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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Tuesday,   Sept 14,  2010     Vol 2579 - Courduroy Ponce 

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Quote of the Day

"We could get tax cuts done this week,
  but we're still wrestling with Boehner
  and McConnell about the last 2-3 percent." 
     --  Obama,     Link

  Well then, why not save the time
  and cave in to their demands now?

  Could somebody PLEASE tell Obama that
  he won and he's actually the President now?

  You'd never hear a Rethug say,
  "I'm still wrestling with Pelosi and Reid."

   He seems to have "Daddy issues" with
   the Boner and the Bitch.  Why?

   I'm not giving up on Obama - yet.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow House Dems and Tax Cuts 
Arrow Applying for food stamps 
Arrow Do Not Pity the Democrats
Arrow Rangel foe's tax problems 
Arrow Teabaggers versus GOP 
Arrow Obama’s big problem is Liberals   
Arrow Sarah Michelle Gellar


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Kidding Quotes
Reasons to Vote Republican:

1. Dismantle the Constitution and make it fit the Republican Agenda, screw everyone else.
2. Continue our Financial decline started by Fuhrer Bush (Clinton left with a surplus)
3. Continue our illegal wars for oil
4. Continue to destroy our environment
5. Save the Rich and Famous from the little people
6. Give the Rich and Famous more, at the cost of the little people
7. Continue to spread HATE and FEAR
8. Continue not to compromise for the sake of the Rich and Famous
9. Continue to encourage racism at all cost
10. Continue to spread the propaganda that minorities are inferior


Thanks to Skipper

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Subject:  Teabaggers taking out GOP?

Are you kidding?

The facts are the facts.
Why would I attempt to mislead people who are smart enough to verify what I write?

Rubio's leading, Miller's leading, Paul's leading and I'll bet
that dried up batshit crazy Angle is going to win too.

I hate it all, but why bury your head in the sand?
 MJ Kearns

You can say "leading" all you want, but as far as I know the only "Democrat"
who has lost so far is Arlen Specter and he's hardly a Democrat.

BUT, Barbara Boxer is in trouble so if we lose Cully-fawnya
we could be in for a rough night come November.

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House Dems and Tax CutsHOT

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Subject: RE: Dallas blows game, Redskins

As I always say about football,
"My favorite team is the Saints and whoever's playing Dallas this week."

Two Dat!
Rafa in Taos, N.M.

I've always said I hate the Cowboys so much, by comparison,
I'm president of the Tiger Woods Fan Club.

I TIVO'd that opening game and watched the first half fumble/touchdown about 20 times
and then the final play/sleeper hold that crushed Tony Romo's dreams of winning.

EVERY YEAR we have to put up with that "Dallas in the Superbowl for sure" crappola,
only to watch them fall apart, year after year after year.

In five seasons, Romo has what, ONE play off victory?
And worse, even when the Girls score ZERO points in a half, like last week,
the always-pro-Cowboy announcers keep screaming about the "immense scoring machine"
that is Dallas while the big goose egg on the scoreboard tells the real truth.

Yet the whore media screams "Cowboys Superbowl for sure" constantly.
They are certainly the Tiger-hype team in the NFL.

And while we're at it, let's get something else straight:
The only reason some teenage boy might consider the Cowboys to be "America's team"
(F-ing gag me) is because they have the sluttiest cheerleader-outfits in the entire league.

Watching a Coyboys game is like watching porn.

Maybe if the Cowboys had 1/10 of 1 percent humility,
watching them self-destruct every year wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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NFL Knockout Pool

Pick 1 team a week, you can never pick that team again for the rest of the year,
so you take the Colts week 1, you can't use them again the rest of the year.

Knock Out Pool Week 1 Results

Total number of people in the pool- 35
Total number eliminated this week- 11
Those who continue on

Mike The Dealer
Paul M.
Jim F.
Suzanne R
Steve G.
Kim J.
Tom M.
Pete D.
Daniel S.
Mike D.
Lori M.
John P.
Gerry S.
Tony K.

Those who got knocked out

Michael R. 
Mike G.
Christopher D.
Andrew R.
Rich R.
Peter Y.
Mark S.
Steven F.
David S.
Adam S.

Team most people used to save themselves- 9 people took the Titans and lived to week 2
Team most people ended their season with- 4 people took the Chargers and are out of the pool.
Those still in the pool, get your pick to me before your game starts, send your pick
to and remember, you can’t pick the same team twice this year.

NOTE: If you are following America's Got Talent, please vote for Fighting Gravity or Prince Poppycock to win,
I get that the little girl is awesome and all, but all she does is sing, she's not much of a stage act
(Neither is the other finalist) FG or PP should win this thing darn it!

--Mike The Dealer,

Your team wins, you stay in the contest, they lose, you are out, that simple.
Last person standing wins a month of Bartcop Radio.

E-mail me your pick before your game starts.    Mike The Dealer

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: it pisses me of... 

Republicans say if they win the house they are going to launch investigations against Obama,
just like they did with Clinton. This President and Clinton didn't investigate the crimes of the Presidents
they replaced. If I were in the President's shoes, I'd bring up the crimes of both Bushes and immediately
open the books. Of course, that would open the President up to the JFK treatment......sigh....

...but that wouldn't be nice and Obama is always nice.

I wish the Dems had the balls to ask why the VERY first thing Bush did after stealing power
was to bury the Reagan records so nobody could find evidence of the Bush bastards' crimes.

Next time they start screaming for Reagan's picture on the dollar bill,
wouldn't it be great if ONE Democrat had the balls to ask,
"How can we honor the man when you've hidden his records?"

But that would take a molecule of courage and the Dems are fresh out.

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"I understand a lot of people who are upset on the other side, and some of them were
  rallying in D.C. I do understand people's legitimate fears about are we hocking our future
  because we're borrowing so much to finance debt and deficits. I understand that...So I think
  there's an opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to come together and to say,
 'What are the tough decisions we've got to make right now?'"
    -- Obama, who seems to not have any clue how awful that sounds,     Link

 No, no, no, no, no!

 Basically, he's saying Glenn Beck and the Teabaggers were right.
 I don't understand how a smart man can say such stupid things.
 You DON'T EVER agree that the other side was right - why can't he learn?  
 And he closes by asking the car-wreckers for driving advice?   Seriously?

 He seems to want to be an ex-president in the worst way.

 If the GOP takes both Houses, Obama WILL be impeached.

 The GOP is itching to "prove" that ALL Democrats are corrupt and if they impeach
 every Democratic president from now on, history will probably agree with them.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  marihuana stigma

Bart, marijuana is evil because the lumber/paper lobby said it was back when they were financed
by W.R. Hearst, so HEMP would be outlawed because it's cheaper, and faster to grow than trees,
and would put them out of the newsprint business - which the internet seems to have done anyway.
 tally who doesn't smoke the stuff

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Applying for food stamps
"Don't you feel guilty?"


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Subject:  pansy Dems


Wanna know why republicans win so many battles in Washington? 
It’s because the Democrats show up in silk robes and boxing gloves
with a copy of the Marquis of  Queensberry rules, while the republicans
show up with tire chains and baseball bats ready for a street fight.


Keith, you are correct.

Dems show up with slingshots
while the GOP brings an AK-47.

The part I don't get is, why to Democrats run for office
and then sit there paralyzed while the Rethugs score?
If they don't want to fight,
why not stay at home and get high?

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"BP is happy to slice up blame, as long as they get the smallest piece."
    -- Ed Markey,    Link  

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Do Not Pity the DemocratsHOT
 by Chris Hedges


Rangel foe's tax problems


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: More Football Results for Week #1

Here are the results from Week #1 of BartCop’s Pro Football Pool.  Each week I’ll send you the results for both the Week and Season-to-Date.
People can still join and/or watch the fun at (password=obama).
Dennis in DC
Week #1
Player          Record     Points
KingFriday      8-5     70
Monish           8-5     63
Dennis in DC  8-5     58
MudSharks     7-6     58
MarioInc        6-7     57


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"I love my country and I love our system, but government
  can't fix the problems - government is the problem
   --  Palin, doing her Reagan impression, 

 So Sarah, the next time a hurricane destroys a city,
 who you going to call if not the big, bad evil federal government?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: those stale M&Ms you bought

You don't know why all you can buy is five year old M&Ms?

Because nobody's been buying enough of them for a while, they overproduced
during the Putsch occupation, and they need to run down their excess inventory
so's the board of directors can get another $500K bonus (each) this year.
 Tom in Pontiac

Tom, it might be LOTS worse than I thought.

Someone wrote and said they knew how to break Mars's secret codes

and he says the M&Ms were made in July in a year that ends in zero.
Since the M&Ms were SUPER-stale, he figures they were made in July 2000.
I believe him because what else could make the shells fall off 60-day old M&Ms?

Shame on Mars Candy for selling decade-old M&Ms.

Note: When you buy a BAG of M&Ms, you're gambling.
The M&Ms I got for my birthday were in a plastic container so,
had she known Mars Candy was a rip-off, crooked company,
Mrs. Bart would've known to inspect the M&Ms for freshness.

Shame on Mars Candy for selling decade-old M&Ms.

Subject: those stale M&Ms you bought

I go to Walmart as rarely as possible. 
They, I believe have a policy of purchasing mega-lots of near expiration date goods. 
I was clued in to this by some real musty and moldy Purina One dog food.   It was a year old
and then add to that the probable 2 year backdate of manufacturing and the shit was 3 years old. 
Did you call Mars w/ the lot # and get the date?

I went to their web site and sent them an e-mail but it's all fucked up.
First, when you hit "send" nothing happens so I hit "send" again and watched that it went out.

Second, I checked the box to have a copy of my e-mail sent to me, but that's broke, too.
You'd think a company as big as Mars Candy would have a web site that worked.

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Obama’s big problem is LiberalsHOT
  by Jonathan Chait


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Weird Picture of the Day


"My friends, don't ever try to hug a polar bear.
 You will die. A polar bear will rip your head off."
    -- the vulgar Pigboy,  
 Hey Rush, maybe that's a good reason to NOT destroy their habitat.
 When their food disappears, they'll be forced to look in OUR habitat for food.    CLICK

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Mike Malloy


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Guess the City


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's Mystery City


That looks like Monaco to me.
 Harker in Japan

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Subject: last issue's History Mystery

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is Teddy Kenedy's car
being pulled out of the river at Chappaquidic.  If only he
had been driving a volkswagon!

Subject: last issue's History Mystery

Who-  Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopeckne
What-  Drunken Teddy (Objection! No foundation) drives car containing Ms. Kopeckne off a bridge. 
           Ms Kopeckne dies, Teddy leaves scene of accident and is convicted of leaving the scene of an accident.
Where-  Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.
When-  July 19, 1969
  Doug Ham

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