when the ditto-monkey104th
  congress encroached on the power of the last legally-elected president.

  ...never trust a lying Dick.

 The Bushonian Agenda:
 Citizen Profiling & Internal Security
   by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 The House of Bush wants to use your local Neighborhood
 Crime Watch Association to act as a Big Brother surrogate.

 First, the Civilian Defense Force will coordinate the so-called Local Citizen's
 Profiling Program, and this is where the Neighborhood Watch comes in.

 Meanwhile, when we're all watching and suspecting each other,
 the Bush Family Evil Empire will be emptying the federal treasury,
 just like Kenneth Lay did to those poor Enron employees.

Note I received:

I may call Ed Bradley tomorrow, that jerk.  He never even asked Willey why a woman
who had been married many years and had repeated the story many times could be so
shocked and tearful while telling it again.  She should have gotten the Oscar that year.

I couldn't read the text [of Julie's Final Report rebuttal] on your site because of the formatting,
so I put it into a Word document and fixed it. (attached)

Is anyone else having trouble reading  Julie's Final Report rebuttal?

Subject: be honest!

As you are collecting for JHS .a real cause I believe in, can you give possible donors
any assurance that your off the top expenses in this matter will NOT include:
# 1 side trips to Vegas
# 2 purchasing nature's flowers to puff on...
# 3 downing of 60 bucks a shot of your favorite booze?

You don't have to print this
I don't want to spoil it for Julie.
She really deserves a break!


Ed, great question and I don't mind you or anybody asking.
(I guess you saw 60 Minutes last night, eh?
 I haven't awarded myself any bonuses.)
On the contribution page, I have a bold, underlined statement that says,

If you sent money for Julie and don't see your name on this list contact me.

In my mind, that's your protection against thievery and abuse.
If someone sent money and their name isn't listed, I'd expect them to go to
the BartCop Forum  and raise a ruckus. (keep in mind the mail can be slow etc)

Baconslab/Genslab runs that over there, and I'm sure he wouldn't
cover up any complaints that I haven't reported someone's contribution.

If someone sent money that I didn't report, start screaming.
(but now the stalkers have a sword to swing, but screw them)

On the other end, when the 27th of April comes, and if the total says $10,000
and I give Julie a check for $9990, I expect her to say, "Where's the other $10?"

A couple of sidebars:
One lady sent money directly to Julie and wrote to ask why her name wasn't listed.
I can't read Julie's mail - I don't know what she's gotten directly.
She's going to provide me with a list of who sent $50 or $100 for tickets,
but if anyone sends a contribution to Julie, I'm not in that loop.

One fella sent $100. His note said, "Here is $50 for Juliefest and $50 for the halibut."
I thought maybe "halibut" was a local colloquialism for "treehouse" so I listed him on the
Juliefest page as a $50 donor. He later wrote and asked what happened to the other $50,
so I correct his $50 to $100. I won't make that mistake again :)

So, yes, you did Julie and me a service by asking.

Koresh knows I'm guilty of so much, but stealing from a real American hero who willingly
gave up her happy home to save Clinton's presidency and kick Kenneth Starr in the groin
is a depth to which I have yet to sink.

BTW, if anyone knows a better (and free) way to prove this is above board,
let me know and we might do it that way.

So Ed, does this mean you will be contributing?

Click to see my good friend Tom's page

 Forgot to include in yesterday's issue

 I called Julie Saturday about noon and asked if Gene Lyons and the film crew
 were there yet, and she said "No," so I suggested she take her phone off the hook
 so a numbnut like me doesn't call just as she's filming her best slap-Kenny rant.

 She called after it was over and said when she heard a knock on the door,
 she opened it and there stood Gene Lyons and Joe Conason.

 They sent the "A" team to Julie's house to film the truth!

 Christian is pulling her hair out.
 She was supposed to be there this weekend, and she really, really wants to meet
 both Joe and Gene, but things got complicated and she couldn't get there in time,
 so she's going to Julie's again next weekend.

 Julie said as she asked them to come in, she said, "Welcome to the 'after'."
 (Their next stop was Richmond, where they planned to take picture of Julie's "before" home
  to contrast with her "after" home.  You young kids reading this remember:
  If you tell the truth, your government will try to destroy you, so always remember to lie, OK?)

 She said they got everything done in less than four hours. Gene & Joe stayed off-camera,
 and asked her questions about the torture that awful Starr shit put her thru for no reason
 other than they HATE free elections and need to overturn them every chance they get.

 The plan is to snip excerpts from Julie's answers and intersperse them into the film.

 Julie said "It went great" and that she was "right on it."

 ha ha

 I'll bet she's the best one in the movie, too.

 The Big Guys Work For the Carlyle Group
  What exactly does it do? To find out, we peeked down the rabbit hole.
     from Fortune Magazine, no conspiracy nuts there, right?

  Click  Here

 The firm also has about a dozen investors from Saudi Arabia, including,
 until recently, the bin Laden family. Yes, those bin Ladens. Is it any wonder
 that Internet sites with names like paranoiamagazine.com are rife with stories
 about Carlyle's shadowy, corrupt global network? And it's not just wackos.

 "Be careful," a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley wrote in an e-mail
  when he learned I was doing a story on Carlyle.

"The rabbit hole runs really deep on this one.''


 If recent reports that Robert Ray may have violated federal law didn't convince you
 that he is an incorrigible pettifogger and loathsome schemer, then his much-ballyhooed
 'final report' on the Clinton investigation should do the trick.

 Here's the key point:
 There is a technical legal term for prosecutors who publicly claim that they had
 enough evidence to prosecute and win a conviction and yet decided not to do so.

 They're called "liars."

   incorrigible pettifogger

 Liars, liars, liars!

 This is the classic Starr/Ray tactic of trying to win cheap
 in the court of public opinion what they couldn't win in a real court.

 What's pitiful about Ray is that he actually seems to think that playing
 the anti-Clinton card might help him pocket a Senate seat from New Jersey.
 But even the antis don't think or care much about Ray.

 Let's just hope this sorry wretch decides to run.
     -- Josh Marshall,
    from http://talkingpointsmemo.com/march0201.html#030702248am

 Help Wanted

 I need a transcript of one day's worth of the vulgar Pigboy.
 I'd like to get all three hours of one day of Rush as an html file.
 Is there someone who can do this?

 There's a reason Rush doesn't have his shows archived.
 I'm going to show you why.

Ol' Bart and put "steno" in the subject line.
 We'll pick a date and watch the vulgar Pigboy hang himself.

 Saw it on buzzflash.com

 Prosecutor raises suspicions


 Click  Here

 Ray, of course, has nothing to worry about because this claim, made in a
 final report by the Clinton prosecution team, is beyond belief. There is
 every reason to suspect that Ray didn't bring charges because he had
 nothing that would convince a jury of Clinton's supposed guilt, just as
 Ray's predecessor and mentor, Kenneth Starr, was unable to come up
 with anything to bring a guilty verdict against Clinton in the Senate.

Subject: nukes

"The secret report, which was provided to Congress on Jan. 8, says the Pentagon needs to be
prepared to use nuclear weapons against China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria.

It says the weapons could be used in three types of situations: against targets able to withstand
nonnuclear attack; in retaliation for attack with nuclear, biological or chemical weapons;
or "in the event of surprising military developments.""

Gee, what do you want to bet in a year or two
we'll be hearing "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta" again?


I think I hate that trifecta quote more than "Let's roll."

  Click  Here

 Mohamed Atta had connections with the Saudi Royal Family, according to his flight instructor
 in Florida, who told another student pilot Atta's status as a member of the Saudi elite warranted
 him having a full-time bodyguard at all times during his U.S. flight training.

 ...but, of course, the B.F.E.E. CIA knows nothing about this.

 I haven't seen last night's 9-11 special on CBS, yet.

 Was it good?

 Lorena already had an hour invested in Scully's missing baby
 so we taped Alias and the 9-11 special to help Scully find her baby.
 (She did.) 

 Did you know her baby was a space monkey?
 He can levitate stuff. No word yet on X-ray vision or flying, but when
 he's hungry, the milk bottle flies out of the fridge, warms itself in the
 microwave then floats to the baby.  Cute little kid, too.

 I'll bet all young mothers would like a space monkey like that, right?

 Juliefeast2002 and the stars

 Click  Here

 There is lots and lots of entertaining stuff at 

 In case you had a busy weekend and couldn't check in,

 Saturday's Volume 740 Planets Crash into Dust was staggering in it's depth and scope, and
 Sunday's Volume 741 Fight Against the Tide transcended greatness in every imaginable way.

 Both are sure to excite generations of readers for decades,
 so be sure you check them out.

Subject: The appointed tax cut puppet

Nice job, not bad.
Hey do you think Scalia will go with Bush in 2004 or appoint a different Republican?
If George W. Bush represents good in the war between good and evil we're in a heap of trouble.


Usurperboy is doing a great job for the ultra right-wing,
plus he's too damn stupid to connect any dots.
He's perfect for them.

 You conspiracy buffs will get a kick out of...


 They suggest Flight 77, the one Barbara Olson was on, did NOT hit the Pentagon,
 and, in fact, those people are still alive and guests of the federal government.

 I've gotten a lot of mail saying the Pentagon crash wreckage looks suspicious
 but what the hell do I know about how a crash site should look?
 The Pentagon is one of the most heavily fortified buildings ever built,
 so I'd guess it would sustain damage differently than a less fortified building.

 It's easy to suspect the unthinkable when it comes to the illegal thugs who
 ruthlessly stole the democratic process from right in front of our noses,
 but every step we take towards Crazyland just helps them call dissenters "kooks."

 If someone has a solid, SHORT take on the Pentagon crash abnormalities,
 send it in and I'll print it if I can understand it, OK?

 Fun with Numbers

 Julie-wise, we're still at $4990.
 Sure would be nice to break that $5000 mark.
 I believe what has happened is all the good people, the "regulars"
 have been very generous but the other 98 percent, the "lurkers,"
 have yet to find a way to connect their wallets to this cause.

 Remember I said the poorer people shouldn't send me any money
 because I'd just buy hookers and crack with it? Well, trust me,
 Julie is a lot poorer than anyone reading this and I'm sure because she
 wouldn't even have a computer if  we  hadn't given her one.  If we just
 had ten more dollars (eleven, actually) we could break that $5000 mark

 Take Julie's zero-balance bank account and factor in that she's not able
 to work until a few demons get chased away and you have the makings
 of a problem that she can't solve herself.

 Do you have ten or eleven dollars you could spare?

 I got to thinking (no, really)...

 PayPal will GIVE you $5 just for signing up with them.
 Give them your bank account number, and they'll put $5 in it to get you started.
 Then, if you have five or six dollars of your own, that'd total eleven dollars.
 (I'm good with math - I'm Catholic)

 Did you know if everyone reading this signed up with PayPal
 we would have $80,000 to get Julie back on her feet?
 If everyone reading this signed up, PayPal will give Julie $80,000
 Gosh, what a nice company PayPal must be...

 Isn't that an amazing statistic?
 BTW, Saturday I sent her $1080 so she can exist until...
 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

 Click  Here   We're hoping to have a new total soon.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  ->

 If you send me anything send your phone number
 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

Let's party with Julie Hiatt Steele BIG time.

...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.
 48 days from today.

 Could I get you to send that "Julie Rebuttal" link to your local newspaper
 and maybe your local television network affiliate?   The link is


 I think there should be some truth mixed in with the out-of-control government lies.

 You "list people," can you be sure that goes to everyone on your list?

 And I know someone, somewhere, has a list of every TV talk show.
 Can we send that to all the talking heads?

 Even the big guys, Carville, Begala, Bugliosi, Press, Ivins - everybody
 needs to read that, and they can't - unless they get it from one of us.
 Even Big Dog (and his lawyer David Kendall) don't know everything in Julie's essay.
 Julie knows stuff nobody knows because she got Ken Starr under oath and made him
 produce documents and reports and records and stuff. Also, that sick bastard Starr sent
 over a billion papers, hoping the truth would never be pieced together. But maybe he didn't
 realize that Julie has that photographic memory and, since she's temporarily unemployable,
 she has the time and the never-ending desire to clear Starr's dirty, lying mud off of her good name.

 So - send that far and wide, would you?

 Don't forget to check 

     How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

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