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Volume 740 - Planets Crash into Dust


 Saturday     March 9, 2002           Send Me an Angel           Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart
 This is one of those rambling, scattered, sudden and once-thru issues.
 There'll be more of these until after April 27th, so hang on and have patience.

 Right now, if you're reading this within a few hours of when I posted it, Julie Hiatt Steele
 has Gene Lyons and a feature film crew in her living room. They brought their lights and
 their cameras and their audio recording equipment and they're pointing it all at Julie while
 she tells the truth about what that evil bastard Ken Starr did to her.

 I hope this is OK to tell, but in the dozens and dozens of hours of conversations I've had
 with her, Julie mentioned once that she has long hair now because she didn't have the money
 to get her hair cut and styled, or whatever you gals call that.

 So I asked her if she wanted me to advance her some money that you generous people have
 donated to her cause so she could get dolled up for the cameras and she said, (my words)

"No, I might as well let them see what has happened to me since I was destroyed by
 Starr and our government. I might as well let them see me as I am, let them see where
 I live now, in this building that's going to be condemned in the next ten days instead of
 my lovely and comfortable home. Let them see everything just as it is, and I'll wait
 and get my hair cut for the DC party when I get to meet everybody."

You GO, girl!!

 I hope Gene warned that camera crew what they were about to get into.
 I hope they brought lots of film, too, because they're going to need it.

 Julie has a remarkably efficient photographic memory. When you talk to her, just in casual conversation,
 she'll say things like, "If you remember, on November 15, 1998 Willey testified to this,
 but on May 3, 1998 she testified to that, and then on July 22, 1998, she testified to
 an entirely different story than the other two."

 ...and I'm like, "Yeah, I remember that..."

 Does this film crew know they're talking to a 95-pound encyclopedia?
 Poor Kathleen Willey.   She couldn't remember from one deposition to another what she lied about,
 so that vengeful bastard Starr had to keep granting her immunity over and over because she kept lying
 under oath, which broke their original immunity agreement. So each time, Starr had to re-issue her
 a new immunity agreement with an admonishment to keep her damn story straight next time.

 But Julie told the same true story every time.
 And every time she repeated the same true story, Starr charged her with ANOTHER count
 of obstruction of justice because Julie's truth kept colliding with Willeys lie-de-jour.

 That's how she got to FOUR counts of obstructing justice.
 How DARE she tell a story different than Willey's constantly-changing story?

"But Bart, can you prove any of this?" my stalkers will ask.

 Sure can.
 Go to  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/onpolitics/transcripts/lewinsky_030602.html
 This is Robert Ray's pitifully-poor excuse for why they spent the $100 million on Clinton's zipper.

 Then click on Appendix B (85-94)
 The slide down to XI #3
 It says, verbatim, Robert Ray's own words:

"Willey's testimony to the Grand Jury about the alleged incident
  (the Clinton non-grope) differed materially
  from her deposition testimony given in Jones vs. Clinton."


 Robert Ray says his star witness lied under oath.

 So if this money-seeking opportunist/whore was lying, and
 Starr and Ray KNEW she was lying three or four years ago,
 why was it necessary for them to destroy Julie Hiatt Steele?

 Last thing (applause):
 When they say "differed materially," that doesn't mean she said 3 oclock one time
 and 3:30 the other time. If you keep reading XI #3, it says Willey testified in her
 Jones vs Clinton deposition, and this is a verbatim quote, check me out:

"She said at her deposition that she could not recall whether President Clinton
  succeeded in kissing her and that he did NOT fondle her."

 So, the ONLY witness against Julie Hiatt Steele admitted under oath,
 according to Robert Ray's report, that Clinton did NOT grope her,
 but Julie faced 40 years in prison for saying the same goddamn thing?

 Clinton said it didn't happen.
 Willey swore it didn't happen.
 Julie said, "I doubt that it happened," so she was arrested by Hardon Kenny.

 If Robert Ray admits Julie told the truth, why was she arrested and put on trial?

 ha ha

 That camera crew's in trouble.
 They have no idea what they're getting into.
 I hope they brought lots of film :)

 Maybe we'll get lucky and get a first-person report of the day.

 Help Wanted

 I need a transcript of one day's worth of the vulgar Pigboy.
 I'd like to get all three hours of one day of Rush as an html file.
 Is there someone who can do this?

 If I have to, I'll pay, but with all the competent people who've been thrown out of work by the
 idiot usurper's insatiable greed and disregard for working families all over this once-great country,
 I was hoping someone with the skills and the free time could help to provide that.

 I want to see what happens when a full day (or full hour, if I have to settle) looks like
 under the BartCop microscope. For years, I've said Rush is a serial liar and a truth molester
 and I'll bet he tells more than 100 lies an hour and I'm willing to bet money on it.

 We would do this as a special.
 I would print every word he says in a one-hour period and identify and number his lies.
 I'm saying right here and right now that Rush tells 100 lies an hour and if I can get someone
 to transcribe his lying, Nazi rantings, I'll bet that 100-lie mark is hit with room to spare.
 If it turns out funny, it might even get picked up by a major and make a big splash.
 You could help but  bartcop.com  on the map.

 What if I'm right?
 What if I can document 100 Rush lies in one hour?

 If they're numbered, we could argue and debate them (as tho that'd be necessary).
 Just think, if we could document 100 lies in an hour, somebody will notice and Rush might
 get some national exposure he doesn't want as a serial liar and a truth molester in the process.
 We could take that lying SOB down - if I can get some help.

 The only way this wouldn't work is if it's an usual show.
 Sometime he talks about airplanes for a full hour, so it's possible he could go 60 minutes
 without telling the entire 100 lies, but if he's talking about Bush or Daschle or a bill going
 thru congress or Ted Kennedy or, Koresh forbid, the cadaver of a Democrat, he could hit
 200 lies in a hour because he talks so fast - so help me out.

 I suppose if you were the Jimmy Page of stenographers, you could do this live and e-mail it to me
 a few minutes after his show ends. But what's more likely, is getting three people to each take an hour
 to lighten the load. It'd kill the momentum if I got Monday's show a week from Friday.

 Can you help with this?

 Doesn't matter what day it is, because I know he tells 100 lies an hour every day
 - unless of course, something strange happens and he interviews a liar, instead.

 Help an old altar boy out.
 Let's you and me and the vulgar Pigboy make some news.
 And you Republican stengraphers who're reading this, and I know you are - if you want to call my bluff
 and challenge me to find 100 lies in a typical E.I.B. hour, then the challenge is accepted so bring it on.

 There's a reason Rush doesn't have his shows archived.
 I'm going to show you why.

Ol' Bart and put "steno" in the subject line.

 If we can prove Rush tells 100 lies an hour, he'll be hurt and we'll be stronger.
 If I don't hear from anybody, we'll start throwing money at this, because this is a good idea.
 But it's my guess that if this goes as planned, we could get mentioned in the mainstream press.
 And if you're an unemployed stenographer (or whatever a person's called who does this)
 you might have a job at the end of the week.

 Think I can't pull this off?

 Watch me.

From  John G

Subject: Drudge & Blumenthal

Today, 3-7 we have a prime example of what O'REILLY and the HUNDREDS of today's
commentators represent:  Their proto-exemplar, DRUDGE, put out there a headline,
something about "BLUMENTHAL Indicted for Child Porn."

There can be NOBODY who can disingenuously claim, given DRUDGE's history with
Sid BLUMENTHAL, that DRUDGE did not intend for Sid BLUMENTHAL's name
to be the one to come to the mind of anybody seeing the headline.

When the story is clicked-on, it is NOT Sid BLUMENTHAL.


Well, yeah, but who is surprised?
Since Drudge lowered the bar to the ground for the American whore press,
the major newspapers and network news shows can no longer be trusted.
Even the New York Times turned gutter whore in the last four years.

 What's new over at 

 This report:
 Saturday Night, PBS
 U2 concert from 1983

 PBS is broadcasting a U2 concert from 1983 ('Under A Blood Red Sky In Colorado')
 at 10pm, Saturday, at least in Florida.

 Stay with me, I can do this real fast:
 In 1983, U2 still hadn't "made it," and they decided to take every dime they had
 and bet it all on this one concert to be filmed. If this concert film wasn't a hit, they'd be
 broke financially and broken spiritually and probably would've disbanded and gone home.

 They used the classic Star Trek maneuver of setting all their fuel on fire at once,
 hoping to attract enough attention to eventually save them as a group.

 We tried that with our four-figure Salon.com ad purchase on Jan 19, 2001
 We're still here, so I guess it worked, and in the next 48 hours I hope to be unveiling
 the classic Star Trek  "setting all our fuel on fire" manuever for Juliefest2002,
 but we'll get back to that when the BIG announcement is made.

 Now, I don't know if U2 was very stupid or very smart, but this concert,
 on which EVERYTHING had been bet, was outside in the mountains of Colorado.
 This is Red Rocks Park, which is higher than Mile High Stadium in Denver.

 If you've ever seen U2 at Red Rocks, you know it was recorded under dismal conditions.
 The date of the gig was June 5, 1983.

 Now, you'd figure June would be a nice month for a warm, calm outdoor show, right?
 Not a mile high in the Rockies, it's not.

 Here they were, with every dime and their futures bet on this one night, the wind was blowing,
 the cold rain was pouring, the chill was biting, and there's these four very young men,
 standing there in short-sleeve t-shirts, playing their asses off.
 You know why?

 Because they WANTED it - they wanted it real f-ing bad.

 Koresh, if the Democrats had one-tenth of U2's committment, we would've won Florida.
 But nooooooooooooooo.

 We didn't want to win Florida, we wanted to eat our damn Thankgiving turney, instead.
 We wanted to go home and watch football on TV instead of counting the votes and
 protecting the constitution and making democracy safe in this once-great country.

 We didn't want it bad enough - that's why we lost.
 If we didn't want it - we didn't deserve to win that election.

 Team Oil wanted it because they had a plan.
 They had a plan to drag us back into war and recession so the Bush Family Evil Empire
 could steal a few trillion and reward their billionaire friends with more billions.
 Why can't our side have a plan?

 If only we valued our right to vote as much as U2 wanted to get their message out.

 How did I land in a party of spineless wimps?

 Plus, there is lots and lots of entertaining stuff at 

 Miss Peggy Noonan - So Far From Sane

   Complete pile here

   From her latest dolphin-inspired claptrap:
 The first e-mail I opened this morning was from a friend who said this:
 Peggy, the government fears a nuke has been smuggled into the U.S.,  the Mideast is boiling,
 the weather is roiling, the church is reeling from sexual corruption in the clergy, and last night
 came a report that a statue of Padre Pio in Sicily is weeping blood.

 "I'm feeling very apocalyptic, and I'm serious," he wrote.
 He's sane, sound, not usually excitable.

 He reminded me of Andrew Sullivan, who wrote Wednesday on his blog that for the first time
 since Sept. 11 he is having nightmares. The next day he posted Senate testimony that a dirty bomb
 would render Manhattan uninhabitable for decades.

 It's so hard to reach the religiously insane, but I'll try.

 Miss Peggy,
The government does NOT think a bomb is in the US., but I can understand your zeal
    in keeping the "emergency under siege" mentality going to help the B.F.E.E. takeover.
    At best, it's another excuse to deny civil rights by The Unelected One.
The Mideast is boiling because that'll raise oil prices and make more money for the B.F.E.E.
The weather has always been the weather.
The Church doesn't want to solve their sex problems.  Years ago, I gave them a map that'd
    solve these molestations overnight, but they loooooove their traditions more than they value
    the virginity of the rectums of the altar boys, so the mass rapes will continue.
I guarantee no statues are weeping blood, you drunken, old fool.
Andrew "Captain Bareback" Sullivan deserves every nightmares he has.
    It's his sub-conscious punishing him for what he's done to gay rights in this country.
Yes, a dirty bomb would render Manhattan uninhabitable,
    but so would a photon torpedo attack by Klingons in cloaked starships.

 Miss Peggy, you're just scared because the president is Weak & Stupid.
 Admit it, Miss Peggy, you wish a real president was in charge, like Bill Clinton.
 But you're not alone - everyone misses Clinton's peace and prosperity.

 By the way, have you ever sent nude pictures of yourself to John Fund?

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

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 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 Don't forget to check 


 Do Republicans have the right to be soulless, Nazi bastards?

 I think they do.

 I was just wondering, because the vulgar Pigboy said the other day that
 Tom Daschle has the right to go to Afghanistan and fight with Al Qaeda
 against the American special forces, so a right is a right, right?

 He said Tom Daschle had the right to fight every great bill that Saint George prefers,
 and Tom Daschle had the right to block the votes that would save the crumbling economy
 and Tom Daschle had the right to tell lies that hurt poor American familes etc etc etc.

 It's a good damn thing that the vulgar Pigboy hides behind his call screeners
 because if he ever allows the free exchange of opinions on his show, he's f-ing toast.

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 JHS Evening: Will BC's True Identity Be Revealed?

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Tally Briggs - Vegas Votare and soon to be Dice Diva
Patricia Scotto - Beyond the Lights
Vinny Toricello - Vinny's Sports Picks

You know what? (and please post!)
  by Julie Hiatt Steele

Once again I was just checking the website and it hit me, I love you.
You have been the best friend I could ever dream of having!
Thank you for everything you do, and have done, for me.

It was extremely lonely out here at the end of the limb I seem to have landed on, and then came Bartcop!
My life has changed because of you and your readers, I feel more connected, more hopeful.
It is important for me to remember, and for all of you to understand, the FBI/OIC is very good at what they do.
They are masters of abuse.

If you look at the characteristics of spousal abuse, you will find the similarities in abuse:
loss of financial independence,
loss of meaningful employment,
loss of relationships,
strain on family relationships,
it is all there, and more...
Thank you for recognizing my plight and for caring enough to do something about it.
When finally I could not walk, all of you carried me.

You may not have realized it at the time, but I LOVED that house, it reflected my personality,
it was my safety net, my safe haven, it was home in every sense of the word.
My husband and I bought it after 13 years and 13 moves, I swore I would never move again.
We divorced shortly after that.
I bought his share of the house and stayed there for 23 years.
I remember that I cried the day I paid off the mortgage.

I was not at all sure I could survive leaving there last summer,
without all of you I really don't think I could have made it.
Thank you.

I will always remember that and will forever hold a
special place in my heart for you and for your readers.
Thank you again and again,


Julie, you may not know this story.

Your good friend Tamara Baker tried again and again to get me to call you.  I resisted, because why
would the bravest woman in America want to talk to a comedyboy bonehead? I think, since I'm in finance,
she wanted me to offer advice on how to save your home, but I know nothing about real estate law so
I dragged my feet. One day she pinned me down and said, "Would you call her tonight?"
I said, "Tamo, for you, I'd do anything."

That first night I called, you were still in your own home, but you'd already been pushed off the cliff,
and I'll be damned if you, while you were still in the middle of falling, didn't go waaaay out of your way
to be niceand funny and charming in that conversation - and who was I?

If I took poise lessons for 20 years, I could never have the class and the "Victoria Barkley"
you showed me on the phone that night in our first conversation.

I remember writing:

...and she has this bubbly sense of humor that's so disarming.

Marry me, Julie!

Tamara told me later that she faxed that to you, or read it to you over the phone
and when you heard that line, she said you said, "I'll start looking at dresses."
In the middle of losing your home and your sense of security, you took the time
to be nice to me and you even showed a sense of humor.
You're a classy dame, Steele.

Me?  All I have is a modem, a smart mouth and the truth.

You've been doing all the heavy lifting.
Your courage changed the course of American history.
Your bravery let our last elected president finish his second term.

All I did was sip some tequila and crack a few jokes.  I'm in no position to help you financially,
but because of this wacky treehouse called  bartcop.com  others have been able to contribute
to get you back on your feet and try to make up for what that horrid Starr monster did to you.

Julie, get ready for the big celebration on  April 27th,
because we're going to party like it's 2099.

...and those of you who are reading this?  Write to Julie!

When you do that, you're not feeding the ego of a pampered superstar.
You're helping to break thru the stone wall of isolation that that bastard Starr erected around her
so he could more quickly break her and remove our last elected president from office.

Starr set this up so anyone who contacted Julie or was contacted BY Julie would get dragged before
his Grand Jury and terrorized - so they stayed away in droves, and they are STILL staying away.
With the IOC shutting down, there's not much chance of that happening anymore.


An ego thing for me - Julie said she first heard of "BartCop" from papers she got from the IOC.
If Hardon Kenny knew who I was, why didn't he try to terrorize me?
I would've given anything to be called before that Grand Jury.

Well, Kenneth Starr and all his illegal tactics and ugly goons did a lot of damage,
but he FAILED to break Julie's spirit.

If you think Julie deserves a "Thank you," for that, write to her and tell her.
Where else on the Internet can you write directly to a real hero?

E-mail Julie at  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com
Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

And, if you can afford it, maybe send her a buck or two.

To PayPal a contribution to Julie, Click  Here  ->

To buy a ticket (or just contribute) to Juliefest 2002 (she hates that name)

PayPal to  bartcop@bartcop.com
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
or snail mail to PO Box 54466....Tulsa, OK  74155

Let's party with Julie Hiatt Steele BIG time.

...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.
 49 days from today.

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