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Volume 753 - I've Cut All my Losses 

Saturday   March 23, 2002           Send Me an Angel              Recent old stuff            Shopping w/ Bart

 The Selling of 9-11
     by  Chris Fitzpatrick,  alternet.org

  Click  Here

 It is naïve to think the expressed wishes of those whose lives were most affected by
 the events would matter in the face of a massive, ratings-generating media spectacle.
 Perhaps to refute such an argument, 9/11 was immediately followed by a CBS newscast
 that reiterated just how "respectful" the show was to the victims at this sensitive first anniversary.
 As far as a remembrance, the two silent beams of light in New York City were far more
 tasteful than the shocking and disturbing footage and sounds of 9/11.

 Subject: Clinton - Whitewater

 BC, I was just reading the Joshua Micah Marshall  piece on your website and something clicked.

 Joshua indicates that Bush the 1st had telephone contact and other meetings to speed up the
 investigation of Whitewater. Of course we aren't allowed to check B-1's records because B-2
 has rescinded public access to those records under ' national security' and 'privacy'.

 I guess it was the same issue that awarded him the White House -
 If it became public, it would do his Presidency irreparable harm.


 Scott, we should also remember that not only was a presidential campaign involved, but once
 Clinton cleaned Poppy's clock in a legal and fair election, Bush immediately issued the pardons
 (on Christmas Eve) that would bury the proof of the Bush Family Evil Empire crimes forever.
 Bush wanted the press talking about something besides the Iran-Contra pardons.  One call to a
 billionaire thug like Richard Mellon Scaife and Gennifer Flowers was running to the supermarket
 tabloids and the Zipper Hunt was in full flight.

 No need to worry about Bush's October Surprise. No need to worry about arms to terrorists
 or treason or illegal foreign initiatives by those NOT representing our legal government.
 No need to worry about illegally funding right-wing deaths squads in Central America, or the
 funneling of cocaine to Oakland by the CIA to pay for it all. On top of everything, since they
 got away with pardoning everyone who knew the truth - we'll never discover just how many
 huge global crimes the Bush Family Evil Empire got away with.

 Besides, Gennifer Flowers claims she had an affair with Bill Clinton.
 Isn't that more important than anything the B.F.E.E. might get away with?

From: bettybowers@bettybowers.com

To:  Peggy@PeggyNoonan.com

Subject: The Pope's First Statement   WSJ March 22, 2002

Dearest Sister-in-Christ Peggy:

I just read your charming article about the Pope's vague, brief, carefully parsed
ruminations on the Catholic Church's busy battalion of child molesters.  Truly, he
makes it sound as if these horrid men didn't act out of personal fault for which they
are culpable, but instead simply had the misfortune to step within the penumbra of
some ineffable malaise, which can, no doubt, be traced to the red hot hoof of Lucifer
rather than the coffers of the church.

In any event, I am so pleased to hear that, based on the conclusive findings of an
unnamed grandfather, you have declared by fiat that this endemic problem somehow
didn't exist before you and your peers got around to having a good time.  How wise
of you, in reaching this reassuring conceit, that you chose to overlook the carefully
cultivated secrecy that made both the Catholic Church complicit in the crimes of its
priests and the general public unaware of their predatory acts (which might, of course,
explain why we didn't see Bing Crosby asking the boys up for cocktails with a saucy
use of the title in "Going My Way").  And how evenhanded of you not to limit your
historical revisionism to Ronald Reagan, dear.

So close to Jesus, one spritz of a quality fragrance gets us both,

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

A woman known throughout Christendom for her joie d'après vivre


 That mailbox at mindspring.com isn't working out very well.
 We'd better go back to using   bartcop@bartcop.com

 I can only get it at night, but it beats not getting it at all.

From: Ivan the chicken

Subject: You Racist!


You are a racist.
You demean Clarence Thomas, Tiger Woods, Niger Innis, and many of my fellow blacks.

Clarence should be ridiculed at every opportunity. David Brock admitted he lied about Thomas's
truthful accusers to get this no-brainer Quota King his job. He was an unqualified pervert before he
was appointed to a lifetime of great power by the Bush Family Evil Empire.  Clarence returned
the favor by voting for his boss's boy in 2000, denying democracy for the rest of us.

...and Tiger Woods?  Don't like him, never did. If you think I'm supposed to like him
 because he's black, I'd think the racist in this conversation is you. As for Niger Innis,
 I don't know who he is. I'd need to know somebody before I can dislike him.

Your racist referral to Niger Innis as "Nigger Innis" proves once and for all your racism.

Usually, I'm pretty good at getting out of a ditto-monkey ambush,
but I'm afraid you've finally caught me in a fool-proof trap this time.

Since I personally own MSNBC, I have nowhere to hide this time - no excuses.
I might as well confess - I, ...BartCop, ...am actually Bill Gates.

I am notifying the NAACP and other Afro-American organizations to boycott you
and to demand the DNC not give you another dollar in funding.

What?   Cut off my DNC funding?
How will I produce the ultra lavish and slick bartcop.com without funding from the DNC?

You drunken racist failure.

Sir, I will be sober in the morning.
You'll be a flaming ditto-monkey the rest of your life.

seen on a DC corner
They wish the had the credibility of  bartcop.com

 The end of the $73 million witch hunt
  Robert Ray's final Whitewater report confirms what was clear
  from the start -- Bill and Hillary Clinton were innocent.
     by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 There was never, in short, a plausible case that the Clintons had committed a
 single illegal act, or that they even had the slightest idea what McDougal had done.
 The footnotes to the final report show that the OIC failed to uncover any significant
  information about Whitewater beyond what the lawyers at Pillsbury, Madison &
 Sutro had found when they completed an exhaustive and exculpatory report on the
 land deal "and related matters" in late 1995. Yet by then the creative prosecutors
 working for Starr -- and their allies in the media -- were focused on another target.
 If they couldn’t get the president, they would settle for indicting his controversial spouse.

 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 Use this link and they'll send me a nickle.

  Attack on Julie's attorney
 Nancy Luque Shows Up In the Strangest Places

  Click  Here

 Which leads observers to ask the question: was Jule Steele "gotten to"?
 Did the White House, learning that a major scandal was about to erupt,
 task [Steele atty] Nancy Luque to ensure Jule Steele's testimony was changed?

 At the moment, it's impossible to know. None of the major players in the Willey
 incident are talking about their roles: even Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff
 won't comment on the suspicious change in Steele's story because he doesn't
 have any proof to support any possible scenario explaining the flip-flop.

 However, he stands by his assertion that Steele corroborated Willey's story
 when he met her, and that she agreed to state that for the record:
 he won't speculate as to why she subsequently changed her story.

 I have a question:
 If Mikey Isikoff  (R-Starr employee) was paid $600,000 to bring this story to life,
 and Julie is penniless and living in a condemned apartment, why ask who was "gotten to?"

 If we learned anything from Watergate, it was "follow the money."
 If there's some money for Julie, she'd really like to know where it is.

 The Republicans enjoy calling her "Clinton's whore."
 But that can't be true because the definition of a whore includes getting paid.
 Since Julie lost her home by sticking with the truth, where does the "whore" part come in?

 From: sascha@futurefunk.net

 I can type fast and have a fucking high IQ.
 You wanna get taken apart in a chatroom sometime?


 ha ha

 I want to get my ass kicked - in the worst way!
 Can I have a few days to draw a crowd?

 ha ha

 This is going to be great!

 Hey, baconslab@baconslab.com  can you set this up?
 Sascha needs clearance to the whippi  ...uh, ... I mean the chat room.

 Sascha, go to the main Chat & Post area and sign up.
 Just pick a nickname, and a secret password and then e-mail JUST
 the nickname to baconslab and we're in business.

 We can't announce the time or date because it'll freeze up with too many people
 in there at once, but if we each copy & paste the slaught   ...uh, ...transcript,
 nobody will be able to say I doctored it to make you appear extra-foolish.

 This could be more fun than New Years and Fourth of July rolled into one...

Oscar Fever! Fine luxury chocolate!
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 Speaking of great entertainment, "legal" has a temporary hold on my expose
 of Christine the Christian who works for better-than-you Brent Bozell.

 It seems to me that once you pull down your pants, snap some pictures and
 then e-mail those pictures to Republican perverts, your privacy rights are gone.

 ...but I told legal I'd follow their wishes.

 Unanchored CNN Reader of News Confesses - "No Bra!"

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 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
  April 27th in Washington D.C.

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From: Josh

Subject: Inspirational sports statues - Jesus is everywhere

Bartcop -

Couldn't resist sending you this.
Check out this url at catholicshopper.com

Josh, catholicshopper.com is OK, but your real bargains are at  catholicsupply.com

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 Sure, but not about this - not this time.

 I told a couple of people, and they all used the "F" word to describe their incredulity.
 Once the dam breaks, I can't even get my good friends in because there's only so
 many people who can fit in the plane.

 You can still get in for only $75

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 it could go to $225 without notice, because there's not enough room.

 If I was lying I'd tell you.

  How important is it that we hate gays? Apparently, very.
 THE LIST: 9/11 Fund Screws Gays

  Click  Here

 According to Feinberg, lots and lots of people will receive compensation under the plan,
 including children, babies, and even fetuses.  And as an indication of how generous the
 fund will be, even illegal aliens, who aren't American citizens and who are in the US in
 violation of federal law, will receive benefits... but gay partners of the heroes of Sept 11th
 will not necessarily be eligible for the same compensation as heterosexual family members
 who lost their loved ones.

 This is what happens when religiously insane people steal elections.
 They coddle illegal immigrants, and tell tax-paying, law-abiding gays to fuck off.

 ...just one more reason to agree with this guy:

  I took down my flag today

  Click  Here

 Reminder: Do the story of the screaming eagles story as soon as there's room.

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