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Volume 758 - Heaven knows what a girl can do


Thursday   March 28, 2002            Send Me an Angel            Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart


"If the Democrats have found the unified voice to counter the free-market-at-any-cost
 maniacs after Enron, we haven't heard it on this side of the country. Am I off base or
 doesn't it seem that the most interesting challenge to the Republican status quo is being
 posed these days by a Republican senator from Arizona? I guess the Democrats are
 laying low, scared maybe that somebody will accuse them of playing politics."
     --John Balzar:  Chasing the Republicans, Empty-Handed latimes.com

 Bush sells America to any lobbyist with a checkbook  (this is not)
 Presidential Order Followed Draft by Lobbyists

  Click  Here

 President Bush last year issued a presidential order on energy policy that closely followed
 a proposed draft given to the administration two months earlier by oil lobbyists, according
 to documents released by the Energy Department under a court order.

 The Bush order says it applies to "any action by an agency. . . .that promulgates or is
 expected to lead to the promulgation of a final rule or regulation, including notices of
 inquiry, advance notices of proposed rulemaking, and notices of proposed rulemaking."

 ..in other words, Bush is playing the "honor system" with America's biggest polluters.
 "Tell us what the rules should be and we'll send the bill to the taxpayers."

 Why are the Democrats so silent?
 Where is our presidential front runner?

 Where's the media mea culpa on Whitewater?
       by smoking Joe Conason:

    Click  Here

 Fair-minded analysis is too much to ask from the Journal's bitter polemicists
 at this late date, but the editorial board of the Washington Post might be expected
 to understand the foundations of this country's justice system. Evidently they do not.
 Like their colleagues at the Journal, the Post's editorialists seem unable to transcend
 their newspaper's failed journalistic investment in "Whitewater," their longstanding
 friendship with ...Kenneth Starr and their inexhaustible fury at the Clintons.


 click to order
 this great book
Thank you, James, for not saying "...Julie who?"

The Tale of the Tape
  by Gil Christner  at Democraticunderground.com

 Click  Here

 Who had the advantage when it came to ducking the media spot light?
 Let's take a look at the Tale of the Tape, examine the factors involved in both stories,
 and see why America will always remember Condit, and can't even pronounce Scarborough.

 Subject: Drinks @ Carville's West 24

 You wrote:

> Everyone is getting appetizers, free beer and free
> red and white wine. So if that makes you want to
> remit a few extra dollars - we will accept them.

 Please tell me we'll not be deprived of luxury tequila!

 Wallace, no way.
 They will have a "cash bar" with spirits.
 Free beer doesn't do a lot for me, but the Mrs will enjoy the free wine,
 and trust me, I'm going to be sipping luxury Chinaco at this special event.


 Not sure why, but now that the big surprise has been revealed,
 now that ticket prices have gone to $200, we are swamped with e-mails that say,
"Count me in - I'm mailing $50 each for Aunt Edna, the twins, Uncle Ernie,
   my six cousins from Toledo, my softball team and a dozen guys from work."

 We didn't just raise the price because we COULD.

 We raised the price because West 24 is more expensive (and is way better) than the Marriott,
 not to mention free beer and free wine, so we raised the price to try to keep more money in Julie's pocket.
 Every person who gets in after the deadline for $50 instead of $200 is $150 Julie doesn't get.
 If we let 10 people in for the old price, Julie loses $1,500.  She can't afford that right now.

 We're not looking for trouble, but there was a reason why Tuesday's page said
  "Last chance to get in for $50 is end-of-business today."
 The PO Box was empty the last two days, what will look like when I check it tomorrow?

 And since we're no longer at the Marriott, the second-room option no longer exists.
 We are unsure how to proceed, but priority will be given to those who previously contributed
 We can only fit so many people on this plane.

Subject:  Ashcroft

The ACLU has a member alert to fax dumb John a note complaining
about the Justice Department's enforcement of the Civil Rights Act.

Would you mind posting it?




 Subject: Re: Dress code?

 Ah! wonderful!
 Like I said, I'm not real good at puttin on the Ritz,
 but I surely do want to be there, thanks!


 Mike, the dress code has been relaxed.
 No coat and tie/cocktail dress is required, but we are asking people
 to dress properly and show a little respect for the lady who risked
 40 years in prison to tell the big bully to shove his partisan lies.

 Media Bias Keeps Clinton's Innocence Off the Front Pages
    saw it on  buzzflash.com

  Click  Here

 Kenneth Starr...someone who should have been run out of the legal profession long ago
 isn't even forced to issue his own final report. If there were any justice, Starr would be
 forced to go up to the Senate and describe to the Judiciary Committee, in minute detail,
 all of the findings exonerating the Clintons in this case. Instead, the man whom the media
 did not call to the carpet for advising the Paula Jones legal team shortly before magically
 becoming "independent" counsel gets to avoid the ridicule he deserves.

  "I'm Ken Starr.
    I'm a rich cigarette lawyer.
    I'm not weird.
    I'm independent.
    I like to torture single mothers."

Ol' BartCop - tell me how I'm doing.

Subject: 24-west

I went to 24-west last time I went to DC to visit my daughter in the hospital.
I had a steak there that was orgasmatron-quality, and an excellent glass of whiskey too.

I'm jealous and fretting that I can't be there......


 Juliefest2002  Update

 Many of the celebrities who are expected to attend Juliefest have requested that
 their identities not be revealed in advance, but we are able to confirm that
 The King of Israel and Rightful Ruler of all Palestine will, in fact, attend.



 Wasn't that a great West Wing last night?

 Bartlet did what Gore should've done - labeled Governor Blow Monkey
 a lightweight, non-thinking, spoiled-ass frat boy looking for a new toy.

 How sly at the very end for CJ to figure out he did it on purpose, ha ha
 The idiot Republican wanted to drill for oil in Alaska - what a dork!

 Another favorite storyline was Josh trying to do cyber battle with ditto-monkeys.
 He made a big mistake - trying to reason with a pack of wild, rabid dogs.
 Donna tried to warn him, but did he listen?  Noooooooooooo.
 Ditto-monkeys need the red-ass given to them.
 It's all they understand.

 I was hoing Josh would read an online letter from "Bart," just to say "Hi,"
 but maybe they held back so as not to confuse me with a ditto-monkey :)

 Also, can Laura Dern act?  I didn't see any evidence of it last night.
 I thought her non-acting was a real standout.
 And what White House would invite a hostile speaker to a dinner with
 300 guests and the press in attendence?  Not the BartCop Administration.

 Other great lines - Ansley Dunsbar objecting to being given a promotion,
 that she didn't earn unless, of course, there's a big pay raise in it for her.
 If you haven't heard, she's being promoted to C.S.I. investigator
 on the new spin-off CBS is doing of their top-rated drama series.
 Ansley will work in the Miami C.S.I. office.

 Last thing - Robert Bianco, the tasteful and normally-dependable TV critic
 for USA Today said the big quote from last might was,
 "The governor has a 22 caliber mind in a 457 caliber world."

 When I heard that, I thought "Aaron Sorkin must not own guns."
 But in a rare fact-checking moment for  bartcop.com  I punched in "457 caliber"
 in a search engine and was surprised to find there is such a caliber gun.
 Someone needs to tell Clint Eastwood.

 But when Bartlet said "22 cal brain in a 357 world," I knew I was right all along.
 Except for the Dern mistake, it was a standout show.
 Let's hope this means Aaron's back on the shrooms.


 Special thanks to Democratic Underground.com
 for the great Juliefest2002 plug.

 They will be attending, so we will see them there.

There's always something good at 

Subject: HI BC, question about West 24

Hey Bartcop, longtime fan & occasional poster on your message board.
I'm interested in going to the Juliefest dealy, but I'm wondering what I can do
if I don't get the $$$ to you by the deadline. Is it possible to pay at the door?

I'll gladly pre-arrange it with someone on the Bartcop Forum if I need to.

Due to security concerns, we plan to freeze the guest list two weeks in advance,
but it's always possible that a bigger investment in armed security personnel could
justify some last minute entries, so stay tuned.

By the way, when I told Julie the new price of the tickets she dropped the phone.
BUT, one $200 ticket would pay for two cops for three hours, so it's possible.

 Don't forget to check 
 Can Oklahoma win it all?

 I saw a new Cadillac on the road yesterday with a license plate that said.


 I tried to figure it out for several minutes until Mrs. BartCop got tired ot
 hearing me stumble and she said, "Taxed to death, Einstein."

 She was right, but that just made me angry.
 This guy is driving a new Cadillac and whining about paying taxes.
 Why is it always the rich who whine about paying their fare share?

 Wouldn't YOU like to pay a million dollars in taxes each year?
 You could whine about taxes in your 14-car garage.
 You could whine about taxes in your 24-room mansion.
 You could whine about taxes in your 40-foot boat.
 You could whine about taxes in your summer condo in Aspen.
 You could whine about taxes in your winter beach house in St Bart's
 You could whine about taxes in your whites-only (plus Tiger) country club.

 Please God, don't let me stumble into great wealth, because I wouldn't have time
 to write this page AND complain eighteen hours a day about how high my taxes were.

 Koresh, I hate whiners who have life handed to them like Governor Smirk.

How about some hemp clothes?

click   to  order  Buy 3, get free shipping

Subject: How Am I Doing?


I'm a NYC boy, so the question "How am I doing?" is pure ex-mayor Ed
Koch to me. Not a bad thing either, it was one of Koch's endearing qualities.

Look, when you said JulieFest was gonna happen, I believed, and sent in my $.
When I saw the totals rise, I got goosebumps, cause I KNEW it was gonna happen.
When you dropped hints of something Big on the way, I got really excited,
cause I could just feel the momentum building - like the stars were all in alignment,
and that Karma was on our side (poetic references, not actual beliefs).

But the James Carville news has caused my face to crack from excessive grinning!
Who knows what may "flow" from this!

So - How are you doing?
For "some low IQ bonehead with ADD from some hick-rube dust bowl state" I'd say
exceptionally well! You know, sometimes intelligence is overrated - sometimes it pays to
"go with your feelings", cause your feelings are usually more in tune with the universe than your brain.

How else to explain JHS, who stood to lose everything to stand up for the abstract principle
of "justice" and the 'truth"? How else to explain "Bartcop", knocking' his brains out (for no $)
as he protests daily the BFEE's assaults on our country? How else to explain James Carville's
involvement now in all to this? The universe has it's rules, and it would generally prefer "good"
to triumph over "evil", but if not, it has it's ways to rectify the situation.

The universe is impassive, but it does seem to be smiling on JulieFest - and you have tapped into
the universe's good graces - and you have made it all happen!
Sounds a bit like the "Force", doesn't it?

See you on 4/27
Robert C.

Robert, thanks for that.
To be honest, I'm about to crack under the pressure - Christian, too.
I'm putting in so many hours I've had to cut back on my drinking,
and I know she's putting in more hours than me.

But when I start feeling pressured, I remind myself that this pressure is maybe a two
compared to the hundred that Julie went thru - and she had nobody to lean on.

I was told, by someone who has known Julie longer than me,
that all she had to do was file bankruptcy and she could've saved her home.

I know a little about bankruptcies, since I run a nickle & dime GMAC-type deal,
so I assumed the lawyers had her house all tied up to where filing BK wouldn't help.
But this person told me Julie gave up the house rather than file BK because running away
from her debts "wouldn't be the right thing to do."

When you talk to Julie, she'll be all jokes, funny stories and bubbly excitement.
The more I know about her, the more damn impressed I am.
I wish I had two percent of her class and courage.

Maybe those who speak to her on 4/27 would send in a short note
about it and I could post them all (anon) at the same time.
I imagine everyone will come away with the same impression I have.

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