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Volume 836 - Raiders of the Lock Box 


 Monday    July 8, 2002 


"As the United States works to bring peace around the world our diplomats
  and/or soldiers can be drug into the court. That's very troubling."
    -- President Monkeyboy,  who thinks "drug" is the past tense form of "drag",
          Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 2, 2002

 As angry as ever

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"A lot has changed since Bush stole the election," says Bernhardt. "The underbelly of corruption
 has been exposed and we're seeing the last vestiges of the white man holding on to politics and
 big business. It's all coming out now. And I don't think it's a coincidence."  Not surprisingly the
 political animal in Bernhard has found prey in President Bush and his friends in power - whom she
 likens to alien lizards. "Of course I'm concerned," she says. "The infrastructure of America and the
 world is caving in, and George Bush is a figurehead of that. I don't think he's an informed person,
 or intelligent, or interesting. I think he got waylaid into the job by his family, he's in over his head,
 and he's kind of a dunce."

 All the President's Enrons
       by Frank Rich

   Click  Here

 The fact remains that so far at least five members of that theoretically tiny club
 have direct ties to the Bush administration: Enron, Halliburton, Andersen, KMPG
 and Merrill Lynch — the last three all former clients of the president's choice as
 Wall Street's top cop, the S.E.C. chairman Harvey Pitt. Five for 15: Mr. Bush
 could have used a batting average that high when he ran the Texas Rangers.

 Subject: Tim McVeigh an Atheist? What th--!

 Hello again Bart,

 I think I can help you out here, re Paul Begala's ridiculous contention that the
 "The terrorists who blew up the Oklahoma City building were atheists."

 I can't speak for Michael Fortier, but in Tim McVeigh's case, uh, gee, Mister Begala,
 since when do atheists request that last rites be administered to them at the time of their death?

 Prison officials offered them and Tim accepted; they were delivered by Prison Chaplain
 Frank Roof, they were the Roman Catholic sacrament of Last Rites.

 Chris Vosburg
 Burbank CA

 ps: I agree, this Newdow fella was amazingly cool under fire. Poised, witty, incisive,
 logical, cheerful, thrifty, brave, knocked my socks off. I'm IMPRESSED!

 Chris, you are correct!
 I think Begala just made a mistake, and didn't deliberately lie in the name of religioun.
 Religion can make a very good man say/do bad things.

 Dubya losing the benefit of the doubt
 Moratorium on Bush-bashing is over

  Click  Here

 Bush's approval rating has fallen steadily from 88% to a still-impressive 70%,
 while polls show Americans are now worrying far more about the rattled economy
 than the possibility of a terrorist attack. It remains to be seen how Bush's once-reassuring
 tagline as America's "first MBA president" will sound after more and more of his CEO pals
 are dragged off in shackles for the mammoth accounting cover-ups that have been battering
 the stock market almost every day.

 I quit watching the Sunday shows.
 Why should I, when AMPOL's Pundit Pap is so much better?

  Click  Here

 Things to do in Vegas without drinking or gambling:

  1. Desert Demonstration Gardens
  2. Red Rock Canyon
  3. The Grand Canyon
  4. The Mirage Volcano and White Tigers
  5. The Stratosphere Tower and it's mile-high roller coaster

    Click  Here  to see details of the first five suggestions

  6. New York, New York  The greatest city in Las Vegas!
  Like it's namesake, NY, NY has everything. They put a Central Park inside.
  To get chips, you go to the Wall Street bankers. Surrounding the building, they have
  NY-style water boats and tugs spraying water. They have their own Brooklyn Bridge!

  You'll find another roller coaster here, the own Gil Grissom rides to de-stress on C.S.I.
  Their Soho Village is jammed with places to shop. The Times Square Bar is worth a look.

  While you gals watch Michael Flatly's Riverdance show, the guys can check out the hogs
  at the Las Vegas Harley Davidson outlet, or catch the Rita Rudner show live.

  When you're eating in The Village, you'll think you're in New York because that
  roller coaster Grisson rides flies over your head, reminding you of a subway swooshing by.
  And just to make you feel at home, they have obscenities spray painted on the walls.

  7. The Fremont Experience
   When the downtown properties saw The Strip stealing all the thunder, they banded together
   and invested $75M into a blocks-long, street-wide overhead TV screen

 To see it live, click on the picture above,
 then click on it again when the page comes up.

 It's probably a lot better on the brown acid.

 8. Star Trek The Experience, Las Vegas Hilton
     You have to be in decent health to ride.  The cast are in Star Trek makeup and they
     stay in character as they strap you in, then your "Enterprise" chases the Klingon ship
     in a wild ride over Las Vegas at night. Grandma and preggers folk should pass.
     Pre-ride Humboldt break recommended - for authenticity.

 More Things to do in Las Vegas tomorrow...


"Welcome to Bush’s America, where a court has now ruled that vouchers are okay.
  So a child is free to go to Catholic school at public expense and be sodomized by a priest,
  preferably while both recite the Pledge of Allegiance."
    --Alexander Cockburn,  The Incredible Shrinking President,

 Ted William's family wants to freeze his head

 Click  Here

  Party of the Year at The Rio

Click on the Rio for info

 Just a reminder: Las Vegas is NOT Tunica, Mississippi

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

 When Bill Clinton fudged his answers in the sex inquisition,
 the GOP and their whore press called it Crime of the Century.

 But when Never-Elected lied about "Ken Lay was a Richards supporter,"
 the man who stole billions from thousands, the press relaxed and said,
 "George Bush is a good and honorable man, nevermind."

 See the proof about the liar who stole the White House

  Give Nick a click


 94,000 Americans lost their job in June.
 Hey Bush supporters, what good is a tax-cut if you don't have a job?
 Do you miss Bill Clinton yet?

Milt's back, and he still has ten fingers!!

  Lie Father, Lie Son
 With the Bushes, Lying is a Family Tradition
       by Dwayne Eutsey

   Click  Here

  After all, presidents, even the elected ones, lie.  It’s part of the job description:
“The incumbent will swear to uphold the US Constitution while simultaneously selling it out
  to wealthy elites and corporate interests.  Ability to lie through teeth a must so that no one
  can tell the difference.  Some travel, occasional weekend and evening work required.”

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  "It's true."

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 Does Paul Begala read
 I know he reads MWO, but maybe he caught Friday's  before his 7PM taping.
 I saw an "all new" Paul Begala Friday.

 I've never seen this happen before.   Carville was there for the first 2/3 of the show,
 but then he left, and Paul Begala came out to argue the "under God," thing again.
 It was almost as tho Carville didn't want to get into it.

 But this time, ...Begala seems to be ...AGAINST ruling that those words were unconstitutional.
 This time, he's talking like a Democrat, instead of agreeing with Satan's own Bob Novak.

 Click  Here   for the Friday transcript, if you're interested. (Search for "Begala," it'll start)
 See how different his position seems to be compared to Wednesday.

Subject: The Pledge, BartBlocks, and Bigotry


You Wrote:
> The primary building block of BartCop-ism has always been equal rights for blacks, gays etc.
> I'm going to have to make that secondary to the new primary building block,
> which is defending the Constitution against infectious religious insanity."

Well, wait a minute.  There's no need to build a new BartBlock or make the other BartBlock
secondary because, when you come right down to it, this Pledge issue is just another side of
the same old Block.  And that block is the fight against Bigotry.

That's essentially what the fight for equal rights and justice for all is:  A fight against bigotry.
Let's review our progress.  Which bigotries have we vanquished?  Well, we've come a long way
on women, blacks, and other minorities.  Most people won't openly express their bigotted feelings
towards these groups, and -- thanks to 50 years of liberals busting their asses -- the law does a lot
to protect them.  We've managed, particularly in the last 10 years, to beat back a lot of the anti-gay
bigots as well, although thanks to the religious right we still have our work cut out.
Faith-on-Faith bigotry is WAY down.
Hell, these days it's like we've got an inter-faith love fest on our hands.

So what's the Last Truly Acceptable Bigotry in America?

Easy:  It is the bigotry of the religious majority towards non-believers.

Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists, Humanists -- whatever label we choose to go by -- are not even
on the political radar as a group deserving of respect or attention.  Politicians can diss us with impugnity.
The Right makes no bones that we're second-class citizens, and the Center and even the Center-Left
thinks we're making a Big Deal out of nothing when we raise a fuss about issues like the pledge.
Non-believers, it appears, are just a pesky nuisance.  So our government excludes us.  So what?
I can almost hear Paul Begala saying "Come on!  What's so bad about that seat at the back of the bus?"

Bigotry and prejudice take many forms.  Their names are legion.  That the overwhelming majority of
Americans can not see anything wrong with "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance shows how
incredibly far non-believers have to go before we are allowed our rightful place at the table of democracy.

Joe S

 Changing the Subject
     by Mary McGrory

  Click  Here

"Those corporate rogues who cook their books, bleed their companies,
 overreport their earnings and speak with forked tongues to investing clients
 are paid astronomical salaries, which never seem to be enough. They are also
 the kind of people Bush has hung out with all his life. They are the people who
 feel that government agencies such as the Federal Election Commission should
 subvert in any way they can legislation such as McCain-Feingold -- a bill Bush
 signed into law in stealth lest anyone imagine he approved of it."

 Big bonus page with all new stuff!

  Click  Here

 It's even got some Monkey Mail

Be careful on the beach this summer...

 They read it in Bocas del Toro.
 They read it in Novorossiysk.
 They read it in Lake Ridge, Virginia


"We have a president who owes his election more to a dynasty than to democracy.
  When he spoke to our convention in Baltimore in 2000, he promised to enforce the civil rights laws.
  We know he was in the oil business. We just didn't know it was snake oil."
      -- Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP

Raiders of the Lock Box

 How was your weekend?

 For me, it was possibly the biggest corn weekend ever!
 My skin has even taken on a pale, yellow tone.

 If you didn't get a chance to check in,   Click  Here  to see the great weekend issue you missed.

 It had everything, starting with a great toon by Bruce Yurgil,
 a couple of great columns by Sam Parry and Bob Herbert,
 the WorldCom rapes continue, Consumer Consumption,
 a ditto-monkeys-welcome debate forum,
 Helen Thomas wrote a great attack piece on Bush,
 Tamara Baker hits real hard for a girl,
 words from R.B. Ham, an urgent plea from an alien,
 things to do in Vegas when you're alive, Al Martin,
 a Fresh Asticle, money-saving tips for how to get to JFW,
 how to become a judgement-proof trial attorney ...and MORE!

  to Julie Hiatt Steele

 Is Howard Kurtz the worst of the CNN whores?
 If Candy Crowley is sick, it's not even a contest...

  Click  Here

Is it fair for the press to resurrect that now?
...this has been going on for years, why blame the president?
Isn't the press trying to rope [Bush] into these corporate scandals?
But the problem is that ...a lot of this ...took place during the Clinton administration years
Do you think it was fair for reporters to pepper Ari Fleischer with questions?...
You're saying there's no parallel ...between Monica and WorldCom's $4 billion of misstated profit?

 Yeah, that's right, Howie - play the whore for Rush Limbaugh.
 Those WorldCom crooks would've never stolen those billions
 if Clinton had never met Monica - that's right, you unstable pissant.

  ...and ditto-monkeys say CNN is the Clinton News Network?

 We have some Juliefest2002-DC tapes left.

 Please, won't you let one live with you?
 Free - with a donation of $25 or more...

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Subject: My father

Dear Bart:
My father, George Parrish, was a ball-turret gunner in WW2.
He turned me on to BC a few months ago and I must admit I'm hooked
(actually hypnotized by the moving Ashcroft eyes would be more appropriate)
and I check your site each day to see what's up.

Dad stopped breathing and was admitted to the local hospital a few weeks ago
and the doctors were trying to determine if he was still functioning neurologically.
Unable to speak because of a ventilator tube and under sedation, the only way to
communicate with him was to ask simple yes or no questions.  The ICU doctor was
performing a few basics tests when I hit upon an idea that would ensure that pop was ok.

"Dad?" I asked as I leaned in close to him, "Is George Bush a son-of-a-bitch?"

He nodded his head up and down in the affirmative and the physician and I shared
a good laugh and we knew that he was functioning ok.

Sadly, I must report that he passed away on June 28th and will no longer be among your loyal fans.
He did enjoy your website and I'd like to say "thanks" for making him laugh.


Scott, thanks for sending that.

 ...a shot of Chinaco for your dad,

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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