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Volume 759 - I was Oblivious


Friday   March 29, 2002           Send Me an Angel         Recent old stuff        Shopping w/ Bart


"When you are the CEO and you are on the board of directors,
   you are supposed to know what's going on with the rest of the company.
   You can't get off the hook with me there."
      -- Betty Shilling, mother of Enron CEO Jeff Shilling

 Those giant screaming eagles have snatched a lot if Israelis this week.


 If the Israelis were losing 50 people per day, would they consider moving?
 If the Israelis were losing 500 people per day, would they consider moving?
 If the Israelis were losing 5000 people per day, would they consider moving?

 What price religion?

 Empire Burlesque
   by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 MECCA, March 22, 2005 -- President Osama B. Laden today called for a "regime change" in
 the United States, saying the military dictatorship led by unelected strongman George
 Walker Bush "is an ever-present threat to world peace."

 Speaking in Mecca at a rally marking his first year in power, the Saudi president said that
 "issues of national sovereignty are beside the point when the civilized world is faced with
 the possibility of untold carnage. Bush has long been developing weapons of mass destruction.
 He has announced his willingness to use them. He refuses to abide by international treaties to
 curtail these tools of evil. I will not wait on events while dangersgather. We must act."

 Laden said the "last straw" was the Bush regime's refusal to allow United Nations
 inspectors into the United States.

Julie is not happy with the ticket price.
She's of the opinion that she should be paying to meet us.
I assume that's where the free beer, wine and appetizers came in.

She has asked for a price drop so we're going back to $100.

If you sent in more than $100 for a ticket since March 26, we will refund
the difference, or you can bring additional guests to make it even.

Our home is shrinking every day
but Gov. Bush says there's no
such thing as global warming...

 We found a GREAT deal on hotel rooms.  Go to the attendees-only forum at

  http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/149310  and check it out.

 Only $94  if you book it online.

 If you can't get in, send e-mail to baconslab@baconslab.com
 He has a list of everyone who has been confirmed.

 If you're not on bacon's list, check your PayPal history and see if your payment made it to us.


 "We will have peace when the Palestinians love
    their children more than they hate us."
     -- Golda Mier, quoted by the vulgar Pigboy

  Put another way,

 "The violence will end when Israelis love their
   children more than they love that pile of sand."
    -- BartCop

 CNN Moves to Intensify Its 'Crossfire'

 CNN has done everything short of hiring Michael Buffer to let
 viewers know they will be seeing a feistier "Crossfire" starting Monday

 The on-air promos for the political talk show have even given the lineup of panelists  WWF-style
 nicknames James 'Ragin' Cajun" Carville, Tucker "Bow Tie" Carlson and Robert "Prince of Darkness"
 Novak. Democratic strategist, Paul "Longhorn Lefty" Begala, who is also joining the program, has
 become fond of saying that he looks forward to "kicking some right-wing a--."

 All that tough talk doesn't disguise the fact that the 20-year-old "Crossfire" has been in dire need of an overhaul.

 For years, "Crossfire," which expands to an hour and moves to 7 p.m., was the only daily venue
 to see proponents from each side of the political spectrum face off for a program-length debate.

 But the proliferation of 24-hour cable news channels has made the format a commodity.
 Once one of the highest-rated CNN shows, "Crossfire's" audience has long been in a slow decline.

 CNN will try to reverse that trend by presenting the show live before an audience at the
 Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

 You really should have a few drinks before you read this.

 This is the dreaded, unfinished Washington DC 1998 story.
 You long-time readers might remember the first part,
 but the second part has remained in the vault all this time.

 You think my writing is bad now?
 You think my language is bad now?
 You think my storytelling is jagged and ragged now?

 It was so much more worser in 1998, but there might be some laughs.
 The Van Gogh part, in particular is extra-retarded, but it's what was written
 down back then and I try not to change the past.

 ...and again, this has the harsh language of 1998,
 not the smooth refinement you see regularly on  bartcop.com in 2002    cough

 Click  Here

Thank you, James, for not saying "...Julie who?"

 Breeding a press of water carriers, or the Age of Aquarius
  Epilogue: Octopussies
     by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 The specious Republican logic used to attack these regulations is that since technology has
 created cable, the Internet, and supplied numerous additional frequency ranges, there is
 sufficient opportunity for a wide range of voices to be heard without regulation. The simple
 answer to this idiocy is that an octopus may have eight arms, but all eight are still controlled
 by only one brain. As of this writing, six corporations or their subsidiaries own the entire
 spectrum of what is referred to as "the mainstream media" in this country.

What caused the traffic jam?

Thanks to Lori

 When is Ozzy Osbourn's show on MTV again?

Ol' BartCop if you know.

 From: DMullaley

 Subject: bartcop.com Bush protest sign on Dallas TV news

 My anti-Bush protest sign was shown on Dallas TV News last night -

 "Impeach Bu$h - Energy Whore"  with bartcop.com on the sign ...and it took up the whole screen...
 Here's the video..   The protest bits are at the very end..but hey, they showed it !!!


 Local Television shows protestors  WFAA in Dallas aired footage of anti-bush protestors
 on the 6, 6:30 and 10 PM news tonight. I thought the day would never come. Shrubby almost
 fell down the steps of Marine one, but more time was aired of the protestors.

 ha ha

 Good one, D.   Thanks


 Marc Perkel is moving the main  bartcop.com  server late Sunday night,
 so if  bartcop.com  doesn't come up, give it a few hours and check back.


 Special thanks to Democratic Underground.com
 for the great Juliefest2002 plug.

 They will be attending, so we will see them there.

There's always something good at 

 The Smoke Machine
    by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 ...there is a level of anger and hatred on the right that has at best a faint echo in the
 anti-globalization left, and none at all in mainstream liberalism. Indeed, the liberals
 I know generally seem unwilling to face up to the nastiness of contemporary politics.

 It's also true that in the nature of things, billionaires are more likely to be right-wing
 than left-wing fanatics. When billionaires do support more or less liberal causes, they
 usually try to help the world, not take over the U.S. political system. Not to put too fine
 a point on it: While George Soros was spending lavishly to promote democracy abroad,
 Mr. Scaife was spending lavishly to undermine it at home.

 Don't forget to check 

 Will Oklahoma take it all?

Subject: Re: JulieFest


I just have to say that I have been in on JulieFest for myself since the $50 price tag.
I was going  because I just think that what she did deserved to be acknowledged.
I have been reading your column for the past  three years and never miss an issue.
This has got to be the best thing you have ever done.  I'm so glad that I could help.

My wife was non-commital about going, but I sent a message to JulieFest on Monday
saying that I would take a ticket for her just in case she wants to go, at the $75 price.
Is she going to be excited now that we get to meet (hopefully) James Carville.

This is greatest bargain I have ever been part of.
If I have any extra Funds I will write a check at the door.
You have done it, I'm sure you are now on AssKKKrofts short list for sure.


How about some hemp clothes?

click   to  order  Buy 3, get free shipping

 Quiz Tom Ridge For a Price
  Homeland Security Director Wont Testify Before Congress,
  But He Will Take Questions From Business Execs

  Click  Here

 Tom Ridge still refuses to appear before a congressional committee,
 but he plans to speak to business executives and take their questions next month

 Ridge is a featured presenter at an April 9 conference in Chicago sponsored by Fortune magazine.
 A ticket costs $1,955.

...gee, that makes $200 seem cheap.

From: Joe S

Bartus Copus,

Ah, the excitement grows.  When I first told the wife about JulieFest she
was like "That sounds nice.  Have fun."  When I sent her a link to your page
announcing it was being held at Carville's place, though, that got her attention.
Heh heh.  Still waiting to hear if she wants me to drop $200 on another ticket.

Good news, tickets are only $100 now.

So, as far as the dress code, would a nice pair of black jeans and my
BartCop.com "Buck Fush" T-Shirt do?  What?  Too casual?
Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something.  No jacket & tie is a relief.

ha ha

One question: Are people still getting rooms at the Marriot, or is James
going to let us all crash on his floor?  If a lot of people stay at the same
hotel, we could probably get them to shuttle us over to 24 and back.
Not that *anyone* is going to be too impaired to drive, though, right?

Counting the days.

Joe, check the Juliefest forum.
We got a $94 deal for you.


If you can't get in, first register, then send your screen name
to baconslab@baconslab.com  he can clear all confirmed attendees.

 King of Israel subject of Robert Ray addendum

  Click  Here

 Savannah, GA In a startling development today, Stephen Sacco, the man who several
 weeks ago proclaimed himself the King of Israel and Rightful Ruler of all Palestine, was
 found to be mentioned in an addendum of the appendix to the footnotes of Robert Rays
 report on former President Bill Clinton. Ray said, "We probably have the evidence to indict
 Mr. Sacco for very serious crimes, but I seriously doubt hed be found competent to stand
 trial, plus I just dont feel like it. I have a Republican Senate nomination to snag."

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