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Volume 835 - The Devil's in his Hole 


 Weekend    July 6-7, 2002 


"Too bad I couldn't have gotten this from a good president."
   -- BartCop reader Brendan's 11-year old daughter, after she got an award for academic achievement
      at her elementary school.  It included a presidential certificate and a letter from the White House.

 The Bush Effect
   by Sam Parry at

  Click  Here

 Europe’s crumbling faith in U.S. political and financial institutions – starting with the
 installation of George W. Bush as president after Election 2000 through the latest
 corporate-accounting scandals – is sending shivers through a U.S. economy that has
 grown dependent on $1.2 billion a day in capital from overseas. This withdrawal of
 foreign investment now is threatening to choke off a U.S. economic recovery.

 Fouling Our Own Nest
      by Bob Herbert

   Click  Here

 Pig-Pen's attitude embodies President Bush's approach to the environment.
 We've been trashing, soiling, even destroying the wonders of nature for countless ages.
 Why stop now? Who is Mr. Bush to step in and curb this venerable orgy of pollution,
 this grand tradition of fouling our own nest?

 Digex Executives Get Millions to Stay On
  WorldCom Unit Bonuses to Repay Loans
  Under Bush, the raping never stops

  Click  Here

 Executives of a WorldCom Inc. subsidiary received millions of dollars in loans over
 the past year and were promised even more in bonuses to pay them off if they stay.

 The man some call president talks a good game on corporate responsibility,
 but until they start slamming prison doors on these guys, human nature says
 they will continue to bankrupt companies they have looted - a la Bush.

 Meanwhile, the BFEE is showing these pikers how it's really done.
 Five trillion missing so far, what will be left when President Gore resumes command?


I want to say you are 100% correct about Begala and Dr. Newdow.
I give this guy a ton of credit for standing up to all these shitheads who want to make him
"the most unpopular man in America."  Begala's argument is specious: with all the terrible
stuff going on with the war on terra, pollution, corporate criminals, Johnnie AssKKKroft's
war on the Bill of Rights, he asks "Mr. Newdow," how can he pick the PoA as his issue?

For a Democrat to argue that this poor guy should shut his mouth is appalling.
Who the fuck is Begala to tell him what is important to this man?

Begala may be correct that the issue is not that important, and he is certainly correct that
it is far from being the most important issue of the day.  But to blame Dr. Newdow for
the media explosion is totally disingenuous.

I loved this exchange:

NEWDOW: I'm not the one putting me on your show. It's everybody else that's making it a big issue.

BEGALA: No - but you made it a federal case about it. You have to be fair.

NEWDOW: I filed a lawsuit. It cost $150 and that's all I did.

I am afraid Begala has learned too well the black art of conservative manipulation.
Of course, Novakula is much worse, feigning outrage that this man spent 4,000 hours
in preparation for the case.  Since when is that kind of dedication to be sneered at?
Is this not anymore a nation where one is free to pursue his interests?

Sometimes I think we are beyond hope.


Snabby, I think this issue is so important, I'm going to do something drastic.
The primary building block of BartCop-ism has always been equal right for blacks, gays etc.
I'm going to have to make that secondary to the new primary building block,
which is defending the Constitution against infectious religious insanity.

The idea that the most crooked president in history is forcing religion on people is crazy.
The Bush Family Evil Empire has stolen five trillion dollars (so far) and he's preaching morality to us?

And just for the hard-headed, let me remind everyone that if I was president, people would
have much more religious freedom because I wouldn't insist that everybody worship the way I do.

Nothing is more dangerous than a man taking certain actions to please his God.
If you don't believe me, as someone who was living in New York last September.

 Consumer Consumption


 Reddin, righting and rythmatic...

 JJ Walker, there's a guy you wouldn't figure to be a Nazi, but, just like
 Florence Mrs. Brady Henderson, he wants to have Ken Starr's baby.

Free Political Debate

This forum is for people across the entire political spectrum to discuss
current political (and maybe other) events. Humorous posts will also be allowed.
This is a moderated forum, but most posting will be allowed.
Death threats, and extremely belligerent posts are discouraged.

Posts may be deleted based on a moderator's decision.
There will be a minimum of said moderators.

 A shot of Chinaco to Helen Thomas.

 Bush acting as imperial president
     by Helen Thomas

 This column is so good, it belongs on the main page,
 but I just couldn't make it fit, so

 Click  Here  to read one of Helen's best ever!

 This Train Has Left the Station
  The Collapse of the GOP's Privatization Scheme
      by Tamara Baker* of

  Click  Here  for the superior AMPOL version

  Click  Here  for the inferior, forever version

 This is all part of the decades-long "privatization" blitz of the GOP's, a blitz that Enron (in the energy field)
 and Edison in Philly (in the school field) have now discredited. The GOP wants to kill Amtrak and sell off
 the pieces to their donor buddies -- though there may be legal problems that could scuttle their being sold off
 the way Michael Powell's FCC has sold off broadcast frequencies (Hubby sez that there's some question as
 to whether or not ownership of the rail lines would revert to their pre-1971 owners upon Amtrak's demise).

 So I get this e-mail...

 > >Hi Bart -

 > >I have been a member of your Message Board sinse May and I'm still on moderated status.
 > >Why? I'm a well know MWO regular, not some scumbag freeper with my head shoved up my ass!

 > >My handle is "SuperLefty," and I would appreciate being taken off moderated status.
 > >Joe (aka., "SuperLefty")

 So I answered.

 >   Joe, I will forward your request to the board boss.

 >   Thanks for the note,
 >   bart

 And his thoughtful reply:

 Hi -
 Oh, you did?
 I guess that explains why I'm still on moderated status.
 Never mind, jerk-off.


 Geez, this happened on July 3.
 You think there's any chance the board moderators were with their families for the holidays?
 Or, maybe your inability to control yourself makes your being moderated a necessity.

 Sorry we weren't quick enough for you.

  Worriedly Bemused


Subject: Time Travelers PLEASE HELP!!!

If you are a time traveler or alien and or in possession of government or alien technology I need your help!
My entire life and health has been messed with by evil beings!

If you have access to the carbon copy replica model #50 3000 series, the dimensional warp, temporal reversion
or something similar please reply! I simply need the safest method of transferring my consciousness or returning
to my younger self with my current mind/memory. I need an advanced time traveler to work with who can help me,
I would prefer someone with access to teleportation as well as a variety different types of time travel.

This is not a joke! I am serious!

Please send a separate email to me at: if you can help!



Note: Drangonball01 and 02 were killed in the initial invasion.

 Someone said, "I don't drink or gamble, what would I do in Vegas?"
 I have some suggestions, but first - a word from...

 Vegas Pat

 ... I live here and I post on this board and I wrote a few "Beyond The Lights" columns
 for "The Vegas Report" linked on BC's page

 Things to do without gambling or shopping:

 1. Desert Demonstration Gardens. Free!! Off the Strip (you'd have to take a cab unless you rented
 a car; then email me for directions). It's a wonderful little Vegas-version of a "botanical gardens".
 The theme, of course, is the desert and the plant life that is native to the high desert. There are
 also free workshops conducted virtually every day that might be of interest. Their web site is You can access a calendar of events there, as well
 as a ton of information on the Gardens and the LV Valley Water District (which runs the Gardens).

 2. Red Rock Canyon. Silly thing is that even though I've now lived here for two and a half years,
 I've never been there. Dunce. However, everyone that HAS been there has said how beautiful it is.
 Again, it's free and it's nature at some of her finest. Check out the web site at

 3. If you have money and a sense of adventure, you can take a scenic plane or helicopter flight
 over the Grand Canyon. Go to the LV Convention and Visitors Authority web site at and click the "Activities" icon.

 I have a few of my own, and we'll keep this list running for a while.

 4.  The Mirage is one of the most fabulous hotel/casinoes* here.
  Just walking thru the place is a trip.
 Then at night, The Mirage Volcano erupts every 15 minutes.


 If you've got a buzz going (this is Vegas) it'll be impressive as hell. Plus, this is where
 Siegfried and Roy keep their white tigers - and it's free to see them when they're off-duty.

 5. The Stratosphere is the only skyscraper in Las Vegas. It's 100 stories tall, but take
 the elevator and save your knees. At the top you get an out-of-this-world view - plus...
 They have a real, live roller coaster on the 100th floor!!!

 You haven't been roller-coasting until you've done it a quarter mile in the clouds.

 More Things to do in Las Vegas tomorrow...

 The Global Economic Meltdown
   a/k/a The Jack Stephens Challenge,
           by Al Martin

  Click  Here

(July 4) Will we ever get our priorities straight? The global economic meltdown continues, and it made me
think of the old adage about the American people being the most economically naïve people in the world. When
will the American people ever learn that all issues of government and all policies of State (be they political,
social, socio-religious, or military) are all ultimately subordinate to economic issues? We are unique among
nations wherein the majority of the voting populace in this country votes based on party affiliation and on
socio-religious issues such as abortion, planned parenthood, teaching of darwinism vs. creationism, whether
the ten commandments should be hung up on the school wall, -- the typical so-called hot button issues.
Even now as the economy goes from an economic slowdown to an economic meltdown, polls still indicate
that socio-religious issues are still taking precedence over economic issues in the minds of the people.
The reason why is because we are indeed the most economically naïve people on earth

 Subject:  Question

 To Bartcop,
 On your website, you said that German Conservatives were the ones that started WWII,
 but did you know that the name Nazi stands for "National Socialists".

 Well, I don't actually remember saying that, (that happens a lot) but it sounds right.
 And yeah, I knew they had the word "socialist" in there, somewhere.
 But then again, the "right-to-life" people shoot doctors in the back,
 so the name doesn't always accurately describe the group.

 Is it right to say that for every war that existed, it was caused by conservatives?


 Trick question!
 Obviously every war wasn't started by conservatives, but then again, most Democrats
 wouldn't fight if you blew up the two tallest building in New York, so maybe it is right.
 Were you working towards making a point?

 The 10 Steps


  Party of the Year at The Rio

Click on the Rio for info

 Just a reminder: Vegas is NOT Atlantic City.

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

 Subject: JFK taking orders from the pope

 You wrote:

 > In 1960, people were whining that if elected, President Kennedy would take orders from the Pope
 > Kennedy replied that he would put his job before being a Catholic.

  Yep your right about that Bartcop, years ago my Grandparents who were Texas
 yellow dog democrats told me they only voted for a republican one time in theire life
 and that was for Nixon. They told me they were scared that Kennedy being a catholic
 would take his orders from the pope , I was only 7 at the time so I didn't understand what
 the Hell they were talking about.

 I wish they were still alive so I could ask them questions like how many Catholics they knew
 and so on, I think  the only Catholics they ever came in contact with were Mexicans so that
 may have something to do with that. Just thought I'd share that story with you.



Begala WAS acting (badly), teaming up with Novak against Newdow.
But then he's a catholic, brags about bringing his kids up to be catholics.
Novak & Begala supporting institutionalized discrimination against folks
who hold no religious beliefs, what a disgusting display of ignorance.

Ray Blessin
Former publisher of: "The Canadian Atheist"

 Saw this on the BartCop Forum

 $100x2(tickets)+$25x2(fajitas)+$169*2(one room, two nights)+$230*2(Plane Tickets) = $1048 for starters

 This is true, depending on your choices and your location, but consider the options:
 $55 rooms are available Friday and Saturday, then $29 the rest of the week.
 If you're going to invest that much to get there, why not take a few more days?
 Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? Death Valley? Area 51? LA? (If you're from back East)

 Besides, from LA, Phoenix, San Fran etc, you can get Southwest flights for as cheap as
 $160 round trip for two, so that drops the $1048 to $680.

 Your first impulse might be to say "I can't do that," but don't forget
  - the lady you're going to meet has climbed a few mountains, herself.
 You won't ever forget meeting Julie Hiatt Steele at JulieFestWest.

 Be a BartCop Trial Attorney
  Soon, you'll be making ditto-monkeys eat it in court, in front of witnesses.

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 Click to be a Corona  Ambulance-chaser for $10 a month

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 After a year with me, you'll be judgment-proof, guaranteed!
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 I Do Not Pledge My Allegiance
    by DLH

  Click  Here

 I do not pledge my allegiance to a piece of colored cloth (or paper).
 I pledge my honor and loyalty to the ideals upon which this country was founded.
 I do not owe my duty to a symbol or a myth.  I owe my devotion to my family,
 friends, and homeland -- those whom, and that which, has nourished and protected me.

 They read it in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa
 They read it in Kamloops, British Columbia
 They read it in Tupelo, where that singing truck driver was born

Subject: We cannot have it both ways...

This tempest in a teapot is not about religion, it's about the tyranny of the majority.
We can keep "one nation under God" only if we remove "with liberty and justice for all".

They are mutually exclusive ideas.


 Subject: The 'under God' controversy


 If it was so urgent, how come you, me and the ACLU haven't been talking this up for years?
 How come such a liberal icon/intellectual giant as Larry Tribe at Yale Law School says the
 decision has no merit? Fact is, this issue has nearly no political solution at all, one way or the other.


 Phil, when I learned the pledge, I was a good Catholic.
 It seemed normal to submit to God - I was five or six years old.
 That's how they trap children - they drag you in before you have a free will.

 Like child molestation or wife-beating, it's passed on to the next generation.
 Since I have no kids, I never had to warn Bart Jr. about the Catholics.

 Sure, stopping the B.F.E.E. is more important than banning those two words,
 but it's so painful watching the gelding Democrats surrender AGAIN!

  to Julie Hiatt Steele

Subject: Finally....

...something good comes from Oklahoma.  I've lived here all my life and
I don't have to tell you what an intellectual wasteland this place can be;
reading you makes me feel better about being a damned Okie.


R, you stuck here, too?

I'm here for the Mrs.
What's your excuse?  :)

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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