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Volume 844 - Resoluter


 Wednesday    July 17, 2002 


"America's enemies are strong and resolute.
  We must be stronger and resoluter..."
   -- President Swipe, Monday

 Actually, I made that up.
 But doesn't it sound like something the Moron would say?

 Steps to Wealth
     by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 Why are George W. Bush's business dealings relevant? Given that his aides tout his "character,"
 the public deserves to know that he became wealthy entirely through patronage and connections.
 But more important, those dealings foreshadow many characteristics of his administration, such as
 its obsession with secrecy and its intermingling of public policy with private interest.

 As the unanswered questions about Harken Energy pile up - what's in those documents
 the White House won't release? Who was the mystery buyer of Mr. Bush's stock?

 Plus, what's hidden in the Texas files that are sealed?
 And what's in Saint Reagan's papers that we can't see?

 If Reagan was such a good president, what are they hding?

 A cancer on the presidency
          by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

"There is a cancer on the Presidency of George W. Bush. Maybe he jobbed Harken stockholders,
 maybe he didn't. Maybe he sold out with insider information, maybe he didn't. Maybe he was part
 of the Harken scheme to lie about their stock value, and maybe he wasn't. But he always seems
 to be standing right next to the scumbags when the bad noise starts, doesn't he?

 Alan Greenspan is supposed to come riding in on Tuesday and save the Markets with a rosy report
 about a healthy economy. The stock reporters on the news channels were fairly drooling about it.
 That is all well and good, but it bears notice that Big Al does not own one single, solitary share of
 stock in anything. Greenspan likes his Treasury Bonds, his bank accounts, and probably even has
 a few tin cans filled with quarters buried somewhere under his porch."

 Mail Bag

 Hey Bart - I'm not sure on the details on this, because they were
 two different news stories that I was halfway listening to over the weekend.

 The first said that Bush is going to spend the entire month of August in Crawford
 (AGAIN. I believe even the journalists implied that one might learn from their mistakes,
 but when it comes to him this is obviously not the case.)

 And the second was that Al-Qaeda is gearing up for "spectacular" attacks on US, British, etc. targets.

 Doesn't this give you an eery sense of deja vu?


 Actually, it makes me hurl.
 One thing's for sure: The laziest president in history will take his vacations.
 Just like last time, he'll be sleeping when Al Qaeda is busy sending clues again.

 And after the new attacks, he'll claim there was "no way I could've known..."

 Hey, rich boy!
 There's a concept you're unaware of - it's called "work."
 Why don't you try working instead of taking all those vacations?

 An American Stasi

  Click  Here

"These TIPS soldiers have been given the mission to go where the police canít necessarily go,
 see what the police canít necessarily see, and then report findings to the Justice Department,
 which will maintain a database of tips.  It remains to be seen whether this will save the country
 from attack, or simply bury bureaucrats in thousands of vague, frightened, meaningless reports
 that sully the reputations of the innocent. But we have already seen the effects of creating a
 system of omnipresent government informants who treat all fellow citizens as potential enemies.
 It used to be called 'living behind the Iron Curtain.'Ē

 There are 270 million people stuck in the Bush gulag.

 The Media Watchdog Didn't Bark;
 It Rolled Over and Played Dead
 Why didn't the media question Bush's shady stock
  dealings before he became president?

   Click  Here

 Why the activities of oilman George W. Bush in the 1980s and 1990s should be a matter
 of headlines now is something of a mystery. The mystery isn't what actually happened.
 It is clear that in the course of making roughly $16 million, Bush flouted securities laws,
 rode roughshod over the rights of others and found protection among his father's friends.
 (Bush's memory is fuzzy on some of the details.)

 Bush Harken Deal Faces New Scrutiny
          By Pete Yost

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush signed a letter in 1990 saying he wouldn't sell any stock for
 at least six months in the struggling Texas oil company where he was a director.
 But 2½  months later, with Harken Energy Corp. hit by a sudden financial crisis,
 Bush cashed out his shares for $848,560.

 The Freedom Manifesto
    by R.B. Ham


  Letter to the Editor
 Corporate Criminals

 I think it's somewhat amusing to see Congress Critters scrambling to pass laws to create
 the illusion they are doing something about corporate crime as the desperately try to restore
 investor confidence. What Congress doesn't understand is that the corporate criminal are the
 ones who run this country now, they are in charge, and they call the shots.

 America was bought and sold by Kenny Boy Enron and corporate criminals like Ross Perot
 who taught the electrical producers how to scam the public with artificial energy shortages.
 Our president's election was funded by corporate criminals as he leads America into bankruptcy.
 Bush and Cheney are the same breed of criminal that Congress is pretending to crack down on.

 Bush made almost a million bucks himself in a stock options scam when he was on the board
 of Harken Oil. If anyone believes this is supposed to restore investor confidence, I have some
 Enron stock to sell you.

 Marc Perkel

 French Twist
  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Unlike Whitewater, see, nobody's talking about an independent counsel.
 The Harken story isn't about about an insignificant backwoods land deal.
 It's about what Theodore Roosevelt called "malefactors of great wealth"
 and the kind of corporate chicanery threatening the economic security of millions.

 Why US press didn't give Bush a burning
  The papers knew about Dubya's deals in 2000. Strangely, they kept quiet

   Click  Here

"Why? Three reasons.

 First, the election reporters got themselves trapped in a narrative that was resistant to fact:
 Gore was a a poseur, and Bush was an amiable Forrest Gump. No fact that did not fit the
 preconceived pattern saw ink or breathed air.

 Second, they were vulnerable to spin when the Republicans found material to keep the stereotypes going.

 Third, there was outright prejudice against Clinton and Gore. It was described a few weeks later
 by Eric Alderman of MSNBC: 'Where is the New York Times' famed Whitewater reporter, Jeff Gerth?
 Where's the Washington Post special investigations unit? Where is the scandal-mongering Matt Drudge.'

 Seems like a lot of newspapers need to be reading

 Unanswered Questions about 9-11

   Click  Here

 Air Defenses: The first hijacking was known by Boston ATC at 8:28, (Village Voice, amongst others).
 The Pentagon admits to being aware of one hijacking at 8:40, (Boston Globe) and two hijackings by 8:50
 (General Myers). General Myers told the Senate on Sept. 13th that "we did scramble fighter aircraft...
 after the Pentagon was struck". That is, fighters were scrambled at 9:40, a full hour later. A story that
 fighters were launched from Otis AFB and Langley AFB appeared in the press on Sept. 14th.
 Why the delayed report ?

 Rough calculations of the time and distance traveled show they would have been flying at less than half
 their top speed. Surely this was a situation requiring emergency measures?

 Flight 93 was in the air, with the hijacking confirmed, for more than half an hour before it crashed,
 but no interceptors launched from Andrews AFB, only 10 miles and mere minutes flight time away
 - even after a second (hijacked-confirmed) plane had struck the WTC (according to "official"
 government military sources). All this flies in the face of standard procedure.

 Why was the air response so inadequate?

 The best Vegas special ever!
  I saw it last night on the Travel Channel.

 It's called Vegas Hotels - High Rises and High Stakes.
 They gave a extra-brief history and tour of all the major properties.

 I saw so much stuff I'd never seen before, I'm going to make some phone calls.
 Remember, the party's on no matter what, but we're NOT married to The Rio
 until we write that Vegas-sized check, so all options are still open.

 I'll watch for it to repeat, it's the best show I've seen for catching Vegas Fever!

 Reminder: Joe Conason is daily now at


"It's not easy to anticipate unforeseen consequences in the stock market."
     --  Rep Jim Greenwood (R-of course)

 Today in History

 It was very hot in Brooklyn on July 17, 1902.
 Some dude named Carrier was trying to figure out how to keep
 the newsprint from smudging so they could print a clear newspaper.

 He theorized that if steam could be used to heat a room,
 perhaps the subtraction of warm, moist air would cool a room.

 His theory was correct, and air-conditioning is 100 years old today.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo to Mr Carrier of Brooklyn, New York.

 In dusty Oklahoma, air-conditioning is your friend.

 Our man in Saudia Arabia writes:

 This was dated July 11. I read it and then moved on. Then it dawned on me ....

"THE removal of President Saddam Hussein would open Iraqs rich new oilfields
 to Western bidders and bring the prospect of lessening dependence on Saudi oil.

 No other country offers such untapped oilfields whose exploitation could lessen
 tensions over the Western presence in Saudi Arabia."

 Click  Here

 Never mind Jr's need to "finish the job" for daddy to prove his manhood!

 Could we "connect the dots" and find that Cheney & Halliburton are trying
  to [finish] the job they started during Cheney's time at Halliburton??

 Just asking.


 MC, I say right on all counts.
 Cheney (Halliburton) has been selling oil field equipment to Saddam for a decade.
 After Saddam pays for all that equipment and done all the work, Cheney now can
 steal it back with the help of a few hundred dead American soldiers.

 It's another GOP work of art

 Why won't Bush let the SEC release the Harken file?
    Joe Conason's Journal

   Click  Here

 The letter's existence certainly "raises questions," as journalists cutely say, about the story
 told by Bush and his lawyers about his long-standing intention to sell the stock to pay off
 a bank debt. What it also suggests is that Bush knew more than he has acknowledged
 about the depth of Harken's financial troubles when he did sell several weeks later."


 So the Justice Department found 12 hookers in 13 months in New Orleans?
 I bet Marc Perkel could find more than that in Las Vegas in one night!

 ha ha

 Perkel should appointed the BartCop Official Undercover Investigator!
 Now that would be an efficient use of our tax dollars!



 I can't wait to see Perkel in action in Vegas!


 Buy Martha, sell Cheney

   Click  Here

"Okay, are we done frying Martha Stewart yet?
 If these fantastic financial scandals are indeed a sizzling summer media barbecue in the making
 - the Enron/Global Crossing/WorldCom/ Bristol-Myers Squibb/Tyco/ImClone/Harken/Halliburton BBQ
 - then isn't Stewart a measly marshmallow while Vice President Dick Cheney is the fat side of beef
 we should now be hauling into the flaming pit?...Barbecue sauce, anyone?"

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 We have more people confirmed from east of the Mississippi than west.
 What does that mean - got any ideas?

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 Reminder: Las Vegas is NOT Palisades Park.

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

 People are coming from as far as Europe to attend BartFest.


26. The Hard Rock   At the pool, they have swim up blackjack, and live cameras.
 Note: Works better with IE, takes a moment to get going, and please use caution,
  because sometimes the girls take their tops off, and the camera has a zoom feature.
  Plus, you have a better chance of seeing rock stars/movie stars at the Hard Rock.
27. Gardunos Restaurant  They claim 250 different tequilas, which would be
  Chinaco Anejo and 249 lesser, inferior brands. The bad news?   ...the food might blow.
28. The Coyote Cafe at the MGM  When you put "Las Vegas" +tequila in aYahoo search engine,
  you get Coyote Cafe.   Remember, we have a good friend who owns the place. His letter is in the
  back issues, and I will buy a shot of tequila for you, in Las vegas, if you're the first person to
  tell me which issue that letter is in. (We'll need his name to get special deals!)

  Click  Here  to see the first twenty five things to do in Vegas!

 28 days from today The Rio wants a large check written.
 The party's on either way, but we have to know how big a room to buy, so if you're coming talk to us!

How are President Oil and VP Oil seen in Europe?


The papers I saw were in Switzerland, Austria and Italy--"fraud" must be a Latin word
because I kept seeing it under Bush and Cheney's picture in every country I went.

Michele in Germany

"I am not stupid, ...and malfeasen..."

"Mr. Cheney played no role, either as vice president or as
  chief executive at Halliburton, in helping us win government contracts."


  ha ha

  I guess Joe Lieberman might buy that...


"You need to look back on the directors' minutes," President Bush said last week,
 directing journalists to view the records of Harken Energy Corp.'s board of directors.

 Problem is,

 ... Bush refuses to release the records he asked the journalists to review
 You know Rove n' Dick are wishing they'd gotten a smarter puppet

   Double-Dipper from Smoking Joe
  Give Pitt a Chance To Reform S.E.C.
      by Joe Conason

   Click  Here

 Mr. Pitt should no more be obliged to quit at this point than the Senators who
 voted to confirm him, including John McCain of Arizona, his leading critic.
 The Arizona Senator complains that the S.E.C. chairman has too many former
 clients whose cases force him to recuse himself, but that problem should have
 been foreseen during his confirmation hearings. The solution is for the Senate
 to insist that the White House send over more independent-minded appointees
 for the open S.E.C. positions.

"Hi, I'm John Fund.
I beat women any?

I belong in jail, but the woman
I beat up doesn't have enough money
to hire a good lawyer, so I'm free
to beat more women any?"

If you know a NY lawyer who agrees that rich pricks
shouldn't be allowed to beat up women and get
away with it, please contact


 Do you know anyone who got a tax cut last year?

 Everyone (but Scaife's employees) admits the tremendous deficits were caused by 9-11,
 Bush's bungling and the tax cuts, but if nobody got a tax cut, where did that money really go?

 If YOU got a tax cut, talk to me.

 They read it in Birkirkara.
 They read it in Rotterdam.
 They read it in Tampa Bay, as they track the governor's race

 The cows come home
  The truth is catching up with Dick Cheney and his front man.

   Click  Here

"Enough time has passed to allow comparisons between the Bush Two and Clinton administrations.
 As you might expect, there are some pluses and minuses on each side. In Bush's favor is that,
 by all accounts, he hasn't shot his sperm all over any fat intern's blue dress, and thereby has
 considerately avoided having the government tie up staffers and millions of dollars on a repeat
 of the Starr Report. On the other hand, the economy is now a mess. The stock market slide has
 wiped out the savings and pensions of millions, including some who planned to retire and who
 now may instead be planning to work for food."

 I say "bring back the blow jobs."

 We lived without terrorism, we had jobs, we had money,
 we felt safe knowing country was being run by competent people.
 What was going on in Clinton's zipper was none of our business,
 but President Swipe robbing the treasury IS our damn business.

  Why can't the Democrats see that?

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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