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 Wednesday, May 19,  2010  Vol 2529 -  Gravely deficient

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Quote of the Day

"I'm the only president who knows 
  how he photographs from every angle." 
      -- Ronald Reagan,    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Obama bruised - really? HOT
Arrow Forgive Rapist Priests? No! HOT
Arrow Plummeting Pot Prices 
Arrow Souder resigns over affair 
Arrow Souder And Ho made Video HOT
Arrow Idol Semi-finals report
Arrow Coach: Eldrick a Sex addict  
Arrow Jennifer Love Hewitt Gone  




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"Obama now says the federal government is part of the problem. Trying to insulate himself from the 
  political effects of the Gulf oil spill, Obama said there has been "a cozy relationship between the 
  oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill." And, uh, who was in charge of that 
  agency for the 15 months before the disaster?" 
        -- Howie, CNN's second-biggest whore,   Link

 Yeah, some of the blame b ut it'a because oif his stubborn refusal to hold Bush accoutable and "look forward."
 The minute Obama took power, he should've had every department check for sweetheart deals, phoney inspections, 
 tests that were rigged to save the oil bastards a few dollars, etc.

 But no, he wanted to be nice so the snarling dogs would play fair.

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Thanks to the Wizard of Whimsy

  Pure Horseshit  Dems did GREAT last night

 If you want to feel good about our chances in November, 
 read my analysis of what really happened last night.

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Subject: Big win for Democrats Tuesday

Tuesday's elections are a big wake up call for those who think that America is leaning Republican. 
In Pennsylvania, the Democrat beat the Republican for Congress in Jack Murtha's seat. 

Senator Arlen Spector, Republican turned Democrat, lost to a real Democrat. 
In Kentucky, the Tea Party candidate beat the Republican establishment candidate in the Republican primary. 
If the republicans can't even win in a Republican primary I'd say that the Democrats are going to do much better 
than what the news pundits are predicting.

None of this is a surprise for me because the Republicans caused the mess we're in and they have tried 
to obstruct the recovery. While only 1/2 the country agrees that Democrats are fixing the problem, 
no one thinks the Republicans are fixing the problem. So of course the Republicans aren't going to win. 
Maybe Republicans should think about working with President Obama and accomplishing something 
positive and run on a record of accomplishment.

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too. 

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on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

1,000+ daily issues in a row

Marty always has good stuff.

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Forgive Rapist Priests? No! 


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Plummeting Pot Prices Produces Panic


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Subject: Arizona immigration law 


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"1 - Surplus Up to $218,000,000,000 Dollars 
  2 - Poverty at 20 Year Low, Household Income at All-Time High and 
  3 - Poll Says 53 Percent of Americans want a New Direction." 
      --, from way back in Issue 150,   Link

Yeah, I'm still mad at the Democrats who said the Clinton era sucked.

We had a surplus.
We had poverty at a 20-year low.
Household Income was at All-Time High

...and in the summer of 2008 more than half the Democrats said, "We want something else."

When things were at their BEST, Democrats wanted something else.

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This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, not with a whimper, but a slaughter.

This is the story of the soldiers who tried to save it.

Just $4.79 in Kindle
Just $14.49 in book form from Amazon


"There are a few things if you know about the brain, they change the way you think about politics. 
  If you understand we evolved the capacity to feel long before we evolved the capacity to think, 
  instead of barraging people with facts (the standard Democratic way of talking to voters) 
  you speak to people's core values and concerns." 
      -- Drew Westen, hired to help Democrats sell their policies more effectively,   Link

 A. I have no idea what the hell you're talking about,
      and you say you're here to give the Democrats clarity?

 B. Listing the facts is NOT a bad idea.
     If you list 5,000 facts with John Kerry's voice, sure, we're all going to sleep.
     "The GOP drive us into a ditch" is a fact that even stupid people can understand.

 C. They could've hired me a lot cheaper AND I speak "dumbass."
      I'll bet Mr Fancypants Westen can't speak dumbass.

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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.

Mike Malloy Live

Help  survive!


 OR send a 'love' check to
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155


"Ive got a reputation for being fair and honest and decent. But if you get Orrin Hatch on your side 
  and he really gets his back up, watch out. Its just that simple and Ive done it time after time after time." 
      -- Orrin Hatch, saying he's not a quitter/pussy like his old friend and colleageBob Bennett,     Link

 Why is Hatch running so scared?
 He's at least 30 monthjs away from an election...     

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See who they raped lately.
See who they paid to keep quiet.

Why are we still hooked on oil?

Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars
in tax free profits last year, that's why..

Exxon-Mobil is bad for America.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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"I don't give a damn about Sarah Palin.  She fell in love with the national spotlight 
  and lost her ethical compass. That was a sad day for Alaska and America."
      -- Palin's mentor, twice-Governor of Alaska Wally Hickel,     Link

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Subject: does hay soak up oil?  

Yea, its true (hair works too) but the problem is a pint v a quarter million gallons a day.  
Wed be talking about a lot of fing hay over an enormous area.  
Oh yea, then were talking about all that hay soaked with all that oil that now has to be cleaned up. 
 RJ in Asheville

Subject: does hay soak up oil?  

Bart, straw does pick up oil pretty well. Usually it's been used on beaches, after the oil comes ashore. 
Of course, once the oil's on shore, it starts soaking into the sand, and that's about the worst possible time
to start trying to fix it.

What these two good old boys want to try is to grab the oil while it's still out on the water, before it gets 
into the marshes and beaches and oyster beds. If it works, that's a much better time to try it.

The problem I would see, is, exactly how much straw are we talking about here? 
I hope some engineer at Tulane is working liking a M(%^#$$&#*#$ on the practical aspects.

One thing they do have right, is that it can't make the situation worse.
  Robert Mac

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Puzzling Evidence: A Boomer Pop History Boob Tube,
Flicks, Rock & Roll and Politics Part One: 1946 - 1976
 Shanahan and Giacona fit the mass media puzzle pieces
together with great humor and wit.

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I showed my copy to Mrs Bart
and now she won't give it back.

GOP-er Souder resigns over affair 
Shocking Twist - he was sexing a woman 


Souder And Ho made Abstinence Video  
Talk about hypocrisy and stupidity combined


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Coach: Eldrick a Sex addict 
120 affairs makes him a sex addict? 


Plus,. proof that he's a Republican.

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Saw it on   mariopiperni dot com

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Subject: Challenger never "blew up" and other lies 

Hi Bart,

Just a quick note on Senator Mary Landrieu:

The STS-51-L accident was tragic, but the shuttle "Challenger" never blew up. 
It was torn to shreds by aerodynamic forces prior to the explosion of the external fuel tank.

I thought heat from the friction from re-entry without the tiles killed it,
but either way, you're right - it didn't blow up.hat's true.


Senator Landrieu's comments are like Texas senator Barton's comments warning against 
comparing the BP Gulf Spill to the Three Mile Island  accident. 

Check your facts:
At TMI the *Government mandated* containment system worked. 

No  wildlife, nor human life, was lost even in this major accident. 
Can the same be said for the BP spill?
Would oil be as cheap if they had to have the same level of safety as  the nuclear industry?

Makes one think, no?
 Dave in Philadelphia 

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Buzzcook's Idol Semi-finals report


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"Where is the oil?  Except for little of chunks of it,  
  youre not even seeing it on the shore yet."  Link 

Pole-Dancing Miss USA
 Plus, she's from the Middle East



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Sally's Idol Semi-finals report


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Mike the Dealer's Survivor Finale report


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When will FOX figure out what we already know?
The Teabaggers are killing the GOP. ...but shhhhh.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Gone
CBS cancels 'Ghost Whisperer'   Fine, put her 
in a show that's not about death and dying

 Link to Story

See hundreds of  sexy  Jennifer Love Hewitt photos  at BC Hotties

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