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A good Crossfire question:
 Will Liddy Dole live in North Carolina if she loses her senate race?


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Volume 780 - Give’em what they want!


Monday    April 22, 2002           Send Me an Angel               Recent old stuff              Shopping w/ Bart


 "...oh, and thanks for the South's Finest chocolates ! They were GREAT !"
       --  Cory, the guy who won the top prize in the BartCop E! Oscar contest

 Thankfully, England has a press that's not afraid of Karl Rove and Karen Hughes
 Venezuela coup linked to Bush team
  Specialists in the 'dirty wars' of the Eighties encouraged Venezuela plotters

  Click  Here

 The pink tutu Democrats knew the old Iran-Contra gang would commit new crimes if they
 were confirmed but the scared-shirtless, shaking-like-a-bunny cowards confirmed them anyway.
 We can't really blame the Bush Family Evil Empire.
 Evil people commit crimes, they steal money and kill people - that's what they do!
 And if the opposition remains silent, why should they not rob everyone blind?

      What crimes?

       What coup?
Bush is my president!

 From: Lisa

 Dear BC,
 You were mentioned by a caller on C-SPAN Sunday morn.
 Sadly, she felt you might be a misogynist but she loved your site (?).

 Can't wait to meet you and Julie and the rest of the BC gang.
 Love, Lisa

 The evidence that I'm a misogynist seems to be:
 - my favorite band is fronted by a strong woman,
 - my Chief of Staff is a woman, as are most department heads
 - my favorite senator is a woman.
 - I'm doing my best to raise money for an out-of-work single mother.
 - I am fiercely for the equality of women

 ...I forget, what are the other signs that I hate women?

 Or was it my whimsical admission that I'd enjoy a weekend with Angie Harmon?
 That makes me a woman-hater?
 Tell me, who do the women lovers want to spend a weekend with?

me with your reasons why you're sure I hate women.

 April 20th protests in DC from my POV
   by Patricia R

  Click  Here

 There was a beautiful spirit of unity with young and old, Palestinians and Jewish groups
 for peace, black, white, Asian and Arab.  Even a contingent of Hassidic Jews who came
 from New York on their Sabbath to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians and against
 Israel's state sponsored terrorism.  I was very proud to be an American on this day.

 BartCop for the US Senate?

  Click  Here

"Top of the world, Ma!"

 From: Maggie


 You wish that all the insanity printed on your web site were true.
 Not even the liberal C-Span takes this website seriously.

 You are so full of hate that it causes me to wonder what trauma has prompted
 you to be the way you are.  You are like the bully on the play ground standing
 and throwing mud and rocks and screaming obsenities just for attention.

 I truly believe that the root of it is your inability to believe in God...a God who loves
 and a God who forgives and the God who will finally judge.  Ask God for wisdom
 and ask him to show you what truth is.....ask him to take the blinders off of your eyes.


 Maggie, it's always nice to meet one of God's name-calling representatives.

 When the hijackers died to get their 72 virgins, I'll bet you thought,
"What kind a crazies could believe in that crap?"  but you're totally
 convinced that you're going to the magic cloud place when you die, right?

 Take away the violence and tell me the difference between you and the hijackers.
 You're both willing to sacrifice everything to get to a place that doesn't exist.
 You have rejected science and logic to follow an invisible ghost.

 Tell you what - send me your street address and I'll send you a book
 on how to avoid making a really bad first impression.

 What I saw in DC on April 20
    by Dwayne Eutsey

  Click  Here

 At least 70,000 Americans (perhaps even as many as 100,000, by some estimates)
 came together at various rallies throughout the city:  the IMF protest at the World Bank,
 International ANSWER’s anti-war/anti-racism rally in front of the White House,
 and the Stop the War rally near the Washington Monument.

 Here's a fun read

   Click  Here

 Tom DeLay, legendary on Capitol Hill for his aggressive efforts to cultivate corporate interests,
 hit on a new way of rewarding his friends last weekend, flying more than 30 lobbyists to Las Vegas.

 The weekend included a late-night party Saturday in DeLay's suite at the Rio Hotel and Casino, which
 featured a living room, bar and hot tub on the balcony. DeLay was not present, aides said; the event
 was hosted by his daughter, Dani Ferro, the campaign manager for DeLay's reelection campaign.
 Ferro told associates that a lobbyist poured champagne on her while she was in the hot tub.

 Is Tom Delay using his daughter in a sexual manner to raise money?


 Latest Juliefest Total $23,155 

 If we get lucky, we could make it to $25,000,
 but isn't $30,000 a much rounder number than $25,000?

 From: Debbie L

 Subject: I think


 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding.

 Debbie, wouldn't I be insulting God if I failed to use the brain He gave me
 to make rational, logical decisions based on the best available evidence?

 There's an old saying I remember from my pool shooting days:
 Never make a bet that only pays off after you're dead.

 Click on the stupid crook to visit  lastliberal.com

"I'm a stupid crook."

 A Catholic joke that's not funny

 In a small cathedral a janitor was cleaning the pews between services when he
 was approached by the minister. The minister asked the janitor, "Could you go
 into the confessional and listen to confessions for me? I really have to go to the
 bathroom and the Widow McGee is coming. She tends to go on and on but never
 really does anything worthy of serious repentance, so when she's done just give her
 10 Hail Mary's and I'll be right back."

 Being the helpful sort, the janitor agreed. Just as expected the Widow McGee
 came into the booth and started her confession.  "Oh Father, I have truly sinned,
 I have given into carnal thoughts and have had oral sex."

 Stunned, the janitor had no idea how to handle this situation.  Surely 10 Hail Mary's
 would not do. So, in a moment of desperation the janitor peered his head out of the
 confessional and asked an altar boy, "Son, what does the minister give for oral sex?"

 The altar boy said, "a Snickers bar and a Coke."

Subject: Your opinion?


I've noticed two prominent stories recently about John McCain defecting from the GOP
and running for president as a Democrat.  I would be curious about your opinion on this?
Also, is it too early for you to have a particular choice for the nomination?


McCain might be our best bet.
There's nobody in our party willing to fight, excerpt Carville and Begala.
The Democrats are too afraid, and at least McCain's not a cry-baby wimp.
He's not likely to go AWOL and he's not a no-account loser.

Isn't it sad when the top fighters on our team are McCain and Jeffords?

 ...and down the stretch they come!

 Are you ready to meet Julie Hiatt Steele?
 She'd be totally penniless if not for people like you.
 She wants to say "Thank you," to you, in person, for all you've done for her.

 Do to a lack of communication skills on my part, there will not be free beer and free wine at this event.
 Certain perks that were available in the early stages of planning Juliefest2002 did not make
 the big jump to the packed-house final stages. A rookie mistake by a rookie organizer - me.
 The good news: We will have a private bar where Chinaco Anejo, Grey Goose vodka (Julie's favorite)
 and a large variety of beers, wines and spirits will be available. And besides the free munchies,
 the West24 kitchen will be open for the truly hungry. I hear the food at West24 rules.

 We have five more days to make this one of the best days of Julie's life.
 Julie is about to be surrounded by her new friends from all over the country who are flying in
 to say "Thank you for standing your ground against that election-hating Starr monster."

 If you can't make it to West24 consider sending her a little something.
 Snail write to Julie at PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
 If you're totally flat broke, at least send an e-mail of support to  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 Tickets are still available

 Each ticket sold is more foundation and more security for Julie, ...so let's party!

 Also, don't forget the official  Juliefest2002-DC Soundtrack.
 ...so when you hear that Clash song on James's West24 sound system, shout out
"She fought the law and ...SHE won,
  she fought the law and ...SHE won."

 Biiiiiiiig party at Carville's place!

 From: "KEN HUGHES" uncleken@wwnet.net


     I just thought it was important to tell you you are an
                         thats my word, what is yours?

     Ken, Waterford Mi.

 Ken, if you're only going to have one word,
 I'd say you picked a good one.

 Crossfire Moments

 CARVILLE: Well, calling Ariel Sharon a man of peace is like calling
 Patton or Napoleon a man of peace. But the president doesn't know the
 difference between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. That's just a mistake.
 Saying that they pulled out in response to his call just is a flat lie.

 Don't forget
 Her Ozzy page is worth the price of admission all by itself.


 “You read the papers and you watch television, so you know the kind of
   spider-brained, commercially poisoned piece-of-crap reporting you get in America."
       - Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, telling the truth

  Quote stolen from  MakeThemAccountable.com

 Crisis averted

 Julie finally found someone to house-sit while she's at Juliefest2002-DC
 It's not easy convincing someone to stay a few days in a condemned apartment,
 but when Julie is determined to have something go her way - it usually does :)

 Check out 

 Got something to say on sports?
 Who else lets the little guy speak his mind?
 Do you have an opinion?

 Ok, we're getting down to the wire on Juliefest2002-DC

 Anyone who was going to get back with me about something needs to hurry.
 Contact me thru  juliefest2002@yahoo.com  so Christian can help.

 There were three artists who were going to donate some art, and I hope you're not insulted
 that I haven't gotten back to you, but until you try to organize a Juliefest you don't know what it's like,
 especially for the slow-of-wit.    Thank Koresh for Christian.
 One thing: I need Bill & Hillary's phone number and fax number. 

 I had it, but like everything, I lost it.
 Pls send it to juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 We don't want them to stay away because they weren't formally invited :)


 Juliefest2002 = good idea, lots of response
 BC Long Distance = bad idea, not lots of response.

 Maybe the initial "jump in" price was too high, so we're going to run a special.
 Just $40 for 480 minutes of anytime long distance.

 That's only 8.3 cents a minute - cheeeeeap.
 If you call someone during the day, or charge a call to your house from work,
 AT&T will sock you for 50 cents a minute, a dollar a minute, two dollars a minute etc.
 That's why they never quote you a rate when Carrottop does his pitch.
 He says "save big" on long distance - compared to what?

 The big guys are lying, they're trying to screw you.
 Let  bartcop.com  be your long-distance carrier.
 8.3 cents a minute for ANYTIME calls.

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  Day 15 of the idiotic "Bush Doctrine" in the Middle East

 Sharon Defies Bush
  US President seen as incompetent nose-picker


 The Bush boy:  We are making substantial progress!

 Sharon: So am I, so stop bothering me.

 Why Bush will be a one-term president
   a short but devastating column by Richard Reeves

  Click  Here

 The circumstances of endless savagery in the Middle East forced Bush to look into a
 television camera and tell the world that Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) is "a man of peace."

 On the West Bank, the U.N. peace envoy to the Middle East, a Norwegian hardly given to flamboyant
 language, one of the first outsiders to inspect Mr. Sharon's recent work, looked into other cameras and
 said: "Horrifying, horrifying ... Israel has lost all moral  ground in this conflict."

 This unqualified, lost-the-election crook should never have been allowed to steal power.
 All we can do is hang on and hope they leave some crumbs on ther floor of the treasury.

 Worldwide BartCop
  Do you read  bartcop.com  in a faraway place?
  If so, we'd like to hear from you.
  Tell us about your day, what you do, what you eat, where you go.
  Got crazy weather? Crazy government? Wild animals?
  I just heard from a lady in Norway who said they have polar bears downtown!

  Here's another installment - Simon in Switzerland.

  Click  Here

  Thanks, Simon, and you others ...send in your stories!


"Ohhhh, mama! That BartCop Hex is out to get me.
  Please, daddy, make BartCop disappear."

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