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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


 Friday-Monday   July 23-26, 2010     Vol 2555 - Bootleg lettuce

 rainbow falls
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Quote of the Day

"Sex is good, but not as
  good as fresh sweet corn."

    -- Garrison Keillor    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Media refuses to burn Breitbart 
Arrow Palin: I'm not tough enough
Arrow Our Middle Class is Dying 
Arrow Jeb vs Obama in 2012?
Arrow Bear becomes Toyota victim
Arrow Glacier Park faces Meltdown
Arrow Priests caught sexing on video
Arrow Jennifer Morrison - Hot Doc



Mike Malloy
Mike Malloy Live


"We don’t think it is appropriate to have guns in churches. The bishops decided that,
  if the bill became law, the bishops would let their pastors know that this would not
  be permissible in Catholic churches."

       Danny Loar, of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, saying guns won't be
      allowed in their churches, no matter what Bhahbi Jindal says

 "Catholic Bishops worried about guns? Or worried that little boys
   might be able to fend them off with a Glock?

      -- lokidog,     Link

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Media refuses to burn Breitbart

Lying is a plus in today's whore media


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RJ Matson, The St. Louis Post Dispatch

It's impossible to say if Hillary would've made the same mistakes Obama is making,
but even the Hillary haters might admit she doesn't back down from a fight.

Instead of Superman, we got meek and mild Clark Kent.


"Some want Obama to fail, period. And unfortunately, Obama's failure would be the country's failure.
  In a way, some of them are rooting against the country. They want political power." 
      -- Democratic Senator Kent Conrad, who often votes against his president,
          so, by his own admission, Conrad wants America to fail 
   Lost the link

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!



"The president needs some advisers or friends who have a greater sense of the pulse of
  the African-American community, or who at least have been around the mulberry bush."

       --Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s House delegate,      Link

 The president needs some advisors who have a f-ing clue
 and he needs to stop taking orders from Glenn Beck and FOX Newsl

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: posting regularity

I know you're busy and have health issues, but it's frustrating to go to your website only to find
it hasn't changed in you ever think of maybe just having BartCop a once a week website? 

I'd love that.
It would be a much better, much funnier page, but I don't think I could get away with it  :(

That way readers know it doesn't change until Monday, that way we're not let down when we go
to read Fridays page but it's still from Mon-Thurs.  Now it's a new week and your page is STILL
stuck on last week Tues-Thurs anyway

just a thought.

Last week was the week from hell.

After my tech guy got me all fixed up, we had to take a day to mirror the new computer
on my old computer so if my new computer gets hit by lightning or something I should
be able to plug the old computer in and keep going while the new computer is getting fixed.

Then Wednesday, I downloaded "Total Recorder" to use on the radio shows
and it erased all my settings so my tech guy had to work on that and it killed another day.

Also, I haven't mentioned this in a while. but Mrs Bart's employer cut her pay 20%
to save costs - the good news is she gets Friday's off now.

Since it tales all day to do a page, it seems kinda pointless for her to spend that time off
listening to me punch away at the keyboard so no Friday page until she gets back to full time.

And tomorrow I'm really, really going to try to finish BCR 163.

Plus we have two exciting things to unveil - maybe as early as later today.
If days had 36 hours each, I could maybe keep up.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Make my kitty famous!

Bart, here is our departed girl "Gypsy" who passed a few months ago after 18 wonderful years
from the time she adopted us in our old neighborhood. We have a new adoptee now, he just hates cameras!


Gypsy would love drinking out of the 'rock waterfall' and usually sat above my keyboard
when I was at 'command central', here she has taken the 'comm' when I left for a few minutes.

Still send your page to any and all on my list, and still think you have one of the best sites on the Web.
Keep swingin the Hammer my friend, there's still a crapload of hardheads needin a good whack!

Longtime Fan,
MadVet in Coconut Creek, Fl




We offer 56 beautiful hardwood
choices on every furniture piece.

Eric has been advertising with for nine years


What This White House Is Missing
 by Maureen Dowd


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Esther
Bart, your bit w/ Esther is an good example of why I read and like you.

I too, think we'll do OK in November (partially due to your confidence). 
My biggest concern is the flood of corporate 'big bucks' thanks to Slappy and 'Don' Scalia. 

When ever his name comes up, I ALWAYS offer up;
"Did you know that Scalia's father was a bona fide member of the American Nazi Party?" 
 James D

The funny thing about the Dems doing good in November is, once again, not their doing.
So many Rethugs and Teabaggers are screaming "No niggers in the White House,"
they're turning off the normal people.

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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.


Our Middle Class is Dying
...because the Dems refuse to fight back



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Subject: Jeb vs Obama in 2012?


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Palin: I'm not tough enough to be president


Subject: Con&$ervatives
The Con&$ervatives will allow the Indians (India) to immigrate into the US to take the high priced IT jobs,
while complaining about the low income jobs that Hispanics will do, that the americans don't want any part of.

This is a bid by the Con Artists to make Americans take the lowest paid jobs from Hispanics and learn to love it.
Don't pay any attention to the fastest growing immigrant population (Indians)
Keep up the fight.
 Dr. Tech ( The Liberal Democrat )

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"I have seen Yorkshire terriers attack large dogs, and they do it in really nasty ways. The GOP is like that.
  It is filled with small men and women, small in mind. They have no ability to think things through, no real depth,
  no vision. That is why they purport to hate everything academic or concepts like hope. That is why they always
  refer to God and pump themselves up with phoney and even fraudulent patriotism, because these are planks that
 allow them to avoid the hard work of using their heads, of coming up with some intelligent program and real strategy."
       -- said to be Frank Rich, but I lost the Link


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Glacier Park faces Massive Meltdown
 Fuck it, it's just our planet - why bother?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: my donation

Thanks so much for the stickers and magnet, but I really wasn’t expecting them,
which is why I didn’t enclose an SASE with my (very) small check. 

But man, I was really thrilled to get a handwritten thank you from you! 
Thanks, Bart,
 Edon, Tampa

Edon, that was nice of you to say.
You can tell I wrote that because you couldn't read it, right?

Have you noticed that?
These days, we all type, we don't write.

I go to write a check and I'm all George Bush with a pen.
When I look at something I just wrote, I figure my hand had a mini-stroke.

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Weird Picture of the Day

 Link      I get dizzy just looking at this picture.

 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.


Subject: How rich is rich?

A lot of politicians are talking about extending the Bush tax cuts claiming the it would raise taxes in the "middle class".
However the news media is trying to re-define middle class to include people making $200,000 a year.
Is $200,000 a year middle class? I don't think so.

The average American family income is $46,326 a year. Someone making $200,000 make more that 4 times average.
That seems rich to me. They are also in the top 3% on the income scale. That's on the rich end. In my view if you are
in the top 15% that would be rich. So $100,000 a year in my opinion is a rich person.

So I really resent the news media's assertion that we should extend the Bush tax cuts because it raises taxes on the
middle class because it's just plain false. The Bush tax cuts were for the rich and the rest of us are having to pay for it
because it was and continues to be paid for with borrowed money. And borrowing money from China so the rich
can get a tax cut to be paid for by the poor is just plain wrong.

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too


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Priests caught sexing on video
When will this Pope clean house?




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"I have a full house - again."
      -- Phil Galfond, laying down his second lesser full house in less than an hour
          GSN's High Stakes Poker, the only hardball poker game on TV

 Laying down a full house?
 I've never done it, but then again,
 I've never had $300K bet on a poker hand!

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Subject: Make my kitties famous!

Bart, this is Anubis, helping us decorate the Christmas tree.  With himself.


Eric in Orchard Park, NY

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Bear becomes Toyota victim
Car took off with bear locked inside


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Having a bad day in Tulsa


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Thousands show up at Tulsa food pantry
Starving Republicans want a hand out, ...and smaller government?




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Guess the City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery's city
Last issue's mystery city was St Paul, Minnesota.

Human nature oddity:
If you're from St. Paul, you wrote to say,
"That's easy.  St. Paul!   Your city quizzes aren't even hard."

If you're not, you have no idea where that didn't-recognize-it building is located.


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Hottie with a weird dog
I'm pretty sure that's a dog


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: thank you for Janelle Monae

The last time you recommended some music  (I can't remember if it was Kanye West or Sean Combs)
I downloaded the whole album because you said you were "moved to tears": and after listening to it once
 - and never again - I wondered if you'd lost your fucking mind.

Later I forgave you because I figured the only way you were moved to tears was that P Diddy (or whoever) had thrown a
few dollars your way for saying that and I thought "You know, whatever helps ol' Bart keep hammering at the rethugbots."

Yes, millionaire Democrats are always throwing me big bucks to plug their projects.
That's how I got to be rich.

But now, Janelle Monae...., WOW!  My faith in your musical discernment is restored.
What a hueueuege talent. I hope Sean is willing to sell you a few shares because she's a treasure!

You shouldn't leave out that that band is kick-ass as well.
I could kick myself for finding out that she was here in Denver last month at Red Rocks.
They said it was pouring rain but that she outdid Erikah Badhu, the headliner.

Thanks Bart!

I'm guessing that was Kanye's "Flashing Lights," which is a great, great song.
Anyone who doesn't like that song is mad at the world.

My taste in music is impeccable.

It's everyone else who's crazy  :)

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Jeremiah Mitchell needs help
You won't believe what life dealt this kid


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Who is the Mystery Man?

Subject: last issue's historic mystery


Only two people got last issue's history mystery.

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...because the Dems don't have any 'bartcop' in them

Subject: Make my dog famous!

This is Buffy. We had to say goodbye a couple of weeks ago.
She was fourteen, and one of the good ones. Make her famous.
D Leahy


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Subject: Donation

Bart, I'm glad to find another sane man in Oklahoma.
If stupid was a place, Brokelahoma would be the capital.
  John in Sand Springs, OK


John, thanks for your donation.
Your new stickers are on the way


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Jennifer Morrison - TV's Hottest Doctor


Lust over dozens of  Jennifer Morrison images at BC Hotties

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