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Volume 788 - Make a Landmark

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Official chocolatiers of Juliefest2002-DC

 May 9, 2002 


"The net effect of these transactions is that Enron gets paid
  for moving energy to relieve congestion without actually
  moving any energy or relieving any congestion."
     "Death Star" strategy, written by Enron lawyers in December 2000, outlining practices
     that created phantom congestion on electricity transmission lines and engaged in
     sham sales among its affiliates to increase electricity prices.

 Full Story

 Remember how Bush and Rush guaranteed us that California's energy problems
 were happening because the liberals messed with the free enterprise system?

 We knew they were lying.
 We know President Never Elected is lying because he's a crooked oil man.
 And we know Rush is lying because he's paid millions to lie.

 California was getting raped because that's what crooked energy companies do,
 and Bush allowed it to happen because he's in on the scam.

 Oh, God, what did we do to anger you so?
 Why did you allow this Bush monster to hijack our country?

 David Brock & the Watergate Legacy
      by Robert Parry. May 6, 2002

  Click  Here

 David Brock's Blinded by the Right tells the back story of the ideological war
 against Bill Clinton, but there is a deeper back story of the conservative attack
 machine that traces back to Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal.

 Great stuff - Robert Parry is always can't-miss reading.
 And also, since Juliefest2002-DC, I get to talk about our good friends,
 such as David Brock, James Carville and smokin' Joe Conason

 Monkey Mail

 From: bruce.johnston@citcomm.com

> By the way...........Barbara Olson is dead you idiot.
> She died a hero just like all the others that died on 9-11.

> Bruce T. Johnston

 Why do you think I don't know that?
 You think I should go back and change everything written prior to 9-11?

 I have 787 issues, and you think I should go back and search each one
 to see if anything true then is no longer true now?

 Bruce, you make a bad first impression.
 You start with a schoolboy gaffe and then use an unneeded personal slur.

 You must be a Republican

 More pics from Juliefest2002-DC


 Waiting For The River To Catch Fire
      by Joseph Vecchio  as seen at democraticunderground.com

 Click  Here

 How many warriors are here that could be more effective if they had the time
 to donate to the cause? How much more could someone like Bartcop accomplish
 if his time wasn't so limited by the necessities of the workweek? There are others
 as well who could use a donation to help them fight the good fight, don't be afraid
 to toss some money their way, even if you never see a return on it.

 Soon, we're going to need to have a talk. Today, for instance, Vic the racist isn't
 coming in, so I have no hours to spend at my desk - thus this short issue.
 If I was my own boss during the day, that increases the odds of BartCop Radio.
 I will continue to work on the problem.

 Plus, this is sweep weeks, traditionally the only time of the year when we actively
 solicit funds to stay on the www, but we've just come out of a 60-day fund raiser
 so I thought I'd ease back on that a little for right now.

 Changes are coming, and we're working on the pitch right now.

 Matt Drudge, who lies so much his last name should be Limbaugh, says that
 Westwood One, producers of Bill O'Reilly's new hate show of lies and race-baiting slurs,
 is PAYING stations to air his program.

 Drudge says WOR in New York is getting $300,000 to run the new hate show,
 and they paid a station in DC $200,000 after every station rejeccted it.

 But then again, if Drudge said it, it's not dependable news...

 O'Reilly Quote

 "I will have a female co-host who can tell me I'm wrong."

 Gee, I wonder if she'll be as tough as Alan Colmes?

Subject: From Seattle

Look, I'm a 47 y/o man, hunter/fisherman/engineer, and I pride myself in
being able to control my emotions. But after reading the trip reports from
those of you who attended JulieFest, I had to get up and go hide from all
the people I work with cause I was crying...at work! at my desk!
What's up with that?

I cried because I now know that there are good decent people out there who
care deeply and passionately about this country.  And I cried because I was
not able to attend the party, and I cried because I'm scared for my country and
countries around the world. And I cried for knowing Julie's story and what
"our" government has done to her.

I will never get over what happened to her and I will NEVER give in to the bastards!
Thanks Bart for being there!!!


 Penthouse Screws up big-time
  Publishes nude pics of Anna Kournakova that aren't her

 Click  Here

Now owns Penthouse magazine

 One of the best columns ever from Gene Lyons

 Enron Style Journalism
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Here at home, unemployment has reached a six year high, the stock market's staggering,
 corporate profits look shaky and government projections show rising budget deficits for
 the forseeable future. That Social Security "lockbox" the candidates bickered about during
 the 2000 election campaign? It's gone, a casualty of recession, tax cuts and the war on terrorism.
 So what did our peerless Washington press corps spend last week ranting about?

 Why Bill Clinton, naturally.

People are writing about Juliefest t-shirts

 Yes, there are some t-shirts left from the big bash, and they're free
 with a minimum donation of $23.95, which covers priority shipping.
 A few days after Juliefest, we dropped by and caught Julie at the beach.

           Today it wasn't very windy

    The next day it was double-windy

  Julie in her Juliefest2002-DC shirt

 The shirt says:

 She's Steele the One

 If you'd like a Juliefest t-shirt or two, they're free
 with a minimum donation of $23.95 sent to
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
  PayPal to  bartcop@bartcop.com


"It's not going to work because there's no balance. Why not put Rush Limbaugh on there?"
   -- Lawrence Kudlow, who is nothing more than a whore on the payroll of Richard M Scaife,
       whining like someone pulled his pigtails that Judas Maximus is too liberal

"I worked for President Clinton in the impeachment crisis. And I called George
  Stephanopolous frequently to complain about his anti-Clinton bias, because I think
  he was trying so hard to be fair, that he was unfair to Clinton. He went over backwards
  to attack Clinton and I thought unfairly at the time."
    --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 05/06/02

 Juliefest Trip Report
   by Chris

  Click  Here

 My thoughts about Julie: Physically, she looks really small. But of course,
 that's only relevant to the broken leg she had; it has nothing to do with the
 inner strength necessary to stand up to Starr's goons. And even though she
 lost everything that was material, she kept what was important, her self-respect
 and Adam. Adam didn't say anything to the crowd at large, but then if I was
 11 years old in a roomful of strangers, I'd have been the same way.

This is how the rest of the world
sees the Americam whore press
toadying over the Unelected Fraud

 Don't forget

Subject: Caller to Malloy

A guy from Broken Arrow (wasn't that a code for a nuke bomb getting lost?) mentioned Paul Harvey.

Malloy had a real mystified tone when he said that he had heard something about Harvey and a horse.

HAHAHA ... you may not be on Crossfire ... yet ... but you made the big-time...

John S

 Bush Still Backward On Women’s Issues
    by smokin' Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 For most American women, however—whose interests are hardly identical with those
 of the Republican right—the Bush record hasn’t been improved by Karen Hughes and
 won’t be affected by her departure. Another woman may be named to take her place,
 but that would make about as much difference as Karl Rove putting on a dress.

 Check out 

 Impressions of pre-Juliefest
   by Julie Revell Benjamin

  Click  Here

 I could never explain what it's like to meet Julie Hiatt Steele, but I'm going to have
 to do my best. Julie looks like she couldn't stand up to a strong wind.  She's probably
 5'2" and weighs less than a hundred pounds soaking wet.  She's tiny, but she has the
 heart of a lion. Of course, we gave the lady a standing ovation.

 Andrew from Australia send JHS an e-card
  I thought you might like to see it.

  Click  Here

Subject: Like Minds

 I was very pleased to join the festivities on April 27th.  Didn't think it was possible,
but I OD'd on chocolate. It was very easy and enjoyable to strike up conversations
and talk with people who are interested in the political landscape of this country.

It was great seeing Carville, Conason, Brock, the folks from Buzzflash and of course,
Julie Hiatt Steele.  To be honest, though, the highlight of my evening was to shake Bart's hand.

Bart and Christian, you did a great job.

G. Rita   MD

I have to tell this story:
Dr. Taylor sent a $200 check to the PO Box. It said "Juliefest"
Since we had fluctuating ticket prices, I had to determine if
that was for one ticket or two. So I called the phone number on the check.
Someone on her staff said, "Dr. Taylor is in surgery - can I take a message?"
I thought, "Koresh! A surgeon reads  bartcop.com?"

Thanks for that, and I'm glad you liked the South's Finest Chocolate.
There's no better chocolate at any price.

 Isn't it sad when Cardinals lie?

 Click  Here

 Cardinal Bernard Law testified that he relied on the advice of doctors and subordinates
 when he approved the transfer of a priest accused of sexually abusing children.

 "You can't blame me for transfering this serial rapist from parish to parish to parish
 so he could rape again and again and again. I was just following orders.

 But then again, what else could he do but lie?
 The truth will get him a stretch in prison, unless a jury decides
 that child rape is OK is you once took an oath to serve God.

 How sad that this "man of God" is lying under oath.
 Of course, the Clinton haters are silent about this extremely material
 bit of perjury, because Mr Scaife won't pay for a Catholic sex scandal.

     Bill Bennett

 Mr. Scaife hasn't sent me a check with Cardinal Law's name on it,
 so that means there's no moral question to rail about.

 ...but Clinton is still a bad, bad man!

Willey's radio talk show canceled
 Liar canned even tho she hates Clinton

  Click  Here

 Willey described her [alleged] ordeal on "60 Minutes" but undercut her own
 credibility because of conflicting statements she gave to various federal grand juries.

 Wait a minute!
 Since everyone knew she was lying, why did Julie have to lose her home?

 Could it be because Ken Starr is a vengeful bastard and wanted to signal other
 witnesses that they better play ball and start lying or they'd get what Julie got?

 I'm a vengeful bastard
 and a cigarette whore.

 Stay connected with 
 Using  bartcop.com  long-distance calling cards you pay only 8.3 cents per minute.

Ol' BartCop if YOU want to save big money on long distance.

A Very Subjective Report on Juliefest 2002
  by Robert

 Click  Here

 Bart’s description of Julie as a “tornado” is simply inadequate to describe her. She looks so small,
 she looks so frail. But she “feels” so strong, she and “feels” so big. And it’s more than that - she’s
 so real and so honest, she’s so witty, she doesn’t take herself seriously, but then she can be dead serious.
 She can melt your heart with her smile, but her eyes can flash with fire. She is the one person that
 Ken Starr, or anyone else for that matter, should not want to pick a fight with.

 Bart, Ya Done Good!
 It was better than I imagined it could be.

When you do your write-up, be sure to mention that the Videographer (Kent)
was working for free. I talked to him several times during the evening and it wasn't
until about my 5th conversation that I learned that he was volunteering his time.

Also, JulieRB from the Seattle area was dynamite.
She did a great job of organizing from 2,000 miles away.

Other than the people from all over the USA, Julie Steele was the only Big Dog that
I visited with. The thing that came across to me is that she was so warm and calm that
I felt very comfortable visiting with her as if she had been a friend of mine from High School.

Also, I was impressed at the number of young people who attended.
Four 21 year-old boys from Boston and a 15-year-old from New York City
knew more about politics than most adults that I know.

Vegas in September? I can do that!
Bob in Oklahoma


"So will The Bill Clinton Show be going into competition with Jerry Springer,
 The Price is Right, All My Children, a few other daytime programs?"
    --Wolf Bitzer, who should thank God for Cokie Roberts so Wolf
        wouldn't be the most idiotic whore in all of Washington DC.

 Wolf, please borrow a gun from someone and end it.

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