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Volume 834 - Our Darkest Fourth 


 Friday    July 5, 2002 


"It looks like congress has finished investigating the 9-11 attacks, and doesn't it figure?
  They spent three weeks and two million dollars investigating the 3000 WTC murders,
  ...but they spent three YEARS and $200 million chasing after Clinton's zipper!"
    -- Leno said something close to that and got a big round of applause.

Bush's Business Practices Examined
  Click  Here

 Questions about Bush's past business practices prompted the White House to acknowledge
 that he had failed to promptly disclose the 1990 sale of his Harken stock as required by federal law.
 The notice of the sale was filed with the SEC 34 weeks after it took place.

 A spokesman blamed it on a clerical mistake by company lawyers. Bush has said previously
 that he filed the disclosure form and government regulators lost it.

 Put more simply, Bush lied, and when he got caught, his spokesman changed his story.

 Bush blames lawyers for undeclared $1m share sale
  American good puppy press spreads the propaganda for him

  Click  Here

"The White House compared the offence to doing 60 in a 55mph zone. Mr Fleischer said
 Mr Bush had given notice of intention to sell. Of failure to confirm the sale he said:
 "I think the best explanation is that the attorneys thought the form had been filed."
 Democrat Julian Epstein, said: "This is like saying the dog ate my homework."


"I just hope that God has got his earplugs ready.
 Whatever happens, he'll have to reinvent thunder,
 as it simply won't be loud enough anymore!"
   -- Roger Daltrey, on the passing of John "Thunderfingers" Entwistle

The God Dam, near Vegas

 Time for a Special Prosecutor?
      by Matthew Miller.

  Click  Here

 Bush's muscular new piety on corporate ethics means the press has the hook it needs
 to re-examine his cozy Texas business history.  And that means we may finally get beyond
 fawning accounts of Bush's irst-president-with-an-MBA-management style to reminders that,
 among other remarkable facts,  (1) Bush is the first president to have been investigated by
 the SEC for insider trading, and (2) Bush seems to have received an unusual $12 million gift
 while governor of Texas that accounts for his fortune.

 Make It Breakfast of Our Champs
     by Hillary Rodham Clinton

  Click  Here

Subject: A rebuttal to JoeS

It's hard to explain, JoeS and BartCop. You are right, those words don't belong in the pledge.
But here's the thing, here's what Gene and others like myself are trying to get across.

Bush stole the White House. He's installed, the press ignores his most criminal behavior, the Democrats in
Congress roll over and hike their asses into the air every time his johnson starts to stir, he's raping trillions
from the Federal treasury, redacting huge portions of the Bill of Rights, illegally detaining aliens, foreign
combatants AND citizens of this country in secret jails, threatening to use preemptive nuclear strikes
against any country that doesn't tow the line, he MIGHT have been involved in 9/11, he stands by and
lets CEOs steal billions from their employees' pension funds and life savings, he's driving the economy
into the crapper while he makes weekend visits to the ranch so he can commune with the cows, etc., etc., etc..

And two words in a pledge that no one is required to say is the issue that you want to fight about?

It's not like Joe S and I brought this lawsuit to the courthouse.
The subject came up, and like almost every issue that exists, elected Democrats apologized
and abandoned their duty to their constituents and the Constitution to agree with the Republicans.

More on this below.

GOP dignity

Ditto-monkey see...

Ditto-monkey do...

  From last issue's Gene Lyons column
 Gene Lyons wrote...

 "...two words in a patriotic oath hardly constitutes an "establishment of religion."

 In my opinion, of course it does.
 I'm being asked to swear to something I'm certain is untrue.
 If the two words were, "under Allah," would that seem as harmless?

 Those offensive words were written into the Pledge before blacks had civil rights.
 Those two issues aren't related, but I'm saying the world was different back in 1954.
 In 1954, there were no gay people, men could beat their wives legally, drunk-driving
 was mostly winked at, "niggers" knew their place - America was hardly recognizable then.

 As divisive as those two words are, you might as well put "under Reagan" in the pledge.

 Democrats would be idiots to hand so easily demagogued an issue to Republicans...

 This is true, because the Democrats have no idea how to defend themselves - none at all.

 ...just so some self-dramatizing village atheist can "protect" his eight year-old daughter
 from a theoretical threat she's too young to understand.

 Whoa, Gene!
 The guy who refuses to swear to that which he believes is false is "self-dramatizing?"

 Those words have no business in a pledge to our country - that's seems so obvious.
 And if you're a religious person, you see "no harm" in saying those words,
 but the Bill of Rights isn't just for the religious people, ...or shouldn't be.

 Bart, about your stalkers,

 Now they're stalking me.
 How do i get rid of them?

 You can't, it's impossible.

 They live and breathe  every minute of every day.
 It's the only reason they get out of bed.
 They think of  when they masturbate.
 I'm pretty sure they shout out my name at the big moment, too.  means everything to them, and if you're connected to it, they're connected to you.

 Like herpes and diamonds, they are forever.

 Warning: If you EVER correspond with any of my stalkers, the only way to lose them
 is to change your e-mail address.  Unless you like having stalkers, you'd better ignore them completely.

 Consumer Consumption


 Reddin, righting and rythmatic...

 Subject: Re: Joe vs. Gene re: under God

> Bart,

> As much as I agree with you that the ruling was right, and with Joe that
> it is a very important principle that is at stake, Gene Lyons still has a point.

> This is completely a political calculation. You have to pick your fights,

 <major snippage>


 Phil, name the last time we fought back - on anything.
 Gore refused to fight during the campaign and we, as a party, refused to fight in Florida.

 We have refused to fight Bush on a appointing a religiously-insane, whites-only monster to be
 attorney general, we refused to fight when Bush appointed a full-time, anti-elections cock-hunter
 as solicitor general, we refused to fight when he appointed a nature-raping wacko at Interior,
 on the tax cut, on the war, on 9-11, on the theft of five TRILLION dollars from the surplus,
 not to mention the pillaging of social security and more.

 We're a party that surrenders every time, and I'm really sick of that.

 Global Eye -- Seat of Power
       By Chris Floyd

   Click  Here

 The curtain of lies that shields the benighted and betrayed American people
 from the grim reality of its rulers -- that corrupt tyranny of plutocrats, sycophants
 and frothing extremists which has taken power in Washington -- was pulled away
 last week and briefly, tantalizingly, the truth was revealed:

 Dick Cheney is President of the United States.

 Subject: Your background

 What is your educational background?

 I spent eight years in a Catholic elementary P.O.W. facility,
 then four years in two Catholic high P.O.W. facilities, then I played
 pool for six years at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

 You can check each back issue - I never said I had no education...


"The 'party of Lincoln,' has adopted a robot-like allegiance to conservative views
 that blinds it to the historic suffering of African-Americans and causes it to be
 often absent on issues of civil rights, equal opportunity and poverty.”
     -- Uncle OJ Watts, from his forthcoming book

 Hey, OJ - why didn't you do something about that?

 If anyone in the Dallas area needs an assembler language programmer,
 I have a candidate for you, so contact me.

 Check out

 Two things from last night's Vegas Night on the Travel Channel.

 "In Las Vegas, you can eat dinner for $1.99  or  drink a $10,000 bottle of wine."

 ...and a guy talked about watching a fellow play Blackjack.
 He saw him go from being down $300K to being UP $300K in thirty minutes.
 Only in Las Vegas can you stand there and watch that kind of action.

 Where can I find that "create a poll" thing?

 I need some polling - just like Smirk!

 Under God
   by Jim Higdon

  Click  Here

 You see that pyramid with the eye in it.  That's a Masonic symbol.  It's there because
 a good number of the founding fathers were Free Masons, including George Washington.
 The fact is that Masonic symbols are just as prevalent as religious symbols throughout Washington.
 Why, the Washington Monument is a Masonic symbol.

 High treason in the U.S. government
          by Doreen Miller

  Click  Here

 Q: Just who is a terrorist?
 A: Anyone (non-U.S. citizen or U.S. citizen alike) Attorney General Ashcroft designates as one.

 Q: On what evidence can Ashcroft designate someone as a terrorist?
 A: Mere suspicion and hearsay.

 Q: What legal rights and Constitutional protections does someone detained on the grounds
       of being a suspected terrorist have?
 A: Next to none.

 ...and what do the winners of the last election say about this?

You're all so negative, especially Bart.
We can trust Dubya, he's an oil man.
And Ashcroft was once in our club!
We're at war, we should follow Bush.
It's the least we can do, since the GOP
supported Clinton for eight years.
Dubya is a good president!

  Party of the Year at The Rio

Click on the Rio for info

 Just a reminder: Vegas is NOT Branson, Missouri.

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

 125 days to save the world
   by William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t

   Click  Here

 As Americans unfurl their flags and remember the day that birthed the concept
 of a free and democratic nation, the PATRIOT Anti-Terror Act gnaws grimly
 at the guts of everything we're supposed to celebrate. The Constitution and the
 Bill of Rights have become almost quaint in their meaninglessness, like a
 campaign slogan from 100 years ago.

 Our Fourth was cool...

 We had fresh Silver Queen corn on the damn cob, because it's the Fourth of July.
 We had Train Station, flame-smoked, secret-recipe burgers on the patio Bart-Grill,
 I had The Miracle of Canaan performing for my taste buds, she had Hornitos in her margaritas...

 The Travel Channel did the six best American travelogs.
 They did great architecture, then something else, then Yellowstone, then Alaska,
 then Yosemite, and something else, ...and then Branson, Missouri.

 From there, David Cassidy toured The Strip.
 (I took notes, got some great ideas.)

 Then at 8, the C.S.I., gang had a murder to solve. (The drug dealer did it.)
 Plus, this show is based in Las Vegas, and the Tally Briggs theme song "Who Are You?"
 was donated to the show by The Who, who have been in the news lately.

 Then on Vegas Cops, they showed security footage of LA gangs brazenly robbing The Bellagio.
 Geez, you'd think something like that would make the papers, but nooooooooooo.

Doesn't anyone even know what a Libertarian or a Conservative is?
Guys, gays, lesbos a Conservative believes in small government.  So do Libertarians.
Neither believe in flogging Blacks and Jews like you say.
That is left to the DEMOCRATS who formed the KKK in the 1800s and man the KKK today.
Yes, the KKK today is made up exclusively of Democrats.


Thorgy, could you explain one thing for me?
Every four years, the KKK endorses the GOP candidate, and right after that,
the GOP candidate calls a press conference to say their endorsement was not
requested and it has, in fact, been refused.

Reagan did it, Bush did it, Dole did it, and Bunnypants did it.

So my question is, if the KKK consists of all Democrats,
why do they endorse the GOP candidate every election?

 They read it in Tobruk.
 They read it in Hope Town Harbour.
 They read it in Greenville, SC with an English accent...

Subject: wow

Bias and Slander are two well documented recent books detailing the bias of the media in favor of the left.
If the media is really so biased in favor of right wing causes, where are the books detailing that?

And btw, referring to yourself as some sort of "cop" is laughable.
If you want to police something, you might begin by policing your own offbase rantings.
Sincerely yours,
Joe Fulwiler

Joe, you're saying Big Business and Wall Street are controlled by liberals?
I'm talking about the United States, which country are you talking about?

Big Business is NOT on the side of the little guy.
They want their corporate welfare from Bush more than they want anything.
They want the power to merge so they can control and manipulate markets.
They can't get that from the Democrats.
They are firmly in the pocket of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 The Bush Twins
 From the Top Ten conservative idiots this week at

 Now, we fully understand the exuberance of youth and all that. And we're sure that the vast
 majority of people first tried alcohol when they were underage. But if you're already famous
 for being up in court twice on alcohol-related offenses, then don't you think that going around
 drinking in public is a bit, um, stupid? But then I guess if you're a Bush, you would have learned
 life's most important lesson a long, long time ago: it doesn't matter what you do, because you'll
 always have your daddy to bail you out.

 Consequences? What consequences? Which is why it's all just fine and dandy that the Bush twins
 were out and about in Washington DC last week, "sucking down Budweiser’s... with a group of friends,"
 according to the Washington Post. Yep, they've learned the Bush family's number one lesson alright.

  to Julie Hiatt Steele

 Paul Begala is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong wrong

 Paul Begala took leave of his senses and teamed up with Bob Novak to ridicule a man
 who asked that the Constitution be upheld.  It's pretty rare that Begala has his ass handed to him,
 but Dr. Newdow, the man who filed (and won, but then they stole his victory) the decision
 by the 9th Circuit that religion has no place in the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Dr.Newdow more than held his own against two extremely-seasoned professional debate specialists.

 Click  Here  to read selected pieces from this great debate

 NOVAK: Are you going to bring suit against all of those practices?

 NEWDOW: Absolutely. If I win here I'll keep going - yes. Can you imagine if we had all of those
 things using the names of Allah or David Koresh or someone else that you don't agree with?
 The Reverend Sung Yung Moon?

 You're comfortable with it because it's your religion. I'm uncomfortable with it.
 And I'm American and I'm supposed to be protected just like you.

 That's how an American is supposed to talk!

 In 1960, people were whining that if elected, President Kennedy would take orders from the Pope
 Kennedy replied that he would put his job before being a Catholic.
 I wish Paul Begala had the same attitude.

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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