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 Weekend-Monday, May 1-3,  2010 Vol 2518 - Monkey scene 

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Quote of the Day

"My approval ratings are still very 
  high the country of my birth..." 
     -- Obama at the WHCD, taunting the rubes,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow BP: Mega-disaster 'unlikely' HOT
Arrow The good Catholic Church HOT
Arrow AZ's pocketbook hurting 
Arrow Why Palin Won't Run
Arrow Palin, Beck and Whore TIME HOT
Arrow Eldrick's really bad day 
Arrow Car Bomb for South Park? 
Arrow Lauren Conrad: 'Drink milk' 


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"Stand down if you don't have ovaries." 
      -- Florida Rep. Janet Long D-Tampa, inviting the men who were voting to restrict abortion rights
          to mind their own f-ing businesss.  The bill ultrasounds for women seeking abortions, passed,   Link

 You see, the women of Florida are just as stupid as the women of Oklahoma.
 They need some old, white Republican to make their reproductive choices for them,
 because they are too stupid to understand what's at stake.

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BP: Mega-disaster 'unlikely'
 If the Democrats had any brains...


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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Did you know?

Marty - 1,000 daily issues in a row

Marty always has good stuff.

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"It was just a crappy week for America. The oil spill making a huge mess
  and Arizona deporting all the people who mop up." 
       -- Bill Maher.

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Cinco de Mayo - The True Story
 as told by Jerry P


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Subject: Bart, have you seen this?

Boehner: GOP could pick up 100 seats

He's has been in the tanning booth too long,
 RJ, the Nomadic Pillar

Right now we don't know if they'll pick up ANY seats.

The dumbasses ought to be downplaying their chances.
Are they're doing is exciting Obama's base.

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Subject: Obama's Kartina

Conservative pundits say the Deepwater Horizon spill will be Obama's Kartina. 
I have good news for them, They are right!, 

Now, for the bad news. 
Obama is ace-ing the challenge and it will look like a 3-pointer that's all net. 

Just saying...
  Tom Loud )O( Yer Friendly Neighborhood Folksinger,

Click on the link - Listen to Tom's music!

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 Leno sucks Quotes

"So having just seen him at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, I had sorta 
  forgotten how screamingly unfunny Jay Leno really is. It was half, creaking, awful 
  mother-in-law, lawyers-are-bad, Gee-ain't-Sarah-Palin-dumb anti-humor schtick...
  A quarter of the way through, all I could think was: "Is he being paid to take a dive?" 
  Halfway through all I could think was: "No, nobody could pretend to be this bad. 
  Subtle as a steam hammer. Funny as a sewer collapse. Our Crown Prince of American 
  mass media comedy really is just plain fucking dreadful." Je-sus. People really laugh 
  at this boiled gray tripe?"
       -- driftglass,    Link

 He's right - Leno was worse thah I thought he'd be and I expected him to stink.
 You won't hear anyone whining about Jay's "cutting edge" humor Saturday night.
 Trust me, the only guy who enjoyed Leno's "humor" was Rich Little.

"If you like your jokes covered in bland gravy with a side of telegraphed punchlines, 
  then Jay Leno's White House Correspondents Dinner was a feast..."
       -- Dan Abramson,    Link

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Subject: anti-choice legislation and Benny the Rat

I would like you to read my comment in the St. Petersburg times about the anti-choice legislation. 
You should read the rest of the comments too. Florida is like Oklahoma...with beaches!!!
Here it is:
Thanks, self-righteous xtians, for continuing to try to impose YOUR belief system on those of us who want
nothing to do with it!!! So will_from_idiot_bigot_park and "Big Brother" John 1984, why are you beholden 
to the same views as pedophile pope Benny the Rat? And why do people like you rail AGAINST "big government" 
while constantly beating the drum for more intrusion into everyone else's personal decicions? 

Oh, right, you are teabagging gop zealots, no less zealots than any Islamic terrorist.

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The good Catholic Church
 Yes, they have a good side...


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Subject: sticker 

 Thanks to Russ Done

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AZ's pocketbook hurting
Have your convention in Vegas, instead


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Subject: my god you are such a pig


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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.


"Leno went and took that show back and I think in a similar situation, 
  if roles had been reversed, I know -- I know me, I wouldn't have done that."
       -- Conan, bitching on 60 Minutes last night,  Link

 But isn't that what you did?
 The Tonight Show was obviously Leno's and you made a deal to take it from him.

 Geez, who do you root for when super-rich, non-funny men screw each other?

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Times Square Bomber used Wrong Fertilizer
 Handjob bought the kind that doesn't explode


Thanks to Dr. Techno  :)

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Thanks to the Wizard of Whimsy

Subject: You were right....

Ignorantly, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, cuz I never watch him - I was wrong!

Leno BOMBS At White House Correspondents Dinner 

Yeah, he was awful.

Next year they need Lisa Lampanelli.

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Mike Malloy Live


"Let me be clear -- what I have said in the past is, there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. 
  There's a difference between legal and illegal. This is Allegra D -- or so, this is actually crack cocaine, but I 
  get it from a doctor, so it's OK -- Allegra. Drugs? Pot! Drugs! 'I have a problem with drugs!' No no no -- I have 
  a problem with illegal drugs. Not prescription drugs. I don't want to ban all drugs! Prescription drugs are good 
  for you when used by prescription and follow the advice of the doctor. Bad otherwise. Got it?" 
       -- Glenn beck, trying to make some kind of point,    Link

 Whatever he said, I'm sure the families of Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith and Corey Haim would agree.
 What could possibly be dangerous about prescription drugs?   
 Pot, that's what kills.

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Subject: Blazing Saddles quotes

Mel Brooks: I was very lucky to have Richard Pryor as one of the writers on "Blazing Saddles." 
                                       I said, "Richard, we're going to use the N-word all over the place."

Richard Pryor:  "It's OK with me. Our hearts are in the right place. That's what they call them, these rednecks. 
                             If we called them anything else, we wouldn't be saying the truth."      Link

Thanks to Lisa at

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Why Palin Won't Run
 She wants more money, not responsibility


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"Miller has had a distinguished career as a stand up comedian and a host of Emmy winning TV shows."
       -- Dennis Miller's own writing from his Facebook page,   Link

 Notice the past tense.

 Before he turned into Bush's Cabanaboy, he would've said,
"Miller has a distinguished career as a stand up comedian and a host of Emmy winning TV shows."

 ...but then he turned into a GOP apologist, mocking every joke he ever told.

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See who they raped lately.

Saw it on

NOW is the time for Democrats to say, "We need to get off oil!"

What if New York City bought 5,000 Nissan Leafs for cabs?

Maybe UPS could buy 5,000 trucks with "Leaf" technology?

Why are we still on oil?
Exxon made $35 Billion dollars

in tax free profits last year.

Exxon is bad for America.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I give you my Nancy Grace Guarantee you've never seen anything like it.

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Subject: The Kind of Justice that I want

This week President Obama is going to pick the next Supreme Court justice. People are talking about 
what kind of a justice Obama should pick. I want a justice that won't usurp the will of the voters and 
appoint a president like the Supreme Court did in Bush vs. Gore giving the presidency to the loser. 

I want a justice that understands that We the People does not mean We the Corporations and that 
The People are superior to the corporate world. I want a justice than understands that it is the right 
of the people to spy on the government and not the right of government to spy on The People. 
I want a justice that gives a woman more rights than they give her gun.

The current Supreme Court is not an institution of justice but little more that a cesspool of right wing corruption. 
In 2008 We the People rose up against the tyranny of the Bush/Cheney administration to take America back, 
leading the world back to recovery. But the fight isn't over and we aren't going to let a bunch of Tea Baggers 
stand in our way. 

We say to you that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken
- you can not outlast us, and we will defeat you. Reality is on our side. 
  Marc Perkel

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What-the-hell-was-he-thinking Quotes

 Link    (R-Rated)

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Saw it on   mariopiperni dot com

Palin, Beck and Whore TIME 
 How low can TIME Magazine go?


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Subject: Pickles and her accident

Bart, I saw this covered on "Countdown" last night.  
Pickles is now blaming ger accident on the stop sign being to small!   LOL!  
I thought right wingers claimed they believed in personal responsibility!

Wouldn't it be great if we could hear all the details about "an incident" like this
without knowing if the person involved was Democrat or Republican?

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Eldrick misses cut, quits
 Worst golf day in 14 years


Eldrick Sex Toys Is a Dil-Don't
 For you really big Eldrick fans


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Subject: AZ immigration

I don´t see the point of those readers who condone anti-immigrant initiatives here, 
by pointing out how harsh immigration laws are in Mexico.

In the past (say, 150 years ago), Mexico had much softer immigration laws. 
Then gave land grants to anyone who could put $2 together and sign a paper. 
Conditions were few: no slaves, and you had to promise to learn Spanish after a certain period of time.

Then a bunch of slave barons, rogues, mobsters, and religious fundamentalists, with the 
covert support of the USA, sneaked into their country and ended up grabbing half of it.

As a result, yes, Mexican immigration laws are harsh.  
Waaaaay more so in paper than in real life, as anyone who actually was in the country can vouch for. 
For most offenses, including entering the country illegally, they let you go with a fine and a slap in the wrist.

How does or compare with,  or justifies, barring heavily-accented teachers from Arizona classrooms,
or asking anyone who looks browny fot their papers?
Give me a break…

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2010 World Series of Poker?

I hadn't planned to attend or play in this years $1,000 WSOP Tournament, (May 29th-June 3?) mostly because 
I can't afford it, but before I dismiss the idea altogether, I though maybe I'd put the subject on the table in case 
somebody out there was feeling extra generous and wanted to read the 2010 WSOP Trip Report.

In poker, we call this a "two-outer" meaning I figure there's a 5% chance 
of this working, but ...those things sometimes happen.

I would welcome any donors to show up at The Rio 
and sip tequila shots with good Ol' Bart between games :)

Read Last Year's WSOP trip Report

 I'd like to read your 2010 WSOP Trip Report, Bart!

Adult Friend

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"Before his health-care bill passed, Mr. Obama sent a tough letter to health-insurance CEOs 
  and then castigated them 22 times in a follow-up prime-time televised speech. This is behavior 
  worthy of a Third World dictator--not the head of a vibrant democracy. This smacked of 
  Chicago-style shake-down politics."
     -- Karl Rove, not spinning or anything,    Link

"Yeah, dictators are known to rule their terrified subjects 
  with strongly-worded letters. What is a defenseless CEO to do?"
     -- ojnabieoot,    Link

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Subject: How's the Drill Baby Drill thing working out for ya

In February Sarah Palin said at the national Tea Party convention,
“How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?”
We're doing just fine.

So, how's that Drill Baby Drill thing working out for you?

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too,

What Sarah is too stupid to understand is this:
When you live by the schoolyard taunt, you die by one.

When she said that "hopey changey" shit, she threw all civility away.
She threw away her ability to say, "All I did was ask a question or try to make a point."

No, Sarah, you chose to be a total bitch and that'll come back to haunt you.
Granted, you've made $12M since you walked out of the people of Alaska.

Like all Rethugs, you  made a bad decision. You could've made, say, $10M and had
some self-respect, but you chose the short-term $2M over a lifetime of credibility.

But I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get the GOP nomination in 2012.

The good news for us?
The intelligent Republicans will be voting Democrat that year.

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Top 30 Best Drummers of all time 

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Times Square Car Bomb Retaliation for South Park?


You think I'm kidding?

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"You even called drilling -- safe, environmentally-friendly drilling offshore -- as raping the outer continental shelf. 
  There -- with new technology, with tiny footprints even on land, it is safe to drill and we need to do more of that." 
       -- the Publicity Whore in her VP debate with Biden,   Link 

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Subject: Donation

Bart, here's a donation.
 J Phillips, Clayton, NM 

JP, that was nice - thanks.

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Lauren Conrad: 'Drink more milk'


 Link to Story

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