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Volume 892 - The Worthless Liar 


Monday   Sept 16, 2002


"For your average citizen it's been a disillusioning year, starting with the
  commander in chief fleeing down a missile silo in Nebraska. The guardians
  of the 401Ks turned out to be scoundrels; the guardians of our spiritual morals,
  the bishops and the parish priests, were exposed as child molesters; the guardians
  of our safety, the security agencies, turned out to be useless."
       -- Alexander Cockburn, counterpunch.org

 Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President
  See? It's got nothing to do with 9-11, unless Bush knew all along...

  Click  Here

 The plan shows Bush's cabinet intended to take military control of the Gulf region whether
 or not Saddam Hussein was in power. It says: 'The United States has for decades sought to
 play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq
 provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in
 the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.'

 Whenever you read "Gulf regional security," that means "The B.F.E.E. wants that oil!"
 They're using our military to steal that oil so they can "Enron" America with price-gouging.

 What makes you think they won't?
 Have you ever seen an oil company that didn't gouge the helpless consumer?
 Every year in May, they raise prices due to the  "sudden, unexpected demand."
 If they only owned a calendar, they'd know kids get out of school each summer,
 and they could plan for the "sudden, unexpected demand."

 Have you ever seen a B.F.E.E. affiliate play fair?
 In California, energy prices went up 1000 percent under Enron/Bush.
 Using that as a model, expect a gallon of gas to be $12 right after they steal the 2004 election.

 Who's going to stop them?

"But Bart, gas is expensive!
 And the Bush family has to earn!"

 The most hated man in America (this week)
  Ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter berates Bush's war plans

  Click  Here

 To his detractors, Ritter is a shill for Saddam Hussein -- a deeper-voiced Tokyo Rose.
 Ritter "is a paid spokesman now for Iraq. The traitor bastard should be shot," one critic
 of the former U.N. weapons inspector fumed on the online forum Paratrooper.com.


 How do I order those cool  bartcop.com  stickers?

 Darrell, USAF

 I've been giving them away free with any donation,
 but putting your ass on the line is donation enough.

 Send me an address, I'll send them right out

 Subject: Cheney Appears On Racist's Radio Show

 Why is Dick Cheney honored to appear on Rush Limbaugh radio show?
 Doesn't Cheney know about Rush's history of racism and intolerance?

 Rush has entertained his ditto-heads for years making fun of African-Americans.
 He once told an African-American caller to his program to "get that bone out of
 your nose and call me back." He constantly ridicules Joycelyn Elders, Anita Hill,
 Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Watters mainly because they are African-Americans.

 The Vice-president of the greatest nation on earth has no business proudly appearing
 on Racist Rush's show. His action is akin to hanging out with David Duke or the Klan.

 Greg Whitman

Subject: Re: The Myth of the "liberal" media


I guess I am not understanding the website, I thought that it was liberal?

I'm more left than right, but you should read my attack mail from the Doves.
They think I'm to the right of Cheney's crooked ass.

Clinton was one of the best moderate republicans this country has ever seen;
I'd hardly call him a liberal.

Just because he donned the cloak of the democrats doesn't mean that he's liberal:
The democrats are no longer liberal!

I guess that depends on how you define your terms.
Neither Clinton nor I are Dukakis/Mondale liberals.
We got tired of losing 49 states, so we moved towards the center, where the votes are.
Tell me, are you tired of losing 49 states, or do you want to go for 50?

Of course, I despise the right-wingers, but combating them with
the likes of [now] Gore is traggic, certain doom :-(


I can live with Gore's politics, but he's afraid to fight.
After watching Clinton for 8 years, he went limp during the campaign.
I hate limp.

 Hospital bans Florida terror scare students

  Click  Here

 The men want to clear their names and continue studies
 Three Muslim medical students detained on suspicion of planning a terrorist
 attack in the US which turned out to be a false alarm are seeking an alternative
 place to study after a Florida hospital cancelled their internship.

 IF, (you know what that word means, right?) those men actually played a prank
 on that waitress, I think they should do some time in prison. I didn't follow the story
 but I understand they shut down airports and highways trying to get a handle on this.

 This is the same thing as saying "I have a bomb - just kidding" while on a plane.

 The problem is we can't trust the media whores to give us the facts. They're going to
 fabricate whichever story will make them the most money, just like they did with Clinton,
 so it's their job to pour gas on this story and see how big they can make it.

 Don't you think if a REPUTABLE news organization could establish itself,
 they would get a LOT of viewers/readers because people would know they could be trusted?

click for more

Hey BC.

Bad news. Your girl Mary doesn't work at the Pink Taco anymore. I went there to scope out the tequila,
as you suggested. Not being a tequila drinker, I have no report on that, but you *have* to meet Deanna,
a kindergarten teacher moonlighting as a knockout bartender. Unbelievably sweet and likely not from this planet.

I just got home from one of the greatest weeks of my life. I stayed at the Hard Rock all week.
Drunken Czech models at the craps table. Eating a veggie burger with Rob Zombie. Playing blackjack
(at the $5 tables) with Chris from the Sopranos. Strippers everywhere. The Who's final concert.
Getting in at 11 am nearly every day. If my xxx ever found out about my scandalous behavior,
they'd toss me out of here in a heartbeat.  :)

Wish I could make it to the fest but I'm already committed for that weekend.
Make sure you take the gang up to the Voodoo Lounge, although
I have a sneaky suspicion you've already got that up your sleeve.

Take care!


Mary is no longer?  (choke)
I'd better contact the new boss and re-verify our Tequilafest Friday night.

 This is the ultra-famous "Chelsea with an erection having an orgasm" picture,
 according to the money-hungry bastards at People Magazine, on which Drudge and
 the vulgar Pigboy have staked their reputations.

 They want you to see this picture and deduce that having your boyfriend put his
 arms around you (at what looks like a football game or something) is worse than
 the underage Bush girls breaking the liquor laws (with Secret Service help)

 Jenna engages in a little lesbian fun for her college boyfriends.

 ...or Noel Bush getting caught with cocaine while on probation for another drug offense.

 By the way, how could even the most logically-impaired ditto-monkey use the
 word "erect" when describing this picture? I assume where they wanted to go
 was to claim a woman's nipples might stiffen in a cool breeze, but hard as I try,
 I can't locate any "erection," but then again, the GOP sees nothing but sex
 when they think of the Clinton Family.

 By the way, this picture was sent in by a stalker.
 They see this as "definite proof" that Chelsea is a slut, but Jenna's falling-down
 drunken lesbo action and Noelle Bush behind bars is "harmless fun, just being kids."

 Polls Suggest U.S. Backs Bush

  Click  Here

  I wonder what the poll results would be if the question was:

 "Would you mind losing your son in Iraq so the BFEE could get their greedy hands
   on Saddam's oilfields and the equipment that Cheney sold him in the nineties?"

 The weirdest thing?
 The numbers might not be all that different.

 I've said it a hundred times, here comes 101:
 Republicans would rather their kids die under Reagan/Bush
 than have then come home safely under Clinton.

 We see it again and again.
 Bill Clinton is hated by the majority of military men, fucking hated, and he has
 an eight-year record of never sending a man into battle who didn't come home.

 Reagan lost 241 men in one day, due to his personal bungling in Lebanon.
 We lost another couple of hundred in Desert Storm, because Bush caused that war.

 ...and they hate Bill Clinton?

With summer behind us, it's once again safe
to order the South's Finest Chocolate

 Subject: George Galloway MP

 Hey Bart,
 wouldn't it be great if there was a democrat with the balls of George Galloway MP
 who is standing up to Bush's poodle Tony  Blair, is it because the Dims (sorry) Dems
 are terrified of the Nazi/Corporate media.

 Roy D (British ex-pat)

 Roy, at this point, I'd settle for a pulse.

 Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq

  Click  Here

 2. Scientific evidence shows that even low-level chemical exposures are dangerous.
     According to a recent National Academy of Sciences report (Gulf War and Health,
     September 2000), low-levels of chemical warfare agents cause long-term medical problems.
     This conclusion is based on research resulting from the sarin attack in Japan in1995.

  I'm not sure why they're going to Japan for verification on this.
  10,000 American soldiers still have "Gulf War Syndrome," and I don't have any facts
  on how many American kids were born with flippers instead of arms, but it's the price
  we pay when a Bush bungles us into an unnecessary war.

  Remember: Saddam didn't invade Kuwait until he got WRITTEN PERMISSION from Bush.

  ...and don't be stupid and say, "What written permission?"

 Everybody knows Bush did that, but since he's a Bush, we don't talk about his crimes and bungles.

 Did you hear the rumor that Chelsea was hugged by her boyfriend?
 Now that's news!!!


"What was I to do?  My wife won't let me get high at home!
        -- Rodney Dangerfield, smoking pot in a hospital last month.


 do you sleep?
 came across this site. reminded me of you.


 Story of Black Bart

                 Black Bart

 I've labored long and hard for bread --
 For honor and for riches --
 But on my corns too long you've tred,
 You fine-haired sons of bitches.
     --Black Bart

 ha ha

 That's me great-grandpappy!

 Subject: Music stirs the soul


 I read your review of the U2 DVD and I enjoyed it immensely.
 I will have to go out and find it so that my wife and I can check it out.

 I agree with your feelings about a great live performance by great artists.
 I vividly remember witnessing following LIVE performances:

 1973, Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, the whole thing,
           I still think it is the greatest album of all time.

 1973, Lynnard Skynnard, I didn't even know who they were, they were the
           opening act for some other band and they blew the roof off of the building.

 1975, ZZ Top, best blues rock I have ever heard.

 1978, Fleetwood Mac, at their peek. Also saw The Eagles that same summer, both fantastic shows.

 1989, The Who and the Stones, in the same summer, at Busch Stadium in St.Louis. Amazing.

 1996(?), The Moody Blues with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.
               Old songs with unbelievable new sounds.

 I forget the year, Stevie Ray Vaughn (RIP). He made me f-ing cry, it was so beautiful,
 I still get misty thinking he is gone and so many will never get the chance to hear an
 artist make a guitar sing like only he could.

 There are many others, but these are some of the best.
 You are so right, live performances can be life long memories.
 Nice to talk about something other than politics once in a while.

 Dennis in STL

 Guess who said it

"Everybody says I seek war, but I must be conscious of my responsibilities.
  The menace to our country is such that it cannot be ignored.
  There is ample proof of the aims of our enemy, and I thank God Almighty
   for giving me the strength and the knowledge to do what must be done."

 A. George W. Pinhead preparing to invade Iraq,

 B. Adolph Hitler preparing to invade Russia,

 So, who said that?

 Blood Simple
      by Chris Floyd

   Click  Here

 Although George Bush I had been an enthusiastic supporter of Saddam Hussein, Iraq's 1990 invasion
 of Kuwait was considered a step too far. After all, Bush had extensive business ties to Kuwaiti royalty,
 going back 30 years; his CIA-connected company, Zapata Oil, had drilled Kuwait's first offshore wells.
 Saddam had to be slapped down -- and Bush had no compunction about shedding American blood
 to protect his partners and his investments.

click for more

 This is awful

 I can't believe patriotic Americans would publish this.
 What Bush does with bin Laden in his private sex life is none of our business.

 But it is a little shocking...

 Click  Here to view the shocking photo (don't write, OK?) that Mr Rove doesn't want you to see.

 You have to go to the bottom of the page...

  The Rush Detector
 Getting on Bush's Case
     by Milt Shook

  Click  Here

 Instead of rushing in  with guns blazing, let's make the killing of thousands of innocent
 people and the destruction of their country  a last resort, when all other means of pressure
 have been exhausted.  The reason most people still aren't buying Bush's sales pitch is that
 war is the last thing civilized people should want, not the first thing.

Legendary author Kurt Vonnegut sporting a  bartcop.com  sticker

...........Click to order............
                                                  Slaughterhouse Five           Welcome to the Monkey House

Get your  bartcop.com  stickers today!

By the way, who sent in these pictures?
Is there a story that goes with them?
Can we invite Kurt to the BartFest?

Subject: first-timer in Vegas info

don't drink the bottled water in the hotel bathroom
penn and teller are worth your money over siegfried and roy,
Mac King is the best deal of them all AND he leaves your night free. (his shows are afternoon)

bart's correct about the shoes....forget dressy, go for comfort. You'll walk miles.

Join a slot club if you're going to play...couple minutes of your time and the more you lose, the more they give.

The Paris makes obscenely good margaritas and you can get them in a plastic Eiffel Tower.

Note: Paris is known for their fine tequilas

Bart at midnight on 9/28

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 We've got to build a bigger hammer.
 The illegal President Monkey in a Man Suit needs to be stopped.

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Woo Hoo!

 From: John


 Do you think you're part of the problem, or part of the solution?

 John, if you have something to say, send me 300 words or so,
(easy on the references to Hillary's private parts) and I'll print it.

 If not, shut the fuck up...

 Click  Here  to see the BartFest Webcam.    It's GREAT at night!


 We expect to send out tickets in the next few days. At one point we thought about just
 assigning everyone a number, but we got some feedback that some people wanted to keep
 their ticket as a souvenier, so we're planning to send out some extra-cool tickets any day now.

 The latest plan is to meet Friday at the Hard Rock's "Pink Taco" for some pre-bus agave.
 (For non-drinkers, there's food, gambling, shopping, Shania Twain's lil dress etc)
 We'll board the bus just after dark (approx 7:15) and cruise for about an hour, maybe longer.
 Post-bus ride is open to suggestions. The bus will dump us back at the Hard Rock.

 The Saturday plan: The Party of the Year will run from 7-10 PM.
 Most of you have opted for the $38 all the premium liquor you can drink, so you'll have to
 make them lose money inside that three-hour window, so pace yourselves accordingly :)

 Adding to the fun - we don't have a room number to give you. We're going to get advice
 from The Rio on how to direct you, but checking with the desk is our Failsafe Manuever.
 Hopefully we'll have an update on that soon.

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