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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Thurs-Friday,  Oct 21-22, 2010     Vol 2601 - Sneed Hearn

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Quote of the Day

"People are angry. But when you make a
  decision when you're mad -- there's an
  80 percent chance you make a mistake."'
-- Bill Clinton     Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Conason - Thugs on the Right
Arrow NPR Fires Juan 'Tom' Williams
Arrow To Vote or Not to Vote 
Arrow Those Evil Koch Suckers
Arrow Lyons: Time to Slam the GOP
Arrow What's at stake on Nov 2
Arrow Rihanna's "Who's that Chick?'

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"It's interesting to be making history and reading history."

      --  Der Monkey Fuhrer, claiming he read books while he was president,  Link       

 Hey Monkey, besides "My Pet Goat," can you name one?

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Thugs on the Right
  by Joe Conason


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Subject: brainless Christine O'Donnell

I'm kind of shocked that nobody has suggested to Christine O'Donnell
that she get in touch with one of those scientists who developed mice
with "fully functioning human brains."

Modern medicine has made amazing strides in the field of organ transplants.
On second thought...

She's much more entertaining just the way she is.

Lost your signature - sorry.

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Subject: turning thoughts into crimes

Cohen doesn’t get what a hate crime is or rather who the victim of a hate crime is.
The victim of a hate crime is not the victim of a assault, murder or whatever that is concurrent.

If you bully a man because he is gay you are attacking him and for that you can be prosecuted. 
But another victim is the other gay guy in the room.  The hate crime’s victim in this case is all
the gay guys that the bully was trying to intimidate.

The originalist crap is Cohen’s mental masturbation at not understanding the concept of a hate crime.

Perhaps if we just start calling hate crimes by their other name we’d all understand. 
Hate crimes are merely terrorism.

If we don’t prosecute hate crimes for what they are, the terrorists win. 
And I’m not using this in the ironic sense.

By Cohen’s standard, he needs to forget the shootings at Kent State, the 9/11 attacks and
the Holocoust and treat those merely as simple killings.  He writes about these three events
in essays I read today and talks about the impact of those events on other people. 

He knows what a hate crime in concept is but can’t equate that concept with the term.
 Ole Zenferret.



"When Joe Miller (TB-Alaska) announced he was leaving, we were relieved.
  My view of Joe Miller is colored by knowing Joe Miller."

    --  David Shoup, Joe Miller's ex-boss  

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Subject: thought crimes

Bart, once again I find myself in disagreement. 

That's a shame.

Let’s say a guy gets into a fight over a woman and injures his rival. 
He’s liable for battery and if convicted gets, say, ten years. 

If the vic is Hispanic and the prosecutor is up for reelection,
should the guy get an automatic extra five years? 
Because a case can be made that he doesn’t like Hispanics? 

That’s a whole lot different from giving him a year’s probation
because he smacked the guy trying to kill a bee on his forehead.
I’m with Cohen on this one.

It depends on the facts of the case.
If he smacks a Hispanic guy and the guy goes down, that's one thing.

But if he kicks him in the head, again and again and again while screaming,
"Why don't you greasy f-ing tacos get the hell out of America?"
he's probably guilty of a hate crime.

We agree that out-of-control prosecutors are a bad thing.

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NPR Fires Juan 'Tom' Williams
But his job is safe at racist FOX News


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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


Evil Koch Suckers
They're purchasing America


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To Vote or Not to Vote 
Me? I'm voting for damn sure


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Poor Man's Heaven

Hi Bart,
I read your article regarding Holder’s irrational tirade against marijuana legalization.

It reminded me that in India, from time immemorial, pot has been called “poor man’s heaven.” 
There is a sect in India that worships cannabis.  The rich and powerful had the decency to leave
the poor alone, at least, and not deprive them of the poor man’s heaven.  Would that our society
had any decency at all, and we would treat god’s flowers, and the poor, with respect. 

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"Only in the world of right-wing nuttiness does the Ginny Thomas call to Anita Hill make sense.
  Whether it’s hand-cuffing a reporter in Alaska, ignorance of the First Amendment’s separation
  of church and state, or ripping the scab off of 20-year-old wounds, we are getting a taste of the
  political climate to come when the loons assume positions of authority."

        -- Cornelius Hurley,  

Subject: Mike's Survivor Update


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“Mike Palecek reminds me of Socrates the gadfly who asked unwelcome questions,
Diogenes with his lantern looking in vain for an honest man,
Chekhov the man with the hammer challenging the complacent family to share their meal,
Kerouac the ever on the move, somewhat hysterical searcher, and he reminds me of many
Americans who as children were so blasted with propaganda that they’re devoting the rest
of their lives to challenging the lies and all who tell them. In this land where babies are
brought by storks and buildings collapse due to unpatriotic bricks, we need the gadfly
because no leader, preacher, guru, or saint will wake us up, though the Doomsday clock
is ticking close to twelve.”
— David Ray, American poet, author of “The Endless Search”
and “The Death of Sardanapalus and Other Poems of the Iraq Wars”

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Time to Slam the GOP

 by Gene Lyons


Subject: Mike's NFL Football Pool

We are down to our final 6 players

Jim F
Paul M

Get your picks into me before kickoff,
Feel free to ask me who you've picked already if you forget.

I'm taking the Broncos to beat the Raiders.

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Is anybody going?

Need to share a ride?


I'm going, Bart and I'll
send you a full report

Subject: Jon Stewart's rally

Any Bartcoppers going to DC for the rally?

Are we meeting in any particular place?
Are you in charge of it?

Dan, I am unable to make this trip.

But if somebody wants to meet up with other Bartcoppers,
send me some info on how to you plan to find each other.

If you know the area, you can say, "Let's meet at southwest corner
of 4th Street and Pennsylvania avenue 1 hour prior to kickoff,"
and I will publish that - if you send it to me.
Yes, the following Monday we'll need your pictures and trip reports.

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Weird Picture of the Day


Wildlife picture of the day


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"So first they came for your trans fats, but nobody said anything. Then they came after
  your salt, but nobody said anything. Then they came after your Coke and Pepsi and 7-Up,
  but nobody said anything, and now they're coming after your potatoes."

-- the vulgar Pigboy, looking for his Oxycontin,    

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What's at stake on Nov 2
 by DeRange Wickham


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"Apparently the Octomom still has 29 frozen embryos,
  which is almost enough to give one to each Chilean miner."

-- Jimmy Kimmel

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Subject: vote against yourself?

Although the news media is trying to convince us that the Republicans/Tea Party are going to
take over America in the 2010 election, I don't think that will happen because they made too
many enemies this year. If those people show up at the polls it might be the Republicans who lose seats.

Women, for example, would lose the right to choose abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.
Imagine having to have court ordered child visitation or shared custody from the guy who raped you.

Tea Party candidates want to phase put Medicare and Social Security. One Tea Party candidate would
allow businesses to exclude blacks from entering if they want. Republicans are running ads urging Latinos
not to vote. Republicans was to end the Veterans Administration and the Department of Education.

Consumers would have no credit card protection from greedy banks. The sick would lose government
protection from insurance companies who make a bigger profit if you die than if they have to pay to treat you.

Students would lose government backed college loans. And when it come to oil spills the policy is "Drill Baby Drill!"
And for those who believe in smaller government, balanced budgets, and fiscal responsibility, Republicans hope
that people can't remember as far back as two years ago.

So if the voters ask themselves, "Why are we going back to the people who created the problems?"
we might see people voting to reelect the Democrats. Although the Democrats didn't solve all the problems
of the Bush nightmare in two years, the Democrats accomplished a lot. The saved the economy from collapse.

Regulated Wall Street. Passed consumer protection, and - their greatest accomplishment - health care reform.
So I don't see how the news media makes the assumption that Republicans are going to win.
Why would voters vote against themselves?
  Marc Perkel


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Mike Malloy



"Pollsters go out of their way to include as many morons as possible in their surveys.
  I think it's dangerous to inform morons about what their fellow morons are thinking.
  It only reinforces their opinions. And the one thing worse than a moron with an opinion is lots of them."

-- Scott Adams,    Link


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Guess the City


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city  shows the Beijing Television Cultural Centre fire, February, 2009.
Management put on an unauthorised fireworks show and mananged to set the building on fire.
The Party wasn't happy and heads rolled.

  Joel D

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Today's History Mystery


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Subject: last issue's History Mystery

Bart last issue's History Mystery  is one of my favorite stars: W.C Fields
playing Gabby Gilfoil in the 1927 movie "Two Flaming Youths."

In "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break" he uttered one of my favorite lines:
"I was in love with a beautiful blonde once, dear. She drove me to drink.
 That's the one thing I'm indebted to her for."
Keep swinging.
  Tim L in Sycamore

WC Fields is my favorite juggler.

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Dermocrats could list the facts,
but that takes so much time and effort.

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This is long overdue.
Best regards,
 Stu the New York esquire

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Rihanna's "Who's that Chick?'

Maybe a better question is - Who dresses this poor girl?


Link to Story

Check out bunches of  Rihanna photos at  BC Hotties

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