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Volume 785 - Almost Ready

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 May 5, 2002   Click  Here  to send in your JulieFest2002-DC stories - who you met, saw, etc. 


 "We did it."
   -- Christian & Bart, April 27th

 The Juliefest Report is almost complete.

 Clinton's voice:  "I've worked harder on this report than anything."

 There is so much to tell, so much detail to be covered.
 My last trip report to Intelligencia took 2-3 weeks to write.
 This has so much more detail to be told and - because there were witnesses,
 I'm forced to tell the truth which always adds extra pressure.

 I really think the official Juliefest Report will be up tomorrow night.
 I have 16 hours in it so far, but it's just not ready,
 and I'm only going to get one shot at telling the story right.

 Meanwhile, I felt like I had to post something, so here's this:

 Why is Colin Powell Lying?

 Sam Donaldson: Has Saddam Hussein stepped up his weapons of mass destruction program?

 Colin Powell: I don't know what "stepped up" means...

 Have you ever heard such a bald faced horseshit lie in your life?
 Powell doesn't know what "stepped up" means?

 Check the transcript, that's exactly what Powell said.
 Colin Powell looked America in the eye and gave us Tommy Dimwit.
 "I cain't figger out what 'stepped up' might could mean."

 Colin Powell lied  ...and, of course, Sam let him get away with it.

 This administration can give the most mealy-mouthed, non-answers to direct questions
 while Donaldson, Russert and the other "Pitbulls of Monicagate" just roll over and say,
"Thanks, that's a great and honest answer. I see no need for any follow up questions."

 The mob enforcer press that Clinton had to put with
 has turned into Shirley Temple for the Unelected Fraud.

 It's Cinco de Mayo, the most important holiday of the year at bartcop.com

He swore to uphold the Constitution,
but we know where his loyalties are.


 "Bush, Saudi prince, share vision"
   -- Top headline in The Washington Times the day of Juliefest2002-DC

 Hmmm, that vision would be ...stealing billions with illegal oil deals while arming terrorists?

 Mail Bag

 BC, I voted for Nader, and I'm glad I did, and I'll do it again next time
 unless I find a leftist I like more. I don't know what the other Nader voters
 had in mind, but speaking for myself, I think that if you want real, large-scale,
 structural change, and you vote for Al Gore, you're throwing your vote away.

 <major snippage>
 (Those Greens go on and on and on...)

 Al Gore and the Democrats will never make really big changes.

 No, but the Bush Family Evil Empire will make big changes, with your help.
 Wherever Karl Rove is right now, he has an erection. He knows he owns you.
 You were the difference in Florida in 2000.
 You gave us President Pinhead.

 Your vote took us from peace to war.
 Your vote took us from surpluses to deficits.
 Your vote took us from employment to massive layoffs.
 Your vote took us from a smart president to a really stupid president
 Your vote took us from a never-arrested president to a moron who
  doesn't even have to explain how many times he's been convicted of a felony.
 Your vote took us from a sober president to one with coke and alcohol problems

 And you've sworn to do it again, pleasing Rush and Karl Rove no end.

 Don't forget

 Marty E!'s quick take on Juliefest2002-DC

 Last Night

 Page is a little on the thin side today. Got in a bit later than anticipated.
 Although, Nashville is a damn fine airport if one is to be stranded by weather.

 I don't think I'd be too out of line in saying JulieFest was a rousing success,
 thanks to the incredible efforts of Christian and Bart (and let's not forget the
 tolerance of Mrs. Bart), and a wonderful crowd of great people. James Carville,
 Joe Conason, David Brock and Mark from Buzzflash.com were there to join
 in the festivities. Chinaco ran like water (but, the really good, bottled kind).
 Oh, and the chocolate!.

 Julie was even cooler than imagined. And funnier.

 Yes, a video was made, and pictures were taken (but, the film was turned over to Bart).

 It was a weekend where the only thing in short supply was sleep, in spite of DC
 not being a late night town at all. I'm really tired. More eventually.

 So, last Friday, we're standing in the big baggage check-in line for Southwest at LAX.
 A black stretch limo pulls up & Ralph Nader gets out, to go wait for his Southwest flight.
 Just struck me funny.

...Marty! thanks for that.

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling the war effort,
 are they saying they're happy with the fact that he's not been able to catch those responsible?
 Are they happy that we seem to be going from country to country, bombing, but accomplishing nothing?

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling the economy,
 are they saying they're happy we've lost the prosperity we had with Clinton and now
 are faced with nothing but recession, layoffs and bankruptcies under his leadership?

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling foreign affairs,
 are they saying they're happy that our closest allies are barely speaking to us and
 that we've abandoned decades of treaties with friends and enemies alike?

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling the character issue,
 does that mean they don't want to know how many times he's had to stand before
 a judge and say, "Guilty, your honor?"

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling the integrity question,
 I wonder if they know about the rape and subsequent abortion arranged for Robin Lowman
 at the Twelve Oaks Hospital in Houston, TX (now the Bayou City Medical Center)
 who was only 15-years old at the time?   Is that how America defines "integrity?"

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling the military,
 are they saying they enjoy seeing America's Commander in Chief get down on his knees
 and beg China to please release our airmen so he can give them medals for turning over
 an advanced spy plane packed with technology China wouldn't have for another twenty
 years without that voluntary surrender?

 When people say they're happy with the way Bush is handling the Social Security fund,
 are they saying they approve of Bush raiding the Social Security lockbox to give Enron,
 Mobil/Exxon and General Electric 16 years worth of tax refunds, some of which will
 make it back into GOP coffers to ensure the money niagara will continue?

 Yes, America loves their president, because, thanks to a vigilant press and a strong
 opposition from the Democrats, regular Americans are educated and informed.

 Is that what the GOP and the media are selling us?

 From: frank@godisdead.com

 Subject: First Time Visitor Comments

 Dear Ms. Steele,
 I've just visited your site for the first time.  I have a few comments to make.

 1. Your web site design is horrible.  Please change the design of the site.

 Ms. Steele doesn't write anything here besides her column.
 The bad web design and tacky comments are mine - BartCop.
 She's a lady and would never say the stuff I say.

 I'm a ADD Catholic with an IQ of 64.
 The fact that you read enough to be pissed off is a tribute to my overcoming my handicaps.

 2. Your comparisons of the GOP to the Nazis is disgusting.  No political group in the United States
 deserves to be compared to the Nazi party (okay, except the neo-Nazis).  You sicken me.

 Do you own a dictionary, Frank?
 When you look up "nazi," it says "See fascist"
 When you look up "fascist," it says "a supporter of a system of government that uses
 force to supress liberals, Jews, gypsies, teachers, homosexuals and intellectuals."

 Sound like anybody you know, Frank?

 Another way to answer you would be to suggest you Click  Here

 3. You offer no evidence to the vast majority of your claims.  You seem to be a Washington nobody,
 so I find it hard to believe that you have access to scads of inside information.  You simply repeat garbage
 that you find elsewhere on the web and pawn it off as your own.

 You must be confusing me with Julie again.
 Do you make big mistakes often, Frank?

 You sound like the type of individual who could teach me a lesson, but then,
 the others sounded just like you before they became "too busy" to debate.

 4. You praise James Carville.  Although I'm sure he's really smart, as far as I can tell, he's just a redneck
 with so heavy an accent, that I can't figure out what the heck is is saying half the time.


 James speaks quickly, that's for sure.
 Perhaps you could read Crossfire transcripts at your slower, individual pace.

 Remember during the fraudulent campaign of 2000, President Monkey Brains said,
 "What America needs is leadership - and I know the way!"  ...and the crowds would cheer
 because they knew Bush was such a smart and informed leader of nations.

 But now that he's stolen power with the help of his daddy's crooked judges,
 instead of leading on tough issues like the Middle East, President Pinhead is
 calling for a summer summit to see if any smart people have a clue on how to lead?

 And just to lower expectatiuons even further, they're warning everyone NOT to expect
 a peace breakthrough from the summer talks, but to expect only a "framework for peace" and,
 of course, the American whore media will hail the non-breakthrough as "another foreign policy triumph"
 for the "dream team" that the wise Boy King has assembled from his daddy's Iran-Contra team.

 But that's not even the worst part.
 The worst part is Senate Democrats will join in that praise for no goddamn reason other than fear.

 While I was in DC, every newscast was crowing about Bush's great poll numbers.
 Get this: 74 percent said they support Bush's policy in the Middle East,
 but only 43 percent say he has a clear and concise plan to deal with events over there.

 That means over 31 percent of America supports a policy they think is rudderless and incoherent
 for a part of the world that almost certainly will trigger a nuclear World War III.

 But that's not even the worst part.
 The worst part is 53 percent of all Democrats gave Bush their support, too.

 But that's not even the worst part.

 The worst part is that Bush has waaaaaay more than 53 percent of Senate Democrats.
 His worship quotient with Senate Democrats could be as high as 70 percent, and this is
 supposed to be the opposition party, part of the checks and balances that our founding fathers
 envisioned as the last defense to keep an out-of-control president from going too damn far.

 Where are the Democrats?
 And why are they cashing their paychecks
 if they're not willing to do their jobs?

 America is looking for a leader for this crisis, but Rudy retired, so what do we do?

 We know we're lying lied to by an incompetent moron, but until the Democrats stand up,
 we're sticking with the incompetent moron - at least that's what these polls numbers tell me.
 But what do we have for an opposition party?

 Hi, I'm a Democrat, and
 George W. Bush is my president.

Subject: Crossfire Plug for MWO!

Friday, in the closing minutes, Paul Begala mentioned MWOL twice.

They were discussing what good on-line news sources like the Drudge
Report were (Drudge had been a guest....gross), and Paul said it might
be good for finding out in an iguana had eaten a small child in a foreign country...

Tucker starting screaming about something, and Paul said something like "...and then
there are sites like Media Whores....", which he then repeated to be sure it was heard
over Tucker's ongoing whining.    A great way to end the show!


 Check out 

 Baseball, basketball. hockey, golf!
 It's all on BartCop Sports!

 From: Jenniferandrick@aol.com

 Subject: Fabricated lies?

 Fabricated lies? Uhhhh which one was fabricated?

 Which one?
 ha ha
 Which blades of grass are green?

 This is a trick to get me to spend a year listing every GOP-fabricated lie against Clinton.
 Look at it this way: Of alllllllllllllllllllll the "crimes" Clinton committed, why did
 the GOP only impeach him for the "crime" of Monica, for which he was found innocent?

 All the rest (Filegate, Travelgate, Vince Foster) was horseshit, invented and fabricated by
 the Scaife-paid ditto-monkey talking heads of the right and the whores of the press who know
 the right-wing masturbators will pay for every wild-ass, fabricated story about Bill and Hillary.

Subject: Hello from Tucson, AZ

I am in the chatroom amd many times I get in fights with republicans.
Sometimes I use profanity and call people at FOX and CNN names.
Can they sue me in court? Please let me know...


Badii, if anyone tries to sue you, just tell them you were quoting me.
Every word I say is true, and they can't handle the truth.
If they sue me, I'll videotape it and defend myself while sipping Chinaco.

We'll run excerpts forever.


"Can you believe this Enron mess?
  I love how Bush's good friend 'Kenny Boy'
  suddenly turned into 'Mr. Lay.'  Give me a break!"
    -- Johnny Carson

 ha ha

 I miss Johnny Carson.

Subject: Are you better off now than 2 years ago?

Everyone in American can answer this question with a resounding NO!
Bush has squandered a huge budget surplus into a huge deficit.
Jobless numbers are at an all time high.
Wall Street resembles a bombed out Beirut.
Most 401K accounts values are at 50% what they were just 2 short years ago.
We are in never ending war with a confused leader at the helm.
Contrast our present state of war and recession with the Clinton years, peace and prosperity.

Jim in Rochester, MI

 Headline:  Jobless rate highest in 8 years

 This is not news.
 We knew the day the Supreme Court stole our right to vote
 that the Clinton Miracle was over and we were in for four years of war and
 recession and a rape of the US Treasury on a scale like we'd never seen before.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire didn't spend $200 million to install a moron puppet
 so they could help America's working families get ahead. They spent that $200 million because
 they knew their investment would come back into their pockets a hundred-thousand fold.

 Stay connected with 

 While in the DC area, we stopped at a Giant grocery store for supplies
 and their checkout line ads for lost distance calling cards caught my eye.
 They had several different tiers, depending on how much you spent,
 but their cheapest rate was 13 cents a minute.

 Using  bartcop.com  long-distance calling cards you pay only 8.3 cents per minute.

 Make  bartcop.com  your long-distance carrier

Ol' BartCop if YOU want to save big money on long distance.


 >Win a Corvette for mentioning
 >bartcop.com  on live TV.

 >This could be yours!

 In an unusual move, Crossfire did not take questions from the audience on April 26th,
 the evening that Julie RB scored tickets for people who frequent the Juliefest boards.

 Was it a coincidence that Crossfire "forgot" audience questions that night?
 Or is  bartcop.com  banned from that network?

 They say if you mention  bartcop.com  on a CNN chat room you get bumped.


 Stop answering my stalkers and sending me a copy.
 I don't care who you are or why you're doing it.

 If/when we go subscription only,
 those who tease the stalkers won't be invited.

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