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Volume 792 - Can't Bear to Face the Truth


 May 14, 2002 


"I think she'd make a better vice presidential candidate,"
    -- Big Dog, when asked if Hillary would run for president in 2004

 What's wrong with West Wing?

  Click  Here

 It was the "West Wing" version of the "dream year" on "Dallas." Suddenly we
 were expected to carry on as if the previous few months never happened.

 In fact, there have been several disturbing signs this year that Sorkin
 has been writing from whim as much as vision.

 This guy has some valid points but he's overlooking the obvious:
 Maybe Sorkin's a better writer when he's on drugs.
 Don't even try to tell me that can't be the case, either.

 Ratings are dropping for Laura the Unloved

 Click  Here

 ...some programmers see her moving away from the minidramas of relationship
 and life advice, some of it exasperated and some of it cordial, toward lectures
 on morality with a heavy dose of conservative politics.

 Laura made her career by mangling the brain-dead numbskulls who call her.
 It was cute the first hundred times Laura called an unwed mother "a stupid slut,"
 "Why don't you ask for a twenty when he's done sticking it in you?" she'd mock.

 Years later, Laura's greed got the best of her when she saw the money Pigboy was making.
 She gave up what worked for her and went all-Clinton-hate all the time.

 Suddenly, she hated gays. Once a friend to gays, she turned on them and even led the charge
 calling homosexuals "biological mistakes," as tho God didn't know what He was doing.
 Then she decided the safest thing for children is multiple guns inside every home.
 Then she decided that Hillary was "forcing homosexuals down our throats."
 When Clinton got caught, he was the anti-Christ.
 When Hyde, Newt, Livingston, Barr, Burton etc got caught, they were "good and decent men
 who made a mistake and the left-leaning media blew it all out of proportion."

 Is that why her audience is tuning out the shrill harping of the female Limbaugh?

 Flaw in the theory:
 It assumes her braindead numbskulls listeners are capable of independent thought.

 From: Pat

 What happened to the Chat & Post forums?
 I've been trying to connect for three days now and can't!


 Pat, not sure, but I know Baconslab is moving the whole deal.
 Next Monday is the scheduled unveiling of the new system.

 Check in next Monday for the new link.

 Reliant Resources Says Energy Trading Was Inflated

  Click  Here

 Reliant Resources Inc. said it engaged in trades of electricity and natural gas
 that inflated revenue and served no purpose except to make the company's
 energy business look bigger. Its shares plunged 17 percent.

 Reliant bought and resold energy at the same price and quantity simultaneously
 in ``round-trip'' trades that boosted revenue 10 percent over three years,
 said CEO Steve Letbetter. The Houston-based company disclosed the
 trades Friday and was forced to cancel a $500 million bond offering.

 What?  Really?
 A crooked energy company in Texas was gouging with the governor's blessing?
 Why, that's unheard of.   Everyone knows Bush's friends followed the law
 while filling his campaign coffers with always-legal donations, right?

 Too bad the press won't go after these serial rapists the same way they relentlessly pursued
 the innocent and best president we ever had.  Too bad they won't get aggressive with Enron,
 which is over 1000 times bigger than that phony Whitewater canard they kicked for ten years.

 Too bad the Democrats don't want to win elections, either.

 Hi, I'm a pink tutu Democrat.
 Crimes? ...what crimes?

 Illegal gouging? ...what illegal gouging?
 Bribes for the freedom to rape? ...what bribes?

 Did California get hurt?  Who knew?
 George W Bush is my president.

 We support him 100 percent.

From: editor@bartcopsports.com

Subject:  Possible end of BartCop Sports?

Would you announce that I am looking into having someone take the place over?

Well, Sports Fans, can anyone step in and take over?
If Jesse was here, he might say "Keep Sports alive - keep Sports alive."

If you're rabid about sports and know html, contact editor@bartcopsports.com

 Don't let  fade away!

 Lots of anti-Bush stuff at   http://www.kingchuck.com

 He has a radio show, too.
 Maybe he'll teach me the business...?

 What the...


 Why is the governor kissing a black woman?

 Oh, that's right - it's an election year.
 For the next six months, he'll be surrounded by black kids, too.

 Why do black parents let their kids be used as props for a man who wouldn't even contact
 the family of James Byrd after that GOP bunch dragged him to his death behind that pickup?


 "A number of my Republican colleagues are not likely to rush Clinton's
  lifetime judicial nominees through the confirmation process when they think
  there is a chance another party could occupy the White House in January."
     -- Sen Rick Santorum (R-Bastard) August 18, 2000

"The delays are the result of rank partisanship by Tom Daschle."
     -- same bastard, other side of the coin, November 11, 2001

 I haven't heard anybody else say this, but I assume it's true, that the reason there's
 such a backlog is because the GOP sat on Clinton's nominations for eight years.
 And now there's a "crisis" because the GOP failed to act?

 And, of course, the Democrats are meek little mouses on the matter.
 "Please don't hurt me," they say in unison.

 Chinaco Anejo!
    delivered for $45?

    Click  Here

 Thanks to everyone who bought a Juliefest2002-DC t-shirt.

 That idea made over a thousand dollars for Julie and, hopefully,
 you got a little something to remember that special occasion.
 Julie told me she signed quite a few shirts, so I guess many of them will never be worn.

 If we have another Fest, we'll order many more shirts.

 If Christopher Hitchens (R-Smuglyingwhore) is a lefty, like he claims,
 why is he signing autographs for ditto-monkeys at a Freeper gathering?
 Could it be because a whore always follows the money?

 Click  Here

 Fear Itself

 I may have figured something out.   I can't be sure, but so far, it makes sense
 from every angle, so I'm sticking with it until a better theory comes along.

 Why do foaming mouth Republicans get such high ratings on radio and TV?

 Here's my answer:
 Democrats are generally happier than Republicans. We don't hear the "call to arms"
 every few seconds that the sky is falling and action must be taken right away!

 Repugs are extremely insecure and scared to death.
 They must be re-assured constantly.

 Here in K-Drag, Oklahoma, it works like this:
 From 6-9 AM, former liberal turned ditto-monkey whore John Erling reasures the DMs
 that hating Clinton is good for them. Then from 9-noon, Laura the Unloved reasures them
 that the goals of the gays are to rape and destroy your children.

 Then from noon-1 PM, Paul Harvey the horse molester and the local nazi's explain that liberals are
 evil and must be destoryed. Then from 1-4, Rush reaassures them that it's God's will that we ridicule
 Jocelyn Elders and Jesse Jackson because America is, after all, about rich, white Christian men.

 Then from 4-6, the most obnoxious son of a bitch ever, (almost as bad as Mancow) Wes Minter,
 whines like that guy on the commercial who says, "Our servers - they stole all our servers"
 until I  have to change to the Muzac Channel to keep from vomiting.
 Then from 6-9, Sean Hannity reassures them that Jesus Christ wants and needs a tax cut.
 I'm not sure who comes on at nine, either Matt Drudge or Neil Bortz, and then it all starts
 again with John Erling as you're rolling out of bed the next morning.  It's 24/7 hatred of liberals.
 That's what Mr. Scaife andf Mr. Murdoch are paying for, so that's what they get.

 Meanwhile Fox News is telling constant lies while using the most inflammatory rhetoric ever,
 and being 24/7, the ditto-monkey sucker is never too far from his precious psychological blankie.
 The uneducated rednecks must be constantly reassured that God's on their side, while at the
 same time, the whores of the right are screaming "Here's come Hillary" at the top of their lungs.

 The media people know they're lying, but it pays so well they can't resist. It's what whores live for.
 Like organized religion, the goal is to create a false boogeyman, then sell the cure to the scared.
 The preachers guarantee your eternity in flames unless you give them money
 They create the problem, then sell you a cure at a gouged price.

 They swear the liberals want to rape your kids and turn them gay, and the darkies are taking over
 and the beaners will soon out vote us and the UN has f-ing tanks lined up on the Mexican border
 and if you turn off Fox News you probably won't have a home to go to after work because Clinton
 is an evil genius who sold us out to the Chi-Coms.

 (Meanwhile, the B.F.E.E. is emptying the US Treasury, overthrowing democratically elected
  governments, selling weapons to terrorists and cornering the market on oil and gold, etc.etc
  but we need to watch our for Hillary and Bill - the REAL problems.)

 Meanwhile, the liberals are happy and going on with their lives.
 They don't get too excited about political problems.
 They're confident that things are going to work out.

 And that's why right-wing verbal terrorists own the airwaves - because the scared morons need
 constant reassuring that we're still in the fifties, the blacks know their place, there's no such thing
 as homos and the liberals are all wrong about moving America forward.

 Flaw in the theory:
 None so far.

Tuesday - TV's best night.

 It might be a good thing that 24 is winding down.
 Tonight, Kimberly is kidnapped AGAIN.
 How many times can one brainless bimbo be kidnapped in the same 22 hours?
 And once AGAIN, Jack is forced to be their puppet.

 Maybe this show should've been called 16.

 The Shield continues to rock and rock hard.
 Last week, some Mexican banditoes* were robbing armored cars.
 Chasing the purps, Vic and his boys shot a suspected banger.
 Turns out he was unarmed, so they planted a gun on his bleeding ass.

 But, the guy they shot wasn't the suspect, he was a student - a good kid.
 Fearing their B.F.E.E.-like crime spree (but smaller) would be exposed,
 Vic & the boys put on masks and learned enough Spanish to pretend to be banditoes*
 and they knocked over the evidence truck carrying the gun they planted on the innocent man
 so he could be set free.  Great stuff - I wish more TV was like this.

 Then there's The Osbournes.
 Last week might've been the best show yet.
 It was partly a clip show, which is good news because they have days and days worth of film
 (after 76 days of constant filming) that they can splice together and make it look funny.

 Such as: They play a clip of Ozzy saying, "I'm proud of the education
 that my kids have gotten, they have a good education," and then
 they cut to Jack battling to get the lid off of a ketchup bottle.

 Then Jack, the son, was dressed up in army fatiques, carrying a gun, like a deranged Rush listener.
 His sister, Kelly, was giving him a hard time.

 Kelly - Why do you wear that stupid f-ing outfit and carry that gun around?
 Jack  -  I f-ing do what I want. Go f- yourself.

 Kelly - I just don't want you shooting me again.
 Jack  - Stop being such a baby.

 Kelly - I'm not f-ing kidding, Jack. It hurt when you shot me.
 Jack  - Jesus, Kelly, it's a f-ing pellet gun.

 Kelly - I don't care - it went thru my f-ing leg, right f-ing thru.
 Jack  - You're such a f-ing whiner, Kelly.

 Kelly - But the worst part is you laughed at me after you f-ing shot me.
 Jack - Well, you laughed at me when I got hit in the head with the baseball bat.

 Kelly - ...that was because it was funny!

 Swear to Koresh, Hollywood's best writers can't duplicate that.

 TV's best new drama and best new comedy.
 I love Tuesday TV.

 Don't forget

 Great link listing each unfounded Whitewater
 accusation (sans Monica) against the Clintons.

  Click  Here


"I think Social Security will be central. President Bush and the Congressional Republicans
  went back on their word -- their solemn pledge -- not to raid the Social Security trust fund.
  But when it came time to deliver a multi-trillion-dollar tax cut to their wealthy supporters,
  they picked that lockbox faster than Rush Limbaugh breaking into a cookie jar."
     --Paul Begala, On the Record, thehill.com

 From: John

 Received this email over the weekend, and it sounds like a lie, but
 I'm never sure about some of this right wing propaganda.

John Przybyla

> Subject:Gold Star Mothers

> Gold Star Mothers is an organization made up of women whose sons were killed
> in military combat during service in the United States armed forces.

> Recently a delegation of New York State Gold Star Mothers made a trip to
> Washington, DC to discuss various concerns with their elected representatives.
> There was only one politician who refused to meet with these ladies.

> Can you guess which politician that might be?

> Do you know anyone serving in the Senate who has never showed anything
> but contempt for our military? Do you know whose husband once wrote
> of his loathing for the military?  Now you're getting warm! You got it!
> None other than the Queen herself, Hillary Clinton.

 John, that lie is so old it has a broken hip.
 Newsmax.com is playing their ditto-monkey readers for suckers and fools,
 and they are peeing on the Gold Star Moms when they do it.

 From  goldstarmoms.com  -front page

 With regard to the NewsMax article concerning our organization, the American
 Gold Star Mothers, Inc., deeply regret the misunderstanding about Hillary Clinton.
 The two mothers who visited Washington did not have an appointment with the Senator
 and she was not in her office on that day. We would appreciate it if the e-mails and
 negative comments about Senator Clinton would cease.
     --  Georgianna Carter-Krell, National President

 The Gold Star Mothers have been asking for years for Newsmax.com to stop spreading that lie,
 but Newsmax would rather tell lies and trash Hillary and the Gold Star Moms than tell the truth.

 Lies is all they have - that's the glue that keeps them together.

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 Today in History

 On May 14, 1948, the independent state of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv, causing
 tens of thousands of deaths that will continue non-stop until Israel moves to Oklahoma.

 In 1998, singer-actor Frank Sinatra died at a Los Angeles hospital at age 82.
 Amazingly, Suge Knight and the LAPD were not suspects in his death.

 In 2001, The Supreme Court ruled 8-to-0 that there is no exception in federal law
 for people to use marijuana to ease their pain from cancer, AIDS or other illnesses.

 In other words, Americans have no right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness because
 we are ruled by religiously insane people who see the Devil in God's cannibis plants.
 There shouldn't be a law against pot in the first place!
 What happened to "less government?"

 This is what happens when you put unqualified morons and Nazis on the Supreme Court.

"Ronald Reagan was all dignity"

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