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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Tuesday,  Feb 15, 2011     Vol 2650 - Freedom Genie

Saw it on

Quote of the Day

  "Purity is not a winner in politics."
        --  Haley Barbour, telling purists like
            Palin and Pigboy to GFY
,    Video


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow The GOP Dogfight Begins
Arrow Rumsfeld: Simply the Worst
Obama's new pal - Tom Coburn
Arrow Palin 'serious' about 2012?
Arrow Billy Ray fears for Miley
Arrow Eldrick's All-Time Low
Arrow Kelly Ripa, Grand Marshall

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"Social conservatives were dissed again at CPAC. I mean, Cheney got heckled,
  called a war criminal and a draft dodger at CPAC. I'm sorry, that's not the
  CPAC that I've always thought of or known."
-- the vulgar Pigboy, attacking conservatives
,      Link

 I heard Ron Paul won the straw poll at CPAC, with Magic Underwear coming in second.
 Then Trump stood up and said, "Ron Paul is unelectable," which is probably true.

 Sounds like they had a rowdy time, with the bedbugs and all.

 We missed it because we were watching Live History on the news networks. 

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The GOP Dogfight Begins
How will we know who to root for?


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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

"According to a FOX poll, Obama leads Jeb Bush by 20 points. That's roughly on par
  with how Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich fare against Obama, who both trail the
  president by roughly 20 points among the registered voters surveyed.” 
-- Holly Bailey, 

  The bad news is these kinds of poll numbers tell Obama he doesn't need us
  and he doesn't need the votes of people who can't afford to stay warm in the winter.

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Rumsfeld: Simply the Worst
  by some dirty-legged slut

Subject: Tell Hillary Internet Freedom for all - including US

In her second major address on Internet freedom Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said,
"History has shown us that repression often sows the seeds for revolution down the road.
Those who clamp down on Internet freedom may be able to hold back the full impact of
 their people's yearnings for a while, but not forever."

At the same time the Obama administration is going after WikiLeaks trying to shut them down
any way they can and trying to manufacture criminal charges against it's founder, Julian Assange.
Although his publications are controversial, no one is saying that they aren't true.
It should not be a crime to tell the truth.

If the Internet existed at the time of the Revolutionary War our founding father would have
included protection for it in the Constitution. The Internet is the tool that are used by The People
to keep the Government in check. As the Internet protects freedom in the Middle East so does it
here in the United States.

We must learn from what is happening in Egypt in case The People
in our country need to rise up against our Corporate Overlords.
 Marc Perkel

Am I missing something here?

The way I read it, Hillary agrees with Perkel - but she's not the boss.
If someone's going after Assange, it's on Obama's orders, not Hillary's.

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Obama's new pal - Tom Coburn
Anyone have a bucket I can throw up in?

Thanks to Galcalay

Lefty sites struggling
I got an e-mail from TruthOut about "Reagan's fairy tales."

I clicked on their link and got this wall:


It would not let me see the story, apparently, until I donated.
 I hope things get better before more sites have to resort to Subscribers Only.

 Maybe this was just a bad link - other attempts to get thru were successful.

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"Not a lot of people are willing to say they're sorry. But I will." 
-- B'Orrin hatch, on voting for the 2008 bank bailout,      Link

  Hatch is scared to death that he's going to get Teabagged like fellow rethug Bob Bennett.
  Hey, Dumbass, saving the American banking system was a good thing.

  You should be apologizing for helping Bush crash the son of a bitch.

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Subject: Egypt after Mubarak 


Everyone is saying that, now the dictator is gone, comes the "hard part" of putting
the government together.  They have an advantage over every country that tried this
in the past 10 years, though -- Bush isn't orchestrating the new government; they
actually have a chance to put in place a representative government!

(PS - my only expertise on the Middle East comes from living in Kuwait for a few years
 before Gulf War I--and keeping in touch with friends, some of whom still live in Egypt. 

Believe me, this uprising was different from all other revolutions I've heard of;
for example, women took their children and babies to Tahrir Square to protest Mubarak.)

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What if the media were liberal?


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Subject: Ester Dome auroras early this morning

I missed the big spike in geomagnetic activity that took place yesterday afternoon
and with a nearly full moon I wasn't sure what I would be able see tonight, but skies
were clear so I headed up to Ester Dome about 11:30.

It was minus 33 degrees at 3:30 a.m. when I decided to leave.

Dude, great picture - thanks.
I'm surprised your camera didn't freeze.

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Palin 'serious' about 2012?
She's hired Bob Dole's loser to advise her



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Subject: I want to survive

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You've kept me sane in some crazy times,
  Midnight Avenger

MA, thanks - that was way cool.

Bahrain protesters take control of main square

He we go again

That Freedom Genie is hard to get back in the bottle


Billy Ray fears for Miley
Will she become another Anna Nicole?


  "The Tea Party are not professional political people. They're just average citizens,
  and as such they are rubes to be humored, according to the ruling class." 
        -- the vulgar Pigboy
  Hey Rush, you make $40 million a year!
  Are you posing as "One of the people" against the "elites?"

  Your idiot sheep will buy anything, won't they?


A Modest Proposal
 by Lucullus



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Subject: Mom babysat pedo bishop

Hey Bart,

When my mother was a teenager in Brooklyn, she babysat the archbishop in this story,
Anthony Bevilacqua, when he was young. Many years later, when he made priest,
then bishop, she boasted of this. I wonder how she would feel now?

These guys should of course go on trial. Having said that, I wish you wouldn't call the
whole bunch solely a rape club! The guilty should hang, but only 2-3% are even accused.

And to risk your ire by listing the facts, it's not usually the priests who want to settle
out of court, b/c they're not all guilty. They *want* the trial so they can be exonerated.

In Boston where a lot of this shite went down, it was the accusers who didn't want to
go to trial. Later it was admitted some accusers were fakers. There was big settlement
money at stake. I always say *go to trial* and find out who's guilty or not.

Some accusers get the facts wrong after decades go by. With parish records an accused
showed he was serving in another state at the time of the claimed abuse. Airtight alibi;
hundreds saw him at Mass on the alleged date. I don't doubt the accuser was abused,
but they can and do get the wrong guy sometimes.

You have a natural sympathy for victims that is great; much as I hate to disagree
with you, I also hate seeing innocent people lumped in with the guilty.

 Boston Jane

The "innocent" priests and higher-ups are closing their eyes to the rapes.

If a wife knows her husband is raping their daughters every night and does nothing
- she's just as guilty as the raping son of a bitch.  Why aren't the innocent priests
putting pressure on the Vatican to weed out the rapists?

Wild guess:
They don't want these cases to go to trial because a jury could come back
with a billion dollar award that would bankrupt the entire church.

Instead of raping the little kids and paying them a private settlement
why don't they just stop raping the little kids?

Or would taking that step defeat the purpose for becoming priests?

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  "If we wish to bring the federal budget closer to balance, why not consult the one president
   in recent memory who actually achieved that goal?  Not Ronald Reagan, the affable wingnut
   whose tax cuts blew open a huge deficit, but Bill Clinton – who left balanced budgets and a
   nation on track to paying off the national debt entirely. How did he do it? A tax increase on
   the wealthy that he passed, without a single Republican vote, in his first budget in 1993.
   Raising taxes on the rich (gave us) a long period of high employment, national prosperity
   and international prestige. There is no other way to stabilize the budget without inflicting
   grave damage on our future.”  -
        -- Joe Conason,      Link
   But Obama went the other direction - coddling the super-rich with a trillion dollar gift
   that he's having to BORROW from the Chinese - why?
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David Cross on Rethugs

Three minutes, some cursing

  "Our friend Bill Murray has won more PGA Majors this year than Eldrick..."
        -- Letterman,      Link
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 bart blog

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"Rep. Steve King (Racist-Fascist) wants to require all citizens to read and understand
  the Constitution in English.  He should start with his own party.  Christine O'Donnell
  didn't know the 1st Amendment. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) didn't know what
  the Constitution says about the census. And two other Republican congressmen violated
  the Constitution by casting votes without being officially sworn in. Shouldn't lawmakers
  raise the bar on themselves and candidates first?”
-- Rollin Olson, letter to the editor, 

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Subject: moving Israel


Did you know that during the late 1930's members of the FDR administration (apparently with
the boss's agreement) were working to migrate European Jews to the Alaska Territory. 

It was then (as now) under populated and there were plenty of hard-working European Jews
needing a place to go and few countries able or willing to take them what with the GOP-sponsored
destruction of the real-economy that occured starting shortly after WWI.

What scuttled this effort was a complaint/court challenge from the Territorial Governor who
complained they would be treated differently with regard to immigration than other states and
territories which was against the law.

Facist my ass. No facist on the planet has ever done anything for the downtrodden (except some
Beckian Blowiating) unlike FDR who worked for a fairer shake for Blacks and Jews.

I did not know that.


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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Weird Picture of the Day


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This picture was taken in a Tulsa lake. (Kidding)

Subject: What's old is new: cutting poor people's heat

Bart, you wrote:

> Seriously, Barack?
> You're cutting poor peoples' heat by 40 fucking percent?

> Why not just come out and say, "Fuck the poor - let them freeze to death?"
> I can't wait for the Obama apologists to explain why this is OK.

There nothing new here. As his south side constituents froze in their unheated rat-trap apartments,
Obama use to party with their slum lord, Tony Rezko ....nothing at all has changed but the scale.
Cutting poor people's heat must remind him of his salad days...ah, good times!
It's naive to say he's naive
He ain't.

I'm hoping to hear from an Obamaniac.

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Who is the Mystery Man?


Only three people got it right - Eduardo, Sharon and Candy.

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Subject: Po' doan be needin' no damn heat

Bart, you wrote:

> Why not just come out and say, "Fuck the poor - let them freeze to death?"
> I can't wait for the Obama apologists to explain why this is OK.

I'll tell you exactly how, pinhead...they'll do it the same way your dumb ass explains
why Clinton was not the biggest corporate whore in Demland before Tom Obama came along.
 Ruprecht II

What's that supposed to mean?

If Clinton cut heating for the poor by 40% so the super-rich could have ANOTHER
trillion dollar bonus, send me proof and I'll say that was a cruel and heartless thing to do.

PS. You make a lousy first impression.

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One of Rick's pets is a longhorn

Put your pet's picture on for just $10.

Survivor Kick-off for Wednesday


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Subject: Poll: 8 in 10 Say Prayer Saved Giffords


 Really?  Couldn't you just as easily say "God sent that shooter to kill Gabby?"

 Either God's in charge or he's not.
 You can mix-and-match after the fact.

 Eight out of ten Americans are religiously insane.

 Thanks to Wiseguy

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Eldrick's All-Time Low
"Undesirable, Unacceptable and Irreparable"


Thanks to Tom M

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Guess the City


 If you don't click, odds are this'll be your home town
 and your friends will wonder why you didn't recognize it.

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city was Corpus Christi, Tejas.


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Remote controlled snow plow

I gotta get me one of these...

Today's History Mystery


Ran out of time.
Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure
History Mystery picture that we could run tomorrow?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

That was Truman's 1948 VP, Alben W. Barkley

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Toyota MUST be Guilty of SOMEthing

BCR 165 excerpt
 produced by my good friend Horzac

Five minutes, racial slurs, cursing...

Subject: donation

It ain't much, Bart, but I finally got back on the road in a 10-year-old pickup
2 days before xmas and three weeks later the transmission went.

Also my hard drive blew up on my computer this week.
Anyway thanks my friend and be well!
-- pipe

Pipe, you were very generous - thanks for that.

I'll have your Bartcop Radio set up before the end of the day.


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More trouble...

Now the IRS says we owe them $28,000 on Uncle Bill's unpaid back taxes.

We always have the option to just walk away from the mold-covered properties
but we'd like to salvage something if it's possible.

Anyone have any experience with those TaxMaster guys who advertise on CNN?

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Kelly Ripa, Grand Marshall

  Link to Story

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