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Volume 837 - The C.S.E. 

Chicago - July 13

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 Tuesday    July 9, 2002 


“Indeed, it seems to me that the more Christian a country is, the less likely it is
  to regard the death penalty as immoral.  Abolition has taken its firmest hold in
  post-Christian Europe and has least support in the church-going United States.
  I attribute that to the fact that for the believing Christian, death is no big deal.”
     -- the very insane Tony Scalia, (R-Partisan) the man who stole our right to vote.

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 Panel: Enron board ignored 'red flags'

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 Enron's board of directors contributed to the energy trader's collapse because its members
 were aware of the accounting gimmicks, risky business practices and conflicts of interest
 but did nothing to stop them, a Senate panel said in a highly critical report Sunday.

Stop investigating my past
or Asscroft will torture you!

 Subject: CONnect the dots

 When are people going to get it and connect  these dots ?

 What Bush and Cheney did at Harken and Halliburton,
 they are, right now, doing to the company called  USA....

 How hard is this to figure out?


 Annie, I hear ya.
 I'm screaming as loud as I can.
 I need a bigger hammer and a radio show.

by Wizard of Whimsy

 Drug Giant Merck reported $12B assets it didn't have

   Click  Here

 Merck & Co. recorded more than $12 billion in revenue over the past three years
 from its pharmacy benefits unit even though the subsidiary never collected the money.
 The news sent its stock down more than 2 percent.

 Let me guess: Another speech from President Harken articulating his outrage
                          that thing kind of thing is going on in Bill Clinton's America?

 Bush Defends His Texas Oil Dealings

  Click  Here

 President Bush heatedly defended his decade-old dealings as an oil company director Monday
 amid rising concern about the nation's business scandals. "Sometimes things aren't exactly
 black and white when it comes to accounting procedures," he said.

 Geez, really, Mr Fraudulent?
 I thought accounting was about being exact, precise and above all accurate.

 If you want to admit you're dumber than a bag of spolied meat and you have no clue
 what accounting is, I might buy that. But you were on the auditing committee!
 You knew EXACTLY what condition Harken was in when you bailed out,
 and you kept that information to yourself when you had a fudiciary responsibility
 to your stock holders to give them honest and ACCURATE information.

 When the B.F.E.E screws you, you lose your life savings and the press
 can't seem to find any wrongdoing with this unelected serial theif.

   I accidentally cashed out right before my stock crashed!

 Subject: Agreeing with Liberals... Hell must have frozen!


 I've been a visitor to your site in the past, and while my views were received by members
 of your forum with less than a friendly air I decided to keep my visits limited to casual updates.

 After the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down the verdict on the Pledge I had to check in to see
 what old Bartcop had to say.  Seeing that 99 of the weasels in the Senate and the President himself made
 themselves heard and stated that it was ridiculous I knew I would find your response to be refreshing.

 One thing I did not expect was for me to agree with you 100%.  Please continue to spread the word
 about this verdict and the correct, constitutional ruling handed down by the NCCoA.

 (LOL, I never thought I would ever agree with you on anything)


 Sean, thanks, ...I think

 For six and a half years, I had a primary foundation of equality for blacks, gays etc.
 Because of the Democratic gelding, pink-tutu response to this threat, I changed my
 primary priority to keeping religious insanity from taking over our lives.
 I even had to straighten out my Paul Begala, which seems to have worked.

 Wish me luck...

But Bart, everyone knows
there's just one, true God.
Why do you always have to rock
the boat with your atheist nonsense?
Why can't you play along with the majority?
Why not do like we do, and join with Dubya
to help defeat the evil evil-doers?

 Today's bonus page is extra worth-a-click.
 (I know you have issues with clicking, but try it - just this once)
 The vulgar Pigboy made an ass of himself again yesterday,
 so I called him on it and it makes a fun read.

 Plus toons, mail, Pipecover, Boondocks, Howie feedback,
 Bush loses a debate with a fish, The Clinton Sex Effect,
 Danger! Danger!, a report from the All Star Old-Timer's game,
 The return of Jay and Silent Bob! ...and tons more!
 Click  Here

  I think maybe someone's been reading
 Fatal Innocence, Ours
     by Marc Ash

  Click  Here

 The White House has been hijacked.
 We have been terrified into supporting a war-for-profit, because, as
 Hermann Goering put it, 'they have told us we are being attacked.'
 Our economy is being bled dry, the constitution has been shredded
 and the only ones profiting are the Bush gang and their wealthy backers.

 I wrote to Marc Ash:
 Thanks for having the balls to say what needs to be said.
 I'm running it in my Tuesday issue of

 I've been screaming the same thing for years.
 Glad to see there are those who agree with me.

 Things to do in Vegas without drinking or gambling:

  1. Desert Demonstration Gardens
  2. Red Rock Canyon Vermillion Wonderland
  3. The Grand Canyon  More than a big whole
  4. The Mirage Volcano and White Tigers
  5. The Stratosphere Tower and it's mile-high roller coaster
  6. New York, New York  The greatest city in Las Vegas!
  7. The Fremont Experience  brought downtown back to life
  8. Star Trek The Experience, Las Vegas Hilton

    Click  Here  to see details of the first eight suggestions   Now with working link!

  9. Area 51  What the hell did I just see?
     I'm no expert, but I don't know of anywhere else on the planet
     you can go and watch things move in the sky that can't possibly be real.
     I'm not saying they're aliens, I'm saying they have aircraft that can zoom
     across the sky and then turn on a f-ing dime. Besides that, it's very creepy out there,
     in the dark, knowing the government is watching and listenting and tracking you
     with Star Trek-looking heat sensors. If there's nothing at Area 51, why is it
     the most secure site in the world?
10. Mandalay Bay   The Sharks! The Sharks!
      I haven't seen this myself, because there were thousands of people in line
      the last time we were there. They have a glass tunnel you walk thru while the
      sharks swim all around you! Mandalay Bay has been a major player in Las Vegas,
      hosting big-time boxing matches and big-time rock concerts. The Mandalay Bay
      complex could be the largest of all the properties, I'm not sure, but wear your most
      comfortable shoes in Vegas because it's so hueueueueuge. Plus, if you've got GOP
      the Four Seasons at the top has rooms for as little as $700 a night.

 11. The lakes and the boating  Ain't nothing like it!
 I've boated everywhere, and you can't beat the Las Vegas area.
 Instead of muddy lakes, you have water that's clearer than Lake Concha.
 We'll be there in the "off-season."  Last time they let us have a Cadillac ski boat
 with a big-ass Johnson for $90 a half day! Few things are as fun as burning a spliff
 while sipping Chinaco Anejo on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
 My favorite is Lake Havusu, just south of the damn. It's located in a canyon!
 The water is so cobalt blue, and those red rocks shoot up into the sky.
 Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capitol of the World - no doubt!
 More Things to do in Las Vegas tomorrow...

  America the Arrogant
 Why Don't We Listen Anymore?

  Click  Here

"The way things are going, it will soon be the United States against the world."
 That comment, by a top political leader in Kuala Lumpur, was just one of hundreds
 of expressions of a new and disturbing alienation from America that I heard during
 a recent swing through 14 Asian, European and Latin American capitals...
 Of course, anti-Americanism is not new, but what I found disturbing after 35 years
 of visiting these cities was that foreign leaders who have been longtime friends
 of the United States are the ones voicing dismay."

 The B.F.E.E. greed is destroying our reputation worldwide.

  Party of the Year at The Rio

Click on the Rio for info

 Just a reminder: Las Vegas is NOT Coney Island

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

 A businessman named George W. Bush
    by Paul Krugman

   Click  Here

"The ploy works as follows. Corporate insiders create a front organization that seems
 independent but is under their control. This front buys some of the firm's assets at
 unrealistically high prices, creating a phantom profit that inflates the stock price,
 allowing the executives to cash in their stock. At Harken, a group of insiders, using
 money borrowed from Harken itself, paid an exorbitant price for a Harken subsidiary,
 Aloha Petroleum. That created a $10 million phantom profit, which hid three-quarters
 of the company's losses in 1989."

 Y'know, since Bush has never worked a day in his life,
 stealing from others is the only job he knows.

 The Black Republican Wises Up and Opts Out
  At last, Uncle OJ Watts saw the GOP power brokers' duplicity.

  Click  Here

"That was apparent in how the Republican leadership used Watts.
 He was a good mouthpiece for conservative causes and a visible symbol of their
 supposed commitment to racial inclusion. But, his position as No. 4 House GOP
 leader notwithstanding, how much real power did he have within his own party?
 That is the ultimate dilemma of Watts and black conservatives. Black voters will continue
 to reject their Republican pitch, and the GOP will continue to reject them as equal partners
 in power. Watts realized this, and he did the only thing he could do: He left."

Milt's back, and he still has ten fingers!!

 Subject: your Myth of Liberal Media Bias

 Finally somebody notices!!!!

 So, what can we do about being bombarded with NOTHING but conservinazi propoganda?


 T, buy stock in the Big Hammer!

 Join the BartCop stock swindle
  Soon, you could be as rich as Smirk's friend Kenny Boy

  Click for Details

 Click to be a Corona  WorldCom Theif for just $10 a month

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 Click to be a Chinaco Reposado full-blown Treasury Rapist like Bush for only $50 a month

 Never pay taxes again!

 Or, pay 'em to have the cancelled check, then we reimburse you with a
 retroactive, all-inclusive refund for the last fifteen years worth of taxes!

 Join today!

"There was no malfeance (sic.), no attempt to hide anything."

   Click  Here

"Who bought the President's shares? How come George had four SEC violations,
 three of them prior to his big sale of Harken stock, was he practicing?
 Feeling out the SEC's tolerance levels? This is a bone that neither circumstance
 nor propriety ought to allow the US media, nor Congress, nor the Senate let go of.
 Lest they want to look as blind to the corporate malfeasance as the President
 and his men are starting to look."

 One thing for sure:
 The guy who bought the president's shares was NOT the same guy who
 went to Vietnam in George's place when Daddy bought him a spot in the
 completely-full Texas Air National Guard Unit.

 They read it in Tirana.
 They read it in Nosy Boraha
 They read it in Hazel Park, Michigan.

Subject: Indian reservations

BC, haven't written to you in awhile. Still reading, tho.
Anyway, pretend to be a Catholic Priest for a minute because I have a sin to confess...
If the nuclear waste gets dumped on Indian reservations, I'm partly to blame.

Because see, I voted Stabenow for Michigan Senate, which made Spence Abraham
unemployed and hence available for Energy Sec. I guess it could be worse...

I could be a Missourian, partly to blame for the retraction of civil rights.
Anyway, keep cool.


  to Julie Hiatt Steele

 Have you been to

  They said nice things about


Instead of trying to remove "Under God" from the pledge, we should instead be suing
TO ADD "Under Zues", "Under Baal", "Under Hale-Bopp Comet" and any hundred of
other Deities on grounds of freedom of religious worship in separate, multiple lawsuits.

When we run out of historical ones, we can make a few thousand up,
so the pledge will read for example; "One Nation, Under Our Lady of the
Worthless Miracle, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. . .". etc.

Maybe folks will then realize what an enormous waste of time the,
"I'm more Christian than you are" game is, and get back to the
separation of their public and private lives.

There is a reason the founders of our country referred to "Our Creator"
and not God, Allah, what have you, in the Declaration of Independence.

In one word. . ."Ashcroft"

-Prodigal Son

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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