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               Julie gets mail

Volume 755 - God Must be Blind 


Monday   March 25, 2002           Send Me an Angel         Recent old stuff       Shopping w/ Bart

 Great toon by Tom Tomorrow

  Click  Here

 Sidney  ...Halle  ...Denzel

 It was a great night for Hollywood.

 Sidney located the door in 1962.
 Halle cracked the door open at 11:10 CST.
 Denzel kicked the door down at 11: 16 CST.

 "Hooray for Hollywood"
    -- Flo & Eddie


"The best thing that America needs to do is reduce demand for drugs.
  We've got to do a better job of convincing our own country to quit using them."
    -- President Unelected, in Peru, telling us what's wrong with America.


 Hey, preachy boy!
 Why don't you tell it to your drunken daughters and Unka Jeb's
 felonious, driving-while-drugged pill-popping daughter Noelle?

  ...then preach responsibility to the rest of us.

 If you ask Ol' BartCop if he's ever been busted on a cocaine charge,
 the answer you get back is a clean, crisp "No!"

 When you ask the man who stole the White House from the American voters
 that very same question, he's forced to reply, "That's all in the past."

 Snotty rich boys who never worked a day in their lives tend to buy their cocaine in
 quarter-pound quantities or larger. I'll bet a major drug lord likes a wholesale buyer
 the same way a presidential candidate likes a visit from his Enron Bag Man.

 George, it's a good thing your crime family owns the American whore press.

 Thanks to your daddy, nobody will ask the questions we ask.

 Bush’s right to pick justices at issue
  Some Democrats would block any appointment to Supreme Court

  Click  Here

 Having defeated Bush’s nominee Charles Pickering, Senate Democrats are moving
 to block Bush from appointing other conservatives to the federal bench. But some are
 going further, saying that because Bush lacks a popular mandate, the Senate should take
 no action on any Bush nominee to a Supreme Court vacancy until after the 2004 election.

 If the Senate Democrats started acting like democrats
 I would send them money and urge others to do the same.

 On the Bias

  Click  Here

 For the most part, Goldberg's book is a farrago of anecdotes, hearsay, and
 unsupported generalizations. But at one point he strays into territory that can
 actually be put to a test. That's when he claims that the media "pointedly identify
 conservative politicians as conservatives," but rarely use the word "liberal" to
 describe liberals. As Goldberg explains the difference: "In the world of the Jennings
 and Brokaws and Rathers, conservatives are out of the mainstream and have to be
 identified. Liberals, on the other hand, are the mainstream and don't have to be identified."

 That basic premise is sound enough -- that the media mention things that they see as being
 out of the mainstream more often than they mention things that they see as in it.  If a major
 company names a seven-foot-tall Hare Krishna from Tonga as its CEO, those attributes
 are more likely to show up in the story than if the new chief is a 5'10" Methodist from Ohio.

When Aaron Brown on CNN
takes on mediawhoresonline.com
bet on MWO.

  Headline in the New York Whore Times
 Bush Vows to Help Peru Fight Rebels

  Click  Here

 People of Peru - did he say "So help me God?" like he did on tax cuts for the super-rich?
 Bush only keeps promises when he says "So help me God."
 Ask the people of Nevada what Bush's word is worth.

 He vowed to keep new-cu-ler waste out of Nevada, and Nevadans believed him
 and right now 222 train car loads of till-the-end-of-time radioactive waste are
 headed to Nevada because President Greedy and Stupid can't be trusted.

 From: Mad Dog

 Subject: Tequila observations...and a question

 Click  Here

 From: Eric

 I need a favor. My business partner had our Amish buddy make up
 too many Rabbit Baskets, and we're sitting on an extra 40 of them. Yikes!

 I've made up a page especially for bartcop.com folks, with a lower price and all that jazz.



 I can guarantee delivery by Easter if I get the order by Wednesday morning.
 ... I just need to get some bunnies out the door :)

 Back on St Valentine's Day, Eric sent one of these to Mrs. BartCop. When she
 saw what it was, her eyes lit up.  She likes little wooden boxes with secret doors,
 rolltop desks, stuff like that, and as soon as she saw it she fell right in love.

 The bunny on the left is "closed."  From the side, the closed rabbit looks like this: 
 It's kind of a cool deal, and if you put some South's Finest Chocolate in the bunny,
 you'll be hitting a home run that'll be good again next year, too.

 I'd rate this a strong buy.


Ol' BartCop - tell me how I'm doing.

 The Oscars had a clip of Pickles Bush saying her fave film was "Giant."

 Giant - a film about a Texan striking oil

  I'm going to be sick...


 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 Use this link and they'll send me a nickle.

  "Free fries" strikes again
 Ann Coulter criticized for attack on Mineta
      by Lisa Friedman

  Click  Here

"Good God!" Coulter wrote, "A guard took Mineta's baseball bat as a child,
 and as a result he's subjecting all of America to the Bataan Death March!
 Someone please give him a baseball bat."

 Boy, ...would I like to give Ann Coulter the baseball bat.

 Oscar Fever! We have a winner! Fine luxury chocolate!
  Click  for details

 Marty ended up having 2 contests - one for the Razzies & one for the Oscars.

 'Sam Hill' won the Razzie contest, getting 2 out of 3 categories.
 For that, Sam gets a 'Fargo' snowdome for the Razzie prize. (applause)

 The Oscar winner is Cory Aiello who hit 5 out of 7.
 Cory, send Marty your snail mail address so we can ship you
 a pound of the South's Finest Chocolate - mmmmmm yum!

      click here for great chocolate

 My mockery of religion

  Click  Here

 If you didn't check in over the weekend,
 you missed two truly spectacular issues.
   Not really, but they might be worth a look.

 Vol 754   Never Trust Anyone

 Vol 753   I've Cut All my Losses


 "Osama bin Laden is no longer a threat - he's no concern anymore."
    -- The boy king


 Hey, Smirky!
 Your daddy made the same mistake with Saddam.
 Now you're going to send our brave men to mop up his mistake, right?

 So in a few years, after The Scalia Gang gives the White House to Jeb,
 over the will of the voters, will he have to mop up your mistakes of 2002?

 Why don't you stay after bin Laden until you find him?

 I've been told by a ditto-monkey that bin Laden is scheduled
 to be "found dead" this October, just before the elections.

 ...another October Surprise by the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
  April 27th in Washington D.C.

 Click  Here

 Don't forget to check 


 When We All Lead

   Click  Here

                            How about some hemp panties?

                                                  click   to  order   Buy 3, get free shipping

  Rep. Wexler Grills Kenny Starr about harrassing Julie Hiatt Steele

  Click  Here

 MR. STARR: Before I engaged in an admission or denial, I would want to see the question.
 And I would be delighted to receive the question, and I would then give you a written admission or denial.

 REP. WEXLER: Didn't I make it simple?


 You'd be crazy to trust me      -      but trust me.
 We're one e-mail away from tripling the cost of tickets to Juliefest2002

 Could I be lying?
 Sure, but not about this - not this time.

 I told a couple of people, and they all used the "F" word to describe their incredulity.
 Once the dam breaks, I can't even get my good friends in because there's only so
 many people who can fit in the plane.

 You can still get in for only $75

  ...hold on, let me check my e-mail...

 (...Jeopardy song...)

 ...yes, you can still get in for just $75 but if/when that e-mail hits,
 tickets may go to $225 without notice, because there's just not enough room.

 If I was lying I'd tell you.

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