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Volume 756 - A Million Ways to Kill You 


Tuesday   March 26, 2002           Send Me an Angel           Recent old stuff         Shopping w/ Bart


 "When one reads comments like Clinton's about Iran
   and sees Bush's moves against Iraq, one thanks the
   Almighty that it is Bush who is running the war on terror."
    -- Dick Morris, Clinton-hater, ditto-monkey and whore.

 Hey, Dick!
 When Clinton was president, we had peace.

 James Carville
  The Ragin' Cajun savages spineless Democrats, journalists who
  suck up to Bush and the GOP politicians who brought us Enron.
    by Joan Walsh    March 11, 2002

   Click  Here

  I met Democratic campaign wizard James Carville just days after President Bush's
  inauguration last January, and it was already clear that political exile didn't agree with him.
  Dining with friends at Carville's Washington restaurant, West 24...

  ...wait a minute - Carville owns a restaurant?

  Maybe we should have Juliefest2002 at James Carville's place?

 Victim of anti-Clinton witch-hunt denounces
 independent counsel’s report on Lewinsky affair
  An open letter from Julie Hiatt Steele

  Click  Here

  While giving widespread coverage to Ray’s conclusions, the media paid little,
  if any, attention, to one finding—published in an appendix of the report—which
  acknowledged that one of the key witnesses Starr hoped to use to entrap Clinton
  had been found to have no credibility at all.

Down goes Paula!

 Houston Judges Got $200,550 From Enron and Its Law Firm
   saw it on Buzzflash.com

  Click  Here

  ZZ Top Bassist Marries Girlfriend

 Dusty Hill and actress Charleen McCrory finally tied the knot.

 The couple exchanged wedding vows Saturday at Tony's Ballroom
 in Houston in a ceremony before 200 guests

 ZZ drummer Frank Beard was best man and Beard's wife, Debbie,
 was maid of honor. ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons also attended.

 The bride, dressed in a Reem Acra gown and Sergio Rossi boots,
 entered the room as the Austin band Duck Soup played ZZ hit ``Rough Boy.''
 Hill wore a Hugo Boss suit and J.B. Hill boots.

 After the ceremony, the couple was expected to kick things off with a
 first dance, but the groom instead grabbed the microphone and serenaded
 his bride with Elvis's "Can't Help Falling In Love.''

 Playboy is soliciting `Women of Enron' for an upcoming pictorial

 Poor Playboy ...they were once cutting edge - 25 years ago,
 but now they are your father's magazine.

 I wonder if these military trials will be as "fair and balanced" as Fox News?

Ol' BartCop - tell me how I'm doing.

 Poverty, The President and "The Pest"
    By Arianna Huffington

   Click  Here

 "We are going to trust but verify," said Bono, quoting another Republican
  president. But even before we trust, we've got to keep the pressure on to
  ensure that Bush's rich language isn't followed by a poverty of action.

There's always something good at 

Hey man,

I've been reading your page for a little over two years now, and I'm fairly impressed by how an
attention deficit disorder afflicted man with an IQ of 65 could keep me entertained for so long.
We don't see eye to eye on every issue, but I think one of the tenants of liberalism is open-mindedness,
and allowing others to have their own opinions. On that thought, I have no problem with your wanting
vengeance for the September 11 attacks, but I believe the Afghans to be just another victim in the
whole matter, and the Bush Crime Family to be the true terrorists.

I'm hoping to be able to send a few dollars for JulieFest2002, but I'm quite sure I can't make it to the
actual event. I hope it gives your site the boost it is needing, as well as giving a little help to someone
who is truly an American patriot (Ms. Steele). Of course, it may also attract some attention from
the Office of Homeland Security.

I enjoy your forum immensely, and spend many hours there keeping up with actual news
and keeping my faint hope alive that we have not lost our country altogether.

Jim T

Jim, thanks.
As far as the revenge thing, I think I'm being really honest.
I hear a lot of crap about "justice" and all, but I want those bastards dead.

And yes, I realize my heart overrules my brain sometimes,
but if I was president my Chief of Staff would tell me to calm down.

 Today in History

 In 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court gave federal courts the power to order reapportionment
 of seats in a state legislature, a decision that eventually led to the doctrine of ``one man, one vote.''

 In 2000, they rescinded that.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
  April 27th in Washington D.C.

 Click  Here

 Don't forget to check 

 Howdy Doody's In The White House,
 Trying To Look Like John Wayne
  by Kent Southard   as seen on  bushwatch.com

   Click  Here

 Inexplicably, twenty years on, the hard-right fringe has somehow come to
 be running the country; and accordingly, everywhere you look in the media
 is some permutation of Les Nessman. What is Rush Limbaugh after all,
 except Les Nessman with a middle-management voice implant and so
 stage-managed that we're shown only the aggressive, and not the passive.

                         How about some hemp panties?

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Letters to the Editor: Washington Post


"A Whitewater Farewell, at Last" [editorial, March 22] said Robert Ray's "angry denunciation"
 of President Clinton for his criticism of the Kenneth Starr investigation was justified, but it
 conveniently forgot to remind readers that it was Mr. Starr's written opinion for the the
 D.C. Circuit Court that in 1987 overturned a million-dollar libel verdict against The Post.

 Apparently, we are to believe that the ruling on behalf of The Post has nothing to do with
 the newspaper's eagerness to agree that it is somehow unfitting for President Clinton and
 his allies to question the motivations behind an investigation conducted by a cigarette lawyer
 and completed by a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

 Though loyalty is a wonderful virtue, it should have its limits -- especially when it collides with other
 ethical obligations. The Post's fawning editorial treatment of Mr. Starr over the years is a disgrace.

 I am able to look back on my role in the Whitewater "non-scandal" with pride and a deep sense
 of conviction that I did right by my country, right by my conscience and right by my president.

 The Post's editorial writers, looking back over the same period, can give themselves credit for
 only one thing -- repaying a debt of gratitude to Ken Starr for letting them off the hook.


 Bush Turns Over Energy Documents - sort of...

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration turned over thousands of documents Monday related to
 Cheney's energy task force, including some showing industry's attempt to influence
 the direction of the administration's energy plan.

 But most of the papers, released in response to court orders, were blanked out
 and provided little substantive information. This prompted critics to accuse the
 administration of continuing to hold back vital information surrounding development
 of President Bush's energy plan a year ago.

 Yesterday's Update
 > You'd be crazy to trust me      -      but trust me.
 > We're one e-mail away from tripling the cost of tickets to Juliefest2002

 > Could I be lying?
 > Sure, but not about this - not this time.

 I was not lying.

 We may have to do an auction thing.
 If you haven't signed up with PayPal, you should - right away.

 At the end of business today, Tuesday, ..prices are going way up.

 We expect to announce today or Wednesday.
 Demand is about to kick supply's ass - big time.
 So, in the spirit of making more money for Julie,
 tomorrow, tickets will skyrocket in price.

 At the end of business Tuesday, everything goes to the new price structure.
 What else can I do?  - it's a fundraiser.

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