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               Julie gets mail

Volume 754 - Never Trust Anyone 

Sunday   March 24, 2002           Send Me an Angel            Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart

 I have a question:

 Why is Al Qaeda only hiding in countries where Halliburton "needs" a pipeline?

 The Vatican Rag
    by Maureen Dowd  - she hates everybody - this time it's the Pope.
  Click  Here

 The Vatican's reaction can be summed up this way:
 Priests don't abuse boys. Americans do.
 The Vatican has shrugged off the international spate of sex abuse cases
 and acted as if this is another overhyped American tabloid sex scandal.


Could Saddam Hussein be a disgruntled employee?

With all this war talk heating up, I wonder if anyone has thought of the possibility
that Saddam Hussein could go postal if he thought that his time was coming to an end.

The shooting at the aircraft plant this week by the man who thought he was going to be
laid off got me to thinking. I saw two retired generals on TV yesterday saying that we could
topple Saddam in a couple of weeks, sending in 700 bombers a day. What has he got to lose?

He could figure it's all over and empty his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction on Israel
and go out a hero of the Islamic World. If I was Israel, I think I would be telling the Frat Boy
to cool his jets. If a man has nothing to lose, then he might as well establish his place in history.

Ben Larson
The Last Liberal in the Texas Panhandle

I agree.
If the Bush boy has PROOF Saddam is behind 9-11, why doesn't he release it?
Everything the B.F.E.E. does must be shrouded in secrecy with a "trust us" mentality.

Well, I don't trust the Bush Family Evil Empire.

Amazing that the press and the courage-impaired Democrats let them get away with it.

 By the way...

 Christian is at Julie's this weekend, so it will be tomorrow
 before she can respond to  juliefest2002@yahoo.com  e-mail.


 That mailbox at mindspring.com isn't working out very well.
 We'd better go back to using   bartcop@bartcop.com

 I can only get it at night, but it beats not getting it at all.

Thanks to Wizard of Whimsy

 Clinton covered for the BFEE because...?!?!?!
   by Phillip Schuman 
  Click  Here

 If you haven't read Terry Reed's book 'Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA,' it is quite
 a read, and seems credible to me (which see).  Reed is no knee-jerk Clinton basher, reserving
 his worst criticism for Bush & Co., and stating that if the electoral choice was between Bush or
 Clinton, he would vote for Clinton as far less a criminal than Bush. A friend of Barry Seale's,
 he recounts Seale's claim of the aborted DEA sting at Opa-Locka Airport in Florida, wherein
 a couple of kilos of coke were picked up by Jeb and George W. Bush (George piloting the plane).
 Still, he puts then-Gov. Clinton in on Reagan/Bush era Casey/North/Contra Mena money
 laundering and cocaine smugglingactivities, by his own purported eye-witness evidence.

 But if Clinton was in on the B.F.E.E., why was he totally broke until he got his book money?

 What seems a lot more likely is when you're an unknown governor of a small farming state,
 and the White House calls and says they need some local cooperation with a super-secret CIA
 operation that needs to land some small planes at the Mena airport at night when it's closed,
 odds are that unknown governor will say, "Whatever you need, Sir."

 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 Use this link and they'll send me a nickle.


"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government
  owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
  To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between
  corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day."
       --  Theodore Roosevelt, 19-Apr-06

 Unfortunately Junior Bush is NO STATESMAN and contributes to the problem
 with large corporations like Enron writing his Government Policy and then hiding
 behind the 5th ammenmdment when Senators ask about his unholy alliance with his contributers.

 A Loyal Democrat and Bartcop Fan, Asa.

 p.s. PLEASE POST MY E-Mail Address!! I enjoy the whiney hate mail from Ditto Monkeys
 tortured by The Truth! Also, I would like your views of that loyal patriot David Brock,
 I saw on C-SPAN2, who was preserving the Clinton Legacy.

Brock's got trouble coming...

FreeRepublic.com "A Conservative News Forum"


> One of the lawyers in my office asked me to get on the Internet and find dirt on David Brock
> (the reporter who's trying to screw Justice Thomas).

> I found a few articles on the web, but if anyone out there can give me real dirt
> (substantiated or not) or can direct me where I can get said dirt, please freepmail me.

> All intel will be held in confidence. THANKS!

You know what Brock's crime was?

Brock was given a million dollars to write a book about Hillary.
His only orders were "We want proof she's a lesbian."
That's all they wanted from Brock.

So Brock set out to do another hit piece on another liberal.
For reasons unknown to me, Brock produced a book that, while not flattering to the First Lady
of the last legally-elected president, was no "hit piece," and for that Brock must be destroyed.

The Scaife-financed Republican hate machine is now going after Brock.
The ditto-monkeys operate on the mob mentality - "nobody gets out alive."

Since he failed to prove Hillary is a lesbian, he'll probably get the Kangas treatment.

 Give Pervs the Inquisition

   Click  Here

 In the real world, sex-offending creeps are put behind bars.
 In the Catholic Church they are sent on "retreat."
 Retreat?  What's that?

 A vacation without children?

Toon swiped from Marty's E! page

The Lessons of Whitewater
 a cheap-shot editorial by the more-whore-than-ever New York Times

 Click  Here

 What a total load of crap this is, written by the paper that screamed "serious crimes"
 when the GOP's most rapid attack dogs could find nothing of the sort even after
 THREE "independant cousels," $75M and nine years of zipper sniffing.

 The Clinton era ended for real last week, with neither a bang nor a whimper, but only a 2,090-page report.
 Robert Ray, the last of three independent counsels on the Whitewater investigation, released his findings,
 closing an inquiry that came to dominate much of Bill Clinton's eight years in office. Mr. Clinton's defenders
 will argue that the entire investigation was a waste of more than $64 million in taxpayers' money. But we hope
 that Whitewater will be a permanent reminder to people who seek elective office that the best defense against
 any inquiry is to volunteer the truth.

 Wrong. They volunteered at least a thousand times that they had done nothing wrong, but daily headlines
 such as, "Clintons innocent" won't make any money for a once-great, once-trusted newspaper
 that has since turned into Matt Drudge's personal gossip page.

  ...and then this:

 The Whitewater issue was first raised by The New York Times during the 1992 presidential campaign.
 The issue involved serious questions, and the investigation that followed led to plea agreements or
 convictions for more than a dozen people, most of them with political or business ties to the Clintons.

 There you go again, trying to cover your exposed, guilty ass.

 Yes, YOU witchhunters started this never-ending zipper hunt with horseshit allegations that you got
 from what Scaife-funded source?  If honesty is the best policy, why can't the New York Times admit
 they were errand boys for the whites-only, supply-side, tobacco whores of the Republican party?

 From the very beginning of the Clinton era, the Old Gray Lady ran every Drudge-fabricated
 "Clinton Fathered Black Baby with Crack Whore" story he fed them.

 And the idea that "people with ties to the Clintons" were pursued?
 Let's spend one year and $7M on the Bush Family Evil Empire and see what pops up.
 But noooooooooo.  Stealing the White House isn't a crime.
 The only crimes the Old Grey Slut wants to chase are the "crimes" of Clinton's zipper.
 What a disgusting icon you have become for young journalists everywhere.

 This page urged the Clintons to cooperate so often that it became the editorial version of shouting
 oneself hoarse. But their refusal to provide full and frank answers on matters like Mrs. Clinton's
 mysteriously mobile billing records turned the case into a cottage industry of White House obfuscation.

 That's your idea of "proof of guilt?"   That they couldn't locate a box of documents?
 Clinton was accused every wild crime under the sun, and THIS is your "proof of guilt?"
 That they couldn't locate a box of documents?
 (Reminder - the "mysterious" documents were eventually located and then scrutinized more closely
  than the Zapruder film and the Dead Sea Scrolls combined and what did they find on Hillary's papers?
  Hillary's fingerprints!      That provided another tawdry headline for the Old Grey Slut.
"What were Hillary's fingerprints doing on her papers?")

 Let's put it in stone right now:
 ANY administration that cannot or will not provide full and immediate documentation on ANY papers
 demanded by the opposition part is guilty, guilty, guilty and should go right to f-ing jail.

 But, of course, after the Bush Family Evil Empire allowed Enron to rape California families
 last year for up to TEN TIMES the fair price of energy to heat their homes, the Vice Oil man
 has flat-out REFUSED to explain this administration's role in assisting Enron with that rape,
 but the Old Grey Slut wants to harp on Clinton's zipper as "the real crime."
 New York Times - you're Matt Drudge without that hat - that's all.

Oscar Fever! *Last Day* Fine luxury chocolate!
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From: Srush

Subject: the liberal media

why is that the ones who are supposed to be liberal never get to do a special on the so called
liberal networks about the ownership of all of those radio stations that do not employ liberals
as talk show hosts? why is that no one from the liberal side offers evidence about the publishers
and owners of newspapers and tv stations that spout the right wing line?

why is that the so called liberal media never looks at rupert and roger ailes to see what their agenda is?
everyone calls CNN the Clinton Network but they trashed the president as did Fox and MSNBC.

fox devotes its 24/7 time not to reporting on the news but is a mouth piece for the bush administration.
keep tabs on what they actually report, it is not real investigative reporting but just what is handed to
them from the pentagon or the white house. and even their so called anchors do not read the news,
they editorialize the news.

where is howard kutz on this?
oh i guess he is off writing another book about how he looks at journalism.

i want to know where is the so called liberal media?
i guess if you say is often enought the public really does believe that the post and the times
are liberal but the washington times is a fair and balanced newspaper just like fox,
we report you decide, like yeah, ...i believe that.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
  April 27th in Washington D.C.

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 Have you ever thought that Tim Russert is to the Bush Administration
 what C.J. Craig is to the Bartlet Adminsitration?

 I watched Meet the Whore this morning and marveled at
 the foot-round softballs Timmy threw to the Vice Oil man.

 Never a follow up, never a critical take on anything Unka Dick said, but always a
 "Thanks for sharing that important information with us, Your Emminence."
 Tim, you're such a bought-and-paid for whore.
 You wouldn't know objectivity if it bit you on the ass.


 You'd be crazy to trust me      -      but trust me.
 We're one e-mail away from tripling the cost of tickets to Juliefest2002

 Could I be lying?
 Sure, but not about this - not this time.

 I told a couple of people, and they all used the "F" word to describe their incredulity.
 Once the dam breaks, I can't even get my good friends in because there's only so
 many people who can fit in the plane.

 You can still get in for only $75

  ...hold on, let me check my e-mail...

 (...Jeopardy song...)

 ...yes, you can still get in for just $75 but if/when that e-mail hits,
 tickets may go to $225 without notice, because there's just not enough room.

 If I was lying I'd tell you.

 Today's issue is kinda short.

 I got up late because of the live Zeppelin party we had last night (that's a story!)
 and I have to get started on Monday's issue, and get a load on for the Oscars,
 so I leave you with this - the story of the screaming eagles.

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