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Volume 757 - Thank you, James

Wednesday   March 27, 2002           Send Me an Angel        Recent old stuff     Shopping w/ Bart

We are very proud to announce that we have accepted an invitation from James Carville
 to hold  An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele at his DC restaurant, West 24.

James's bar

I think I'll enjoy a shot of Chinaco Anejo at James's bar.

Dining room One

That looks real nice.

Dining room Two

Wow, that looks real, real nice.
I wonder how often President Clinton drops by?

 The Patio

 This is a nice place.

 We’re getting a GREAT deal on West 24, but ...it is significantly more money than the
 soulless Marriott Hotel.  West 24 is a class outfit, and James is doing us a heueueueuge favor.
 We're proud and thrilled to have you meet Julie Hiatt Steele at such a nice place.

 Julie said, "I want to meet James Carville."

 James has made all this possible.
 You remember,  James wrote that book, "Stickin': The Case for Loyalty."

 click to order
 this great book

James Carville puts his money where his mouth is.

Thank you, James, for not saying "...Julie who?"

Where does that leave us?

We've gone from steerage to Mister Astor's room.
We've gone from not knowing what we're doing to smooth professionalism.
We've gone from the Cavalier to the Carvette.
(You thought that was a spelling mistake yesterday, didn't you... ?)

It’s a hell of a lot better than the Marriot and at Carville's West 24
there's no telling who might be seated at the next table.

So, those of you who committed funds before ticket prices went up, you’re still in,
and you don't owe us another dime. But if this upgrade causes you to consider
sending us a few extra bucks, it's money in Julie's pocket, ...money well spent.

Everyone is getting appetizers, free beer and free red and white wine.
So if that makes you want to remit a few extra dollars - we will accept them.

To find out how to meet Julie and Koresh-knows-who-else,  Click  Here

 How did this happen?

 Last week I got an e-mail from Ron V saying he met James Carville at GWU,
 and that he might be able to get in touch with him to invite him to Juliefest 2002.
 I said, "Hey, that'd be great!"

 Friday morning, I checked the Juliefest2002@yahoo.com mailbox.
 The first piece of mail was from James Carville.
 It didn't register at first, my frazzled mind assumed "James Carville" was the subject, not the sender.

 It appears that James is a big fan of Julie Hiatt Steele.
 Apparently James wanted to get involved, so he made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

 ...thank you, James.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for Ron V and James Carville.

 Subject: Bad news for Jeb

 According to the most recent Supreme Court decision any family member of someone
 residing in public housing can be evicted for a drug use conviction.  That means ol' Jeb can
 be thrown out of the governor's mansion because his hepped up daughter likes the happy pills.



 "Robert Ray said that while no charges will be filed, the allegations were "credible,"
   and there was never even the slimmest hint of partisanship in his investigation.

   He then headed down to New Jersey to begin his run for the GOP's Senate nomination."
       --Steve Young, L.A. Times

 Bush boy signs "unconstitutional" campaign bill

  Click  Here

 Hell, why don't we impeach him for that?
 Didn't he swear to protect, uphold and defend the Constitution?
 (...unless he gets lucky and hits the trifecta, of course)

 Bush said he will sign the bill despite reservations, including lack of provision for full funding
 disclosure by interest groups. ''You know the kind of ads I'm talking about: scurrilous, untrue ads,
 coming into the campaign,'' Bush said. ''And we don't have any idea who's putting the money in.
 And that's not good for democracy.''

 Gee, Governor, would that be like when the Wylye Brothers slipped into New York
 during your primary with $2.2 million in horseshit TV ads to call McCain a polluter
 who wanted women to get more breast cancer?

 Remember that, Governor?

 You also stood on a stage with disgruntled veterans to accuse McCain of being a traitor
 to his fellow POWs when he was being held captive at the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam.

 Remember that, Governor?

 "...scurrilous, untrue ads, coming into the campaign,'' Bush said. ''And we don't have
 any idea who's putting the money in.  And that's not good for democracy.''

 Why didn't you list the Wylye Brothers on your website as campaign contributors, Governor?
 They saved your ass in New York with those  "...scurrilous, untrue ads."

 I think the man some call president is a clumsy liar and a corrupt hypocrite.

 An Unlikely Ally Of Kenneth Starr
    by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 That righteous feeling was only intensified by the appearance of Senator Mitch McConnell,
 former bagman for the Senate Republican campaign committee and chief opponent of the
 McCain-Feingold bill, announcing his plans to restore the corrupt status quo in court.
 At his side stood Kenneth W. Starr, the former independent counsel whose true vocation
 —which he never set aside during his years of partisan prosecution—is defending the
 sellers of tobacco products and lethally flawed automobiles.

 So there was a fine pair of corporate advocates, on their way to the discredited Supreme
 Court to uphold special interests against the popular will. A perfect tableau of conservative
 power in action —except for that other guy standing next to Messrs. Starr and McConnell,
 whose name happens to be Floyd Abrams.

 With help from a friend, Enron fleeces South America

  Click  Here

 A couple of weeks ago, Argentina’s daily newspaper, La Nacion, was looking for an explanation
 of the country’s economic collapse, with 1 billion in unpayable foreign debt and five governments
 falling in the space of a week. They turned over a rock and found ­ you guessed it ­ Enron.

 According to La Nacion, George W. Bush came to Argentina in 1988 as an Enron lobbyist
 and met with Rodolfo Terragano, the Argentine government’s Minister of Public Works.
 According to Terragano, Bush pressed him “on Enron’s behalf” to help push through
 privatization of Argentina’s publicly owned energy complex. Bush told the cabinet minister
 that Enron should be given first option to buy up the gas, electricity, water and other utilities
 of that South American country

 Price of Gas going up, up, up

 The Tulsa Nazi radio station is saying gas prices are going up for three reasons:

 1. Instability in the Middle East with the Iraq attacks about to start.
 2. The costly additives the liberals are forcing into gasoline.
 3. Unexpected summer demand.

 Let's take the last one first:
 Yes, it's always a shock when Summer follows Spring.
 Who can expect these oil billionaires to be able to read a calendar?
 And who can remember which months the kids are out of school?
 That's a random decision made at the local level, right?
 How could BIG OIL know they'd be out for the summer?

 Second reason:  We know that's horseshit because if they were merely
 passing on the cost of the "liberal" gasoline additives to the customer,
 their profits would remain steady, not skyrocket through the damn roof.

 Reason Number One:
 Is this why President Unelected is attacking Iraq?
 To raise the price of oil so his crude oil buddies can make more money?
 How many hundreds of Americans will die for Bush's folly?

 We are under attack from an unelected, appointed moron and his crime family.
 He's raping America like he did Argentina.
 He's raping America like Kenny Boy did those Enron employees.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire is stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from Social Security,
 and the Democrats don't have the courage to tell him to stop or risk impeachment.

Ol' BartCop - tell me how I'm doing.

 Economic Theory

 You know how the Republicans are always screaming how unfair it is
 that the super-rich billionaires have to pay their fair share of taxes?

 Get a map of the United States - a big one.  Now, put a pin in
 the hometown of each person who paid an inheritance tax last year.

 If you put, say, 200 billionaire pins in your map of America,
 you're not going to find any pins in the state of Oklahoma - but funny,
 Don Nickles and Jim Pissquik are fighting HARD for billionaire tax relief.

 You're not going to find any pins in the state of Alabama - but funny,
 Richard Shelby is fighting HARD for billionaire tax relief.

 You're not going to find any pins in the state of Mississippi - but funny,
 Trent Lott  is fighting HARD for billionaire tax relief.

 So, where are all those pins you put on your map?

 There are a lot of pins in New York, California and Massachusetts.

 My question is - why are southern Republicans fighting so hard to give
 tax breaks to the billionaires in New York, California and Massachusetts?

 Why do senators from Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama care so much
 about the voters in in New York, California and Massachusetts?

 Why can't they represent their own damn states?

 Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama are backwards, farming states.
 The last thing those states need is East Coast billionaires paying less taxes.

 Why are Nickles, Pissquik, Shelby and Lott fighting for East Coast billionaires?

   I screwed up the link yesterday, so here's the right one.

 James Carville
  The Ragin' Cajun savages spineless Democrats, journalists who
  suck up to Bush and the GOP politicians who brought us Enron.
    by Joan Walsh    March 11, 2002

   Click  Here

  I met Democratic campaign wizard James Carville just days after President Bush's
  inauguration last January, and it was already clear that political exile didn't agree with him.
  Dining with friends at Carville's Washington restaurant, West 24...

 Neglect imperils U.S. parks

  Click  Here

 Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier and Great Smoky Mountains remain
 among the nation's 10 most endangered national parks because of pollution,
 encroaching development and neglect by the Bush administration,
 the National Parks Conservation Association asserted Monday.

"America has the ability to keep our nations' parks from serious danger,
 but we also must have the will," said association President Thomas Kiernan.
"The White House and Congress must choose to value America's treasures
 over the interests of industry lobbyists."

 With President Oil and VP Oil, these parks are in severe trouble.
 Bush would sacrifice Yellowstone in a heartbeat if his oil greedy crime family
 could make fifty dollars by getting in their with their leaking drilling rigs.

"Please Mr Bush, don't kill me."

 Energy Drafters Got Industry Advice

   Click  Here

 The Bush Energy Department says its extensive contact with industry executives
 and lobbyists who are major GOP donors was a necessary part of formulating
 the Bush administration's energy plan last year.

 Southern Co., the biggest electric power provider in the Southeast gave Bush $1.8 million
 to have pollution laws reduced - and then Bush boy passed those clean-up costs on to us..
 Every Bush donor was given a chance to be "with us or against us."  Every dirty dollar
 they give President Unelected will save them thousands in pollution control expenses.

 Like what Enron did to Argentina, our appointed head of government is being paid
 by the billionaire corporations plunder the resources of our once-great country.

 Bush is selling our clean air and clean water to utility company with the highest bid,
 ...and, as always, ...the Democrats see nothing wrong with that.

There's always something good at 


"This Bush Cheney confluence of interest between ideology and oil has put us
  on the road to Baghdad. It's time for us to realize that American principles
  have precious little to do with this costly prospective military campaign."
     --Chris Matthews, saying bad things about his boss

 Don't forget to check 
 Can Oklahoma win it all?

 Rome Fiddles, We Burn
   by Maureen Dowd  - she hates everybody, this time it's Catholics again

  Click  Here

 In a church in Chevy Chase, the priest sent a message to the Church in Rome.
 He called for the resignation of the Boston cardinal.

 "His name is Law but he is not above the law," he said, according to those who were there.
 "If he loves the church, it's time for him to go. He has to go."   He was upset that good priests
 are being tarnished by molesters and hurt by the collusion of church leaders turning a blind eye.

 "I tell you I will never hurt your children," he said, his voice trembling. "I love your children."
 He mourned a screening process that had let a lot of "weirdos" and "sickos" into the priesthood.
 And he urged the people in the pews to take back their Church.

How about some hemp clothes?

click   to  order  Buy 3, get free shipping

 Enron: The Slow Burn
   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 For a long time, the Whitewater fire lit the sky. Reading accounts by former
 conservative assassins like David Brock, or simply parsing the tortured language
 of Investigator Robert Ray, one is left with the undeniable sense that those who
 participated in the aggrandizement of the Whitewater scandal knew in their hearts
 that there was nothing to it. It was a far sharper political tool than a legal one.
 This explains why the fire burned so bright. The flames fanned by partisan
 operatives obscured the true proportions of the scandal.


"I had a big party last night, a gala. I do it every year after the show.
  It was a big success – Russell Crowe came over and beat me up."
    --David Letterman

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