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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Weekend-Monday,   Sept 18-20,  2010     Vol 2582 - Evidence is irrelevant

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Quote of the Day

"The Bush bastards broke the law
  and what they did was disgusting
  and terrible and degrading."
     --  Charles Fried, Reagan's Solicitor General,
         up set with the BBs for their use of torture.  Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Mike Pence wins straw poll 
Arrow Tea Party is a corporate front
Arrow Stewart, Colbert plan 'sanity' rally
Arrow O'Donnell's Anti-Sex Campaign
Arrow NY Teabagger Paladino 
Arrow Nixon's War on Pot
Arrow Hilary Duff signs pre-nup


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"They are doing that here. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans
  and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains."
  -- Teabag hero Christine O'Donnell, to O'Reilly,      Link

  Really, GOP?
  You're going to send someone this crazy to the US senate?

"I'm wondering: did the scientists miniaturize the human brains to fit
  them in
the mouse heads, or did they grow the mice to human size?"

     -walterledgett5,     Link

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Mike Pence wins straw poll
He passes for 'normal' in today's climate


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Subject: O'Donnell on lying

She's just looking for an excuse to turn in Anne Frank.
 William W


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NFL Knockout Pool

Pick 1 team a week, you can never pick that team again for the rest of the year.

E-mail me your pick before your game starts.    Mike The Dealer

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Big Dog: Tea Party is a corporate front


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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"I dabbled into witchcraft -- I never joined a coven, but I did dabble into witchcraft.
  I hung around people who were doing these things. I'm not making this stuff up.
  One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn't know it.
  I mean, there's little blood there and stuff like that," she said. "We went to a
  movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar."
    --  Christine O'Donnell,     Link
 Seriously, GOP?

You hate tNitWH so much, you "values voters"
are sending a Satanic witch to keep an eye on him?

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Subject:  stabbing


I just read that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AL), who lost her party primary and is running as an independent,
was stripped of her leadership positions by the Senate Minority Leader.  Then I remembered when Joe Lieberman
did the same thing, and was rewarded with even better leadership positions.  I guess that just confirms the fact that,
if you are a Democrat, you get rewarded for stabbing your party members in the back.

The Dems wanted to punish Kissyface but Obama said, "That's not nice" and killed the idea.

Of course, Kissyface continued stabbing Obama in the back, which is OK because Obama
is about being nice first, and maybe winning if there's any room left after the niceness.

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Stewart, Colbert plan 'sanity' rally

Want to bet they draw more than 88,000? 


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Subject: yesterday's weird picture of the day

Hey Bart, about last issue's weird picture of the day, my Dad, whose meager hairline I inherited,
used to say, “A man is only given so much testosterone in his lifetime—if some men
want to use theirs growing hair, why should I care?”

Me?  I say, “I was such a handsome young man
I decided it was my duty to grow more face…”

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"I wonder how many old white men masturbated
  to Christine O'Donnell's acceptance speech?"

    --  RyanC1384, 

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NY Teabagger Paladino and the Mosque


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Subject: Mike the Dealer's Survivor Recap


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Weird Picture of the Day


Subject: Rachel Maddow

Bart, when you say someone is "far-left" what the fuck are you talking about?

Can you name anyone with a TV show who is to Rachel's Left?
I don't think you can.

If you love both Clintons so much what the fuck does that make you?

A pragmatist.

Rachel's right, most of the shit he accomplished, is pretty much
GOP-type shit i.e, Glass Steagle gone, NAFTA, etc.  I could go on.
And the tripling of the stock market?
And the 22 million new jobs?
Eight years of peace and prosperity?
Remember, under Clinton the biggest "problems" America had were
Monica and how to spend the surplus.  If you and Rachel want to bitch
about how bad things were back then, I can't stop you.

If you want to trash her then your whole blog is a fuckin' joke.

Were you drunk when you wrote this?
If you're on the far-left, why take it as an insult when I point that out?
Remember, if you live in Seattle, Spokane is considered "back East."
It never hurts to have a little perspective.

I'm 72 and a lifelong Democrat and I think the Clintons are OK...and that's it,
not anywhere as good as you think they are.
 David L

I can only assume that you (and Rachel) are comparing Bill Clinton to some
never-existed, mythological "perfect president" who batted 1.000

Tell me, which president
in your lifetime did better than Clinton?

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Southwest Airlines commercial circa 1972

"I'll stop masturbating when you pull my
  cold, dead hands from my panties..."
    -- Chrisitne O'Donnell, circa 1988  


Mike Malloy


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Guess the City


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Subject: issue 2580's mystery city

 Thanks to Mary Jo

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Nixon's War on Pot
He faked the commission's results, the bastard


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Today's History Mystery


 Not your typical "historical" photo, but the girls might like it.

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Subject: last issue's History Mystery

Bart, that's Il Duce greeting the troops at the Colosseum in Rome, 1930: 

BTW, when is the Caddy arriving?
 Ross W


Ross, for getting two in a row correct, you also win the '53 Corvette!


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Hilary Duff signs pre-nup

Her hockey thug makes big bucks


So who's idea was it?

Link to Story

Check out hundreds of  Hilary Duff  photos at  BC Hotties

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