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 Weekend-Monday, April 24-26,  2010 Vol 2514 - Knob Noster 

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Quote of the Day

"So, ...they have fascism in Arizona now.
  It's a dry fascism, but it's still fascism."
     -- Seth Myers, SNL


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Exaggerated Importance HOT
Arrow Conservatives Gone Mad HOT
Arrow Roethlisberger, Innocent? 
Arrow No Jobs for Vets - Why? 
Arrow Beck's gig at Handjob U HOT
Arrow Can the CNN-ter Hold?
Arrow How to Stay Married
Arrow Kristen Bell - shoe designer?



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"Yes, Nixon did employ a “southern strategy.” But most Republicans would strongly contest the idea 
  that Reagan tried to use racial division for electoral gain, an idea advanced by liberals who point out 
  that Reagan opened his 1980 presidential campaign in the town where Civil Rights workers were murdered."
    -- possibly Greg Sargent, attacking Michael Steele for telling he truth,    Link

 Hey Greg, why do you want your ignorant readers to think Reagan opening his campiagn
 in a town famouus ONLY for having civil rights workers murdered, was some kind of coincidence?

 You're pretending Reagan might not carry Mississippi, so he opened his campaign there?
 Are you readers really that stupid?

 Reagan left the Democrats because they wanted to give civil rights to "those animals."
 Opening his campiagn under a figurative noose was Reagan's way of saying "Southern Strategy."

 The Bush bastards were no better.
 McCain might've won in 2000 in Rove hadn't spread those rumors about "his black baby."
 And today you Teabaggers f-ing hate having a you-know-what in the White House.

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Exaggerated Importance
 Teabaggers are what, five percent?


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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Did you know?

Marty has just completed
1,000 daily issues in a row.

Marty always has good stuff.

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Conservatives Gone Mad
 Why can't they attack without racism?


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"Now, Americans don’t begrudge anybody for success when that success is earned. But when we read about 
  enormous executive bonuses at firms even as they were relying on assistance from taxpayers, it offended our 
  fundamental values. Not only that, some of the salaries and bonuses we’ve seen created perverse incentives 
  to take reckless risks that contributed to the crisis. It’s what helped lead to a relentless focus on a company’s 
  next quarter, to the detriment of its next year or decade. And it led to a situation in which folks with the most 
  to lose - stock and pension holders - had the least to say in the process. That has to change." 
       -- Obama, and he's right, but did John Kerry write this speech?     Link

 I'm so old, I remember when Obama could give a good speech.
 That crap you just read was written by a Harvard elitist with an IQ of 164.

 Maybe Obama realizes that his every word is recorded for history and he wants to sound "presidenty."
 but he's losing Joe Six Pack with that lofty rhetoric that only John Kerry fully understands.

 How about, "They said they needed our help to survive, and when we gave them that help,
 they threw a big party and gave everbody a million-dollar bonus that they didn't deserve."

 People understand plain English.

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Subject: let's argue about Ben Roethlisberger


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Saw it on

But so far, that's not Obama's style.
He's more likely to say,
"But Sir, please tell me what you would accept."

Then they laugh and kick him in the balls - again.


“I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when
  he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but George W. Bush was not available."
       -- Woodland Middle School principal  Terry Oatts, after parents criticized him
            for allowing a convicted rapper to do community service by talking to the kids     Link

  Sure sounds like Terry Oatts has been reading

  Way to list the facts, Terry!

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Saw it on

No Jobs for Vets - Why?


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 Crayola Thanks the Teabaggers

Subject: Ben Roethlisberger

I'm not anti-Ben so much as anti-sexual predator.  I'm repulsed by they way he treated the young woman 
he assaulted and the others he exposed himself to. He seems arrogant and selfish but most of all slimy. 
I'd rather have losing seasons for the next ten years rather than have him play for the Steelers and I think 
he was lucky to escape criminal charges. I would have trouble rooting for him this season, if he stays.
Plus, the Rooneys don't abide this kind of crap - they just traded a Hall of Famer, Santonio Holmes, 
who caught the game winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XVIII,  for a 5th round draft pick 
so I wouldn't be surprised to see Big Ben traded.
  Long time Steelers fan

I've been a Steelers fan since the seventies when you could count on them
to kick Cowboy ass and bring home yet another Super Bowl ring.

I loved it when someone like Hollywood Henderson would say, "Terry Bradshaw is so stupid,
he couldn't spell "Cat" if you spot him the 'C' and the 'A.' "

Top which Bradshaw fans would reply, 
"How many Super Bowl rings do YOU have, rapist?"

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"I'm not going to waste any more time of the American people while 
  they come up with some agreement. The games of stalling are over." 
       -- Harry Reid, talking tough, but most likely to back it up with a wet noodle   Link

 Harry, we learned years ago that you're a semi-barking dog with no teeth.
 Your feeble bluff is way too little and way too late. 

 Good luck in your retirement, Harry.

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Beck's gig at Handjob University


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Drug Rehab

There are many reasons a person would choose to end their life.

Drug Rehab can be a different path to a more satisfying life. 

(Paid ad)

Saw it on

Subject: Arizona


Just thought I’d put my 2-cents worth in about what I think of Arizona’s new law to ban illegal aliens.  
Personally, I think they should secede from the union and start their own country along with Texas, Oklahoma, 
Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and Kansas (among others, I’m sure).  

Let’s get rid of these states that haven’t matriculated into the 18th century yet, let alone the 21st, 
and get rid of their racist, right wing, “Christian” asses for good.

Keith, I wish I knew more about this subject.

How bad is the illegal alien problem in Arizona?

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Mike Malloy Live

Volcano lightning is awesome!


"I'm the guy that's gonna walk up and say to Nancy Pelosi, 'Gimmie that Damn gavel.'"
       -- Allen West, unknown GOP candidate for Congress in Florida's 22nd district,   Link

 Dude, you think you're going to be Speaker of the House in January?

 Are you a gambling man, Allen?

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We Can't Make It Here Anymore

Subject: bumper sticker

 Thanks to David R

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Saw it on MarioPiperniDotCom

 Click Here to see Obama's Birth Announcement

 Click Here to see Obama's Birth Certificate

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"Isn't it all too easy for Obama opponents to caricature this move as the triumph of the nanny state? 
  To paint the president as the salt czar, dispatching his bureaucrats to micromanage your life? 
  Should the government be telling adults they can't have salty foods if they want them? And why salt?
  Are French fries next? Will there be a National Cupcake Consumption Act? What about that KFC 
  sandwich of bacon squished between two slabs of fried chicken? Should those people be sent to jail? 
  The president just gave ammunition to those who are angry at the reach of Big Government." 
       -- Howie Kurtz, saying today's kids need more fat, more salt and more calories,   Link

 Howie thanks God every day for Wolf Blitzer.

 With Wolf around, Howie will never be the biggest douche at CNN.

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Rude Pundit vs Oklahoma
 Link   Then scroll a little

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Saw this car in front of me at Arby's.

I probably don't want to know...

Subject: Wellpoint and fines 

This is the problem with this new Health Care Reform Bill, nobody knows what is in it.
The opponents say there are fines for not buying insurance and the proponents say 
there is language in the bill that cancels the part that calls for those fines.

Also what about insurance companies dropping people when they get sick 
like Wellpoint has done with breast cancer victims?

Or, if they can't drop them raising their rates until they can't afford the insurance premiums?

Why is it every other civilized, industrialized country in the world can provide affordable health care but we can't.

If we only had a Democrat in the White House and a majority in congress.

*Mike sighs*

Mike C. 

Maybe that's why the Dems made the damn thing 2700 pages long,
knowing that NOBODY in Washington would actually read the entire bill.

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Sarah Palin shows her ass


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See who they raped lately.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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Graphic by The Wizard of Whimsy


"If Al Qaeda managed to attack us again, killing thousands of people, the nation would be devastated, saddened 
  and enraged. However it would not affect the existence of America. Big government, on the other hand, is set on 
  destroying the individual on which America is built...Radical anti-government groups are not taxing Americans 
  into oblivion, running $1 trillion deficits as far as the eye can see, or forcing others to acquiesce to their whims 
  on healthcare; however, big government is guilty of all of the above."  
       -- Elijah Friedeman, American Handjob Association blogger,   Link

 So... America voters chose a president who is worse than Osama bin Laden?
 Sounds to me like you're saying Americans can't be trusted with the vote.

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Subject: Steele = Uncle Tom

He actually admitted what the strategy was yet  he never objected to it while it was happening.
He actually used his race to help him get ahead while the party he was with used tactics against his own people.

So actually he just admitted he is the ultimate Uncle Tom. 

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Can the CNN-ter Hold?
 TIME judges her sister, CNN


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"The only thing Obama knows about money is how to spend other people's."
       -- the blind and vulgar Pigboy,   

 Rush, shall we look at the proof again?


 Who needlessly spent the most money?

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Subject: tax cuts with consequences

Reagan - 750B X 24 years = $18,000 Billion not collected

Bush 1700B X 5 years = $8500B not collected
26,500B not collected = $12,000B Debt
Had that 25,500B been collected, we'd have a $14,000 billion surplus today

There were 10 Billionaires in 1980  There are 1100 billionaires now.
NY Ttimes wrote "The Rich have been left behind by Ultra Rich"

The top 1% owned 20% of the total financial wealth in 1980
That same 1% owned 36% of the total financial wealth in 1989, thanks to Reagan

By 2007, that same 1% owned 43% of the total financial wealth, thanks to Bush.
The top 10% of the rich owned 70% of America's wealth.
The top 20% owned 93% of America's wealth.

Which means the bottom 80% of Americans own just 7% of the wealth.

Praise Jevoha Let's Dance
 clarence swinney, political historian

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How to Stay Married
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Subject: priests rape boys 

Bart, just so you know, it appears that link you posted about 
rape boy is on a site owned by the God hate Fags folks.     

Up to you, of course.

Ken, I did not know.
I saw that quote and clicked on the site long enough to see the validation was there.

I wouldn't want to be associated with ANY kind of religious insanity, especially 
those crazy-evil handjobs who know what God is thinking and wanting.
Ain't nobody crazier than those folks.

Matter of fact, I can't really tell you much about those G.H.F. nuts.
It's got something to do with America's "acceptance" of gay people and for some reason, 
God is punishing us with dead soldiers for "accepting" the children He sent to Earth to be born.

Like all religions, it makes no f-ing sense.

Having said that, the quote reads like it was stolen from

"The Catholic Church is the largest, most well-funded 
   and organized pedophile group in the history of man!"  

Who can argue with that?

Now & then Reminder:
I was never attacked by a priest, (or anybody) nor do I know anyone who was.

I have no personal horse in this race other than after a while, shouldn't somebody 
stand up and say, "Enough with the child rapes?"

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Saw it on

Mike's Survivor Review


It was one of the most exciting episodes in their 20 seasons.

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Adult Friend

Must be 18 to click


"I went to KFC yesterday with one of my chickens, and I couldn't 
  trade it in for a couple double-downs.  It seemed like more than 
  a fair-trade under the new GOP Free-market system." 
     -- Attaturk      Link

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I saw a quote on CNN over the weekend.
Vatican: "Sex abuse charges have no merit"

That's right, Benny, keep playing the Cheney card.
Deny, delay, deny.

Subject: Bring a Chicken to the Doctor

The Republicans have settled on a political strategy for this year's elections to run on
"Repeal and Replace" the health care reform that Obama just signed. But what would they replace it with?

Up until this last week, no Republican has said anything specific until Nevada Republican senate candidate
Sue Lowden came up with the Republican plan. Her plan - bring a chicken to the doctor.

I'm thinking that the Republicans better come up with something better than "bring a chicken to the doctor"
if they hope to gain seats in Congress this year. 

Hey, call me an intellectual elitist but I don't see the chicken idea as the winning argument.

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too,

I totally agree.
This VAT is a tax cut for the rich, who already have everything they need but food.

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Buzzcook's Idol Gives Back Review


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Subject: Rethug complaints

They complain about secret negotiations by Democrats, but now the 
Rethuglicans want to keep the financial reform negotiations secret. I wonder why? 
Dee in NJ

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You made me smile in some dark days.
I owe you something for that,
 Steve B

Subject: Donation


Long time reader, first time donater...
Thanks for great site...
 Larry in the 352

Larry in the 352, thanks for that.
We have higher pie, thanks to you.

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Kristen Bell - shoe designer?

 Link to Story

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