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Volume 833 - Let the red man eat it... 

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Wednesday    July 3, 2002 
 Note: As you know, not every issue of  is a winner. Today's issue is so good,
 and so jammed-packed with super-excellent stuff, I had to "babe it up" a little just so people
 wouldn't mistake it for the best and most important site on the www.


"Why don't they change it to 'one nation under Canada?
   Or 'over Mexico?'  That way, everybody's happy"…
       -- Robin Williams

  SEC Report:
 Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times

   Click  Here

 George W.  Bush violated federal securities laws at least four times when he was a director of
 a Texas oil firm in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to an internal government report.

 The document was prepared by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1991 during its
 well-publicized investigation into whether Bush had benefited from insider information when
 he sold Harken Energy Corp.  stock before its value plummeted, and then failed to promptly
 report the transaction to the SEC in violation of federal law.  Bush’s stake in Harken helped
 make him a multimillionaire.

 The Governor is a criminal, but he's above the laws the little people must obey.
 The press is making money riding the Bush gravy train so they refuse to report the facts.


 Loved the Juliefest video.
 The most uplifting thing I've seen since the occupation began.

 Don D

 Osama Bin Laden - Savior of the GOP
     by Rackjite

  Click  Here

 In only a year an a half, President Bush has overseen the biggest economic downturn since 1929.
 Millions of people have lost hundreds of billions of dollars. They lost their retirements, their life
 savings, their 401ks, their jobs, their homes and their health insurance. Poverty, unemployment,
 drug use and violent crime are up from the Clinton years.

 The Republican CEO friends of Bush have looted their companies, crooks taking hundreds of
 millions while leaving their stock holders and employees holding an empty bag. All while Bush
 looks on with his stupid smirk doing nothing about the structural causation, only pointing his
 finger at unnamed individuals, once his best pals.

  A Pre-4th of July thought

 Dow Jones Industrials - 9,007.75
 NASDAQ -                 1,357.85

 Gee, remember when the Dow was at 11,500 and the NASDAQ at 5,000?
 It occured under Bill Clinton just before he left office.

 Just asking.

 Bob from

 A double dipper from Gene Lyons

 Running the country like a business

  Click  Here

 But hey, nobody's getting nekkid in the Oval Office, right? At least not that we know about.
 So desperate were GOP savants to distract attention from Bush's fecklessness that they added
 a touch of spice to the weekly Chicken Little terrorism alerts.
 Who taught corporate criminals to lie, cheat and steal? Rush Limbaugh led the pack, but
 Republican pundits were all over TV chat shows suggesting that the innocent lads and lasses
 of Wall Street were corrupted by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.


 Pledging Allegiance

 "...two words in a  patriotic oath hardly constitutes an "establishment of religion."
 Democrats would be idiots to hand so easily demagogued an issue to Republicans just so
 some self-dramatizing village atheist can "protect" his eight year-old daughter from a theoretical
 threat she's too young to understand. He should try teaching her tolerance, a sense of  proportion,
 and the meaning of "with liberty and justice for all."

 Rebuttal by Joe S

 Click  Here

  Date rape war fever
    by Phillip Schuman

   Click  Here

 It has always been this way for centuries. We armed Japan, selling them the scrap metal
 they used to build their navy. We armed and financed Germany, with Prescott Bush,
 the Bush family scion, Germany's principle financier in marketing German bonds in this
 country. We armed and financed Russia. War is big business, right up there with oil,
 and most of the wars directly involve Big Oil's interests anyway. Iran/Iraq? Oil.
 Gulf War? Oil.  Kosovo? Oil. Somalia? Oil. Vietnam? Oil. The Falklands? Oil.
 Suez Canal? Oil. Afghanistan? Oil. The West creating Khaddafi? Oil.

 Dominating world drug trafficking is the only thing remotely comparable to the other
 Big Two, and it's a distant third. With the Taliban out, and the poppy crop back in,
 maybe Bush hit the trifecta again. But you need a string of puffed up patsies to get in
 the ring with the champ to keep the suckers paying.  The easiest way is to sponsor a
 dictator for a while, and then attack him, a favorite formula returned to repeatedly.
 Or you have your inside man instigate as much of the whole thing is necessary,
 as occurred in the first WTC bombing, and the OKC bombing.


Subject: Your Dickhead Website

I would like to correspond with all your dickhead communist friends who think socialism
and communism is the future of a modern dictatorship with your heroes Hillary and Bill
Communist in charge.  You will be propaganda minister because you lie about everything.

You even pimp for that Julie Steele woman and you post pictures of broads all the time.
Your "wife" must like that.  I'll bet you are gay and use that as a cover.
I hear you live in a trailer park and get money from the Democrat party.

You could work, but you tricked the bureaucrats into giving you 100% mental disability so you never
have to work again.  Just so you can be a dickhead and sit on your ass all day insulting good people.

Meanwhile I work for a living and support pimps like you.

Bob Memo

Bob, thanks for the support

  Shocked Afghans Criticize U.S. Strike;
 Toll Is 40 Dead and 100 Wounded
  Wedding party attacked by US Military

  Click  Here

 Yes, this was a bad thing, but I've only seen it mentioned once
 that the reason they were attacked it because the wedding party
 was firing their guns in the air to celebrate the damn wedding.

 I don't care if it's their custom or not.
 When your country is under attack from the US military,
 firing into the air when our planes are flying overhead can get you killed.

 The reason you and I have never been shot at or bombed by the military
 is because we didn't fire into the air as a US gunship flew over our position.

 moose & squirrel information one-stop

  Click  Here

  ...tons of great links...

 Jennifer Aniston settles nude photo suit

 The actress, who plays Rachel on the hit comedy "Friends," sued
 Man's World magazine, claiming that paparazzi scaled an eight-foot wall
 to photograph her as she sunbathed in the backyard of her home.

 Hmmmm, ...the nude pictures I've seen of Rachel were taken on a beach.
 I know she's very, very wealthy, making almost a million dollars a week,
 but I didn't know she could afford to have an ocean in her back yard.

 Why do these stars go to Europe and take their pants off on some beach
 and then act all surprised when the pictures show up on the Internet?


 "I'm just a big-mouthed lesbian now..."
      --Rosie the tramp, making lesbians cringe

 In a haughty, better-than-you tone, the Unelected Fraud defended
 his own business experience with a corporation accused of fishy accounting.

''Everything I do is fully disclosed; it's been fully vetted,'' the man some call "president" barked,
 as he paused to speak with reporters during an appearance in Wisconsin. ''Any other questions?''

 Yeah, I have a question or two - if you're into full disclosure, like you claim, why did you
 hide your papers from the years you were governor? And if he's a saint we should all admire,
 why did you bury Reagan's papers where nobody could see them?

 And if you're so into full disclosure, tell us why your daddy pardoned the Iran-Contra gang?

 You're a liar, Mr Bush.

 Two devastating anti-Bush editorials in today's NY Times appear next to each other.
 They both go for the jugular and are too powerful for even Fox News to ignore.
 One accuses the DOD and CIA of hiding the true Anthrax killer (a white supremist Republican)
 and the other piece finally airs Bush's criminal conduct while at Harken energy.
 This is truly historic.  Here are the urls:

 Everyone Is Outraged
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 Mr. Bush and Mr. Pitt say they are outraged about WorldCom.

 Representative Michael Oxley, played a key role in passing a 1995 law (over Mr. Clinton's veto)
 that, by blocking investor lawsuits, may have opened the door for a wave of corporate crime.
 More recently, when Merrill Lynch admitted having pushed stocks that its analysts privately
 considered worthless, Mr. Oxley was furious — not because the company had misled investors,
 but because it had agreed to pay a fine, possibly setting a precedent. But he also says he is
 outraged about WorldCom.

 Might this sudden outbreak of moral clarity have something to do with polls
 showing mounting public dismay over crooked corporations?

 As Gene Lyons wrote, Bush did what Martha Stewart is accused of doing, but instead of having
 a friend on the inside, Bush was on the board,of directors and a member of the auditing committee.

 Anthrax? The F.B.I. Yawns
  by Nicholas D. Kristof

   Click  Here

 Astonishingly, the F.B.I. allowed the destruction of anthrax stocks at Iowa State University,
 losing what might have been valuable genetic clues. Then it waited until December to open  the intact
 anthrax envelope it found. The F.B.I. didn't obtain anthrax strains from various labs for comparison
 until March, and the testing is still not complete. The bureau did not systematically polygraph scientists
 at two suspect labs, Fort Detrick, Md., and Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, until a month ago.

 You know me - never one to point a finger without proof, but it's almost like
  the FBI has orders not to catch this guy.   I wonder why that is?
 Could it be because the anthrax killer is only targeting Democrats?

 Is Bush allowing murder for political gain?

 Updates on Party of the Year at The Rio

Click on the Rio for the JFW Kickoff!

 I saw a thing the other day where they said "Vegas is a billion dollar oasis in the desert."
 Hell, that ain't no damn compliment!

The Venetian, The Bellagio and Mandalay Bay cost more than a billion each.

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

Subject: Gore in '04??

I wouldn't mind seeing Gore make another run in 2004,
but he better leave that incompetent wimp Lieberman on the sidelines.

Derrick in KC

Dittos to that.
Remember when Lieberman debated Cheney, and Cheney claimed
he made his hundred million without any help from the government?


He's been selling oil field equipment to his good friend Saddam, which is ILLEGAL,
but the American press has decided to look the other way because Cheney is a senior partner
in the Bush Family Evil Empire, so he's immune from investigations or prosecution.

Way to go, Joe, letting him off the hook when it counted.

 Comment: I know this is done by a guy, so why can't he figure out
                   why Anna Kournikova is on every man's mind?


I'd like two Tickets to the great party, and one Fajita dinner for my wife
and one Clilean Seabass dinner for myself. (contribution enclosed) I have
reserved the rooms at The Rio already, for one whole week 9/23 to 9/30.

We are both from Spain (live and work in Plattsburgh, NY) we have a
European perspective on politics and are looking forward to meet some sane people.

Julio and Lola

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
This may be the wrong weekend to meet some sane people,
but I'll bet you don't meet many ditto-monkeys! :)

Thanks, looking forward to meeting you and Lola.

...and tell the people back in Spain about Julie.
I know you have Spanish heroes - she is a true American hero.

 They read it in Fukushima.
 They read it in Puerto Escondido
 They read it in Fenton, Missouri, while eating their Imo's Pizza

 I saw something on last night's Nightline that sickened me.

 Spencer Abraham, the guy who didn't know he was an Arab until Karl Rove decided
 Bush needed some diversity in his cabinet, said if we don't ship the dirty nuclear waste
 to Yucca Mountain, "then we might store it on Indian Reservations."


 We're going to screw the red man again?


 Holy Jesus!
 We stole their land, we raped their women for the fun of it, we hunted them as f-ing sport,
 we marched them west until we decided we wanted the west coast, too, so we marched them
 back east a little until we found some rocky desert that we didn't yet have a use for.

 The look on Abraham's face when he said, "then we might store it on Indian Reservations."
 it reminded me of the big "sit down" in The Godfather where Brando said,  "If my boy... accidentally shot, a policeman, or accidentally ...gets struck by lightning,
 ...I'll look to some of the people in this room, and that I will NOT forgive,"

 ...we knew, and they knew, Vito Corleone meant business.

 Then the bald guy stands up and slaps his palm down on the table and says,
 "So, we'll sell the dope, but not near the schools  ...and only to niggers!!
 They've already lost their souls, anyway..." ...something like that.

Abraham had that same look in his eye.

"We'll store it on Indian land, ...they have no soul to lose..." is what I sensed.

 (does a shot...)

 So we got this guy Spencer Abraham, who is from some foreign land,
 who is the B.F.E.E.'s front man for the decision that NATIVE AMERICANS can just
"live with," whitey's nuclear waste if the B.F.E.E. doesn't get their way screwing Nevada.

 (does another shot...)

Look, I don't have the answer to nuclear waste disposal, not at the moment, anyway,
but that "fuck em" attitude I saw about letting the red man eat it made me feel sick,
...and this is from a foreigner who works for the Bush Crime Family.

Hey, Spence!

That dirty blood money - does it feel good?
Does it spend like regular money?

  to Julie Hiatt Steele

 The Who carry on

While some people debated the propriety of playing so soon after the death,
a surprisingly lighthearted Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend got down to business,
grinding out two hours of classic material from three decades' worth of albums.

"Tonight, we play for John Entwistle," said Roger, three songs into the set.
"He's the true spirit of rock 'n' roll, and he lives on in all the music we play."

 The Who are under attack for having a "business as usual" attitude.

 I've never been The Who's biggest fan, but I know they're a monster group.
 I don't know what else they could've done but play on. They may have a hundred
 people in the crew, and about a half million fans will see them in their 25-city tour.

 Should they have postponed the tour for 30 days?  Six months?  Why?
 What good would come from that?

 I say, "Rock on, boys!"

Herbert is a liar.

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 Subject: Oh Please!  Where did this Monkeyette spend her life??

Ok, I know the chances of you reading this are slim, but I just *had* to reply.

(As seen yesterday in Volume 832 - Damage Done!)

> Bart, you know as well as I all the bad things that have happened over the
> past half century can be traced back to Liberal thinking and influence.
> All good things can be traced back to Conservative thinking and influence.

Ok, let's make a list of all the "good things", shall we?

- World War II.  Conservatives from Japan attack Pearl Harbor
- World War II (again) Conservatives in Germany (aka Nazis) cause the Holocost
- Conservatives in America (aka the KKK) burn crosses in black people's yards
- Conservatives in America stalk and murder doctors at family planning clinics
- Conservatives in America cause even more abortions by making birth control a taboo subject
- A conservative in America (aka Tim McVeigh) blow up the Murrah Federal building
- Muslim conservatives fly planes into the WTC and Pentagon
- Conservatives in America send Anthrax to liberal congresspersons

Cheers dude,

From Dave's The Vegas Report

Brooke Burke - poolside in Las Vegas

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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