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Volume 843 - Fork in the Road


 Tuesday    July 16, 2002 


"My wife said to Camilla Parker Bowles,
 'I think you're fucking great.'
  My eyeballs nearly flew out of my head."
    -- Ozzy Osbourne, in Rolling Stone,

 Lindh Pleads Guilty, Faces 20 Years

  Click  Here

 John Walker Lindh pleaded guilty to two felonies Monday in a surprise deal
 that spares him life in prison and ensures his cooperation with the government.
 In accepting the plea, prosecutors foreclosed the chance for the public to see
 evidence in the first major trial scheduled from the war on terrorism..

 Anything to avoid a trial - anything.
 Besides being extremely religiously insane, what was his crime?  Having a beard?
 It looks like he got the Julie Hiatt Steele treatment so he caved in to avoid a trial.

 What happened to Clinton's America?

 Remember just two years ago, the most important thing in the world was publicizing
 every tiny bit of evidence about what went on inside Clinton's zipper?

 But no, the B.F.E.E. can't make any money that way.
 They need a secret war with a secret budget and secret military trials for Americans.

 Dick Cheney: He has stumbled, but will he fall?

   Click  Here

"One way and another, the safest pair of hands in the Bush team has had
 a serious attack of butterfingers. For now Dick Cheney is protected by the
 Bush code of loyalty to those who are loyal to the dynasty. But if the financial
 scandals cost the Republicans dear this November, he may well be eased off
 the ticket for the election which really matters to the family, two years hence."

 I'm reading a book.

                       click to purchase

 For some reason, I started with the Gary Aldrich chapter.
 Brock had lunch with Aldrich, and theoretically asked him if it was possible
 for Clinton to sneak out at night and bag some babes. Brock says Aldrich said "No!"

 Weeks later, Aldrich is in bed with John Fund and the vulgar Pigboy, saying he knows for sure that
 Clinton is sneaking out at night, and says he got the info from "an investigative reporter," which was Brock.
 Brock called Aldrich and asks if he's the secret source and Aldrich said yes!
 Brock says, "You're insane. I asked you if it was possible, and you told me 'No.""
 And Aldrich is all "...but we have to get the Clintons!"

 When you read this book, you find out we weren't being paranoid enough.

 Time and again, they knew full well their position was a fabricated sham (like Paula Jones).

 On the Juliefest-DC tape, he says he knew Jones was a scam.
 One of Paula's lawyers told Brock he didn't believe his own client.
 Her own lawyer knew she was lying and it still went all the way to the Supreme Court
 where they did their Bush-inspired magic with the green light to sue a sitting president.
 (Looks like Harken & Halliburton might get Smirk n' Dick sued, and right away.)

 I recommend this book, and I wish I'd had more time to speak with Brock at the Fest.

Subject: The Idiot Speaks

> "America must get rid of the hangover as a result of the binge, the economic binge we just went through,"
> Bush said in Birmingham. "We were in a land where there was endless profit, no tomorrow when it came
> to the stock markets and corporate profits, and now we're suffering a hangover from that binge."

 I guess no one would no more about drinking then Bush considering he was a drunk for 20 years.

> "The SEC's insider-trading inquiry into the sale, made when Bush's father was president, was closed with
> no action against Bush. "But unless there's a reason to reopen ancient history, we should move on with the
> future and start helping today's investors," Pitt said."

 This is certainly a new tune for them, they never wanted to move on when it came to the Clintons as witnessed
 today by the Bush speech when he blamed the current economy on Clinton.  It is a nice touch to see him
 mumbling and the crawler at the bottom of the TV screen showing the stock market going in the toilet.


 Don't you hate these pundits telling the little guys to stay in the stock market?

 While the big guys are selling, they want us to stay in?

  Democrats urged to fight - by a Republican!
 Reagan-appointed judge has words for Ashcroft
 This whole article is a quote machine

  Click  Here

 "The Constitution of the United States says what it means and means what it says"

       Well, it used to mean something.
       With this unelected president, we no longer have a Constitution

  "Mr. Padilla is an American citizen. He is before a military tribunal. This is unprecedented."

       True, Your Honor.
       But the Failure in Theif has Nazified this once great country.

"The commitment to a jury trial...means the government cannot send someone
  to jail unless 12 ordinary people say, 'The government got it right.' "

       Sir, under Clinton that was true.
       Under Bush, we must depend on the mercy of Field Marshall Ashcroft.

"In my view, the Democratic Party has a responsibility to speak up on these issues.
  It isn't happening. Why aren't they speaking out? I don't understand it."

We can't speak out - it might anger Mr. Rove.
Besides, we're just doing our jobs.
Our job is to rubber-stamp whatever Bush wants.
Bart, stop stirring up trouble!
Fall in line like the rest of us.

Subject: Wagging the dog

I think the saber-rattling about attacking Iraq is even more subversive than just trying to
distract the public from the corporate crimes committed by the resident and his minions.

Think about it ... when Arab news outlets report that the United States is planning to invade
their country and assassinate their elected leader ... what options do they have to protect themselves?

Are they going to gather their mighty army and come over here and righteously bomb us back to the stone age?
Complain to the United Nations?  No ... the only thing they CAN do is "terrorist" attacks.
Which, of course, gives bush the reason he needs to go to war, and the public support that goes with it.

This country is in for real trouble.
If I was still employed, I go buy some Chinaco...

  by Peter Beinart

 Click  Here

 'It's impossible to understand Enron,' editorialized The Whore Street Journal, 'outside the
 moral climate in which it flourished ... the Clinton years, when we learned that 'everybody does it.''
 Or, as Steve Forbes put it recently, 'If you want to look at the tone of the '90s, it started right
 at the top, at the White House, where the attitude was anything goes.'

Yes, that's right: Respected conservatives are actually suggesting that Enron and
WorldCom cooked their books because Bill Clinton lied about a blow job.

 I got an ugly shock Sunday
  I saw previews for the new reality show - Inside Anna Nicole Smith.

 This poor woman is twice her Playmate weight and she's invited cameras
 to follow her around like The Osbournes?  Who thinks that'll work?

 She's not smart, she's not funny and what made her famous is gone.
 (Well, she got some fame for screwing that cadaver, too.)

 Liza Manelli has a show like that coming, too. Same for Puff Daddy.
 Hell, I'd watch Puffy if he lived on some island and could really be himself.
 I'd like to see him snorting coke off some babes, firing his guns, drinking tequila from a pool
 on another babe's bellybutton, nearly beating someone to death with a champagne bottle or
 whatever he used on that record company weasel - yeah, I'd watch.  But if Puffy's going to
 sit around with his pals and not break any laws it'll qualify as a sleeping aid.

 Ozzy, and his whole family are great characters, that's why that show works,
 but Hollywood is so bankrupt for ideas this is the best they can do?

Subject: can your readers help?

I want to collect email address for every newspaper in the country for letters to the editor.
Can you write something in Bartcop calling for people to send in their letter to the editor
e-mail addresses for their papers or any other media addresses they might have?

I want to create a list and make it available to people who will mass mail editors to promote our cause.

Marc Perkel

Sure thing, Dude!
Please send any newspaper e-mail addresses you have to Marc at

 The Strange Career of Homeland Security

  Click  Here


"Politicians are tripping over each other to look tough, waiting for attention
  to wane so they can once again serve their corporate paymasters,
  which is what got us into this pickle in the first place."
       --Jonathan Alter

 Reminder: Joe Conason is daily now at

 The Busted Effort to Blame Enron on Bill Clinton

  Click  Here

 In 2000, Clinton Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Arthur Levitt, Jr.
 proposed regulations to prohibit accounting firms from simultaneously serving
 as consultants and auditors. Arthur Andersen and other accounting firms mounted
 a massive lobbying campaign against the Clinton-Levitt regulations, killing them.
 The lead lobbyist for the accounting firms was Harvey Pitt. After being sworn in,
 President Bush named Pitt chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

 This is what the Democrats would be saying if they had any brains or courage.
 They're afraid to stand up for Clinton, themselves or their constituents.
 Why did I have to get this from

 I realize Bush's good puppy press will never print the truth,
 but why don't Democrats say this stuff when they're on TV?

 I am so sick of these mealy-mouth whiners in the Democratic Party.
 Can't we sue them for fraud for rolling over for Bush?
 Isn't there something in the by-laws that says they're supposed to oppose fascism?

 ha ha

 You gotta Click Here

 It's a 30 second movie on "full disclosure" by President Swipe.

 Rub-a-Dub in the Hot Tub
    by MoDo, the Dragon Lady

  Click  Here

"'The Kid never should have gone to Wall Street in the first place,' Dick grumbles.
 "All those poppycock reforms he and Rove rushed into the speech.

 Who knew our Karl was also a Marxist? When the going gets tough, the weak go polling.
 Who cares what Americans think? They should care what we think."

 W. jogs past with a singsong chant:
 "It's NOT my fault, it's NOT my fault, it's BUBBA'S fault, it's BUBBA'S fault."
 Dick and Rummy laugh indulgently."

 A million plus spies working for Bush's government

 Click  Here

 State of Embarrassment
  An American journalist is detained because
  he questioned Foggy Bottom's Saudi policies.

  Click  Here

"National Review writer Joel Mowbray had the temerity at Friday's press briefing
 to question State spokesman Richard Boucher about "Visa Express," a program that
 has made it easier for Saudi Arabian citizens to enter the U.S. without interviews.
 Mr. Boucher had denied that the U.S. ambassador to Riyadh wanted to terminate
 Visa Express, even though a classified cable had clearly said otherwise. Mr. Mowbray
 called the spokesman on his spin, and when the reporter went to leave the building
 he was detained and questioned by security officers for about 30 minutes."

 Howie Kurtz, Bush-defender

"Why is the press resurrecting this 13-year old incident,
   in which Bush sold some stock in his company Harken Energy?"

 Howie, did you ever once ask why we spent ten years
 asking Clinton to explain checks he'd written in 1978?

 Like an idiot, I watched the Sunday shows again and each time the Clinton-hating
 bastards whined about the "ancient history" of going back 13 years, I was screaming at the TV
"But you went back 25 years on Bill Clinton for non-crimes!
  Why does Bush get a pass for 13 years on real crimes?"

 But none of the liberals/centrists/Democrats thought to make that point.
 The Democrats are such losers in every debate! (besides Crossfire)

 I think every political issue has to run thru the Clinton test.
 Clinton lost money on Whitewater, so they had to investigate.
 Bush stole a million from his shareholders and nobody gives a damn?

 I'll bet the people he stole money from voted for his ass, too. Just like the military men
 who don't mind that daddy bought him a bunk in a sold out unit and then went AWOL.

 I'm so old, I remember when people used to vote with their wallets.

 Breaking Records--For Bankruptcies

  Click  Here

"The numbers are really big, and there's no end in sight. We keep track of companies with
 $100 million or more of liabilities when they file. Last year was the all-time world's record.
 Companies worth $230 billion filed for bankruptcy. That's up 80% from 2000, and up 11.5 times
 from the last peak, in 1990. Last year 172 large companies filed BK. That's one every two days!"

Brief Road Trip Report - Tulsa, OK
   by John Montgomery

  Click  Here

 The Bush Cabal:
 Turning the USA into a Banana Republic

  Click  Here

 George Bush Jr. has appointed Richard Breeden as special investigator to
 investigate the collapse of WorldCom. It was, of course, Richard Breeden,
 in his former capacity as SEC Commissioner, who directed the investigation
 of Harken Energy - three times no less. There were three separate SEC investigations
 into Harken Energy, and through the influence of George Bush Sr. (who put the arm on him),
 Breeden gave George Bush Jr. a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

 What do you think Breeden will discover in the WorldCom case?

   I saw a note that said
 Prescott Bush founded Planned Parenthood

   Is there any truth to that?

    TIME magazine report
  The Rap on Bush and Cheney
     Can the White House lead a cleanup crusade
     when it has had dubious deals of its own?

    Click  Here

 ...once the questions began, Bush looked like a 5-year-old losing a battle with an ice-cream
 cone on a summer day. His sale of stock as a director of Harken Energy in 1990, a once scrutinized
 deal that had faded into obscurity, was now alive in a much less forgiving environment. Bush dumped
 $848,000 worth of Harken stock two months before the company announced a $23.2 million loss;
 he was 34 weeks late in filing a form the SEC required to record the sale.

 How about a hale & hearty F-YOU to TIME magazine for waiting until AFTER the election
 to bother to mention that the Bush boy was a crooked slimeball with half of Dan Quayle's IQ.

 TIME magazine is run by whores.

 bin Laden was "the man who, for better or worse, affected our lives most last year,"  but the whorish
 bastards named Giuliani cause he'd make them more money, and money is the name of the game.

  TIME magazine, thy name is whore.


“George W. Bush has opened up all things on this SEC business with Harken.
  He asked everybody to look at all the paperwork when it was under investigation.
  He's held nothing back.”
    -- The vulgar Pigboy, truth molester extraordinaire.

 But Rush!
 If he's released everything, why hasn't he released everything?

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 In Las Vegas, you can do anything if you whip out the plastic.

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 Reminder: Las Vegas is NOT Palisades Park.

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

 People are coming from as far as Europe to attend BartFest.


  Click  Here  to see the first twenty five things to do in Vegas!

  Talk to us!

 30 days from today The Rio wants to know if we're in or out.
 The party's on either way, but we have to know how big a room to buy,
 so if you're coming let us know.

 If you like a good John Fund joke,

  Click  Here

"  is a non-American web site!"
  I mean un-American web site..."


 "The emergence of Hillary Clinton as a potential candidate for president
   is an indication of how desperate Democrats are becoming."
     -- some idiot rag owned by Richard Mellon Scaife

  ha ha

 The GOP ran the stupidest candidate in history, one who didn't even know
 Social Security was a government program, and we're the desperate party?

 Hillary has at least a hundred IQ points on President Jenius.
 And you guys must be plenty worried about the alleged candidacy of
 Hillary if you're trashing her 28 months before the election takes place.

 I am your worst nightmare,
 I am a GOOD American
     by Faun Otter

   Click  Here

"Under God..."

 They read it in Tavalu.
 They read it in Aberdeen.
 They read it in Richland, Washington as they drink their coffee..

 Nazies and Newtsies.
  Somebody spent a lot of time on this, and it shows.

   Click  Here

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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