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Doubts on Informant Deleted
Kid porn at Austrian seminary
Senator Mike Ditka? 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
GOP Uneasy About Bush
Staring Us in the Face
Undefeated in Debate
Iraq's Vietnam Analogy
Hitler's Angel - Prescott Bush


Quote of the Day

"Apparently the GOP think we really do all 
  look alike. To hear them, Martin Luther King 
  and Clarence Thomas are the same man." 
    --Julian Bond, NAACP convention, Attribution

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Volume 1355 - Welcome to Bush's Hell

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 Wednesday    July 14, 2004                            Welcome Air America Radio listeners!


"Cheney may not be the most popular political player, but he's been
  one of the best vice presidents in the history of the country."
     --Senator Lindsey Graham, (R-Pig) Attribution

 Cheney is certainly the most valuable VP we've had in a long time,
 but that's because we have a president who needs someone to hold his hand.

 Doubts on Informant Deleted in Senate Text

  Click  Here

 In the classified version of the report, the officials said, nearly three pages are devoted to questioning
 the credibility of the defector, who was one of four human sources cited last year by Colin Powell in a
 speech to the United Nations as having provided crucial information about Iraq's mobile laboratories.
 But in the public version of the report, released Friday, all but one paragraph in those pages is blacked out.

 The defector, known to the CIA as Red River, failed a polygraph, the American officials said. But they
 said crucial information about the source had been deleted from the report in deference to British intelligence,
 which originally relayed the information provided by the defector to the United States and has maintained
 a continuing relationship with him.

 First there was "Curve Ball," and now there's "Red River."
 Were all of the informants drunk?
 We have almost 900 dead soldiers because we trusted Iraqi informants?

"Did they catch us?"



"People would still like to see Paris Hilton rather than Paris, France."
     --Barbara Walters, claiming that America is celebrity-obsessed, Attribution

  ha ha

 ...but we've already seen Paris Hilton...

 Mike Ditka considers Senate run
   Illinois GOP looking for a non-perv to run in Ryan's place

  Click  Here

 Even before the sex rumpus, Ryan was trailing Barack Obama by 20 points in the polls.

"Certainly, you wouldn't have to spend five or six million dollars for people to get to know his name,"
 said Dennis Hastert, who became speaker because he's the only House member the GOP had who
 was free of a sex scandal.

 Even this state's Democratic governor said he would welcome a Ditka candidacy because it would add
 spice to the race. "I love Mike Ditka. He's a straight talking guy who talks from the heart," said Rod Blagojevich.

 There are still some hurdles left: Ditka's wife has said she will divorce him if he throws his hat in the ring,
 and he is not apparently even registered to vote in this state.

 ha ha
 Too bad - it might've been fun.

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We're fighting the fight our elected Democrats are afraid to fight.

Helen Thomas - my hero - fighting Bush almost by herself.

 Child porn found at Austrian seminary

  Click  Here

 A vast cache of child pornography and photos of young priests having sex has been discovered
 at a Roman Catholic seminary, officials said Monday, leading politicians and church leaders to
 demand a criminal probe and the resignation of the bishop in charge.

 As many as 40,000 photos and an undisclosed number of films, including child pornography,
 were found a year ago on computers at the seminary, the respected news magazine Profil reported.

 It published several images purportedly showing young priests and their instructors kissing and
 fondling each other, and said others showed them engaging in orgies and sex games. The child porn
 came mostly from Web sites based in Poland, the magazine said.

 This is not a surprise.
 Until the Catholic bishops sign the "Zero tolerance" policy, they might feel they each get a free shot


 Subject: Delayed elections?  Not!


 Only a State can control elections within its borders.
 The Feds do not control elections.
 This is a matter for the Courts and you know what that means!!
 Dave in LA

 Dave, I think President Gore might disagree with you about how much
 power the federal government has over a state's election process and results.

 Some Key Conservatives Uneasy About Bush

          "Iraq is a cakewalk, just as we predicted..."

  Click  Here

"'This war is not going well,' said Stefan Halper, a deputy assistant secretary of state under President Reagan.

"It's costing us a lot of money, isolating us from our allies and friends," said Halper, who gave $1,000 to Bush's
 campaign and more than $83,000 to other GOP causes in 2000. "This is not the cakewalk the neoconservatives
 predicted. We were not greeted with flowers in the streets."

 Conservatives, the backbone of Bush's political base, are increasingly uneasy about the Iraq conflict and the
 steady drumbeat of violence in postwar Iraq, Halper and some of his fellow Republicans say. The conservatives'
 anxiety was fueled by the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal and has not abated with the transfer of political
 power to the interim Iraqi government."

 If only we could get the public as concerned about Bush's failures as the GOP is.

"Hmmm, ...this BartCop character sounds like  trouble.
 A Gitmo vacation ought to straighten him out..."



"It's been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues."
   -- Abe Lincolm, the last good Republican  Attribution

 The Real Enemy Staring Us in the Face
   by Bob Herbert, an honest reporter for the NY Whore Times

  Click  Here

"I don't know what the administration was thinking when it invaded Iraq even as the direct threat
 from bin Laden and Al Qaeda continued to stare us in the face. That threat has only intensified.
 The war in Iraq consumed personnel and resources badly needed in the campaign against bin Laden
 and his allies. And it has fanned the hatred of the U.S. among Muslims around the world. Instead of
 destroying Al Qaeda, we have played right into its hands and contributed immeasurably to its support...

 We've trained most of our guns on the wrong foe. The real enemy is sneaking up behind us.
 The price to be paid for not recognizing this could be devastating."

 Half the country thinks the Giggling Murderer is doing a "great job" fighting terrorism
 even tho he let guilty bin Laden go to chase after maybe-guilty Saddam and his oil.

 Herbert is right.
 While Bush is throwing soldiers and dollars down the drain in Iraq, his old friend Osama
 is planning his next attack against us - which will mean more votes for Bush - ...I need a drink.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Air America Radio listeners...

 We pooled our money and bought a bunch of ads in an attempt to broaden
 our readership to grow enough to where we can cause Bush problems.

 What's bartcop.com?

 It's the strangest mix of goofy and serious you'll ever see.

 What's a bartcop?

 BartCop is a 50 year old, ADD-riddled, recovering Catholic with an IQ of 64 who spends far
 too much time sipping and comparing fine luxury tequilas while offering the scared-bunny Democrats
 free advice on how to whip the GOP (which they choose not to follow) and solving the world's problems.

 What world problems have you solved?

 None yet, because my ideas are so simple, people think they cannot work.
 Here's a list of what we've proposed so far:

A Tax Plan that revives the economy  Click  Here

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 We started in February of 1996 as a newsletter sent to a dozen people.
 The newsletter had a slightly different name:


 The newsletter list grew and one day in 1996 Marc Perkel asked if I wanted my own website.
 Ever so slowly, we grew big enough that I could quit my important day job.
 (I was an Emergency Room Surgeon and Psychiatrist to Hollywood's biggest stars.)
 Today, July 14th, we placed one of the biggest bets ever on a slew of Air America Radio ads.
 I like to gamble, but usually it's just nickles & dimes.

 This isn't a "normal" issue - for that - check the back pages - we have lots of 'em.

 For instance:
 Volume 111  was the first time we heard the name Monica

 Volume 387  was the first day of the illegal Bush regime

 Volume 500  is where Tiger Woods got hit with The BartCop Hex.  In July 2001, Tiger was
                       totally unstoppable - until we put some BartCop Hex on his fake-ass mojo.
                       Now he's just Eldrick the golf-playing wannabe.

 Volume 581  began a four-issue series all done on 9-11.  I got e-mail from people who couldn't get
                       info so I became a reporter and called the day while switching from channel to channel.
                       It's certainly not fun, but it's interesting to watch the day unfold.

 Volume 786  was a big issue - we threw a party at James Carville's restaurant in Washington DC

 Volume 1021 Is about the time Bush started his bloody and illegal war

 Subject: Democrats don't want to win

 The demo's are a bunch of weenies, being nice is far more important that winning!


 It would be nice if that wasn't true.
 The GOP fights ...and they fight hard.
 The Democrats are content to let Bush and Rove bully them all day.

Larry Flynt has a new book coming out,
one that tells all about Bush's abortion.

 Undefeated in debate

 We're proud of our status as undefeated in live chat room debates.
 We've been on the web since March of 1995, and I can't find anybody willing to debate.

 What are they afraid of?
 If their ideas are so right, why can't they be backed up in a live chat room?

 For the last 9 years I've been begging for some ditto-monkey to meet me in a live chat room
 to debate ideas, not personal insults, but nobody is willing to step forward.

 Don't get me wrong - I can fight on any level.
 They don't have a level where I can't kick their ass.

 ...I realize, this sounds like some drunken kid boasting about horseshit,
 but I've been here since 1996 and I'm still waiting for a ditto-monkey Rush fan to shut me down.

 But how does an IQ of 64, Tequila Cowboy from Oklahoma back up his claims?

 The reason is simple:  We have the facts on our side - we have charts, we have crafts.
 Like when they say "Supply-side voodoo works better than Clintonomics,"we show them this.

  The GOP ran billions in orange deficits.
  Clinton produced billions in green surpluses.
  They can't argue with the facts so they stay away.

 In a fair debate, racism and fascism and religious hatred don't score so much in a logical debate.
 If you have the facts on your side, you have to screw up badly to lose the debate.

 Bottom Line: Bush's fascism can't survive open questions, so they scare the media.
 Besides Helen Thomas, Michael Moore and a few lowly websites, who's telling the truth these days?

 Back to dabate:

 When they say "Prove Clinton was better on jobs!" we show them this.


 When they say, "Repulicans are better for Wall Street," we show them this.


 We don't lose debates because we have the facts on our side.
 So what's the problem?

 Most Democrats are too damn scared to stand up and say something.
 That's why Fahrenheit was so big - because somebody finally told the goddamn truth.

 Besides Michael Moore and a few web sites - who's fighting back?

 That's why we'd like you to read a few days of  bartcop.com  and see if our message
 is something you might support - and if it is, you might subscribe to 

  is very different from anything you've ever heard before.



"John McCain has now become a useful accomplice to an accomplished user. It's sad to see it,
  but the senator from Arizona who built his reputation as a straight-talker seems quite content to be
  used by the President as a political weapon...you have to wonder if, as he thunders away about the
  President's moral clarity, the morally unclear neocons aren't just laughing at him behind his back."
     --Thomas F. Schaller, "Why is McCain flinching and wavering?"  Attribution

 I agree.
 It's sad to see McCain turn whore for a guy who called him a traitor to Vietnam veterans.

Everybody knows the babes are all Democrats


I don't know these guys, but they f-ing rock.
Dudes, let me give you a free subscription to 

Susan McDougal

 Cheney, shrew-wife differ on Gay Marriage
  She: "It's a state issue!"      He: "They can fuck themselves!"
  Isn't it sad for their lesbian daughter?

  Click  Here

 Ron Reagan to Address Democrat Delegates
  Rubbing their nose in it will be a highlight of that week

  Click  Here

 White House proposal to allow more logging
   Bush's serial rape of America's environment continues

  Full Story

 Jadakiss Single Courts Controversy
  The song asks, "Why did Bush knock down the Towers?"

  Click  Here

 New poll shows Kerry smart, Bush a Monkey
  People see Bush as rich, arrogant and decisive (but usually wrong)

  Click  Here


Greg Palast


"Although we have not found stockpiles of WMDs, we were right to go into Iraq."
     --Dubya, who's sticking to that lie because he's never made a mistake   Attribution

 Iraq Zeroes in on Vietnam Analogy
   as seen on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The strange "sovereignty" ceremony in Iraq and George W. Bush's staged reaction
 at the NATO summit got the headlines. But the underlying reality is that the U.S. military
 is again stuck propping up a "sovereign" puppet regime that couldn't survive on its own,
 much the same as four decades ago in Vietnam.

 They say Iraq isn't another Vietnam because we haven't lost 58,000 soldiers - yet.
 When we hit that 58,000 mark a second time, then they'll agree it's another Vietnam



Great site to check individual Bushco lies,
sortable by the liar OR by the lie.

 VCR Alert

 The History Channel is doing Las Vegas.
 Here at  bartcop.com  we enjoy America's playground.
 Frequent Flyer miles take us there often.

 Las Vegas has two of our favorite things - a wide array of tequila choices and live poker.
(As you read this, we are flying to Chicago this weekend for BartCop Pokerfest Chicago.

 But tonight's TV highlight is the Travel Channel's presentation of The World Poker Tour's
 Bellagio's Five Diamond World Poker Classic."

 We love poker ad nausem here at  bartcop.com

 Subject: BartCop Radio feedback


 Listening to Show 46 and on the abortion issue, I think the repugs want the poor to have
 lots of babies so the next generation of the super-rich will be sure to have someone to do
 the landscaping work, clean the pool, wax the Maybach etc..

 By the way, I think one of the sexiest sounds on any audio source is Tally taking a sip of
 a Tallytini or any other drink. Also, if she likes Irish whiskey she oughta try Old Bushmill's.

 Steve in Seattle

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

Now with VHS and DVDs

 July Subscription Special

 Subscribe between now and the end of July and get 2-for-1.

 What do you get when you subscribe?

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 You've never heard radio like this before.

 We can say any fucking thing we want - and NOBODY can censor us or stop us.

  Click  Here  for a instant-load sample of 

 For what it's worth, members also get to see tomorrow's page being built.
 That way, they can send in comments to be in that same issue, which is better than,
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 Click  Here   to subscribe or snail mail a check to

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Kurt Vonnegut

 Subject: Wolf Blitzer on Jon stewart

 You wrote:

> "Tonight? Don't even turn the TV on, unless it's for Wolf the Whore on Jon Stewart."

 I watched Wolf on Jon, and I have to say that he is a huge whore.  His apology for the
 never-elected monkey for the "mistake" in the Iraq intelligence was "You never made a mistake?"

 I've never heard anything more outrageous.  I wasn't really expecting Jon to be hard on Wolf since
 that's not his job, but he did ask Wolf harder questions than Bush has been asked in the last 4 years.

 Love your work.  Keep it up.

 I agree 100 percent.
 I'll have clips in Thursday's BCR Show 47.
 Jon said the White House press reporters were "retarded" to Wolf's face.

Play Poker online with Bart

 Hitler's Angel - Prescott Bush
  W's grandad paid a fine for helping Hitler

  Click  Here

 Prescott's dreams of riches began to crumble in the summer of 1942. The New York Tribune had discovered
 and written on the Bush-Thyssen connection. The Tribune hung the moniker of "Hitler's Angel" on Bush.
 On October 20, 1942, after investigation by the US government, Vesting Order 248 was executed.

 With that, Prescott Bush lost his power in the Union Banking Corporation.
 But the story, and the audacity, of Prescott Bush do not end here.

 Prescott Bush received $750,000 for his share of Union Banking Corporation, a princely sum in 1951,
 but nothing compared to the millions the Thyssen family got back. Prescott used some of this Nazi cash
 to bankroll his son George Herbert Walker Bush's first business enterprise and to support his successful bid
 for Senate in 1952. The Thyssen's rebuilt their empire, and today, the Thyssen Group (TBG) is the largest
 industrial conglomerate in Germany.

 You'll see BFEE mentioned a lot here - this is what it means.


 Dueling Quotes

"In what could be viewed as a desperation attempt to hold on to the presidency, the Bush administration
  is preparing plans to postpone the November presidential elections by claiming the threat of a terrorist
  attack would disupt the process. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security confirm the agency
  is preparing "legal steps" to postpone the election and can do so at a moments notice when the orders
  come from the White House."
     --Staff and Wire Reports, "Bush May Use Terrorism As Excuse to Delay Elections"   Attribution

"No one's thinking about postponing the election."
    --Kinda Sleazy Rice  Attribution

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 Red Cross Fears U.S. Is Hiding Detainees

  Click  Here

"The international Red Cross said Tuesday that it fears U.S. officials are holding terror suspects secretly
 in locations across the world...The United States says it is cooperating with the organization and has
 allowed Red Cross delegates access to thousands of prisoners, including Saddam. But Notari told The
 Associated Press that some suspects reported as arrested by the FBI on its Web site, or identified in
 media reports, are unaccounted for. "Some of these people who have been reported to be arrested
 never showed up in any of the places of detention run by the U.S. where we visit," Notari said."

 Only an outlaw regime would hide prisoners from the Red Cross,
 but that's what Bush and his gang of thugs are - so get used to it.

 Subject: Re: Election day worries

 I am always interesting in hearing how the 11-March bombings in Spain "influenced" the elections.

 The then-Spanish government tried to deceive everyone about the culprits -- I had always understood
 that this angered Spaniards about as much as the bombing. But then again, if we follow that line, we can't
 have our right-wing bib-dribbling that Europeans are fundamentally weak and elect pacifist governments.


Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


 Lip Service Doesn't Stop the Dying
   by Hack

  Click  Here

"We refurbished an indoor theater, and then they decided to charge soldiers for movies."
 ...the new Iraqi army is being issued 13,500 Glock pistols - one of the finest pistols in the world
 armored vests and top-of-the-line submachine guns. It seems all the things our troops have been
 missing and literally dying over are there for the asking for the Iraqi forces."

"Tell them to take it like a man..."


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 Chicago Pokerfest - July 17 - Saturday


 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

  Click  Here

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 872, 880, 885, 887  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain for Bush's illegal war,
and polls show America favors the giggling murderer over war hero Kerry?

Soon it will be 900,
and sometime before the election, it will be 1000.


Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


"You can sit there and blame Bush for the bad intelligence all you want.
  He's the man at the top, but you can't exempt the Senate. Oversight intelligence,
  and these guys today act like they knew nothing when they were in the loop."
     --Rush, pretending he doesn't understand that Cheney & Rummy "sexed up" the intel  Attribution


"People were nervous during the recession. Then we got attacked, and I'm going to
  talk a little bit about making America safer. But we got attacked on September 11th.
  It hurt our economy. In other words, you're in a recession, then we have an attack."
     --Dubya,  blaming 9-11 for his recession instead of his tax cuts.  Attribution

 People might even believe that until they see this.


 Speaking of tax cuts...






 ...and who did they hire with these billions in tax cuts?


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