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Volume 831 - Avaricious Perfidy 


Monday    July 1, 2002 

 The Trouble with George W

  Click  Here

 There is quiet anger and resentment from London to Tokyo and across
 the Middle East at what Bush has done and, just as importantly, how he did it.
 It didn't have to be like this. Bush didn't have to go public to set about seeking
 his objective. The wise leader uses diplomatic channels, not a bugle.


 You were mentioned in Ann Coulter's interview with Dennis Prager.
 She said she was aware of your site and saw the picture of her and Ronald McDonald.


 This news made my day.

 King of Israel Seizes the Moment
    by Steven Sacco

  Click  Here

If you want a state, its not too late!
 Vote for Sacco and appease the Wacko!

From: eyachimiak@hotmail.com

Subject: BartCop - the True American Threat

One can only hope that annonymous individuals like yourself
who spew Anti-American retoric are few and far between...

I have the Right of free association, and if I ever run into persons
who spout ideas and opinions as irrational and dangerous as yours,
I will not hesitate in removing them from holding whatever gainful employment they may occupy.

Your words may be protected by the Constitution, but so are my actions...

Edward Yachimiak Jr.

Ed, first thing - kiss my ass.
Second, did your mama teach you it was smart to threaten people who fight back?

 A Time for Dissent in America
   by Richard Reeves

   Click  Here

 The presidency seems to be going to George Bush's head. With each morning's paper
 or evening's news, depending on your preference, our leader is jumping up and saying
 truly extraordinary things, some of them preposterous, some stupid, some terrifying.

 President Bush - Wise and Good

 Click  Here

Subject: Why you want to be down rapen Rosie Odoneld?

Your criticism of Rose Odoneld was way off the mark. Rosy has no obligation to stay with
any candidate that she thinks lies. No matter how much you say that Clinton was being attacked,
he did out right lie to the public. What the hec is a blow job if not sexual realations?

Also Clinton put thousands of pot smokers behind bars for long periods of time and that
I cannot forgive him for. The democratic party quit fighting for me and I quit fighting for
the democratic party unless thay start addressing progressive issues.Thats it from Me.
Peace out.

         Matthew Wickham

 Uncle OJ Watts won't seek re-election


 Uncle OJ Watts (R-Tom) announced this morning that he is retiring.

"Friends, you only do this parenting once," he said, causing puzzled looks..
"It has been a wonderful ride. I felt almost accepted by the all-white GOP."

 He claimed he was not sure what he would do after leaving Congress,
 but nobody thinks he's stupid enough to jump without a golden parachute.
 Watts has been whining about The Usurperboy killing the Okie-built Crusader
 artillery system . Watts, the token negro in the all-white GOP, had a fast ride to
 the party's top echelon after his election among the 1994 GOP fascist brigade.

 He spoke during the 1996 GOP presidential convention and gave the party's response
 to the State of the Union address in 1997. Whenever a TV camera was there,
 Uncle OJ was pushed in front of it to innoculate the GOP from charges of racism.

 How about a song?
  Think of "My Favorite Things"

 Calico kitties and uncovered titties
 Abortion clinics in large Northern cities
 Flagrant butt pirates all wearing cock rings
 These are John Ashcroft's least favorite things.
       - Peter D, from Table Talk

 Any site named www.evilGOPbastards.com must be good.

 W. Exercises Hypocrisy
   by Molly Ivins

   Click  Here

 In Bush World, the one in which he is never wrong, he won the election in 2000.
 His first few months in office, he said so with eerie frequency: "Since I was elected,"
 "That's why the people voted for me," "After I won the election," etc. I thought it was a
 Rove-ian ploy to gradually brainwash us into forgetting that Al Gore got 540,000 more votes than Bush.

 But as often happens in such cases, Bush most likely convinced himself, too.

How about a "Big Hammer" sweatshirt
for those cold July afternoons?

Click to order
It's not cheap, but it's warm!

"Could somebody make a list of the rights that
  have been trampled since we lost the vote?"

   Sure, but is your server's drive big enough?
      by Mark Weber

    Click  Here

  Good work, Mark

 Gore Bashes Bush Policy As Cause of Biz Scandals

  Click  Here

 Beating what's likely to be the Democratic war drum in this year's elections, Al Gore blamed
 the nation's economic scandals from Enron to WorldCom last night on Bush's economic policies.

"You see now what it means to have an administration that's that committed to fighting and working
 on behalf of the powerful, and letting the people of this country get the short end of the stick,"
 Gore told more than 200 supporters at a Manhattan fund-raiser.

 In a related story, Gore told the party faithful that if he was their presidential nominee in 2004,
 he would actively campaign, instead of lying there while Team Bush repeatedly raped him.

 Updates on Party of the Year at The Rio

Click on the Rio for the JFW Kickoff!

 A room at the Rio
Check the floor-to-ceiling glass walls

 September 27-29th - tickets on sale!

Subject: clear channel comunications


Reading you article of the passing on John Enwistle and the fact that your Clear Channel station would not play a block marathon of songs by the WHO is of no great surprise of me.

A long time ago here in the DFW area we *used* to have one of the best Classic rock stations in the world. They had a take no prisoners approach to their playlists. It was not uncommon to hear obscurities such as Mahogany Rush, The 13th Floor Elevators, and songs from the Syd Barret era of Pink Floyd. Their morning show was the best on the FM dial.

Then one bright sunny day good 'ol Clear Channel came in and screwed that station beyond belief. Now all it is is just the hits from the major players of classic rock.

Its the same old crap day in, day out. They don't even have the balls to play Voodoo Chile (slight return) by Hendrix. Its another case of Conservative controlled mass media. They got rid of the good morning show, replacing it with some piped in bullshit from Indiana.

This is another case of Reagan's fucked up term as president. A long time ago the FCC mandated that a corporation or an entity could not own more than 12 radio/television stations. This law was, of course, repealed under the Reagan Administration (A.K.A "lets get the government off of our backs"). Clear channel came in, bought up the FM and AM dial in the DFW metroplex, and started filling the airwaves with conservative pre-programmed shit. There is no opinion from the left, its all happy conservative shit 24/7.

And people wonder why there is an increase in Pirate radio stations.


It's been five days, and I still haven't heard a Who song on the radio.

 bartcop.com must've gotten listed on a new search engine.
 Monkey Mail is everywhere.

From: troveman@etoast.com

Subject: Your Stupid Website


My God, you have some hack writer contributors starting with the idiot Gene Lyons
who never saw a Chinese Communist he did not suck up to.
James Higdon?  He is a friggin' lunatic with a pen!
Isaac Peterson?  The west will never live down that raving madman.
You ARE the fringe of lunacy trying to go mainstream lunatic.


Mentioning me in the same breath as Gene Lyons, Jim Higdon
and Isaac Peterson is quite a compliment.


 Bush nukes Las Vegas

  Click  Here

 They read it in Hemmingford.
 They read it in Moncarapacho.
 They read it inside American subs off the coast of China...


Subject: Curious

Just curious as to why James Woods and Pat Caddell are "bad Democrats" like Nader et al.?

My biggest problem with those three is they get on TV and radio shows and say, as Caddell did,
"I'm a liberal democrat and to save my party I must admit Gore tried to steal the 2000 election."
If they want to turn whore, they can, but they should stop claiming they speak for real Democrats.

Especially when you printed Woods' blatantly racist (and I think utter bullshit) story about some
of the AQ terrorists on an airplane?  I was shocked and disgusted by his references to "ragheads"
and his ludicrous implication that anyone with less-than-lily-white skin who doesn't drink or talk
to a flight attendant on a plane is a suspicious character.

As much as I dislike Woods, he was right about the hijackers.

Anyone who seriously believes that this moronic, bigoted sot ID'd some of the real terrorists weeks
before the 9/11 attacks, I got some sizzling WorldCom shares to sell ya.

But it was the same flight that hit the first tower.
You see that as a coincidence?

Well. I guess that's a rant that's been waiting to happen.  I even stopped reading your site for a while,
I was so disturbed you would repeat his racist ravings as if they were facts.  But clearly I just can't stay
away from you, you big lug.  So what has Pat Caddell done, so I can get outraged all over again,
but hopefully in a good way?

See above.
Anyone who says Gore tried to steal the election with a half-million more votes than the loser is a traitor.

Rosie is a bloated back-stabbing retard.  She should be presented with a (used, bargain-bin) copy
of Panchillo Bruni's book, Pimping for Whorestory, with the relevant chimp chatter about
hom-o-sexshules highlighted in flaming pink.


I can't argue with that.

  to Julie Hiatt Steele

 If you can't send any deniro,
 how about a note that says "Thanks?"

Subject: THIS is great logic!

You wrote:

> Chris,
> I used to publish everyone's e-mail address, but my stalkers starting harrassing contributors
> by bombarding them with dozens of senseless e-mails and vulgar cartoons.
> Now, I just post addresses of brain-dead ditto-monkeys.

> That way, the stalkers who live and breathe  bartcop.com  every moment of their lives
> can get together and have a giant circle jerk while chanting my name.

Never have I seen such honesty from a web host.  This is friggin' glorious!

I'll hold back on sending you the bill for my carpet cleaning (I shot about three ounces
of coffee through my nose laughing at your comments).  Turns out, my carpet is
pretty much dried-coffee-colored anyway - no biggie.

You have truly mastered the elusive art of handling fame.
Most excellent for a part-time celebrity!


Self-Appointed Bartcop Akron Bureau Chief

 Monkeyette Mail

  Click  Here

 Bart, you know as well as I all the bad things that have happened over the
 past half century can be traced back to Liberal thinking and influence.
 All good things can be traced back to Conservative thinking and influence.

Subject: Disagree with Bartcop on Pledge

As can be expected, not all in any group agree on everything.  Most Democrats agree with
"so help me God".  Not all your readers are atheists.  But bashing the illegitimate fraud,
I would say, is a banner nearly all of your readers agree with.

You may be right, and granted, it's not the biggest issue in the world, but asking
people to lie when pledging the allegiance is a really, really stupid thing to do.
The pledge might as well say, "One nation, under Bush," for all the meaning it has.

You can always tell your self, "I don't mean it," but why bother top pledge that
which you don't feel in your heart?

If I were to testify in court, it would be a mockery for me to place my hand on a Bible.
(Do they even do that anymore?)  It's just stupid.  The insecurity people have about their religion
makes me wonder if they, themselves, believe any of it.

But hey, let me try a different tack on that:

How about "One nation, under a Catholic God?"

Who could argue with that?

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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