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Volume 784 -
She Fought the Law

 April 26 - May 5, 2002    


"We never had any clue what we were doing.
  ...but somebody had to do something...."
    -- Bart

Subject: Quit beating up on Nader supporters

On your site I have noticed, unsurprisingly, that you expend no small amount of effort
into nagging, insulting, and otherwise I-told-you-so-ing former and present supporters
of Ralph Nader and his Presidential campaign. As a former Nader voter I cannot deny
that there was a spoiler effect present. Would Gore have won if Nader hadn't run?
It certainly couldn't have hurt. However, your page's tactic of abuse is completely
inappropriate, I think, and here are a few reasons why:

 * Gore was far from perfect

 * Gore didn't lose in Florida anyway

 And most importantly:
 * Non-voters were a much larger factor

 I would personally love to see you write a piece about the irresponsibility of non-voters.
 Especially as the November election comes up..  Thank you for receiving my rant.

 -- neil

 Neil, my biggest problem with the spoilers is their stated eagerness to do it again in 2004.
 I imagine they feel bad about giving the Unelected Moron all that power, and letting his
 crooked family steal all those trillions, but in trying to save face, they're promising to screw
 us again with the same results as 2000.  Tell them to knock it off, OK?

Subject: Rush's dirty ass


In your inimitable style, you said:

> "...and Rush, on the bath issue - as far as we know, Bono didn't wiggle out
> of military service because his ass was so dirty that it got infected, like you did."

I'm certain that you know that Ted Nugent is the EIB "Resident Rocker".
If memory serves me correctly, Nugent used to brag that he got out of the Vietnam War
by showing up for his medical examination after wearing the same clothes for weeks on end,
complete with the filth which acrued when he fouled himself.

Those two deserve each other.


Steve, funny how most hawks couldn't make it to that war they loved so much.

 Ambling into Nonsense
   By Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

"He repeats the canard that Bush appeals to voters because of the "the dearth of scandals in Bush One."
 Someone at his publisher's office, at least, might have mentioned that the Clinton-era Whitewater
 investigation resulted in a grand total of zero indictments, and that only two members of the Clinton
 administration were ever indicted. The Reagan-Bush administration, meanwhile, managed to rack up
 a full 32 indictments, many of which were disposed of by presidential pardons."

 Dear Bart,

 There's a saying that happiness is hard to come by in this life
 and Julie has given the world more than her share.

 How could I miss a historic event event like Juliefest?


 You can't.
 See you Saturday night.

Subject: "We're 10 times stronger"!!!
To: rush@eibnet.com
Bcc: bartcop@bartcop.com

Your hypocrisy is sickening.  You just sat there, not 5 minutes ago,
parrotting the Bush officials telling the Saudis that today, we're "10
times stronger" militarily than we were during the Gulf War.

What happened to all of your nonsense during the past 10 years, and Bush's
nonsense during the campaign, saying Bill Clinton decimated our military?

I challenge you, Rush, to TELL your faithful flock exactly what it is that
Bush has done during the past year and a half to suddenly bring us from a
decimated military to "10 times stronger" than we were during the Gulf War.

You either have to tell them that, or tell them the truth.   Which is that
you, Bush, and all the other conservative blowhards were lying all along.

Subject: Crossfire is Wonderful!
To: crossfire@cnn.com, Isaacson@aol.com, sue.bunda@cnn.com

What a great show! Very dynamic. Very unique.
Nothing like it on TV. No one else is saying:

The Head of the GOP is a former Enron Lobbyist.
Gore got more votes.
Thirty people were indicted during Reagan, only 1 under Clinton
The 2 Trillion Dollar Surplus is Gone, thanks to the tax cut for the rich.
We had peace and prosperity under Clinton, War, recession and deficits Under both Bushes.

And the list goes on. These are important facts the public has a right to know, but you can hear
hundreds of hours of cable political commentary without a single mention of this crucial information.
Hooray for Crossfire for breaking the media silence!

I'm going to support your sponsors and buy their products.

Scott Davis

 Sub-Total $24,450

  Wish it was more...

 Mrs. Bart and I are using our own money to travel.

 That means we'd rather not fly east for just two nights,
 so we're taking the next week to unwind and recharge

 See you again May 4 or 5th, hopefully with Fest reports, pictures, tales etc.

 Meanwhile, check the back issues.
 They say the ones ending in "1" (241, 421, 761) are the best.

Last night I was trying to decide on a cigar for the evening (I finally chose a really nice Remedios),
so I went to the cigar newsgroup alt.smokers.cigars. It's like a cigar lounge in the real world
 --smoke cigars and talk politics.

Someone asked the question "what do you think of Faux News?"
The reply: "it's better than CNN or MSNBC but still too left-leaning for any thinking person."

As my favorite maniacal drill sergeant once said, "you've gotta be shitting me, Joker."

--Jim M

ha ha

Dude, tequila fan that I am, I understand the "greatest cigar in the world" talk.
Remedios sounds like a Patron to me, but we all have our favorites.

And we gotta a love a guy who can't get enough Nazi hate from Fox News.

 ...and down the stretch they come!!!!

 Are you ready?

 Chinaco party at Carville's.
 Goose party at Carville's.
 Garbage party at Carville's.
 South's Finest Chocolate party at Carville's.
 Julie Hiatt Steele party at Carville's

 ha ha

 ...a tornado in the form of a Southern Belle.

 You're not ever going to forget 4/27/02

 The gates are closed, nothing left to do but party!
  (former presidents excepted)

 Today, Friday, we have no computers, so no more tickets.
 But if you didn't make it to West24 Saturday, send Julie a little something.
 Snail write to her at PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
 If you're totally flat broke, at least send an e-mail of support to  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 Also, don't forget the official  Juliefest2002-DC  Soundtrack.
 The Clash's I Fought the Law will play every 40 minutes.

 ...so when you hear it on James's West24 sound system, shout out
"She fought the law and ...SHE won,
  she fought the law and ...SHE won."

 Could be the highlight of the video.

 Don't forget


 Check out 

 You must have a ticket to get in the room.

Watch Crossfire tonight.
See if any  bartcop.com  readers
win a Corvette for mentioning
bartcop.com  on live TV.

This could be yours

 David Brock on Crossfire

 Did you see it?
 Odds are, you didn't.
 Have you heard?
 According to my sources, Thursday's extra-explosive Crossfire was censored by CNN in it's repeat.
 I saw it myself, while receiving important Juliefest2002-DC phone calls  (cough)
 but I have the whole thing on tape.

 If you don't know by now, this is my take of what happened.
 I'm telling you what I saw, not what happened exactly.

 Brock sat down and Bow Tie Boy OPENED with:
 "You've written a book of lies and how dare you come here and claim they're true."

 I am a very, very non-violent man.
 But when you sit down at a desk...
 ...and a man (sorta of) looks you in the eye and says,
  "You've written a book of lies and how dare you come here and claim they're true."

 ...well, that's some strong stuff, ...at least in Oklahoma.

 Repeat, I am NOT a violent man, but once that gauntlet is thrown,
 once Bow Tie Boy calls you a big, fat liar in front of 200,000 viewers,
 your only choice is launch across that table and go for his f-ing throat.

 Why is this a good move?

 I tells the jury you ONLY attack when provoked by the most personal of slurs.
 If Bow Tie Boy can scream, "Liar" at you and you take it like a gentleman,
 that gives him the courage to raise the bar higher on the next personal attack.
 But if you launch over that desk onto his ass and squeeze his Adam's apple,
 word gets out that's it's important to use discretion when framing your question.

 Truth is, Tucker's under BIG pressure to fight back.
 Tucker's unarmed in this fight, and he can't win.

 The beatdown was so one-sided, Carville and Brock SO PROVED that crazy criminals
 controlled our country, that CNN was too afraid to reveal what the rest of the world knows,

 Brock looked right into the camera and said. Ted Olson and Slappy lied under oath,
 and he said the same Iran-Contra clowns, the impeachment clowns, are now controlling
 everything in Washington - you know - kinda like a regular issue of  bartcop.com

 Well, CNN felt so scared they CENSORED the last half hour of Crossfire.
 CNN isn't a news company - it's a whore on Bush's payroll.

 How DARE they "protect" us from Brock's free speech?

 We'll need some volunteers at the Juliefest, selling raffle rickets and such.

 If you'd like to help, tell Christian or Bart at the door.

 Might be a good way to mix & mingle - get to know people.

 A Work of Art

 Remember when the Bush Family Evil Empire was CAUGHT doing the unthinkable?
 They got CAUGHT selling arms to terrorists, (the sons of bitches), remember?
 Then they sent that senile old fool Reagan out to deny it in front of the live TV cameras?
 (Wasn't that a terrible trick to play on that old man?
  That's like rearranging Helen Keller's furniture.)

 Then, instead of showing remorse, Bush pardoned the gang of felons to bury the truth
 and then Ollie North stood up and defended what he did, calling it "a work of art."

 Let me see...

 Stealing Stinger missles from the Defense department is a crime, it's a felony,
 it traitorous action and it's against everything they CLAIMED they stood for.
 They rewarded the thugs who kidnapped our diplomats and murdered our Marines.

    Lebanon - 241 dead marines - was this attack
    financed with Bush Family Evil Empire Money?

 Then they went on to lie, stonewall and finally commit serial perjury until
 Poppy pardoned everybody to bury the evidence of their crimes forever.

 So they took their illegal proceeds, that terrorist money, and they went to Nicaragua
 and bought cocaine with it and smuggled it into Oakland. Then they made secret deals
 with the Cripps and the Bloods to distribute mass quantities of cocaine.

 Then they took those illegal millions and bought guns, no doubt from Bush's arms-dealing partner
 Adnan Kashoggi and armed the right-wing death squads that terrorized Central America for so long.

 Murder, treason, cocaine, gang wars, treachery, pardons - that's a work of art?

 No, I don't think so, but I might have a clue what is...

 Suppose some low IQ wannabe internet tequilaboy comedian saw that his favorite rock group
 was coming to America for a tour in April and May, and suppose he booked tickets to several shows.
 Then, figuring he was going to be on the East Coast anyway, he'd want to go by and see his new
 good friend Julie Hiatt Steele.  But then, his good friend was in need of a lil' economic boost,
 so he floated the idea on his page about hosting a fund raiser, just to see what would happen.

 Well, he was shocked (but not surprised) to see heart-of-gold Democrats responding in waves and
 soon there was $4000 in the kitty, enough to pay for J-Fest expenses.  Then the total grew higher.

 Before long, we had $10,000 in the pot, and then a guy named Ron V wrote and said he thought he could
 get a message to James Carville and when James wrote and asked if we'd consider having Juliefest
 at his place, Julie went off like a bottle rocket and said, "Yeah, make that happen."

 bartcop.com  readers continued to respond. Seems like each time Tequilaboy wrote something about Julie,
 people wrote saying "I had no idea she went thru all that. Please give her this $50, or this $100 for me."

 Other web sites jumped in, too.  Buzzflash.com and Democraticunderground.com put up big banners
 to help get the word out. MWO, ampol, Onlinejournal and others spread the news, too.
 Before long, we had enough money in the pot to call Juliefest2002-DC a success!

 Remember how it started, in  Volume 728 - JulieFest2002?

> This may be a well-intentioned pie-in-the-sky idea, but Julie needs help.
> Considering what she did for Democrats, the Constitution and our country,
> it'd be nice if a lot of people would want to thank her.

> Meeting Susan McDougal was the highlight of my "political" life,
> and I think meeting Julie will be something you'd remember the rest of your life.

> But since I have no idea what I'm doing, I need help.

 YOU people did that. YOU helped out and made everything work.
 The high-rollers and those who sent in $10 - everything helped make Julie's pie higher.

 She's been knocked down - cried out - but now Julie's back amongst the living
 and her faith in people has been renewed and she wants to thank everyone.

 I've never met anybody with her strength.
 I hope nobody else ever has to run the gauntlet like she had to run.
 unless it's that bastard Starr who may run a gauntlet right into a f-ing prison cell.

 So, in closing (applause) what began as a "dumb idea" will result in a great party at Carville's,
 where everybody will get to meet everybody and drink mass quantities of Chinaco Anejo,
 munch on world-class appetizers, not to mention the South's Finest Chocolates.
 On top of that, a nice boost for Julie, who, after living in a bunker for four years is enjoying the
 emotional support as much as the economic support, and the Treehouse even made a little splash

 No murder, treason, illegal drugs, (probably) gang wars, treachery or pardons were needed.
 and I'm going to see Garbage.in concert a few times..

 I'd call that a work of art.

 See you in a week.

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